The Battle Over Confederate Monuments – The Jim Jefferies Show
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The Battle Over Confederate Monuments – The Jim Jefferies Show

– Before I came to America
all I knew about the South was what I saw in
Gone With the Wind. (explosion) I fell asleep in the
middle of the movie. Apparently there
was a huge Civil War where lots of people died. And 150 years later, proud
Southern folks still celebrate their side’s heritage
with flags and monuments. The biggest remaining
one is outside Atlanta. Stone Mountain, featuring
Confederates Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, and
Stonewall Jackson. And at night, they put
on a sweet laser show. Who wouldn’t enjoy that? Oh, right. What’s your problem
with Stone Mountain? – It is a monument literally
to white supremacy. Now there seems to be this
notion of the Antebellum South as a place of mint julips and
fancy afternoons on the lawn. But it was a harsh life
for millions of people held in chains. – Well, they conveniently left
that out of the laser show. What gives? For a more historical
perspective, I
spoke to an author of 14 books about the South. Why protect these monuments? – Why destroy the monuments? – People esteem these monuments
that are a sign of past where slavery existed and
people find an offense to that. – I mean, it’s a
shame, it really is that our monument is
associated with racism. But who made the association? – Probably those pesky slaves. – I look up there and
I see Jefferson Davis. That was a man who adopted
a little black orphan child and raised him and secured
his rights as a free person. – That’s a lovely thought. Maybe these Confederate
guys are just misunderstood. Jefferson Davis adopted a black
kid, so that’s pretty cool. Like Different Strokes. – Well, no, not like
Different Strokes. These kinds of white washings
of history help to make us feel good but they’re not
accurate and they’re dangerous. – Like a lot of things
in America today, alternative facts
can cloud the debate. And that became clear when I
sat down with one of the men who’s fighting to keep the
Stone Mountain monument up. People will say that the
Civil War was about slavery. – Oh, I know. Some people do that and
that’s kind of funny because it was not. It was about independence. Had the South not declared
their independence, there would have been no war. – But the slaves were freed
at the end of the war. – Yes, it was a
moot point by then. – Not for the slaves. – It was a moot point
for the South in general. – Yeah, but the slaves
would have appreciated it. – The war was
about independence. – Black people were
oppressed back then. You would agree that
they were oppressed? – Yeah, that’s kind
of an overused word. – Wouldn’t you say the
word oppressed is overused? – In what context? In the context of people
dragged from their home land, forced to work a
life of subservience to people who didn’t
even view them as human? – Yeah, that context. – Then no. – Stone Mountain Park
is one of the most visited parks on earth. Walk out there under the carving
and look at all the people from Japan and Germany. – Japan and Germany. – Those are the most
frequent people that come. – And Italy. Is there any monument
on this planet that you find offensive? – Yes, lots of them. There are monuments
to Abraham Lincoln. – You don’t like Lincoln? – No, he was a war criminal. He was clearly a
white supremacist and he destroyed the South and killed almost a
million of his people, which dwarfs the activity
of Assad in Syria. – Agree to disagree. Was this just another
American issue that’s hopelessly divided
along racial lines? To answer that, I sat down
with a prominent Atlanta lawyer whose ancestors fought
for the Confederacy. Why did the Civil War happen? – The slavery was
the driving issue. – Finally, a white guy down
here who believes the war was about slavery. – The people you’re talking
to like to say things like it was about independence. – Right. – I think it’s deceptive. It is a refusal to face
the facts of history. – Ah, the unbiased
truth from someone without all the racist baggage. – I’m totally opposed
to interracial mixing. It undoes 60,000 years
of separate evolution. I opposing mixing the races
for thoughtful reasons and I have to admit that
there’s an instinctive revulsion about it. – You know you’re on TV, right? Well, he may be a racist but at least he has
his facts straight. Look, history is complicated
and filled with shittiness and pride can make
people believe things that just aren’t true. And when that’s
allowed to fester, it has deadly consequences. For Charlottesville
and for all of us. How do you get rid of this? It’s one thing to
tear down a statue. But something carved
into a mountain, how do you get rid of this? – First of all, I
don’t think it’s just getting rid of the mountain. I think there has to be
a telling of our history in the artifacts that are
displayed out at Stone Mountain that more accurately tell
the story of Antebellum life, including the viewpoints
of Africans who were held in slavery here. – Another answer could
have been dynamite. – That’ll work too. (laughs)


