• Damian Cearfoss

    I say look the Brazils Confederate history many Confederate family's went to Brazil and tried to make a living and that place there is no hate no race war no kkk its a symbol of were there family comes from

  • J'von Ramgeet

    Brought some understand. The flag wasn't made exclusively in the starting of the war to keep slavery but for other reasons. But the fact the south still wanted slavery – as one of the reasons for the war, is what causes uproar. It just depends on how the flag is used.

  • Califa G

    BUT where is the flag's cross (X) coming from?? It is not explained. Is it spanish heritage? I believe it comes from the Bourgone Cross (Cruz de Borgoña), a battle flag also used by the spanish army.

  • Joshua Chamberlain

    Wrong the flag flew atop the state capital was removed in large part because of the NAACP boycott and the compromise was to put that ugly thing where it was before it finally came down.

  • Dave La Violette

    I liked what he said about it being historical and treated historically. If people really cared about the heritage of the flag it wouldn't be on a car bumper. I just think people that fly this flag are really clueless and should be shunned or told that they are clueless.

  • kfir levy

    I want to ask you people a question and please answer honestly. You all do know that when 13 colonies had rebeled the British they moved to the labds of America massacred its natives and took their lands. Today you all still fly it high with pride of it's history, ths goos and the bad, and no one considers ot a symbol of hate. So my question for you is, why is it that when it's about the south you look at only the part of fighting for slavery and consider its flag only about this part of the southern history? I say the southerners should have the right to fly the flag of those who fought for the freedom of their own states from the federations (like it or not) and be proud of their history, the good and the bad.

  • Dan Paul

    An yet leftist Americans are not offended at all by illegal aliens flying the Mexican flag chanting La Raza. Go figure

  • TheReddPerkins

    I agree with the Museum guy. People who love the flag, but arent racists should be the first fighting against people who use the flag to represent hatred. Cause as far as Im concerned, if you fly the flag, you are telling me you are a Ku Klux Klan thug, who will lynch and murder

  • James Lee

    Funny how Everyone likes leave out the white part of the Confederate flag that was mostly White, literally stands for white man. How is that not racist

  • Jeremy Ostinelli

    The south didn't want to start up slavery..
    They wanted to expell them instead of freeing them into civilization…

    Peace from the UK

  • Jorge Canales

    I'm Hispanic but I think that flag shouldn't be banned. That flag doesn't represent slavery anymore, that means Southern Heritage not hate. I live in Texas and I'm used to see that beautiful flag on backyards. Why would a piece of cloth offebd someone? Everyone has the freedom to express their self so I think it's unconstitutional to prohibit people to fly a Confederate flag

  • matt daniels

    People are always going to believe what they want too because of lack of knowledge no matter the symbol or situation. The southern cross is not a symbol of racism or hate .it is about southern pride proud of where you are from .the flag never stood for racism .a few groups of morons that created hate groups and such disgraced the flag by attaching their beliefs to it .which has pretty much messed it up for everyone not affiliated with hate or racism. There are hate groups from all over the united states that for one has never been to the south and for two had no business adopting the confederate flag to be their symbol.( so rapped up in dumbshit they weren't smart enough to come up with their own symbol).its a damn shame people went and done that and ruined it for people that understand and know the symbolism behind it.and it doesn't stand for slavery or hate .it was a battle flag first and foremost for states that still exist today.the civil war was over 200 years ago and it was not solely fought over slavery.we were a decided nation at the time and was a fight for freedom for all .just like not all southerners were slave owners and not all people in the North wanted slavery to end .thank goodness it did.Then in the 50s and 60s segregation come about and guess what people it wasn't just in the south ,it was country wide .The north south east and west and guess what flag was flying high the good ol american flag that we all know and love. So the point is a whole nation was segregated behind a flag we still fly proudly.please don't let a small group of assholes that stole a symbol they know nothing about steer you towards believing the confederate flag is a symbol of hate.I am not asking anyone to like it but please don't hate on the flag if you don't understand the entire meaning behind it.I fly the confederate flag proudly and certainly don't hate anyone because of the color of skin or where you come from.if you say you hate the confederate flag and people who fly it .you are a problem as well by continuing to Hate someone its just a never ending hate circle if that's the mentality people keep.stop hating

  • James Williams Junior

    So, it was created during the civil war, then resurfaced during civil rights, but it took the KKK to show whites what we knew it meant all along. It's a racist and trader flags. It doesn't belong on any statehouse nor property with proper context. Private citizen of course should be allowed to fly it as their right. And bcuz I wanna see them coming from a mile away so please do

  • Jamie Jackson

    The Current Controversies Series The Confederate Flag, edited by Anne Cunningham, covers every aspect of the flag's meaning, then and now.

