The Constitutional Option
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The Constitutional Option

When I won the senate election in 2008 I remember
talking with my Dad and saying are there things that I should be reading in order to get ready
for entering the Senate. And he said you know you ought to dust off
that old autobiography of Clinton Anderson called Outsider in the Senate and reread that
because he had some good things to say. And I remember very specifically him making
the point in his autobiography that article one, section five of the constitution allows
the Senate to assume responsibility for its rules every congress and vote on the rules. And this was the cause of his and a number
of congress’s at the beginning of the congress he would offer a motion
to adopt rules, so I read that and I thought you know there are some things that we should
be debating about the rules. The rules in the Senate have been used in
a partisan way. The rules in the Senate have been used to
delay and obstruct, rather than constructively contribute. And I feel that we need to take a look at
the rules, and the context of what we do at the beginning of every new congress. And the thing that I would like to see is
all of us, democrats and republicans, together sit down and talk about the rules. It may bring us all together in a way that
we couldn’t come together on other issues that are before the US Senate.

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