Texas Governor Rick Perry on the Danger of National Standards
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Texas Governor Rick Perry on the Danger of National Standards

Governor Rick Perry: We know what works for our our children and
the fact is that Washington Race to the Top with their national standards and their national testing yet to be worked out of course we think would be devastating to the young people in the state of Texas. We’re making progress
in every area. Our reforms that were putting into place that
have been fine-tuned for Texas and our very diverse population out there is is working. Here’s what frustrates me is that look, Texas kids just in diversity are different from kids in Connecticut. You know–no offense–we don’t want to look like Connecticut. Now they probably don’t want to look
like Texas but letting the states have their own identity we’re in a competition with each other. If your state let’s their education wilt, if it becomes noncompetitive with other states guess
what? Your economy will grow away and your people will pick up and move to the
states where they have a good economic climate which accountable public schools is one of the very
four strong legs of that those principles of having a strong economy. Taxes that are relatively low, regulatory climate
that is very predictable, a legal system that doesn’t allow for over-suing and accountable public schools that says to you the businessmen that you can come to Texas and you will know that the skilled workforce for whatever your business may be. President Obama: Because improving education is central to rebuilding our economy we set aside over four billion dollars in
the Recovery Act to promote improvements in schools as one of the largest investments in education
reform in American history Perry: They have functioned this way, this wasn’t the first time we ran into this.
The first time was with our unemployment insurance. Five hundred fifty million dollars here Texas
a little of your money back. We’d taken six hundred million back in 2003. And it helped not be a job for our small business operators but the Obama administration all purse strings here they are you have to expand your program %uh to these areas and in our small business
operator Wall will wait a minute we got to where system works in the state
of Texas and collectively they stood with me and said nothing keep ’em this is only short-term money two years he goes away will be paying for it from now on with the strings attached same process with race to the top well here’s some frankly small amount of money in the grand scheme
of things would like to join our right to the top it’s good for the kitchen over prerequisite %uh the way they said if you will the rhetoric but when we looked into it when our teachers looked into it to it when
our %um parents and and the people who are really
impacted looked into this they’re all right no of had died among those with with some of the teacher
groups but they split up with me and said no we don’t want Washington DC- in their one-size-fits-all
mandel mentality telling us how to educate our children in
the state of Texas we don’t want their national test down here
we don’t want their national standards once people got past amount of money as you know money is a great drug and that’s how Washington is %uh been able to use our power our freedoms
for nearly sixty years now is %uh you hear some money in exchange for this %uh it’s it’s kinda like your reputation %uh this’ no no amount of money but were given twenty
four Texas reputation right now is a place for freedom still running to there
still a land of opportunity in America politics


  • Benuhgan

    this was a very good video. and governor perry is right, the competitiveness between states is what makes the system better. having the feds step will just dumb it down

  • Danny Phipps

    I'm sure Perry would make a better president than Obama but I wouldn't support him over the other republican candidates. Texas is one of the national leaders in corporate subsidies. That is not free market capitalism thats crony capitalism. but I just don't want to end up with another Bush who preaches conservatism while legislating liberalism. And yes we should have a competitive market in education. Duh.

  • Bitter Clinger

    Kids were alot smarter back in the 1800's.Look at the tests they took in elementary school,most college kids today would fail them.

  • Nytmstr

    What has the federal government done right in the past 50 years? The federal government is nothing but an obese impotent failure.

  • John Botkin

    Gov. Perry is on the right track. Federal control of education is an invitation to the disaster of propaganda by the party in power being foisted off on children as truth. Arne Ducnan, Secretary of Education, served as superintendent of Chicago's failed school program that graduated about half of its students. He seeks to hold American children to an international standard. The only international standard is the UNESCO World Core Curriculum model. Google Robert Muller World Core Curriculum.

  • deidre kelley

    things aren't perfect here in Texas, but it's pretty close!!! we've got so much to offer and i'm so pleased that Governor Perry takes the stand that he does on so many relevant issues!!

  • The Cosmicist

    @beefnser1 Uh-oh, we wouldn't want propaganda in our educational system!
    Texas already refuses to teach evolution, instead propagating a thinly-veiled creationist account not backed by ANY scientific evidence.

