The 7 Principles of Universal Design
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The 7 Principles of Universal Design

This is a video on the seven principles of universal design, what they stand
for and were going to see if dublin is a universally designed city But what is universal design? Universal design is design that honors human diversity, caters for everyone from the very young
to the very old and makes spaces products and information accessible to all Principle 1, equitable use Equitable use provides the same meaning for all its users. It is
where the design is appealing to all that will use it. Principle 2, Flexibility Flexible design accommodates a wide range of individual preferences and
ability, providing choice in the method of use. Principle 3, Simple and Intuitive. This is where the use of design is easy to understand regardless
of the users experience, knowledge, language skills or current concentration level. Principle 4, Perceptible Information. Does the design communicate the necessary information available to
the user, regardless of the users abilities. Principle 5, Tolerance of Error This is where the design minimizes as many
errors as possible, providing fail safe issues. Principle 6, Low Physical Effect This is where the design can be used effectively
and comfortable with the minim of fatigue. Principle 7, Size and space for approach of use. It insures the proper size and space is available to
the user regardless of body size, posture or mobility.


  • Bradley Legg

    Not only is this interesting, but I also greatly enjoyed listening to your lovely accent. We used this for one of my graduate classes. Thanks for sharing it! 🙂

  • SuperCalaAtheistic

    I think this was a very good effort on your part. Congratulations. If I may make a few friendly criticisms: First, try to slow down when you speak and leave us time to absorb the imagery. Remember that, to many of us, you live in a foreign land! I found myself pausing a lot. Also, I would like to see additional and more diverse examples, not predominantly wheelchair accessibility. Finally, you speak with authority, which is good, but the spelling errors in the chirons diminish the effect. Thanks for this!

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