Texas Governor Puts D.C. on Notice!
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Texas Governor Puts D.C. on Notice!

Here we are in the Texas legislature, one
of my favorite places to be in the country. There’s just something about Texas. Texans are patriotic about their own state
in a way that’s pretty extraordinary. At 7am Convention of States supporters lined
up. There were at least 100 of them deep when
the doors to the capitol opened. Literally a line down the capitol steps to
go through security and get in for a speech that wasn’t even going to take place until
11am. So around 11:20, starting a little bit late,
the Governor took the podium. The House was there, the Senate was there,
and the gallery itself was packed. One of the things the Governor traditionally
does here in Texas, he not only lays out his legislative priorities, but he actually names
a few emergencies. One of the emergencies he named, and the pinnacle
and the crescendo of his speech, was the Convention of States resolution. The federal government has grown out of control. It has increasingly abandoned the Constitution. It has stiff-armed the states and ignored
its very own citizens. That is why we need a Convention of States
authorized in the Constitution to propose amendments to fix America! You know as well as I do that the future of
America cannot wait for tomorrow. So I am declaring this an emergency item today. The crowd erupted, they blew the ceiling off
of the chamber. I think people were pretty surprised. You could see the Senators and Representatives
turning around to see what all the noise was. Convention of States is officially now an
emergency measure as named by the Governor in the great state of Texas. We left the chamber. We had packages to deliver to legislative
offices. Hundreds of Convention of States volunteers
fanned out all around the legislature and went into offices. It’s an incredible thing taking place here
in Texas, and it’s just one state. I’ve been traveling all around the country,
and I’m seeing it all over the country. I’ll be in your state soon, so keep an eye
out. I’m coming to your state next!


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