The Big Parade of Horror
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The Big Parade of Horror

Subtitles made by Maxwell Whiteman Universal Pictures Universal is one of
the biggest movie companies in the world producing some of the greatest movies
ever made easily one of universals biggest accomplishments is their horror
films in this film we will talk about Universal during each decade from the
1920s to the 1950s and show compilations of clips and trailers of their most
important films per decade the use of all Clips fall under fair use
we here at July 24 of our pictures take full responsibility and hope you enjoy
the film. The 1920s was an interesting time to be alive not because it was the
roaring 20s it was also the decade where movies became part of society who had
comedians like Buster Keaton Charlie Chaplin and Harold Lloyd at their best
he also had dramas like the Ten Commandments The Hunchback of Notre Tom
and the man who laughs the latter two are often listed as being horror films
which many people disagree with 19:27 the first sound film the jazz
singer was released in 1930 Universal made one film twice the cat creeps while
the canary sleeps in English and Spanish unfortunately both versions are
considered lost the next year is where universals horror legacy truly begins in
1931 bela lugosi starred in universals Dracula and Boris Karloff betrayed the
monster in Frankenstein both films have become icons of their genre spawning
sequels crossovers and the rest of the universal catalogue they made films like
The Mummy The Invisible Man and the werewolf of London the first mainstream
werewolf film the name of God I know what it feels
like to be God you don’t think before you I think we will
continue our studies of anatomy yeah much nicer than than visiting a morgue no place burn I wish it would that’s all
right what about the Pens your brother’s out of his room
what welcome you here me taking back you a little walk you’ve been crying I want to help you
why did you do this are you shorter for me yes for you my
darling I wanted to do something tremendous to achieve what men of
science have dreamt of since the world began the gain wealth and fame and honor
to write my name above the greatest scientists of all time I was so
pitifully poor I had nothing to offer you flora I was just a poor struggling
chemist I shall come back to you flora very soon now
the secret of invisibility lies there in my books why to work in Kinsler Burt
until I find the way back there is a way back flora and then I shall come to you
I should offer my secret to the world with all its terrible power the nation’s
the world would build for it thousands millions the nation that wins my secret Jack I want you to let my father help
you you know how clever he is he’ll work with you day and night until you find
that second secret the one that will bring you back to us then we’ll have
those lovely peaceful days again out under the trees after your work in the
evening your father never haha you think he can help me he’s got the brain of a
tapeworm a maggot beside mine don’t you see what it means power part rule to
make the world grovel at my feet Jack listen to me listen my father found
a note in your room he knows something about monarchy and even you don’t know
it alters you changes you makes you feel differently father believes the power of
it will go if you know what you’re fighting I’ll come and stay with us
let’s fight this thing out together power I said power to walk into the gold
vaults of the nation’s into the secrets of Kings into the holy of holies power
to make multi-ton squealing in terror at the touch of my little invisible finger
even the moon’s frightened of me strike and this is the old charts room for the
long-range guns but the guns are gone but the charts are still here you see beetles I have cared for her
tenderly and well he will find her almost as beautiful as when you last saw
her she died two years after the hall she was never very strong you know in
the child our daughter dead and why she was she like this is she not
beautiful I want you to have her beauty
always I adapt her to heaters lavash all lies
come on Euclid her you hurt her I’m about to kill you and now for a smoke no no this is good
smoke you try before you came I was all alone it is bad to be alone alone bad
friend would friend you must seize the only specimen of the
marui phaser plant in england that flower is the only known antidote for
wave altering a very interesting folk tale and of no value to the police I
warn you sir unless you secure this plant there’ll be
an epidemic that will turn London into a shambles when my experiments are
completed I will show the results to the entire world not before remember this
dr. Glendon the werewolf instinctively seeks to kill the thing it loves best you brought this only that night in
Tibet sorry I can’t share this with you that’s to be expected it will disappear do I look different
