The Change That is Coming | Speech at The Official Animal Rights March 2018

can you feel it as it flows as it cascades can you feel it as it transmutes from something that we only used to be able to dream of to something that exists in front of us something we can see something that is tangible change the change that is coming it is palpable it exists in the hearts and minds and each and every one of us feel it believe it the change is coming the Sun will one day set on this world and a new dawn will rise out of the ashes of violence hope will rise now we as a movement exists in the millions of individuals but together we move as one and as one we cannot be stopped we will not be stopped and these industries the ones who exploit others they feel what we feel and they fear it and they fear us and they should fear us for every single day our numbers grow stronger our conviction grows harder and that change becomes ever more inevitable that it was the day previous and they fear us because they know that we will not stop fighting though we will never take a days rest and we will never take a days break until the animals are liberated from the shackles now species has imprisoned them within [Applause] but the fight that we face is not a fight of violence it’s not a fight against nations or religions it is a fight against ignorance and apathy and the only weapon that we need is the truth and a voice from which we are obliged to speak it and we must speak that truth with every second of life that we are given we must speak that truth the world that we want that vegan world exists out there in front of us in the palm of our hands on all we have to do is reach out and take it it’s not going to be given to us no one is going to hand it to us but there it exists in front of each and every one of us waiting for us to seize it so feel it believe in it see it manifest it would importantly create it make it take it the world that we want we decide when it is created and every time that we rise up and we stand up and we speak together and we fight for must be fought we bring that world closer and closer to the present day the future will one day speak of a seemingly small group of people who saw the world for the violent place that it was and said that there were no longer only talk about ending suffering and oppression they would instead demand it and the future will see that small group of people grew larger and larger and larger until one day their demands were met and in that moment when those demands were met humanity looked to the things they’ve done to non-human animals with disgust and dissent disdain and with guilt and they said non-human persons the lives of non-human persons should be treated the same value and respect they were assigned to our own lives in that moment we will realize that non-human persons placed a unique value on their in the same way that we place a unique value on our life and I want to talk about a place like visited last year when the many hell holes exists on this planet I visited dairy farm and we walked into the dairy farm during the day and we walked around and we filmed the animals as we saw them in their prisons and we came across a pen and in this pen there was a mother and the mother’s baby now the farmers knew that we were there they’d seen us and they didn’t seem to mind about us being there and they told us they were gonna take the baby away from their mother and now we knew this is what happened in the dairy industry we knew that every single car that was born was taken away from their mother normally within 24 to 72 hours of birth and so we were faced with a dilemma do we leave or do we stay no we could leave and pretend that our suffering didn’t exist but the turn a blind eye to suffering does not mean that that suffering no longer exists we must not turn away with our eyes what they are forced to ensure with their bodies and so we decided to stay and to see and to film and to bear witness to the suffering that was about to commence and so in filmed as the farmer came into the pen and he took the calf and he threw the conference petrale and he willed the trolley with the calf away I followed the mother and I followed the mother as far as she could go until the father closed the gate on her I looked into the mother’s eyes and there’s no pain and Sophia I saw anguish I saw her pleading for help but I saw confusion she had no idea why this was happening to her no one could explain why we did these things to her no animal in these situations understands why and I thought about all the times I’d be most scared in my life and I thought the often confusion was coupled with fear and confusion this coupled with fear it makes the fear feel so much more intensified because we don’t understand what’s happening and we don’t understand what to happen next I followed whether baby had been taken to a solitary confinement pen and I sat in front of that baby and I put my hands through the bars and they carefully stroked the top of that baby’s head I said I’m sorry I said I’m so sorry I said sorry you’re here I’m sorry this the life that you have been given I’m sorry for the flights that you will be forced to face because of the actions of the species that I belong to but I felt like a hypocrite it felt disingenuous for me to say sorry when I could take my arm out of that prison and leave and walk whenever it is they wanted to I could go home live my life have fun spend time with friends and family sleep in a comfortable bed and do the things that I wanted to do but that prison for that baby in front of me in that moment was eternal their life would only ever be a prison until the day that they died and so I stood up and I said to myself animals do not need a whole pity they do not need our words and they do not need our sorrow pity will not save these beings these animals need us to fight and stand up for them and take action and so I said to myself I need to be held accountable for the actions that I make in the future but when I leave here today I don’t just go about my ordinary ordinary ordinary life but when I leave here today I remember the plight of that animal and I never forget the plight of that animal so while I stood there a friend to the calf I made a vow to myself i made a vow to hold myself accountable with every second of life that I have given from this moment on I said but as long as blood is pumped through my veins an oxygen flows through my lungs with every second of life that I am given I will fight because my life is a privilege and with that privilege and I have been given I am obliged to fight for those who freedom has been denied to I made a vow of every second of life that I am given I will fight for those who need me to fight for the most and so I ask you now when you leave here today will you stand up proudly will you hold your chest up proudly and hold your head up high will you stand up will you speak up we defiantly won’t towards the road of Animal Liberation our life is not just our own our existence is a vessel through which we are morally obliged a great positive change use the life that you have to create a world with compassion tolerance and equality are no longer considered extreme or militant but are instead the foundations of baseline for a just and fair Society we are here today for the cars taken away from their mothers we are here today over the hens were exploited flanks we’re here today before the chickens are exploited and murdered for their flesh we’re here today with the pigs were locked in furrowing crates we’re here today of the lambs on the way to the slaughterhouse and we’re here today for the millions upon trillions of animals who are mercilessly dragged out of the ocean we’re here today for all the animals to launch in laboratories for all the animals abused and tormented in zoos and circuses and aquariums we’re here today for all the animals who have plucked and sheared and skinned and murdered for their flesh their feathers their fur and their wool we are here today for every single animal who was clarified mutilated exploited used and murdered at the hands of our species so will you make that bow will you pledge to fight with every ounce of strength that you have to fight with the freedom that you have to make sure that those who are denied their freedom will one day in the future have the freedom that they deserve because that’s the vow that I made to that calf I said that although I cannot save you in this moment I will fight to make sure that future exists where no other animal will have to suffer in the same way that you today now what lies ahead of us will not always be easy we will feel pain will feel anguish will feel despair and we may even feel hopelessness these industries will spread lies they will try to some people they will try to deceive us they will question our integrity they will question our individual characteristics and our motives and they will try and drag our image through the mud to try and make us no longer credible but we have one thing the truth and that is all that we need [Applause] but you along these industries have deceived the public they have lied and manipulated and scammed us but we will no longer tolerate that we look at these industries and we look these people in the eye and we say no more will you be allowed to commit these transgressions of what those beings that exist on this planet alongside us not for us to come together fight together because when we do so when we fight in unison and as one we can change the world and we must change the world the animals need us they need you so what will you do from tomorrow onwards the path that we walk down together does not last forever and at the end of that path is total salvation and liberation so never look back only ever look forwards and defiantly March as fast as you can towards the end of that road to ensure those animals were screaming in terror and this very second to ensure that one day their screams will be silenced not because of knives for the cause of liberation and so I ask you this one final question are you with me thank you very much [Applause] you

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