The Cost of Multiculturalism – Maxime Bernier and Salim Mansur

I’m Robert Vaughan Salim Mansur’s campaign
manager and the master of ceremonies tonight though I won’t be speaking for
very long because we have of course Maxime in the room and of course Salim will be after I
speak for just a little bit Salim will come up and if you haven’t known he is
the one who wrote the book on multiculturalism
it’s called Delectable LIe a Liberal Repudiation of Multiculturalism and that
is what the speech is or the policy releases is tonight is the cost of
multiculturalism a policy that began as you may know with Pierre Elliott Trudeau
continued on successively by every single party who has taken power since
then Liberal and Conservative it was actually enacted into legislation by
Brian Mulrooney’s Progressive Conservative Party so although it was
the brainchild of Liberal Pierre Elliott Trudeau it was enacted into legislation
under a PC government so keep that in mind for anybody who’s talking about
splitting the vote Justin Trudeau has said that Canada is the first post
national state he also said that Canada has no core identity his words no core
identity you can take that to mean culture of course that’s what we’re
talking about tonight culture and of course we’re here to refute that that is
misinformation that’s false news that’s his opinion it’s not fact the People’s
Party of Canada has defined in one of its slogans what Canadian culture really
is about it’s about individual freedom personal responsibility fairness and
respect that is one of the slogans besides strong and free which has been
voted I think the best slogan at least by Tom McConnell anybody listens to Tom McConnell he went down all the slogans and going forward or whatever the other ones
were just didn’t cut it strong and free but individual freedom what is that
does every every culture in the world celebrate individual freedom I think
that it was Jordan Peterson Toronto professor
who said it best when he talked about the intersectionalists the people out
there who are talking about all the different clusters of groups and
collectives and ethnicities and races and sexual orientations and breaking
them down into intersections and he said all they have to do is just keep on going
till they get to the real polity that is the individual that’s what individual
freedom is all about is it about individual rights that’s what is core to
our identity it means that the government is our servant not our master
we are the polity of Canada and of course personal responsibility
people would people have said at least to me oh so this is a free-for-all is it
individual rights individual freedom you can do anything you want no personal
responsibility means my freedom ends where your nose begins it’s because you
have rights too so that’s is part of our culture we know
that and respect other people for that we know that we have the right to do
what we want to do as long as it doesn’t adversely affect anybody else’s same
right it should go without saying fairness
what does fairness mean fairness means that nobody’s above the law SNC Lavalin
and Justin Trudeau he’s not above the law he’s already been convicted if
that’s the proper word of ethics violations first in the history of this
nation nobody is above the law that’s what fairness means it means that there
should be no dairy cartel you know everybody should be treated equally and
every corporation should be treated equally there’s no reason or or it’s
certainly unfair at least to say to a corporation we’re going to give you a
billion dollars but we’re not going to give you a billion dollars it begs
the question why why would you want to give these people more money and not
these people it’s just blatantly unfair that’s not a
Canadian thing it’s not part of our culture we know that it’s fundamentally
wrong and respect the last one respect is the one that gets the least coverage
I think by our detractors out there because it means that we recognize you
have individual freedom and individual choice and so sometimes your choices are
not going to be my choices whether it’s your sexual preference the clothes you
wear the books you read the food you eat you know any of these things they’re
going to be different for all of us we have individual choices and we have to
respect at least the right of these people to exercise those choices so that
that in a nutshell individual freedom personal responsibility fairness and
respect that is Canadian culture that is the culture that Justin Trudeau says
that we don’t have we don’t have a core identity and yet when we say these words to Canadians whether in St.