yes I heard that you passed wait here look at me what do you see in my eyes you like jewels please don’t come any closer ha ha this week dr. Gough growing weaker
all your skills can’t help her now she’s under a spell that can be broken only by
me I am Dracula’s daughter I’m terribly afraid all the time I hadn’t might think you’re a worse
feeling than your father where is his monster where is he
I’ll stay by your side until you confess and if you don’t I will feed you to the
villagers the end of universals first run of
horror films came in 1936 the monster movies were dropped from the production
schedule altogether and would not reach her another four years until the release
of son of Frankenstein in 1939 the 1940s was a time of war and for many the
cinema was a place to escape to in 1940 the third player in this story
comes to play Lon Chaney jr. Chaney starred as the
moment Karras in the Mummy’s hand 1940 and the rest of its sequels however
Cheney’s breakout role would come the next year with the Wolfman 1941 Karloff
Lugosi and Chaney made many sequels to Dracula, Frankenstein, & The Wolfman
including several crossover films many sequels to the mummy and the Invisible
Man were also made during this time well it didn’t take all day did you left me
here to do all the packing yes well job you made of it too you don’t have to
unpack either either what are you talking about why didn’t I ever show you
this one oh yes you did hey you be careful now just what do you mean by
either Martha I got great news for you stupendous news colossal surprise oh my
goodness wait like a tick no you wait till I tell
you you’ve stumbled upon a terrific piece of luck yeah it just came right up
and bumped you yeah you’re going to be very rich yeah you’re going to find a
tomb filled with gold and diamonds act how do you know you’re going to finance
an expedition good then take my earring are be teaching it isn’t faith pop you
didn’t give him the money yet you didn’t oh-oh-oh
how could you these men are swindlers I’ve been warned what’s the matter can’t tell you anything tonight come
back tomorrow what did you say something evil now Cobain
go quickly they like it before Larry
wait Larry what happened what’s the matter hurry please what happened to him wolf bit him do something can’t you help him I must
take him home there’s a curse on our village the curse
of Frankenstein father boss Frankenstein that your
mother was delighting the most dreaded creation of man the monster of
Frankenstein box again here is drama completely strange full of wind suspense
with this great cast Sir Cedric Hardwicke Lionel at will ralph bellamy
Bela Lugosi Evelyn tankers lon chaney in the
gripping tale of a monster the tomb cannot engulf chains cannot hold to give
him life yes do you think ego I’m giving him another brain yeah you there’s an enemy spy at large an
invisible man you would be of great help to us who is this terrifying phantom
commando but is his amazing mission see the invisible agent suggested by HG
Wells Invisible Man starring Ilona Massey and John Hall with Peter Lorre
Sir Cedric Hardwicke J Edward Bromberg Albert bosserman in the most amazing
story of our times it’s good to know let me get away thank
you gesundheit whose dad how did you know I
was going to England I didn’t but so the trap was all set a
frank how can you talk like that well what’s this huh it’s full of water
or they’re tearing into me spawned from the depths of doom comes
the most fearful monster of the ages to strike with paralyzing terror that is
spoilers of ancient tombs here is new horror by the master of Menace lon
chaney as The Mummy with dick fur and John Hubbard Ellis Knox George Zuko
Wallace Ford Turin Bay in the Mummy’s tomb creature that’s been alive for over
3,000 years is in this town and it’s brought death with it we’ve got to run
it down you I was good wasn’t I miss you’ve got
almost be biting his nails he’ll come crawling back to me on his hands and
knees confessing the whole thing in begging my forgiveness are you Christine dupois will sing
tomorrow night leave Paris this is your last warning take off that proper mask what was that I see you marrying a corpse living in a
grave the vampire can assume very many different forms and bill sometimes it
appears as a bet and sometimes there’s a small cloud of swirling vapor in this
way it can move unseen among its enemies son of Dracula sharing a screen with new
terror in this weird tale of the Living Dead who rise from the grave at night to
prey on unsuspecting victims with Louise Al Britain Robert Paige Evelyn tankers
Frank Craven J Edward Graham bird and lon shaney as the MU Count Dracula
you’ll shudder at the screens most fascinating woman vampire luring men
with cold beauty and the promise of immortality count Alucard is immortal
through him I attained immortality through me you will do the same you there’s no thief that killed Ben mrs.