    They already censor their history books to prevent any praise of Democratic or left-wing historical figures, and go out of their way to praise conservatives and sweep their unscrupulous actions under the rug.

    So I'll ask you: what type of "propaganda" are you worried about?

  • tripfunkmonster

    Interesting that the governor mentions taking care of schools to be competitive with other states when he is cutting school budgets, school lunch programs, pre-school budgets and health programs. It seems he doesn't mind Texas children falling behind other children in health & schooling.
    Translations: low taxes – small school budget, deregulation – businesses not accountable, no "over-suing"- no complaining when corporations fuck the working class, "skilled work force"- dumbed-down population.

  • Arnold Alaniz

    how can we be competitive with only 3 tier one institutions in our huge state? California is smaller than us and they have 9 tier one institutions. Perry wants to cut research funding to universities which will help make them tier one. This guy is an idiot. Instead of accepting federal money which would give teachers a pay raise he rejected it because a Democrat was giving it to him. If it was his old buddy W he would have taken it in a heartbeat. Teachers hate Perry

  • BlackRepublican2010

    It is crazy that the big gov't liberals are so close minded that they always think they know best but call others close minded & not respectful of diversity. America has 50 different states, 50 different cultures & liberals need to stick to their words & respect diversity!

  • Nathan McCanna

    @darkpill that is kinda true so to the fact that perry doesn't invest in education. he spends millions on his mansion. We have had billions of dollars in budget cuts this year due to the act that perry is in office

  • Mason Server

    @apacheaviator1 All Texans are EXACTLY the same right? Bush and Perry hate each other, by and large, and EVEN IF you think Rick Perry is the second coming of the Antichrist Bush, you shouldn't condemn the rest of us… Especially considering the fact that our state churns out money faster than anywhere else. And Perry isn't for GIVING big businesses money you dimwit, he's for decreasing their tax burden so that they can MAKE more money, thus stimulating expansion, growth-dynamic wealth creati

  • quietman1k

    The real problem stems from the Federal Reserve which is owned by private international bankers its source of printing fiat currency, I do not hear Rick Perry touch on the abolition of the Federal Reserve & the engineered economic crisis Please Rick Perry elaborate on why you attended the Bilderberg meeting in 2007 and why you collaborated in secret with foreign officials violated the Logan Act and why you facilitated the construction of the Trans-Texas corridor which destroys our sovereignty.

  • poindexterwitkowsky

    ~~Republican$ are always saying that they hate"Big Government". What they really mean is that they hate government regulation.Keep in mind that Republican$ don't work for you.They only work for BILLIONARES, CORPORATIONS& WALL STREET. They want to destroy MEDICARE because then they can give that money to the insurance co's. They want to destroy social security so they can give that money to Wall Street firms. They want to destroy UNIONS so that everybody makes minimum wage (like in Texas).

  • cheeriosinabowl


    … I would not buy a used car from this silver-tongued fox. Why is he smiling all the time? He can't keep a straight face with all his bullsh…..

  • edwardsson777

    Rick Perry supported the Texas CPS in stealing hundreds of kids from their parents who were members of a Mormon fundamentalist group. The charges were a fraud and the courts sent the kids back to their parents. I do not support authoritarians and would never vote for this guy.

  • freba91

    @naweofiam I live in Texas and Love the Dixie Chicks ! but detest Perry. W.is hiding out here.
    I say keep the Dixie Chicks and get rid of Perry and Bush.so we could have our beautiful Texas again.

  • peabody66

    Every time I hear Perry talk I can't help but mistake him for George W. Bush. I hope people aren't stupid enough to vote for another Texan to be president.

  • madjimms

    @cjbart2 I have proof also, Japan spends a much higher amount on education & they are one of the leaders in education.

  • amy charron

    * google or youtube my name AMY CHARRON if you want to know the truth about PERRY! Thank you….the video " Disturbed" should have him criminally investigated. My upcoming book will expose who he really is!