  • KamikazeKid6199

    Im not a confederate BUT people shouldn't destroy history because it makes em feel better. Then what do you learn from it? 🤔

  • TheMatrix1101

    Never ever seen people take pride being the losing side moreover when they committed treason against the country they belong to right now

  • Hvit Varulv

    A statue offends someone. Wow. Did that really come from the same Jim Jefferies, who makes a living out of offending all kinds of groups in his jokes? A statue offends someone. So fucking what? Being offended (just like any other feeling) does not give you a right to tell others what they are or are not allowed to do or destroy their monuments. Churches offend me as an atheist and I don’t protest and demand them to be closed down. Not to mention that human history is full of wars, violence and evil so with this approach nobody would be able to celebrate anything.

  • O1dtR33z1322

    I remember a high school teacher deducting a point from a question on an exam that asked about what instigated the civil war. Apparently, my answer being slavery, wasn't satisfactory…

  • Miguel Ángel LS

    One thing that could be interesting is to make the "maths" about the economic difference from now to a successful CSA-USA seccesion instead of fighting a war. Maybe it could have been better for the USA to let the CSA go away.

  • GanzcastGermany

    German and Asian people visit every place that exists😂 at least I have never been somewhere in the world without at least one German oder Asian dude taking photos of the place 😂 maybe because I am german but that is besides the point

  • mark merk

    First off stone mountain touches all the connecting states underground….ohhh yeah and it's one of the inactive super volcanos so I don't think using explosives is such a good idea…lol

  • Samuel Kajah

    Jim: "Why protect these monuments?"
    Ronald: "Why destroy the monuments?"
    When you answer a question with another question, you know your argument is flawed in someway

  • Spencer Yancey

    The Confederate Battle Flag means more to me than anything on this Earth, I am of British descent and that flag is a British cross.

  • David Ritherford

    I'll never understand black people is there any one of them that's 200 some years old or older or whenever the hell slavery was around still? NO there's not so shut the fuck up about it. I don't say well my great great great great great great great great grandfather got punched by Italian so every time I see an Italian I want them dead. Exactly it makes no fucking sense. It got nothing to do with anybody nowadays it happened hundreds of years ago and it's NOT still going on. It's over. LET IT GO ALREADY!

  • 3DayPriest

    Dynamite? Well, couldn’t a group of people hike up with shaped charges, lower them from the top so that they align with the faces, and boom, boom, boom, boom.

  • John Connor

    Racism is irradicated, why would they want to destroy an important piece of american history? Do they wish to forget their origins?

  • Dylan Minish

    The one thing I hate about this is both sides say the other side is wrong and yet they never give any evidence either way so you don't know what to believe

  • Dylan Minish

    Black people were not dragged from their homelands they were sold to the white man by other black people so if you want to blame anybody blame African people

  • Kevin Inzunza

    First of all, understand that winners get to tell the story. (There is still too much we can't know because historical data is needed) That being said it is to my understanding, that the American civil war wasn't about slavery; until it became a useful "move" for the north. I'd say build other monuments and leave the ones already standing if it's that big of a deal to tell "your side of the story" (I'm from Mexico and I don't get disturbed by monuments of colonizers). We are in a different time now. If you're gonna let something like a picture, statue, or any type of embodiment bother you for something you didn't suffer yourself, I think you are being ridiculous. We are supposed to comprehend each other and accept other's beliefs (if that belief does not inflict physical trauma of course) I don't see Muslims trying to take "the cross" from Christianity here in the US… (Let people be happy with their damn statues!) Move forward with life and stop finding reasons to separate one another. People feel so passionate about things like this, but that passion causes anger when confronted. Sports, culture, politics, religion, senseless arguments. Don't forget history but don't let the past affect you. Walk forward and make new history. So many years, yet we still cause so much irrational division within the human race.

  • N. Hoffmann

    yya well its a little dangerous to ban one side as the bad side so that the other side looks clean like a babies arse. its a war. each side is just bad and lincoln probably was a dick also.