Evans and nothing human tore through that wall I’ll take her back Harris together we go
tom I swear you think when the swamp it’s sudden death that call me Cary’s it’s so hard to explain sometimes
it seems as if I belong to a different world
hey looks like the imprint of a man’s body a big man – unless I’m mistaken
Amami was buried here in a room beneath the chapel I found the
bodies of a freshly murdered me I was looking for you sir
I meant no harm you you you Dracula sleeps in this coffin but rises
every night at sunset Chika’s right this is awful silly stuff Dracula somehow now you know that person you
said that there’s no such person gasps I think he’s in there in person I was
reading the sign over here this one down here
Dracula’s legend all of a sudden I heard that’s the way in should get oiled
listen stop reading this thing that’s a lot of phony baloney to fool
MacDougall’s customers now fold up that canvas get busy come on Dracula can
change himself at will into a vampire bat flying about the countryside flying shit listen you’re making enough noise to
wake up the dead I don’t have to wake him up he’s up I saw a hand you saw
ahead huh huh where right over there where is it
hey there yeah I don’t know what you’re talking about you’re all excited reading
this legend now listen listen Wilbur I know there’s no such a person as Dracula
you know there’s no such a person as Dracula
what does Dracula know it now listen to me McDougal be here any minute with the
insurance agent I’ll get to work he keeps himself aligned by drinking the
blood remember the ghoulish goose-pimply
gleeful time you had when Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein now they’re
face-to-face with a king of the killers in the slap happiest homicide in the
history of mystery this bellboy will commit suicide tonight
and this will be found beside the body suicide I have ways bodies the place is
loaded with them and guns and gals and gags and slinky slippery homicidal
suspects with Abbott and Costello in the middle
the law and the Vengeance of the most ruthless killer of them all how could
you find the bodies in your room I put my elevator you you near the end of the decade Universal
teamed up three monsters with two people you’d never expect to become horror
icons Bud Abbott and Lou Costello along with three Abbott and Costello monster
comedies in the 1940s many of these horror movies had a strong
sci-fi element to them this continued into the 1950s and 1960s the final
decade of our show features some of the earliest sci-fi horror films hello operator give me police
headquarters Tommy here’s your group Tommy was he in there yeah he was unpacking
and I’m packing what are you talking about what did you see an empty woods
full of Tommy Nelson now don’t give me that invisible stuff again
honest and there were footsteps with no feet and a grip that was some pack of
itself all right boys let’s go to Penny here too the ravings of a
madman if I ever find you up here again I’ll feed your liver to the swine here is drama excitement adventure in a
setting of brooding evil starring Charles Laughton as the seer Demerara
cunning corrupt diabolical Boris Karloff as the brutish Voltaire
Sally Forrest and Richard Stapley as the lovers in grim jeopardy uncle what’s
back of your hatred what have I ever done to you
Michael Pete there’s the dreaded teller Paul Cavanaugh is ed more prisoner of
the catacombs he will help us get away from here I will take you to his estate
in Normandy you’ll be safe there I love you see the strangest wedding ever forced on
bride and groom a burning mill wheel of destruction the dungeon of the doom regret using forever we cling I know no
pain was of conscience my way is clear you it’s better yes it came from outer space to fill the
world with terror to bring you unforgettable suspense
what was it where did it come from who are they all powerful creatures it
brought from outer space and what did they want on earth you can learn the
amazing answer only when you see the most thrilling picture in years it came
from outer space in the astonishing realism of three dimension with objects
coming right out of the screen so real they almost touched you impacts them I use the master where is the monster I
don’t know he’s not here at the East Village
yeah I wouldn’t chase them out yeah stand here and Susy comes through here
welcomes little Montana way that you might tell I beg your pardon
have you seen a monster around here I see you can top of that heavy man’s gone
well here I’ll help you take it off he’ll be looking for him for a purpose go peachie could be the first man to
scientifically study a creature than by all the laws of nature should have died
a quarter of a million years ago they dared to bring him back alive from his
haunts deep in the jungles of the Amazon they dared to put him on display with
the other denizens of the deep while thousands came to marvel and wonder you
know I I pity him sometimes he’s so alone the only one of his kind in the
world if anything goes wrong you head straight for the surface you understand
all right let’s go they dared to study him to
probe him to tempt him with the lure of a woman’s beauty thinking that mere
chains could hold in check the primeval forces that surged and roiled within
this strange being from the dawn of time watch out for the girl hold your fire you the Cobra goddess will amend yourself
one by one you will die from halfway around the world she had come to make
friends with five unsuspecting young men and when she walked in the night death
followed swift and violent starring face demurred Richard long Marshall Thompson
Kathleen Hughes in the Erie and white fields story of a Cobra woman whose
mission was to kill to whom love when it came was strange and terrifying you have
to forget about me being silly the things I have to do things I have no