John’s or Victoria I think they know what they mean that’s what binds us
we’re not talking culture about like a fisherman in Labrador having the same
culture as a businessman on Bay Street or a lumberjack in Quebec or in British
Columbia that’s not what we’re talking about when we talk about culture we’re
talking about ideas and values and principles that are ingrained in us over
hundreds of years of teaching and leading by example so Justin Trudeau
you’re wrong Canada does have a core identity and to speak a little bit more about why
multiculturalism is destroying the very fabric of this culture the very
idea of all of those attributes that we identify as culture
I’ll introduce Salim Mansur he’s a professor emeritus now at Western
University having just recently retired good luck with that Salim he is the author
of Islam’s Predicament Perspectives of a Dissident Muslim
co-editor of Indira Rajiv years the Indian economy in polity 1966 to 91 the
Quran problem and Islamism i sat down with Salim for a good two hour
interview about that book which is over there the Quran problem and Islamism
which defines the issue for those people out there who confuse the two Islam and
Islamism Islam and jihadists Islam and terrorism Islam and ISIS Salim is a
Muslim and I have to admit you know when I when I hear out there okay we have a
Muslim candidate running for us I want to find out where his values lie I won’t
say that I won’t vote for a Muslim I’m his campaign manager but I know that it
goes through each and every one of our minds because it is not a religion an
ideology that has been formulated in Canada but we respect again here’s the
word respect his right to choose his religion as long as again here’s the
words personal responsibility it doesn’t influence you so he’s a Muslim who has
been vocal for the last 30-plus years against those very notions out there
which are threatening the fabric of our society so he should be supported he’s received a medal from the Senate of
Canada he’s the recipient of the American Jewish Congress’s the Stephen s
Weiss Humanitarian Award profiles in courage in 2006 and of course he is
the author of Delectable Lie a liberal repudiation of multiculturalism so
please help me support and welcome the candidate and the next member of
parliament for london north center Salim Mansur good evening good evening my friends and
welcome as Robert was speaking the following thought was going through my
mind that Maxime my friend had not only built a party the fastest-growing party
in this country but Maxime has built a Team-Canada where any one of us who is a
member of esteem can be a designated hitter and that Robert could do it my friends thank you for coming out
thank you for joining us this evening on behalf of the members of the People’s
Party and the PPC candidates in London all my friends and those from south western
region of Ontario welcome it is our great pleasure and joy to have in our
myths the Honorable Maxime Bernier the leader of the People’s Party and the
future prime minister of our beloved Canada our beloved Canada that our founding
fathers called the Lord’s Dominion from sea to shining sea before Maxime takes
the podium permit me to share a few thoughts of mine with you on
multiculturalism that is the main subject of his remarks for this evening
titled costs of multiculturalism Maxime is the only leader as I just
mentioned of the fastest-growing federalist party in Canada the People’s
Party to speak openly and publicly on subjects concerned taboo by the elite
establishment and it’s paid attendance in the media and in the academia who
together have administered our country regardless of which of the Tweedledee or
Tweedledum parties the Liberals and the Conservatives have held the nation
steering wheel in Ottawa there are two sacred cows in Canadian politics
immigration and multiculturalism any critical discussion of either is
considered by the watchdog’s of our elite establishment operating out of
Montreal and Ottawa and Toronto as politically incorrect and therefore
reprehensible but my friends it is well past the time that of
critical discussion or questioning of any subject in Canadian politics and
society is any longer considered a taboo Or decried as politically incorrect by the
watchdog’s of the elite establishment while those doing the questioning are
smeared as bigots and racists Maxime has already laid out a clearly distinct and
bold immigration policy of the People’s Party of Canada and invited Canadians to
freely and honestly examine it we are not intimidated my friends by smear from
those who lack courage and the honesty to engage with us on the substance of
the policy which are and have been carefully considered on the basis of our
national interests Maxime has presented numbers and
described the metrics of sustainable policy to Canadians ahead of a federal
election for the people to judge its merit and express their views before
they vote it will be for the people to decide after they have examined this
policy presented by Maxime in contrast to the position of other federal parties
who hide behind endless platitudes about compassion and generosity in solving the
problems of the world to an open door immigration policy without any ceiling
on numbers in other words an immigration policy pushed by the elite establishment
together with multiculturalism is and will irrevocably
change your country for the worst long before the seas rise and ice caps melt
and polar bears disappear our immigration policy and our
multiculturalism policy are bothl long past their expiry dates this is why Maxime
and the People’s Party are committed to critically reexamine these policies
engage with Canadians and seek their input as these policies have real-life
consequences for all of us and amend redefine rewrite or repeal in whole or
in part these policies that no longer serve no secure Canadian interests you
know my friends as Robert has mentioned i wrote a book titled Delectable Lie a
Liberal Repudiation of Multiculturalism in it i discussed why official
multiculturalism introduced by the former prime minister the late Pierre
Trudeau needed to be repealed because this major premise is based on a
falsehood and as a delectable or sweet lie it is a
toxin a poison corrosive of the foundational values of Canada as a
liberal democracy official multiculturalism is based on the idea
that all cultures are equal now my friends you and I both know this is a
flat-out lie since anyone with a smidgen of
historical awareness and intellectual honesty knows that cultures are not
equal never has been equal and to state that a culture which puts man on the