  • scarletcsa

    These yahoos in this video lost me when they could not even get their facts straight. At 9:42, the yahoo on the right said the "flag flew in front of the South Carolina State House for more than 50 years," which is incorrect. The flag was moved from the dome to the front on July 2, 2000. That means the flag flew IN FRONT of the South Carolina State House for 15 years. People lose their audience quickly when they make a video that does not state the simplest of facts correctly. I wonder if they actually know how many Confederate flags existed because there were more than "dozens." I will not tell. These two need to do some more complicated, factual research.

  • Ruben Vargas

    The Confederate flag was designed and used as you said in the video, many people believe it’s a simple of hate because white supremacist and the KKK use it, but they also use the American flag in their rallies. Should we ban the American flag as well? This country is full of liberal yuppies and politically correct nonsense and they should be banned. Grow up people. If something offends you then that’s your problem and your business, don’t try to erase our history and change what the true meaning of the confederate flag. What’s next. Take back our country and stop all your bull crap

  • Zooboo Blotsky

    The original secessionist flag still flies proudly over the state Capitol in Jackson Miss. This IS the history of our country. The SUVCW are petitioning to stop the removal of Confederate history. Lincoln was not against slavery but held it as a carrot stick for those states to remain with the Union.

  • Bear Cooper

    Its the battleflag! Not even the right flag! The original confederate flag is similar to the us flag but has fewer bars and 13 stars it was changed to the more controversial version to avoid friendly fire. Also if hate groups didn't use it to represent their hate then there would be no problem, America needs to smarten tf up!

  • Garrett

    Why not change the American flag since its a flag that symbolizes nuclear destruction and internment to the Japanese or a symbol of genocide to the native peoples. Why not make the British change their Union Jack flag because it is a symbol of oppression and colonization to the people of Aden, Anguilla, Australia, Bahamas, Bahrain, Barbados, Basutoland, Bechuanaland, Bermuda, British East Africa, British Cameroons, British Guiana, British Honduras, British Somaliland, Brunei, Canada, Cayman Islands, Ceylon, Cook Islands, Cyprus, Falkland Islands, Fiji, Gambia, Gibraltar, Gold Coast, Grenada (Windward Islands), Hong Kong, China, India, Jamaica, Kenya, Kuwait, Malaya, Maldive Islands, Malta, Mauritius, Montserrat, Newfoundland, New Zealand, Nigeria, North Borneo, Nyasaland, Papua New Guinea, Pitcairn Islands, Samoa, Rhodesia, Sarawak, St Helena, Ascension Isl. Tristan da Cunha, St Lucia, St Vincen, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Singapore, South Africa, South West AfricaSudan, Tanganyika, Tonga, Trinidad, Trucial Oman, Turks and Caicos Islands, Uganda, Zanzibar.
    Where does all this offense olympics really lead to people?

  • Frederick Green

    Just west of Fairfax Courthouse Virginia there's a sign on the side of the road that says this is the birthplace of the army of Northern Virginia battle Banner that's where it was thought up and made after the first major battle of the Civil War Bull Run the flag is ours Virginia as is Robert E Lee in Stonewall Jackson

  • Frederick Green

    It was the Dixiecrats the southern Democrats that brought it 2 beinga racist symbol and they are still that today just remember who they are where they came from and they still want you on the plantation

  • Salam Kala

    One day I was joining the school basketball team my I thought my I saw a nazi symbol tattoo on her neck I literally got so hurt I almost cried I felt like she is not gonna treat me nicely then guess what lmao she didn’t had a nazi tattoo and she was the sweetest lady I’ve ever seen

  • Salam Kala

    Can someone say that they’re not racist and they support that flag if so give me three reasons in why you want to hold on to it

  • Stephen CSAXXX Bialkowski

    Resist asshole and neo nazis skinheads use the Union Stars and Stripes also and slavery existed for 89 years and in the North, just saying.