control over that was the police Carl is dead Paul what about you and Tom Claire myself with his murder rap we’ll
search the trophy room a lot of these old houses had secret
doors and passages when you knocked on anything you never know what the happen
or what you’re going to find I mean are you talking to somebody
knocking at the door it’s me knocking to push me certainly not you’re imagining
things again what have you got there it’s a piggy bank bring me back hey
what’s that Finders Keepers
Charlie Joseph gets on the day hey come on summers I give you the signal open it up it’s all new the creature walks among us
more terrifying in human form striking at the heart of the city with inhuman
fury the creature walks among us horror
unleashed by the daring of man and a dangerous experiment of science I have
burned away the outer scale there’s a structure of human skin underneath it
the creature walks among us the grimmest cargo ever brought to civilization now a
monster made even more frightful by human emotions boss merle oberon Lex
Parker in the price of fear to great thrill pictures on one program you the science fiction classic The
Incredible Shrinking man one of the best sci-fi films of all time I don’t know so kind of mist look at
your chest it’s still too loose sure even the cuffs a dragon they do look
kind of big I’m getting smaller new every day
that’s silly honey people just don’t get smaller there’s no medical precedent for
what’s happening to you I simply know that you’re getting smaller the x-rays
prove it beyond any doubt are you going out yes for a little while we’re what
just to the corner to the store you’ll come right back an innovative film
featuring fantastic special effects Charlie maybe he’s hurt some days maybe
he’s lost we’ve looked everywhere with these bits of metal I was a man again if
I was to die it would not be as a helpless insect in the jaws of the
spider monster you you Varane where the body’s easy in all the
kingdom of the liver there is no more deadly or voracious creature than the
praying mantis you drink you’ll be able to drive it out
to see I hope so every device of military science every defensive weapon
radar planes rockets Marshall to destroy a thousand tons of beastly building a
monster leaving a trail of carnage spreading panic across a continent nothing in its hand was safe
not the planes in the star not the ships at sea though the vehicles on the ground
you boys might just as well go back there aren’t any bodies and then this
most dangerous monster that ever lived challenged the security of our city you in 1947 the Byrne expedition to the
South Pole reported a warm water oasis steep inside the icy Antarctic
this is the story of another expedition and of what might be found what might
happen today in every move unexplored last frontier
on earth unchanged since prehistoric times the land unknown good man have survived in the dinosaur
age of mighty monsters shudder of history’s most ferocious killer
Tyrannosaurus Rex the Battle of the great stegosaur a huge carnivorous
man-eating plants the incredible water monster elasmosaurus do you hear me stop it just doesn’t
sound like you we’re not legit that’s how I rule where’s the wreck talk right
here you see you gotta believe me you’re gonna
think I’m blind rocks Joe powers of rock crashing down
and then growing up again yeah yeah perhaps a part of the process is the
absorption of silicon taking it right out of whatever it comes into contact
with like human beings just like been the bodies turned to stone what was this
amazing power that could turn people into stone that could suddenly turn
inanimate rocks stones monoliths into growing spreading expanding monsters
threatening to engulf whole towns and cities – very old civilization under an
immensity of wait beyond all calculation the natural slope of the valley floor is
bringing them right down here and once they break through to the other side of
the mountains there’ll be no stopping them ever look are we asking you to do
is save her life I can’t cope with something I don’t even understand ready
hit now you you now don’t dig you something evil down
there great was the curse later vomit great
was the evil power granted it buried for four hundred years it still lives staring to these eyes a few dare for
every woman that does becomes a willing slave to the thing that couldn’t die and
at the same girl you were yesterday yesterday I was trying to do what was
right I was afraid but I’m not afraid anymore and every man becomes a monster there’s
another casket buried somewhere on the ranch Jessica and mr. Ash’s promised us
$5,000 if we can find it isn’t it enough that two men are dead do the rest of you
want to die to greed have made them alert the monstrous evil centuries old
now they and they alone had to face the consequences you you what was he this being half human half
what appearing out of a nightmare darkness evil his face evil his deeds you really think I didn’t bend something
as horrible as all this just to get rid of a wrench and I don’t know what to
think I only know that I can’t accept such a thing isn’t a vampire his victims
the young that the beautiful as well as the bull and the strong you were just
lucky the other night when my man missed you if that was me you’d be pushing dirt
don’t reach for your gun will you get out of here to call the time are they
doomed dong who oppose him drink can nothing humans stop him if I can’t do it
now with your consent I’ll go into banning and get a court order but I’m
going to open those coffins see you dead first the beginning of the 1960s saw the end
of the run of the original Universal monster movies many films are critically
acclaimed while others are not good or bad their influence has lived on in many
films that continue to be made thank you for watching please like and subscribe
this has been Maxwell Whiteman good night you

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