moon decodes the genome and constitutionally protects individual
freedom is equal to a culture that denies the equality of sexes has little
or no record of any modern scientific achievement and where the idea of
individual freedom is practically non-existent to suggest such an
outrageous statement that all cultures are equal when this is the reality of
the world that which we live in and have always lived in was a patent lie
and yet we Canadians given our sense of generosity our compassion are willing
always to extend our hands to our neighbours bought into that lie the
adoption of the idea of multiculturalism in the early 1970s carried the imprint
of the era in which it was introduced if you recall 1970s it was the era of the
Cold War between the Western democracies and the former Soviet Union with its
communist bloc in Eastern Europe it was the error in the United States of the
civil rights movement which had its overflow into Canada and it was the era
of the Vietnam War it was the era at the end of the decolonization of the
European imperial possessions and it was the era and this is most important my
friends looking back almost half a century it was the era of the beginning
of self-doubt in the West of questioning its past in a manner that would morph
into deconstructing its history as a series of wrongs perpetrated against
other non-European peoples and cultures without any redeeming value of its own
cultural achievements that made the West including Canada unique in terms of
building a civilization based on liberal democratic values founded on individual
rights and freedom when a people lose their own sense of history no one can
save them that was the beginning a half a century ago and we have arrived at a
point in time when our leaders can talk about without any compunction of giving
up on their country the central idea pulsating to the making of the West from
the signing of the Magna Carta to the birth of the American Republic is the
principle that all men are created equal my friends note all men
in the language of the time or hence all individuals are created equal and not
all cultures the founding fathers of the United States and Canada understood well
the simple axiom about freedom and equality it was this principle that all
men are created equal let me take a diversion here for a
moment this principle all men are created equal
takes its birth and flourishes in the making of the Western civilization I was
born in a civilization riddled by caste system I know the difference between all
men are created equal that all of us irrespective of the differences in our
fingerprints are made in the image of God in contrast to a culture in which I
was born not of me choosing the only thing of my choosing if the life I made
or the opportunity that was given to me so the culture into which I was born is
a culture of caste system that you are stamped on birth to which caste you
belong and there is nothing on Earth that can redeem you from the branding of
that caste so India’s greatest leader Mahatma Gandhi
called The Untouchables the people born into the lowest of the lowest caste
Harijans means children of God where did Mahatma Gandhi get that idea from well
he was educated by the British and went to England to get his law degree the
culture of Magna Carta gave to the man born in a culture of caste system the idea
that all men are created equal in the image of God which today is part of the
Indian constitution and we and we the children of John A.
McDonald and Sir Wilfrid Laurier have inverted the entire notion of all men
are created equal to all cultures are created equal it just bewildered me and
shatters me and if the foundation is wrong then the house built on that
foundation cannot stand you know that and I know that culture is upstream
politics and economics is downstream you ruin the culture you ruin your
politics and economics you know the Bible the Torah the Quran
speaks about and all sacred scriptures speaks about an almighty power as a
creator of our world and of us but it is only it is only in that corner of the
world which constitute the cradle of Western civilization that the idea all
men are created equal took root and then flourished and that backwater of the world
when the Chinese had the greatest civilization or the Indians had the
greatest civilization or the Arab Muslim world had the greatest civilization and
nobody paid attention to that backwater within a few decades that backwater
became the powerhouse in the making of the modern civilization
so it is ideas that impel and move people and when the ideas are wrong and
corrupted and debased civilizations fall apart
it is Shakespeare who said about individual the best he put the words in
the mouth of Hamlet what a piece of work is man listen to this what a piece of
work is man how noble in reason how infinite in faculties in form and moving
how express and admirable in action how like an angel in apprehension how like a
god the beauty of the world the paragon of animals that’s what we are
each one of us that is our potential that’s a challenge that’s what’s the
meaning what Maxime puts on the table individual freedom personal
responsibility fairness and respect nothing has been handed down to you and
me we create this world are we up to that challenge everything was handed
down to Justin Trudeau and he’s a third rate actor pretending to be the Prime
Minister of this great country of ours the question is not if he’s a third rate actor
the question is where are we that elected him that’s the question we have
to answer it’s easy to ridicule Justin Trudeau but in Justin Trudeau we see the
inflected image of us we have forgotten that we are carrying the image that God
has given us so my friends by adopting or in adopting official multiculturalism
as the elder Trudeau did the notion of collective or group identity was
introduced alongside that of individual rights eventually demands based on group
rights over and above individual rights have come to reshape our liberal
democracy and push Canada as well as other Western democracies increasingly
towards soft despotism of the state to define for us as individuals what is
politically correct and what is not what is therefore acceptable by the state
and what is considered and often subject to some form of punishment in due time
the elder Trudeau however came to regret the policy of official multiculturalism he had fathered he eventually dismissed it as an
illegitimate offspring of an illegitimate idea speaking at a private
luncheon arranged for him by the Speaker of the House of Commons in the mid-1990s
Pierre Trudeau when asked about official multiculturalism remarked no this is not
