The California Legislators: Like California-or not
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The California Legislators: Like California-or not

A new class of legislators has arrived in Sacramento. Who are they? A super-majority are Democrats. 7 out of 10 legislators are men. 31 percent female legislators. 69 percent male legislators. Last session: 26 women This session: 36 women. Here’s who’s over-represented: Whites: 58 percent of the legislature, 41 percent of voting-age Californians.
African-Americans: 8 percent of legislature, 6 percent of voting-age Californians. Here’s who’s under-represented: Latinos: 22 percent of the legislature, 35 percent of voting-age Californians. Asian-Americans: 12 percent of the legislature, 15 percent of voting-age Californians. How many Asian-American women? One. Senator Ling Ling Chang, Diamond Bar Republican. How many white guys named Robert, Bob, James or Jim? 8. Learn more at

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