The 6th amendment
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The 6th amendment

??? silence in the court lupus has been put
on trial for two counts the first being quartering a soldier in
the time of peace and the second murder of a bombarding Matt bombard with a
bullet KILL HIM x50 is that fair? Mr. judge, i’d like to bring up the sixth amendment the sixth amendment
I need my Constitution book mm-hmm
this this Constitution book really maps out everything I need to know oh yes
here the sixth amendment it says that all citizens have a right to a speedy
and public trial as well as an impartial jury to judge whether or not they’re
innocent or guilty hmm you killed on of my favorite lovers! What? favorite? we the jury find the defendant not guilty of
murder but guilty of quartering What in the goddamn? im dead right now shut up, there’s no evidence after further review
due to quartering of soldiers during the time with peace the ruling is a five-yard penalty replay
first down Levi Pearson was found dead in a gutter five minutes after the trial
ended Brock Albrecht later grew up to become Michelle Obama Matthew bombard pooped himself and died at the age of 95 Trinity and Jocelyn will
later go on to create one of the world’s most famous bands you may know them now
today as the Backstreet Boys Judge Sarratori went on to shave his
crusty goatee and in his later years he created the NFL

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