  • Derek Harris

    im not American, very interesting clip and it seems to me that its a classic case of something that was taken from history and brutalized for the wrong reasons. it probably doesn't have a place in public places such as courthouses however it certainly has a place in southern history. you can't take something away from history just because you don't like it or it offends someone. history is history no matter who it offends. to try and delete its role in history or its use by individuals is no better than the clan's misuse of it.

  • Bill Mill

    Yes, it has it's place and if you want to fly it, do it. The flag now represents the south. Racist kidnapped it for their use which we have to change. Btw, they forgot to mention that the Union had slaves as well and Lincoln didn't want to end slavery. Also, the KKK used the American flag first and still do today. Whatever side your on, let's work together to end racism.

  • Stephen Edward Waterstram

    As if the Primary Flag of U.S. America "Stars & Stripes" gets Exonerated? Our CANZUK relatives look at U.S. America with Embarrassment!

  • Branko Lišić

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  • DaleEarnhardtFan 388

    Just let it fly like old glory DAMIT lave it alone if you don't like it than thats a you problem 🤣🤣🖕🏻YYYEEEHHHHAAA Dukes Of HAZZARD WAYLON JENNINGS

  • Lux Viator

    It's a part of our history and has many meanings to many people. The desire to ban and regulate it is cowardly and foolish. The British had slaves, France had slaves, Egypt, Turkey and so on and so forth. Should we ban their flags for their atrocities? What about genocide? Many nations took part in that, and even the victims of genocide come from people that practiced it.

  • 2A Fishing

    South Floridian here. I stand with the south. I'm a Republican conservative confederate south man, plus I'm black. Sorry liberals.

  • snow man

    The kkK used the American flag more than the rebel flag, does that mean we should ban American flag to ?

  • L00PdeL00P

    This topic has always confused me to the point I just gave up. So much conflicting info. I appreciate the history being told by more informed individuals.

  • PShawtx

    The map of the Confederacy is in correct. The states of Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina then called Carolina and Virginia were part of the Confederacy.

  • Douglas Broccone

    Secession was over Slavery. The Civil War was not over Slavery as the boarder States did not seceed until Lincoln overreacted to the bombardment of Ft Sumpter. The War was over States rights.

    The Symbol represented resistance to the federal government

  • James Mabry

    What does the Confederate flag and the Soviet flag have in common? They both represent something that does not exist.

  • Casandra Williams

    🤓very good stuff, but it has 1 missing caveat, little known fact, that this flag in particular, was chosen and mass produced (group of wives in a sewing circle), sanctioned [unofficially] by a group of rebels within the rebel CSA, because the confederacy was shooting and accidentally murdering it's own troops, whom they initially forced to join the army upon threat of imprisonment, all the while mismanaging funds and causing mass starvation…..but besides that, SPOT ON!😄

  • RussMC

    Forget about the obvious racial aspect, I don't want to be associated with a traitor (Lee). He disobeyed the president . Lee was an UNAMERICAN TRAITOR!!!!!

  • Diane Sue

    The swastika had been around for at least 12,000 years, but only when the National Socialist Democrats of Adolf Hitler adopted it, was it ever considered controversial or "racist". Any symbol can be reinterpreted negatively. There are plenty of black southerners who identify with the Confederate Flag as a symbol of their proud heritage. Even the "OK" sign made with your fingers or the "hang ten" can be interpreted as something nefarious. Please, get a life. Y'all are just too obsessed with getting offended by something.

  • Matthew Kelly

    What i think to be wrong is that the Confederate flag is apparently "rasist" but the gay flag is ok even though the homosexual people that fly this flag do more harm than people that have the Confederate flag now so how is the Confederate flag the worst flag im not sayin that yall say that the flag is the worst but the way some people think about it is bad and people need to watch this video because it does kinda explain some things

  • Thunderheade Danno

    I am southern and I agree take it off of a state symbol, but I know people that have use of that flag now and they are not bad people and are not racist. They literally use it as a southern pride flag not a sign of hate just saying they are happy to be from the south.

