The 1798 Franco-American War: The Quasi War
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The 1798 Franco-American War: The Quasi War

Following the Revolutionary War that gained America her Independence, the new fledgling nation had too much to be really taken seriously on the international stage The independence war proved to be very costly and the federal government was rather weak the nation lacked a strong stained army numbering only around 1,000 men who were stationed in the West and the Navy that was established during the war for independence Proved too costly to maintain and was thus disbanded? however one event occurred that forced the nation to re-establish a navy and Nearly caused it to break its alliance with the nation that helped them achieve freedom in this video We will be talking about the quasi-war In 1794 the US government reached an agreement with Great Britain in the Jay Treaty The treaty solved some of the points of contention between the US and Britain and encouraged trade between the two nations by 1801 American exports nearly tripled but the u.s Lacked much in the way of a fleet to protect its mirch marine, which had originally been protected by the Royal Navy This would be a major problem with the ongoing Napoleonic Wars the United States declared neutrality in the conflict but soon Disagreements between the US and France came to a head and during its revolution the u.s Acquired quite a lot of debt with the French and it had been agreed that yearly payments would be made to repay this debt However with the overthrow the French government in 1792 the u.s Now renamed on their payments Stane of the debt was with the monarch and not the first Republic the French Understandably were a bit miffed at this and the retaliation authorizes privateers to capture American merchant ships to be sold when back in port the French government also refused to accept the American Embassy breaking off relations with the nation in 1796 in 98 was the XYZ affair which was essentially the French demanding a whole bunch of money in order to even negotiate with American diplomats as All of this was going on American merchant marine was gained heavily for having by privateers Over 320 ships were lost in over a single year And the problem was only getting worse in 1798 Congress authorized the creation of the Department of the Navy and the US Marines Congress also authorized the President to acquire arm and man 12 guns for this purpose on July the 5th of the same year Congress rescinded the Alliance trees with the French and Authorized American ships to attack friendships within the nation’s waters on The 16th of July due to the limited amount of resources at hand Efforts were aimed towards the Caribbean rather than the open Atlantic for anti privateering hunting several naval engagements occurred following this until 1800 the American vessel smashed heavily cut down on the amount of Merchant Marines that were lost in the region and Outside of one ship captured didn’t lose a single boat and very few men even still though over 2,000 merchant ships were lost during the period and the Conflict logic came to an end due to the increased presence of the American and British navies but also due to the more cordial diplomatic stance of Napoleon’s government the convention of 1800 was signed on September the 30th and it ended the quasi-war it affirmed the rights of Americans neutrals upon the open sea and Abridged the alliance with France The Americans did attempt to gain over 20 million in damages to its citizens from the French But were essentially told off So instead the French paying for all of that the US government took on the debt itself and paid it off in 1915 now like seriously that that’s how long it took


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    This honestly makes me wonder what if instead of the war of 1812 America fought a war with France for the Louisiana territory

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    France going to war over unpaid debts? With my last video on the French-Mexican war, it seems to be a fairly common theme! Also, it seemed unwise for the US to pick on semantics with a world power just a few years after it had gained its independence.

    Great video man! Loved the editing. Your voice was a bit low compared to the music though.

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