The Confederate States of America’s Flag and its Story
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The Confederate States of America’s Flag and its Story

The Confederate States of America, also referred
to as the Confederacy, was a republic that declared independence from the United States
of America in 1861, leading to the American Civil War. At the end of the war in 1865,
the states that had seceded from the Union were incorporated back into the U.S. The Bonnie
Blue Flag was the unofficial flag of the Confederacy during the early months of 1861, which included
a blue field with a single white star. The first official national flag of the Confederacy
included three horizontal bars of red and white, with a blue canton containing seven
white stars as representations of the initial seven states that seceded from the Union.
This soon increased to nine, then eleven, and finally to thirteen stars as more states
joined the Confederacy. Two of the thirteen stars reflected the Confederacy’s claims
to Kentucky and Missouri. Because of the flag’s similarity to the U.S. flag, confusion occurred
on the battlefield and ideological criticisms also surfaced. Beginning in December 1861,
a battle flag was employed by Confederate troops. This flag included a red field with
a blue cross outlined in white. Thirteen white stars appeared within the cross. The battle
flag was a square versus the rectangular navy jack that used a lighter blue in its coloration.
Over time the battle flag became, and remains, the popular symbol associated with the Confederacy.
A new national flag for the CSA came into being in 1863 when the battle flag was incorporated
onto a field of white. While the white coloration never had an official meaning attached to
it by the government of the Confederacy, many southerners associated it with the commonly
held Confederate ideology of white racial supremacy. In a short time after its adoption,
however, this flag was criticized as being too white as it could be confused as a flag
of truce when there was no wind and the flag lay limp, hiding the flag’s Southern Cross
canton. To remedy this, a vertical red bar was added to the national flag in 1865, just
two months prior to the end of the war. This flag has been nicknamed the blood stained
banner. Since the end of the Civil War, the Confederacy’s national and battle flags
continue to appear in some way on a number of official southern state flags. The battle
flag of the Confederacy has also been adopted by many for personal or unofficial use, especially
in the states that made up the former CSA. The modern use and display of the Confederate
flag for various purposes remains a highly controversial topic because of the different
associations that have become attached to it. There have been varying perceptions of
the flag in the twentieth and twenty first centuries. Some support it as a symbol of
the unique cultural traditions and heritage of the southern states, while others have
used it to invoke Confederate racial ideology, such as when the flag was used by protesters
against desegregation in the 1950s. If you enjoyed this video, be sure to hit
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  • Sorrowful American Seeking Liberty

    Excellent BALANCED synopsis of the history of the CSA flags.  Too many "well meaning" PC people attempting to destroy personal liberties (try buying the Stars & Bars on Amazon,,,can't be done.  And that happened in ONE day!)

  • nubemuffin

    It's sad that a flag is being attacked instead of racism. A flag can't be racist… only PEOPLE can be racist. 

    When that psychopath killed those innocent people, it was a terrible tragedy. Instead of fighting the racist ideology that led that kook to commit mass murder, they attack a symbol of the south in order to progress their political agenda. It's pathetic… It's a reoccurring theme with them, anyone who doesn't agree with their ideas for government = racist, sexist, homophobic, etc.

  • Trebor Seven

    Well done my friend. To me this flag represents the wisdom and courage we must have to secede from any tyrannical organization that is not in harmony with our moral beliefs.  If the confederate flag offends Americans they need a history lesson.  Our government and judicial systems are corrupt from top to bottom and morally blinded by greed and fear. We have become the exact opposite of what our founding fathers had envisioned as "the land of the free and home of the brave".  I pledge allegiance to no flag, but I will fly the flag of any state that has the brains and balls to succeed from these warmongering globalists and money grubbing corporations ruining our Republic. Rebellion and anarchy means equality and freedom folks, not chaos and confusion. If this flag is flying in your yard and you know what it truly stands for I salute you. If you fly this flag to venerate white supremacy you are both a fool and a racist.  IMO
    PS: I am pro-peace not anti-war. 🙂

  • Texas Son

    TEXAS is proud of our Southern Heritage. We respect the Confederate flag, and we don't buy into political correctness. Don't Mess with TEXAS!!!!

  • Sakkra101

    The "Stars and Bars" looks very similar to the "Betsy Ross flag" in her final form, a mere coincidence that two nations fighting to be free of tyrannical taxes and tariffs used a very similar flag?

  • Make America Great Again

    Proud original American with roots that go back to the first English colony. My family moved to the south after the civil war their freed slaves did not wish to farm their land.

  • Brandon Cool

    I do not fly the Confederate Jack anymore. Fly the correct Confederate flag the stars and bars and the Bonnie Blue because the ignorant racism doesn't know any better

  • Brandon Cool

    People who want to honor Southern Heritage will fly the stars and bars the Bonnie Blue. The ignorant will fly the Confederate Jack and the Nazi flag fuck the KKK and neo-nazis

  • american White Sheep

    The confederate flag also is a christian flag 13 Star 12 Tribe's.the 13 star stand for Levi Tribe.

  • Sakkra101

    The white of the "Stainless Banner" was also often said to represent the purity of the Confederate cause, Confederates believed their cause to be just, they were defending the freedom of their nation, and fighting to be free of oppressive taxes with little representation, as well as tyrannical rule by Abraham Lincoln.

  • John Liu

    Despite the defeated in the civil war the confederacy their descendants today still try to honor their legacy by put flag up since the union won the war that why America call United States if confederate won that would different story

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