  • Jason Browning

    As a native to Jacksonville Florida, hometown of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ronnie Van Zant was a proud southerner true to heritage and pride. He flew the flag with heart

  • Country Boy Tell'em reactor

    I am southerner I think we keep the Confederate flag course it is a battle flag course kkk mistreated it does mean is races it is southern pride proud be from the south

  • Will B

    Great video, I wish more people could see this so they don't make instant assumptions when seeing a confederate flag.

  • Joseph Day

    Only stupid people what thing the Confederate flag is race in the Haight there is no such thing as racist cloth

  • Juan Omar Rios

    I'm an American 1st Mexican American. Have no problem with the confederate flag had it on the face of my CB radio. Its part of our history. YOU cant take context out of historical background for in doing so you have perverted and subverted the Constitution forming a distorted illegitimate government words of John Adams paraphrasing of course just heard once it stuck with

  • Timothy Klein

    Very well done. Yes, we should embrace our past and remember those who fought and died under this flag. It's not a source of shame. Only the perception of meaning makes it so, much like the swastika holds to the Nazi associated belief when it's history goes back well over a thousand years ago and represented a very different theology, one of peace.

  • Adam St.Martin

    August 18, 2019-

    If you noticed.. The State of Alabama flag looks exactly like the country of Northern Ireland flag.

    Red X.. White field. Have anyone noticed that..

    There's two flags of Northern Ireland.

    One: White field Red cross with palm hand and a crown..

    Two: White field and Red X….

    Also The Old Spanish Burgundy flag looks like a Confederate flag. same thing different design..

  • GrazerJäger Meister

    Thx for the objective Explanation of the CSA Flags.
    I would enjoy it if it could be the Symbol for a good collaboration between whites and negros.
    Any way , i hope the south will rise again .
    Greets from GermanAustria

  • Nunya Business

    Democrats have always been the party of slavery and KKK. The Republicans overwhelmingly voted for civil rights act and the Republicans ended slavery.

  • Hailey Long

    You guys should do a topic on the american flag and LGBTQ+ flag. Where the american flag was taken down for the LGBTQ+ flag in a veteran cemetary. It caused such an up rawr. I do understand why. I just think it is such an interesting and sensitive topic that I feel like you guys could help clear up for others who dont understand why people would be upset

  • 50caliberFistFK

    t's interesting that people continue to associate the Confederate Battle
    Flag/Naval Jack with rascism, and rightly so… however, slavery
    existed and was brutally enforced under the United States for 89 years.
    The Confederacy lasted only about 5 years, and the Confederate Battle
    Flag/Naval Jack was not the main flag of the Confederacy.
    When you think slavery in America, you should be thinking slavery from
    1776-1865… and all the way up to the end of the Civil War, slavery
    existed in both
    the United States (for 89 years) and the Confederacy (5 years). Which
    do you think is more guilty of enforcing slavery? Both, obvious, but
    which more?

  • Samuel Hannah

    My flag isn't going anywhere! I had family that died under that flag so yes I will fly it cause it's my God given right! And people talk about how its racist lol the black girls I've dated didn't find it racist so yeah whatever 😑🤷‍♂️

  • Mr. Stitch

    I support the rebel flag not the confederate flag as in the white supremacy version I’m talking the “Christian” battle flag that’s is a flag that stands for freedoms of all color and Christianity

  • righteousrat

    "The flag itself wasnt really about race" yet the video doesn't explain WHY the South wanted to form their own separate country. Which is TO KEEP SLAVERY. The north wanted to abolish slavery nationwide so the South wanted to form their own separate nation…

  • Willy

    BOOM ….. Let the smoke clear.
    But this doesn't fit into today's hateful agenda. I always get hated on when I fly it on my truck. Now tell me who judged who? Freedom

  • vonwolfe

    I think the black man who said the confederate flag should stay in the museum is right to a degree. It has been used so much and also abused and no one (as of today who are younger) don't know the complexity of the flag. But as a southerner who loves my region I respect the confederate flag and I know some black folks around me do as well. But it just depends on what a particular person uses that flag for: it's original purpose, racial purposes, or just using it for the cool factor. I think the flag should be respected as what it was made for, the battlefield. People can fly it in their backyards for whatever, but if it's for anything negative like against blacks or just being misinformed about it, I would reconsider that person flying it.

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