what I wanted one parliamentarian attending this private lunch later
mention that mr. Trudeau regretted how this policy was twisted to celebrate a
newcomers country of origin and not a celebration of the newcomer becoming
part of the Canadian fabric indeed in the last book he co-edited
with his principal secretary Tom Axworthy titled
Towards A Just Society and wrote a chapter for it there is no praise nor
mention of official multiculturalism the silence on the
subject is shattering but where have we arrived under Justin Trudeau is the
inevitably logical unfolding of the false premise of official
multiculturalism it now means as Justin Trudeau has stated Canada has no core
value and that Canada is a post national state his slogan of diversity is strength
is as nonsense nonsensical as all cultures are equal and Justin Trudeau’s
notion of Canada as a post national state can only mean one thing
that in his Canada national sovereignty is meaningless and to be bartered away
for the globalist agenda of one borderless world under UN authority his
signing of the UN Global Compact on Migration is consistent with this view
that Canada without core values and therefore his Liberal government readily
agrees to open Canada to mass migration of people from illiberal cultures that will sooner than later overwhelm and undermine Canada’s unique liberal
culture official multiculturalism in Canada has
turned out to be if I borrow Malcolm Muggeridge’s phrase the great liberal
death wish but we my friends have awakened to what is at stake in this
October federal election it is the very survival of our country as we have known
it and we will not rest until we have secured a country from those who pander
to the globalists the Islamists the multiculturalists in our midst we are not we are not a multicultural
country we are multi-ethnic and a bilingual country we are Canadians of
diverse ethnic origins and yet United together as Canadians we cherish those
values of individual rights and freedoms that have made Canada one of the most
envied countries in the world we reject the falsehood of diversity is our
strength we instead celebrate our strength in multi-ethnic unity to keep
Canada strong and free I’m immensely proud to introduce to you
my friends Maxime Bernier there are moments there are moments there are moments in history of a people
that cry out for leadership and Providence then answers by bringing
forth an individual to be that leader in that hour of need such is my leader and
the leader of the People’s Party of Canada but he’s also my friend who
describes himself as the Québécois from Alberta this self-description is very apt
for Maxime is a native son of Quebec and a great Canadian he is cut from the same
fabric of Canadian history from which was cut the greatly inspiring and
charismatic leader in the early decades of the last century
Sir Wilfrid Laurier Maxime is the embodiment of the words Sir Wilfred
expressed in speaking about himself Sir Wilfred said I’m a Canadian first last
and all the time and so is Maxime and in speaking about his driving ambition and
politics Sir Wilfred said the governing motive of my life has been
to harmonize the diverse elements which compose our country my friends I speak
to you straight from my heart Maxime’s motive his driving passion his more
sincere devotion is precisely to meet those very challenges which motivated
Sir Wilfrid Laurier and which he so eloquently expressed in
our time and in our circumstances so without delay
my friends here is my leader Maxime our candidate yeah oh my god you know why he’s our candidate yes yes
I’m very proud to be your friend and I know Salim for a long time we had a
couple of discussions he was an intellectual that I was following and
now I’m very pleased that Salim you decided to be a different politician a
real Canadian that is ready to work to build together this country and to be
sure that this country will be like that in couple of years from now so we have
great candidates like that all across the country and what we are doing
together Salim said that we are making history and I think we are we are
because we are speaking about our real Canadian values and sometime when I’m
speaking about our values and against the official policy of multiculturalism
some journalist asked me some question about that
Oh Mr. Bernier that means that you don’t want to protect the minority in this
country you don’t want to * indecipherable gibberish from an uncouth and rude lout * * blah, blah, blah… * yes so so as you know as we know we cannot
please everybody but I don’t want to speak I don’t want
to speak about our policy for the farmers I think you know that we want to
have a fair policy and then that would be fair for everybody but also fair for
a Canadian family but I want to speak tonight about multiculturalism and I was
saying that journalist asked me Mr. Bernier you’re against the official
policy in Canada on * unintelligible hackneyed bromides by a bore * * he’s actually a professor at Western * * no kidding * * pity his students and the state of higher education today * bye Antifa so is there another one right now
you know yeah what we want to do at the end is to work for all Canadians and
when people are saying that we won’t don’t want to work for some minority in
our country that’s not true because the ultimate minority it is the individual
and when we want to speak about individual freedom and personal
responsibility we are speaking for a minority in this country and that’s what
we want to do so being in politics at the end is to work for every Canadian
and I want to give you an example when I was running for the leadership of the
Conservative Party of Canada I received a call from an organization and they told
me Maxime you must come to speak with us because we have a lot of our people in
our organization that are members of the Conservative Party of Canada and you
have an election soon and they don’t know for which candidates to vote
and they told me every candidate went to that organization and that was a Muslim
organization in Toronto and they wanted they had questions and they said you’re
the only one who didn’t come and I said I will be there and they told me we are
asking the same questions to every candidate because we’ll put that on our
website and our members will be able to judge to decide for which candidate they
will vote so I said ok I’ll be there and I’m telling you that example because
it’s what I believe deeply and I answered the question I was there and at the end the
lady look at me that’s the most important question Mr. Bernier if you
don’t have the answer right now you can think about it