  • Eisdax

    Don't those racism defenders not know that the South tried to get AWAY from the USA? Or am I misunderstanding something fundamentally here?

  • волк - CEO of Communism

    You really cant be part of the "We want to own black people" side of the war without being racist. The whole Civil War was fought based on slavery.
    Edit: The south wanted to be equal in slave and free states, and when free states had an edge in the house and Senate, they didnt want to be part of the US

  • Anthropomorphic facsimile

    Here’s a thought. Since we’ve got climate change to contend with, maybe those aliens 👾 could leave the crop circles alone and bring their artistic talents stateside! 😎⭕️👽

  • andrew baer

    Personally if I were a southerner I’d be embarrassed to acknowledge the confederacy. Personally as a patriot, I believe the confederates were nothing but a bunch of traitors to America.

  • Metatron

    As much as Jim tried to make these people look dumb it is painfully obvious they did a lot of editing cause these ppl had legit points.

  • Bobby Three Sticks

    If the war wasn't about slavery then why does every constitution of a CSA state have a line about the preservation of slavery?

  • Mad Dog Avraham

    The vast majority of Confederate soldiers were too poor to own slaves. It was the officers that owned the majority of slaves. The non slave owning soldiers were fighting because the North invaded their country. Before the Civil War people thought of themselves as citizens of their state more than as Americans. Those Union soldiers were mainly fighting to preserve the Union and didn't give a shit about freeing the slaves. The average soldier on both sides weren't going to lay down their lives for the slave holders or to free them. Civil War monuments are to honor the memories of the brave men who fought on both sides. If you don't respect that then get the hell out of the South, we don't want or need you here.

  • Brandon Black

    The first flag that flied over ship was the United States flag or British flag not the Confederate flag the United States of America flag with all of their ships going over to Africa so on and so forth what's the American flag

  • Tyson Mars

    Sorry to disappoint you folks youre all dreaming we live in planet earth theres always good and bad people that's what life here in this planet called earth.

  • Ryan Brandt

    The war was about independence, so they could be independent and keep slavery. And this country is still filled with ignorant and racist people that need to be educated and stop hating on someone’s skin color. It boggles my mind that someone could hate a group of people just because they are a different race or religion. Come on people evolve into something better

  • Wonderwall Wonderwall

    These people make it seem like only black people were slaves
    And yet if you do research you realize that there were black slaves ,white slaves, asian slaves and native Americans slaves
    And each one of those groups were slaveowners as well And yet black people are the only ones that still complain about it

  • CaptHiltz

    The Civil War came about because the southern aristocracy conned the rest of the south's population. The aristocracy wanted to live like royalty and not do the work in the fields themselves like (gasp) common farmers and they were too cheap to pay the white population to work the fields. WTF, Lincoln was a white supremacist? Says the white supremacists.

  • Tegnet

    It's history…
    I get why a lot of people don't like having those statues around… So put them in a museum. Of cause I don't agree with what happened back then… But I don't agree with erasing history either. Which, to me, is as bad as "whitewashing" it to make it sound less horrible.
    We still have a lot of shit around from the Nazis. And I'm glad they're protecting it in museums. Some horrible horrible shit which is worth remembering.

  • Sigma Geranimo

    These people was the one prosecute the NAZI in 1945 in which did the same thing to jews just with diff speed and colored.

  • Chronic Crypto

    Abraham Lincoln was a war criminal? This guy himself saying this is a white supremacist. They always point the finger saying your a white supremacist while saying white supremacist shit.

  • Lucas Loreno

    Next time we have a civil war we need to make sure not one come out alive . There is not second price for war losers.
    We shouldn't ever let this ignorants stand a fucking statue , and they got stand in the 30's and 40's , fuck your losers history , be grateful we hadn't kill you all.

  • Vyom Sharma

    04:00 Been separate for 60,000 years? European/ African mixing during the Holy Roman period, mixing of Greek settlers with Middle Eastern and Indian people of Asia, heck, look at Brazil today, screw Brazil, look at India, that's inter-racial mixing. To top it all off, let's bring in different species of humans; Neanderthals with Early Homo Sapiens, and Denisovans. The only group of humans that have been separated for 70k years, are the settlers the North Centinal Island in the Indian Ocean, they never mixed with anybody for 70k years, so much so that when the British brought them over to India to study them, they died because they couldn't handle our food/ germs.

