The AWC 2020 Legislative Priorities
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The AWC 2020 Legislative Priorities

Hello my name is Candice Bock, I’m
Government Relations Director for the Association of Washington Cities.
AWC’s Board just adopted our 2020 legislative priorities based on
recommendations from the Legislative Priorities Committee. For 2020 we have
seven priorities; Economic development remains a priority, with a focus on
bringing tax increment financing to the state of Washington. The Public Works
Trust Fund remains a priority in 2020. The fund needs continued revenues to
make infrastructure investments around our state. Transportation funding is also
a critical need for cities. Cities are responsible for a significant portion of
state’s transportation system and also responsible for paying for that. We need
more tools and revenue options to help us with our transportation needs.
Challenges with the behavioral health system impact local jails. In particular
cities are looking for support from the state to help with medication assisted
treatment for inmates in our jails suffering from opioid abuse disorders.
Fish-blocking culverts continues to be an issue that we’ll want to talk about in
2020. The state made an investment of 25 million dollars in grants for fish
blocking culvert repairs, but more help is needed. Cities are continuing to
look for opportunities to address affordable housing needs in our
communities. In 2020 we will be again asking the state for some additional
resources and tools to provide a variety of housing options in our communities. As cities struggle to meet the needs of a growing population and the demands
placed on city services, we need additional city fiscal tools. Cities need
the state to provide a full slate of economic tools so local elected
officials can make the best decisions about how to fund critical local
community needs. Now is the time for you to be meeting with your local
legislators. They need to hear from you about your city’s priorities, as well as
AWC’s priorities. If you haven’t already, please adopt your local legislative
agenda for 2020. Keep in mind 2020 is a short legislative
session, just 60 days. So we want to keep our expectations realistic and continue
to communicate the needs of cities in advance of the 2021 session, For more
information on AWC’s 2020 priorities, and how you can be a strong City
advocate visit our website:

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