10 15 minutes or you can go back to Ottawa and write the question right
us back your answer and I said my god what is the question you know and she said
you know it’s the last one but our members will look at that question to
decide for which candidate they will vote said okay can you just ask the
question and so what will you do for the Muslim community I said that’s the
question she said yes I look at her I said nothing but but I will do
everything for you as a Canadian I want and that’s the same thing for the
Christians community for the Jewish community for all these communities you
know for me they’re Canadian first and I’ll do everything for these people as
Canadians and that’s the way we are doing politics no pandering if you’re
part of a group that’s okay I respect you but I want your support
because you like our policies and you like the principles of our party and I
think that you did a good job to explain our four principles and they’re very
important and I can tell you that we won’t do any compromise with that you
cannot compromise on your principles and that’s why it’s important to have this
debate about values about what we believe in in this country we don’t have
this debate anymore you know you look at the platform of the Liberals the
Conservatives it’s all about pandering you’re a mom or a dad or you have a kid
that is playing hockey and you know you want to have their vote and their
support you’re going to give them a tax credit for your children that will play
hockey so we won’t do that we will lower your taxes to everybody that will be a
fair policy to everybody and you’ll have more money to decide what to do if you
want to give that to your son and if you want him to be able to play hockey
you’ll do that if you want to do other things you do that you are responsible
so right now in this country we have a big fat government in Ottawa that is
telling you what to do every day and regulate a lot of regulations every time
something happened politician think they have the solution and they put
more legislation more regulation more taxes so let’s have a limited government
in this country that will respect taxpayers that will respect Canadians
but before doing that we must have a discussion and we are having that
discussion about immigration about multiculturalism and I cannot add more
that what Salim just said about it and I want you to be able to read his book
and I’m doing that right now it’s a great work and when you are
reading this book you’re so proud to be Canadian and I’m so proud to be
Canadian I like what I’m doing and I know that we have your support but we
have the support also of people who are ready for a big change in this country
we are all together making history tonight
something will happen in this country yes politicians are saying that all
Bernier is a populist politician you know I don’t have anything I don’t I’m
okay with that but just add smart populist politician because because me Salim and our
candidates are appealing to your intelligence we want you to understand
our platform and if you look at our platform if you look at our policy
you’ll know that it’s based on common sense and it’s time to have debates in
this country yes I really I was very pleased to have this comparison with
Sir Laurier and you know he was a Liberal but he was a great Liberal in in the
economic sense and speaking about liberty and you know having I’ve read
his biography and what he did for this country but it was always based on
values and we had at that time 100 years ago discussion about the future of this
country and now we cannot have that in this country we are starting a
discussion on multiculturalism and on immigration and people are saying you
know you cannot speak about it you cannot have any discussion about it it’s
a taboo to speak about who we are and what we want in the near future for our
children no it is not and yes we are welcoming
people coming from other countries but they must share our values that’s a
basic I’ll tell you when I was when I was foreign affairs
Minister I travel and you know the reputation of our country around the
world at that time was a good reputation because of you because of Canadians and
so I was in Saudi Arabia and arrived at on a commercial plane
I was with my assistant and she was with me and they told us stay in the plane
because the King will come and they will be there just to receive you and we have
to wait everybody left the plane and we were the only two in the plane and so I
was looking at the window and the King arrived and they put the red carpet and
everybody were ready to receive me as the foreign affairs minister so we were
ready to go out and leave the plane a lady came and she said I have a gift for
you for me how come you giving me a gift in the plane you know but she said it’s
not for you it’s for your assistant it’s okay what was the gift the gift was a
burqa and she had to wear the burqa we were in Saudi Arabia yes and we were there we did like they asked us to do so after that
and when I shake the Kings hands and she was with me nobody look at her because
she had the burqa but we were in their country that’s their culture and we’ll
respect their culture but like Salim said every culture are not equal and
when we when you are coming to our country we want to welcome you also but
you have to respect our culture you have to respect that here it’s quality
before the law and freedom and the separation between
religion and a state and state and equality before the law equality between
men and women respect pluralism so tolerance that’s Canadian values free
markets freedom and so we build this country together when I’m saying we the
Francophone the Anglophone the First Nations and immigrants from all over the
world and we are here maybe from different ethnicities and other countries
but we are all united united behind our Western civilization values and Canadian
values and when Justin Trudeau said there’s no Canadian core identity you
know it’s not it’s not real it’s not real you you must not be proud of this
country saying that you know we have a core identity Canadian identity that’s
what we are right now and we must do everything to protect that everything to
be sure that people will come and to share our values and we are welcoming
everybody in our country but can we ask our newcomers to you know first of all
having an interview with them because as you know right now only 20% of our
newcomers newcomers and immigrants have a face-to-face interview so we are
asking for a face-to-face interview with everybody so we want to know them we
want to know if they share our Canadian values and yes if you share our Canadian