  • rainwolf034

    The war was for state rights, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t involve race also, and much more toward the end.. Lincoln declared, it several years in.. not day one.. and I’m not against mixing of the races.. and yes we should have monument that represent blacks from the south.. it is romanticism and that I do strike an issue with.

  • Campbell Cutler

    Heres the bit I don't understand. The South lost, the South got its ass kicked. Why does the South insist on having these monuments to losers? Heres a potential solution. Keep the monuments and put big neons signs over the top of them saying LOSER.

  • Johnny Bravo

    Abraham Lincoln very heavily opposed voting rights to blacks, and believed that the constitution applied to men (of which black men were not to be included). So in that event, should we address then Penny? The Five Dollar Bill? Or the Lincoln Memorial? Our country was founded on slavery, much like every other country practically in the world. We should allow the past to be the past and acknowledge the failures of those before us to understand human rights- it’s recognizing this that allows us to improve.

  • fishyc150

    Jim is way off here.
    The north were happy to die to keep the union. They wernt so happy to die to free the blacks and openly rioted.
    Abraham Lincoln said "if I could preserve the union without freeing a single slave I would, and if I could preserve it by freeing all slaves I would" it was the union not slaves that was fought over.
    The emancipation proclamation only freed slaves in rebel states, not in slave states that stayed with the union and that was to economically ruin the south like bombing German tank factories in WW2.

  • Colby Kelly

    I live in an area where I see the confederate flag every day. On cars, on rooftops, and on flagpoles. That flag flew AGAINST the United States of America. Think about that, locals.

  • EvilHomerSimpson

    god, what the fuck were you thinking making america what is it
    what the fuck god
    god what the fuck god
    you made america
    god does it sucks

  • pepehorne

    Put all slavery, racism etc. aside, there’s one more thing: THOSE DUDES WERE FUCKING TRAITORS !!!
    Can’t wait to see look on people’s faces if someone erects Benedict Arnold statue.

  • Sgt Boots

    If you guys have any questions why the Civil War started our ancestors told us why in the "Declaration of Secession." They were blunt about it being about slavery. One more time. Yes, its about slavery.

  • The History Critic Guy

    “It’s a shame but……”

    “That was terrible but……”

    It was the times”

    All these arguments are the God damn same where secret racists say bull crap to try and not sound racist or stupid

  • Ataromonia

    The best compromise is that the statues belong only in museums or textbooks and not in public spqces. Chrisit, common sense people, c'mon!

  • Nick66

    I absolutely hate it when race is brought in to anything. Annoysthe shit out of me. But wow, these guys are straight up racist. Like wow.

  • Allagí

    If anyone is confused about American history, look at this way: After Germany lost WWII every German born thereafter was made brutally aware TO THIS DAY that their country supported a cause that was very much so wrong. America never had that, ever. Not just when the south lost the civil war, but also when all of America lost the Vietnam war, and even now as we have zero forward progress or resolution in our 20 year middle east wars, no one, no group of Americans ever were told they were wrong. EVEN IN OUR AMERICAN CIVIL WAR, where fucking half the country fought the other half the South pretty much got off scot-free. Just research "reconstruction" and Andrew Johnson's Presidency. Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee both died free men shortly after the Civil War, so much so that I PERSONALLY KNOW PEOPLE who graduated from Davis Elementary School and Robert E. Lee High School less than 30 years ago. While all the newly "free" black enslaved Americans were trampled upon by Jim Crow laws. You can trace that shit allll the way to now, if you ever wonder why Trump is so popular in America, Americans have never once been taught a significant historical lesson. We mostly won wars (if you were white) and even if you lost civil wars (if you were white) no real punishment. Now we are here. We fucking earned whatever shit is on the way. One day, mark my words, Karma is gonna fucking fuck us up big time. I pray I can raise my children in a time of peace, but knowing history, oh lord do I doubt it.

  • 馬行空

    I think they should be relocated to museums, my family wasn’t in 1860’s America but I think this history shouldn’t be glorified but also shouldn’t be erased

  • ryan saunders

    All races were subject to slavery. Only one race out here that continues to dwell on the past and NOT move on. Look at other races. They moved on and there doing fine. Live in the present not past.