  • Cerridwen247

    @poindexterwitkowsky That last sentance is quite true (actually so is the entire paragraph). I'm from NY I lived in TX from 2002-2003 and was laughed at for wanting to be paid 8$ an hour for the same job I did in NY. They told me, we don't pay that much here. NVM that TX has more uninsured ppl than 33 other states combined and the most stringent medicare and medicaide rules. All this guy is is a reverse robin hood


    Should a child in Texas get a different education than one in Utah? Years ago that may have been OK but in today's highly mobile environment standards are important. Not to have a standard national curriculum doesn't make any sense to me. This man does NOT represent the UNITED States of America at all. He is too religious also – Having a prayer meeting and a fasting to solve problems! Totally ridiculous!

  • libertydogfight

    VOTE for RON PAUL-he is the most real, most educated-most truth in American Politics sine Thomas Jefferson. Our last chance to take back America from SATAN's English Royals and the Federal Reserve Khazastan Jew Bank. Your children may die in a FEMA death camp if you don't elect Ron Paul.


    @AtheistTower It is the ability, integrity and honesty of the candidate to admit when he doesn't have an answer and his discipline in refraining from inserting a bogus one irrespective of how traditional it may be. Perry, Bachmann, Romney, Huckabee and indeed most Americans fall victim to this flaw. America has to compete in a fast changing world arena. It must set the example for solid, rational, justified problem solving. Prayer, strange underwear, and fasting sessions are not acceptable.

  • VeggiePower303

    That is right.
    Don't fall for the temptation of the Devil.
    Don't sell your soul for any amount of green, that they print for nothing anyways.
    And the value of it comes out of our pocket with inflation.
    And than we have to pay it back with interest???
    These fuckers think they can get away with anything.
    Not anymore!!!

  • David Kaas

    This sounds like the best BS since the last Bush we had for eight years. Vote independent this next time. Vote for David L Kaas w/ write in ballot for the recount. I won't let you down this time.


    @AtheistTower 9/11 revealed an insidious side of religious belief that cost 3000 people their lives. The presidency of the USA is too important to have an individual who is in any way irrational or mentally frail. Religious people in the White House will not speak out against religion for fear of offending US religious extremists. Although Christianity is presently less violent, it is, like Islam and Judaism, still religious booze albeit with a different label, color and taste.

  • macarion

    @mspriveye The uploaders don't determine the captions. It's speech recognition, which is very hard to do. The English captions for this video contain relatively few mistakes. Make sure you're selecting the right language.

  • Aldabaron's Culture War

    Ive been told that this guy might be elected president.
    Unless obamas jobs creation plan works we are fucked.
    Or Ron Paul gains a ton of support that will shoot him past rick perry.

  • BoredomCorner

    @AtheistTower You're a fundy and a bigot, why are you claiming to be an Atheist and preaching to everyone else how to act?

    America is a SECULAR AND INCLUSIVE nation. If you have a problem with that, feel free to move to Iran, and see what it's like to live in the conservative theocracy you like so much.

  • molloyxx1

    @SereneiBE He will never be elected President. His record in Texas [ where he is not that popular] is progressively being exposed. His religious views are right on the cusp of Snakehandling and speaking in tongues. He rejects overwhelming scientific evidence re global warming as his state burns to cinders. He is a sad combination of Bush II and Pat Robertson, and while this might give him the GOP nomination, he would be slaughtered in the general election.

  • nothlith

    Rick Perry actually knows what he is doing in the economy, eliminating taxes. Whereas Obama is focusing on taxing the rich, the same rich that would otherwise be using their money to keep all of us employed. Its short-sighted economic suicide.
    The people on you tube who oppose Rick Perry are pointing out small human errors and making fun of his religious beliefs but the people who oppose Obama are focusing on serious issues and historical evidence.

  • Crimson Storm Band

    Rick Perry is one of the scariest most dark hearted people i think ive ever laid eyes on, he is pure southern hate and anger in a suit…cant believe he's leading in the polls!!, lets talk about whats really wrong with this country! which is the retarded voters out there electing fruit cake psychos! Being bottle fed the worst lies ever by Fox news, THATS whats killing this country, STUPID VOTERS, & the lies they're fed to keep them stupid!

  • Skyler827

    The problem with Rick Perry, and almost all GOP politicians, is that they talk about free market principles, but they often fail to implement real capitalism, and most importantly, as Rick Perry does here, fail to even explain why those capitalistic principles work. Perry's argument is just that parents and teachers said "no thanks." The fact is that they said that for a reason, and capitalism cannot survive until those reasons are clearly known to all.

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