values our Western civilization values you’ll you will come and help us to
build a freer and a more prosperous country so you know in politics you have up and
down and that’s okay but the most important I can see it we’re going up
every time every time we started that we were only 20,000 members of the People’s
Party of Canada now we’re 45,000 members we started that
I was alone the 14 of September a year ago in couple of days and now we have
great candidates all across the country more than the Green Party more than the
Liberals more than the NDP only the and we can grow we can grow because
maybe 50% of the population don’t know that we exist so we just have to be
there and I can promise you that I won’t do any compromise with our principal I
want you know I don’t have time to waste I was 12 years in politics before
creating the People’s Part and I like what I’m doing right now with you I like
the support that we have all across the country in Quebec outside Quebec in
Alberta in New Brunswick all across we have people like you working
Canadians that are coming to listen a politician from Quebec with a strong
accent speaking about freedom you know that’s great
something is happening in this country and what will be the result of the election
I can tell you that some journalists are saying Oh Bernier won’t be able to be
reelected in riding just watch me
I don’t like to quote Pierre Elliot Trudeau but on that one
just watch me in my riding we’re gonna be able we’re gonna be there I gonna be
there but I won’t be alone I can tell you that I won’t be alone and I will
participate in the national debates we’ll have the decision I will be there I will be there because of you you know
we have a petition right now and we have more than 30,000 signatures all across
the country and you know you cannot please everybody in politics but what I
like some commentators like from the Globe and Mail or the Toronto Star like
Chantal Hébert maybe CBC they were saying you know Maxime must be there
Maxime must be at the debate and yes I think with their support they want me to
be there because they think that Bernier will be there he will lose all his
support and that will be the end of his Party so that’s why they want us there
but yes I will be there but that will be only the beginning the beginning of our
common-sense revolution only the beginning I can tell you that yeah yeah I and I can tell you that
we’ll be there and if if we’re not be there we’re gonna do something special
together I don’t know what but I count on you
maybe another kind of debate and I don’t know what we’re gonna do but people must
know us and our policies and that’s why tonight I count on you each one of you
each one of you you are part of that common-sense revolution you are making
history with us but we need you to be out there not only on social media we’re
very good on social media we have good people that are helping us and
arguing and being out there and and tweeting and putting our work on
Facebook that’s great I think we have the best warriors on social media and
I’m proud of that but you must be out there also speaking with your friends
and your family and just about Salim and our member I’m saying our
members of parliament you know our candidates they will be members of
parliament for sure our candidates speaking about our platform and our
values it is important if each one of you speaking only with 10 person and
telling them about our Party 10 and 10 and 10 and that’s why we are building
something you know when we started that we started that we had like I said the
first week we had only a thousand members and now we’re at 45 so help us
to do that common sense revolution that’s my main message tonight I believe
in you I don’t believe in big fat government and I want to work and we are
putting people first that’s why we are calling our party the People’s Party oh
yeah about the name about the name of our party I don’t
you’re remember when we started the Party last September some people we don’t like
the name it’s like a communist you know the People’s Party and so that I I was
reading some comments on YouTube and listening some comments on YouTube and
Facebook a week after we launched a party but the real story about the name
I will tell you the real story about the name before launching the Party two days
before I had in mind the People’s Party so I did a focus group I don’t believe
in focus group but I did a focus group with my daughters and I said to Charlotte
we had a dinner and I said you know that we’ll lunch a party and I have a great
name for the party and so now the name will be the People’s Party of Canada PPC
and Charlotte look at me and she said Dad I don’t like the name it’s like a
communist name and so I don’t like it and you’re not like that I said but
nobody will believe that I’m a communist so we can use that name but she
said I don’t like that I understand what you want you want to tell people that
you’re ready for to work with people and put people first I understand that and
it’s important to have that in your name but let me think about something so we
had our dinner together and at the end she said I have the name
I say okay what must be the name and she said she said the Citizen Party of
Canada Citizen Party of Canada that is good
it’s like people but it’s citizen you know it’s better than people Citizen
Party of Canada I said Charlotte we it’s a nice name I cannot use it because it
will be like the Conservative Party of Canada C P C and it’s against the law I
cannot have the same first letters so CPC Citizen Party of Canada CPC Conservative
Party of Canada so I said just because of that they won’t allow me to use that
name but you know it’s like you understand what I want to build and what
we want to do and I appreciate that and so we decided to keep the People’s
Party of Canada and I’m very pleased and very proud I think people understand now
what we are doing and I want more people to understand what we are doing and
that’s why I count on you I count on our members and all Canadians that are
outside that don’t know us I count on you because on 21st of October a lot of
people will know that we exist and what it is to be a member of the People’s
Party of Canada so thank you very much for your support and you know it sort
of work to do that together and people are telling me Maxime you must be tired
no I’m not tired you are giving me a lot of energy and you are giving energy to
our to our candidates to Salim and everybody because you are supporting us
and so yes I will travel across the country I will and I’m looking for that
election that will start actually tomorrow is supposed to be tomorrow but