  • Ashwin Nair

    Really these "experts" are more or less paid actors, noone can be that stupid, especially if they know they are on TV. And before anyone jumps on me about whatever political bullshit you got, I don't care about politics, it's the blatant stupidity of the people defending the statues that make me think it's fake.

  • Spencer Justice

    My hometown has a graveyard for black confederates and whites were the first slaves in the US. Moreover, the slave markets were closed on Jewish holidays.

  • Wldsthrnboy

    The Civil War was fought over money and influence of the rich, by poor people trying to protect their homes. Just like 80% of wars. The South declared secession over tariffs and embargoes enacted by the federal government against cotton. The federal government did this on behest of the of the rich northern industrialists who were pissed that the rich southern plantation owners could set the market price of the goods they needed to generate their wealth. When the government took these measures on behalf of the northern industrialists, the plantation owners said " screw you we will just send our product to Europe ". This lead to the blockade of shipping ports to by the federal government to keep the cotton from leaving, to which the southern states formed a plan of succession. To this war was declared. The federal government had absolutely no intention of ending slavery and neither did the industrialists. The only view of slavery from the industrialists was as another of many advantages the plantation owners had in the textile industry. The fact is that slavery was already coming to and end because the trade had been outlawed in most of the rest of the world, including the U.S. as pertaining to the importation of slaves in1808. Constitutional amendments had made it forbidden for any newly formed states in the union to allow slavery in their state constitution. The rich industrialists could have given two shits about freeing slaves or human rights. There own labor force were barely more than slaves themselves and lived in disease ridden squalor. The federal government and the president wanted to see an end to slavery for sure, but it was not a driving factor. The fact is that the abolitionist movement in America preceding the civil war was far more prevalent in the South than the North. To the average northern citizen freed slaves were just less than humans who where now competition for food on their tables and rooves over there as they would come to be in the south after the war. As always in times tyranny and evil, it was a minority of the wealthy and powerful that stood on the broken backs of the meek. The average Confederate solder was fighting to preserve their small family farms which was their subsistence, not to preserve slavery or plantations. The federal government only freed slaves after several years of fighting a loosing war in the hopes the the freed slaves would bolster their troops. THE CIVIL WAR WAS NOT FOUGHT TO END SLAVERY. It was fought over the federal government imposing on states rights on behalf of a wealthy special interest. Period.

  • Mac Miller

    The confederacy was literally anti America lol people say that the civil war wasn’t about slavery it was about states rights. Yeah states rights to own slaves!

  • J.A. Bristol

    I'd like to clarify a detail about the Civil War which is commonly misunderstood due to an intentional oversight by certain politicians and historians of a particular disposition. Whereas secession was about slavery, the war itself wasn't. Secession and the Civil War are two separate issues as it was three whole months between the time the last of the first batch of southern states, Louisiana, seceded on January 26th, 1861 and when confederate artillery fired upon Fort Sumter on April 12th the same year – which started the war.

    The Confederate government viewed this sustained military presence by a "foreign" government (they now saw the U.S as being a separate country) in South Carolina as an act of military aggression by the United States and thus a direct attack on what they believed was a constitutional entitlement to leave the union. In short, the state's belief in their right to secede propelled the first shot at Fort Sumter. Hence, the Civil War was about a states' rights to independence.

    Now, some might argue that if they wanted independence over slavery, and they started the war over independence, than they started the war over slavery. This is incorrect. You didn't have to be a proponent of slavery to recognize a state had a legitimate claim to secede over it or any other reason. The colonists started the war against Great Britain once King George started shooting their taxes through the roof, does that mean the American Revolution was about a desire for low taxation? No, It was about their desire for independence stemmed from the fact that they no longer consented to King George's rule.

    When Abraham Lincoln refused to let the southern states go, he struck a blow to the face of everything the founders laid out with regard to self government. The government derives it's power from the consent of the people, and the people down south didn't consent to Abraham Lincoln's rule so they saw fit to break away from said government. The "grand experiment" of self government failed that day the confederates surrendered at Appomattox on April 9th, 1865.

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