The 3,000 Page Constitution
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The 3,000 Page Constitution

People like us, people that are
frustrated with Washington, D.C., often say, “Well, they don’t follow the Constitution
anyway.” Not true. They follow the wrong one. They’re following the constitution as
interpreted by the Supreme Court rather than the Constitution as written. This, I’m taking it out of my pocket, is a pocket Constitution. 4,000 words in the original document, 4,400 words, and if you count the amendments it’s about 7,000 words. Here is the constitution enforced today. This is three thousand pages of Supreme Court rulings showing what every ruling has done to the original words. This isn’t going to get any smaller. In fact every time they publish this document they leave a bunch of blank pages at the
back for additional rulings that they know are coming. Every page in this document means a grant of power to the federal government Understand that this
is the Constitution in operation today. Unless we change it, unless we make its
wording crystal clear, we’re going to continue to operate under this document forever and ever until the whole house of cards comes falling down.


  • Eric Anderson

    "Unless we change it; unless we make its wording crystal clear, we're gonna continue to operate under this document…"

    This statement epitomizes my gripe with Constitutional Originalists. They believe that quoting the Constitution is sufficient in applying it to every situation, and hold that interpreting it is a bad thing.

    (The first speaker complains that we follow a document "as it has been interpreted by the Supreme Court".)

    Then they go on to say that we need to "change it" and "make its wording crystal clear".

    If interpreting a document isn't an effort to "make its wording crystal clear", then I don't know what interpreting is.

  • Authority can Suck it with Authority

    Man this all wreaks of treason to me along with the securities act. Really they can declare war because of a peaceful assembly? This is more then just a bit outa control. How bout a lawyer? How much?

  • Camille Rutan

    They will not stop until they house an entire library of Encyclopedia to reinterpret an anti-God agenda. Then, the crybabies will gripe and complain why the Constitutional experts did nothing to stop them. It is critical that we understand exactly what the Framers intended and what they were up against while fighting for the future of dumb-downed descendants. To our shame we could not, and did not keep guard over the Republic.

  • Lynette Miesen

    There will come a time that a future generation will say taxation without representation. 150 Trillion dollars in debt (which includes unfunded mandates).

  • Lynette Miesen

    The Supreme Court has changed the interpretation of the constitution either by rulings or opinions by the justices. That is fact. All rulings made subsequent to cases use the rules made by the courts. Worse yet now they are citing International law in domestic cases.

  • Lynette Miesen

    Supreme Court Ruling Under what Authority did Supreme Court write laws (judicial constitutional interpretation) Laws are only valid if they are made in Pursuant to the Supreme Law of the Land the Constitution. Supremacy clause and original intent to avoid usurpation of the Constitution. The interpretation and statements made by the Judges have allowed interpretation to change the interpretation of the constitution.
     United States v Pink, King v Burwell, Roe v Wade, Marbury v Madison, Schechter poultry v. United States, United States v Butler ( Joseph Story did not give Congress to spend  money on anything it wants the only debate was the ability of the Federal government to spend money on the Louisiana purchase), South Dakota v Dole 1987

  • Lynette Miesen

    The Supreme Court rulings change the meaning of the words.
    General Welfare, the founders meaning was what a state on it's own was unable to accomplish) to the Earl Warren Supreme court interpretation to special welfare and the budget increased from 6 billion to 600 billion in one generation. Judiciary writing public policy and laws.
    The commerce clause, the founders meaning was to promote trade between the states. The current Supreme Court interpretation is to cover every species of movement of person or things (whether for profit or not); every species of communication and transmission of intelligence (whether for commercial purposes or otherwise); every species of commercial negotiation, which as shown "by the established course of business," will involve sooner or later an act of transportation of persons or things, or the flow of services or power across state lines. Commerce clause changed to regulatory state.

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