we will be there and we will challenge the other leaders
count on us but I cut on you also like what I’m doing and I’m here for the long
run but I think the 22nd of October something will happen in this country
because of you so thank you very much thank you thank you Maxine merci bien
thank you Salim boy you had to follow a hard act we do have a question and
answer period and that is the proper place for asking the tough questions and
at if I must say one thing about the the people who are disruptive tonight
and earlier on today is that they do not represent our opposition our opposition
are people who voted Liberal NDP Conservative they’re our parents our
children our neighbors our friends our brothers our sisters and these people
here don’t represent them they’re anomalies so which they should just be
forgotten so we have a microphone here for Maxime a
question for Salim if you would want to step up to the microphone and ask
anybody we’re all in agreement wonderful can you you just ask the microphone –
yeah it’s about it it’s about the CBC so as you know we have a strong platform on
CBC we want CBC to be independent from the government not dependent from the
government and if they are so good they would be able to raise money from their
viewers so that’s our position on that hello thank you very much for coming I
have a couple questions perhaps you could speak to Bill C71 and firearm
rights in Canada what you plan to do with that and can I get a picture with
you after yes thanks it would be an honour yeah we’ll
repeal that Bill and change the Bill as you know we have a policy on firearms
and I think that it is important actually right now the RCMP are writing
the law and enforcing the law that must be the Parliament that’s our role to
make and vote legislation we’ll do that but the RCMP will be only in charge of
enforcing the law so yes we’ll have a look at that legislation and that would
be a big change Maxime I have a question about big tech Google Facebook
censorship what are we gonna do about it yes the question it’s about Google
Facebook Twitter and so what we can do first of all I don’t have the solution
about it and I’m not the only one but we must look at it I think the first thing
that we can do is to have a parliamentary committee that will do
hearing about that listen to Canadians and also to the expert I know
in the U.S. they have the same challenge in Europe they bring forward they
brought forward some legislation about it in Australia they’re doing something
so I’m telling you we won’t have a precise policy on that before the election
because we don’t have time to do that but what I can tell
you it’s it’s so important that we must have a debate in Parliament we must be
sure to have a commission that would be in charge to do hearings and look at
solution because the most important is free speech and we must be able to have
free speech in this country without any censorship and that’s important so yes
we’ll do something about that but I don’t have the right answer right now how are you brother fine one of my well I got a lot of things when we as taxpayers like right now we’re gonna build some new
ships and stuff ya know a since it’s our money why the I better be careful
why are we using China steel when we got capacity to melt the steel we got
the places to make it if it’s our taxpayers money I want to put Canadians
to work yeah so you first of all about all that the equipment your
question it’s about also the equipment for Canadian Forces and it’s a shame
that every time you have a new political party the party will do something
different then we need to have a decision for the long term I’m looking
at what’s happening in Australia right now there’s an independent commission
that is looking for the equipment of their forces and for a long time you
need to build that we need to give them the right equipment and then when I’m
speaking about our budget I’m always speaking about cutting cutting cutting
but we will respect the Constitution but on our Canadian Forces we won’t cut our
program is to be sure that we will invest 2 percent of our GDP for our
Canadian Forces and we have a policy also for a veteran so doing that we
won’t be able to do that in the first budget that but that must be a
commitment in the first budget and every year we’ll increase our budget for our
military and being sure they will be able to buy the right equipment and if
possible built Canada another important question how are you
on this USMC a well I call it the old NAFTA deal
Mexico loves it yeah but the boy in Toronto Ottawa now they’re they’re just
not saying too much there’s a negative thing to them but is it a good thing
okay the question is about our relationship with the u.s. the free
trade and all that so first of all we must start our relationship with us
having a discussion about the safe third party agreement as you know there’s
45,000 fake refugees that are crossing the border in Quebec and so we want to
solve that and we a way to do that it’s to have an agreement with the US
administration about the and changing the third safe country agreement for
being sure that the border all our Canadian border will be an official port
of entry and like that that’s why that’s why they are crossing at the Roxanne
Road because what they are doing that they can ask for being refugees in this
country but if they cross at the official port of entry because they are
coming from a safe country the u.s. because their life is not in danger they
have to go back in the u.s. so we need to solve that first putting a fence over
there the overall offense offense putting a fence over there but telling
them if you want to welcome into our country you’re welcome
but you need to use the official port of entry but they won’t do that
because they know that there are frequencies so and on an on or return
ship on the economy I think it’s important to look at the NAFTA argument
at the free-trade agreement with us we need to have a real free trade not a
managed free trade and I think would be able to look at it good evening max my
name is dave robell I am the PPC candidate for Brantford Brant
we talked typically here this evening about we talked specifically and
listened to ethnicity within our country there is a damning document I refer to
as a Truth and Reconciliation document which was fundamentally speared by the
UN and then brought to Canada with its recommendations all 96 of them my
question to you sir and I have not seen in documentation because from where I
come from we are on the largest area of territory with six nations how are we as
a people and a party going to address those information and those attitudes
politically to address for our people our First Nations people okay on that
just one trait you know stay tuned because in two weeks from now we’ll
issue our policy for the first nation and it will be based on respect respect
the treaties but also respecting them as Canadians and we want to have a kind of
property rights on reserve so and we want to look at the Indian Act also
there’s a lot of changes there we will be our policy we’ll be out in a couple
of days from now and that will be your answer
thank you very much does will lead to one last question no there is the Truth
and Reconciliation documentation does that become part of our policy or is
that something we throw away and we revisit and actually address with our
Six Nations or first yes we revisit that for sure
thank you yeah hello nice to meet you my name is Eric
I’m in London North Center it’s probably no London is quite a liberal and NDP
stronghold London has kind of been hit with a lot of industry leaving the city
and people are hurting I’ve been trying to convince other friends of mine or
colleagues that the People’s Party is the way to go but the totally opposite
end of the spectrum in terms of fiscal responsibility and social programs etc
what kind of message can we promote that is very simple I mean obviously the the
PPC party platform is common sense but it’s it’s very hard for them to grasp
some of the ideas because they’re so entrenched and what they have been brainwashed with with media what kind of
message can we give to them to spread the idea even quicker but first of all I
think we are a kind of a huge coalition when I’m saying that people you know
people coming from other political backgrounds from liberals conservative
NDP or with us right now because of our values and principles and policies so we
are able to attract people from different political backgrounds and I
want to tell you that the best core that we had after three months it was the
last by-election in February it was in Burnaby South after three months we had
ten point six percent of the votes with chloral in Thomson but it is NDP riding
right now but we can we can win an NDP riding we can run a liberal riding our
conservative riding so my message to these people look at vote for the values
that you believe in and look at our platform
we are the party that is ready to do bold changes in this country for a
better future we believe in the respecting our Constitution our
Constitution it’s a great document we just have to respect that so if you’re
speaking with people that is coming from an NDP background you can tell them you
know we will abolish corporate welfare that’s unfair the NDP won’t do that we
they won’t do that it’s not part of that platform if you’re speaking to a liberal
house that voted for Trudeau and and Jean Etienne Paul Martin before for a
balanced budget and and lower taxes we will do that well the only party will
balance the budget if you speak to a person that didn’t vote at the
resurrection and we have a lot of them that are coming with us because he
didn’t believe in politician in in traditional politician and they were fed
up with them and now they’re looking at our platform they’re looking at our
common sense platform they like it so we have a platform that can bring a lot of
people all together who share the same ideas and the most important the message
we are doing politics differently we don’t try you know if you don’t like us
that’s it vote for another party that we won’t try to have every single vote and
and doing like the other political party pandering to them pandering to a region
pandering to a special interest we won’t do that we are the party that is putting
people first and all Canadians so that’s important that’s a new way to do
politics that may be risky but that’s a nice risk and I’m saying what’s
happening today I think you know doing that people understand that we are very
different than the other political party and we must we must put that forward and
telling them you look at what we’re doing look at our policies look at the
way we’re doing politics Canada and and just as a quick one I was
actually a 2015 liberal voter so and I’m sure a lot of them in this room were
previous or former Liberal voters so there is no vote split it doesn’t exist
my vote is for myself and myself only and if you can convince other people out
likewise they’ll have more strength to themselves now to me called Jake meet Singh and ask
for a debate while he’s in the city well well thank you I just want to in a sense
add as an addendum to what Maxime has been speaking about I’ve been speaking
to my students over the duration of this 42nd Parliament that will expire
tomorrow and the key issue the key issue for my students that is students who
were born just around or before 9/11 and now they are in the university okay they
are in that sense not millennial my son was a millennial born in the 1980s they
are now whatever you want to call them in the mid 1990s the number one issue
for this generation but millennial and the children born in the 1990s is once
they have graduated from the school after having borrowed the money or their
parents haven’t borrowed the money and gone into depth or the government has
paid them but has transferred the debt to future generations to pay the
critical issue is that after the June convocation where will they get the job
I have said to so many of my students Maxime after graduating I said to them
this was three four five years ago go to Alberta go to West and they elected NDP
and tanked the economy my own son went to the west looking for a job you know
given what you you as a Londoner know we know what has happened to our hydro
rates our gas rates a real estate and in taxation and so on and so forth
so the critical point here is the economy its job and to explain to our
people that the way for job is not for the government to be building NGOs
third-rail economy which is more taxation on the on all of us to create a
job which is simply a facade a charade real jobs will only come to
entrepreneurs willing to invest in this country and we are not going to have
real jobs if we have a government that is running year after year after year of
flat economy we are good in the second quarter of growth was 0.5 percent 0.5
percent and the American economy is at a full growth through wait you know at
close to four percent the employment rate is full economy Maxim is an
economist I am an economist I’m telling you we don’t create jobs people create
job so what we are saying we’re going to deal with the issue of job the issue of
economy by very important things one is Maxime is the
crib across from Alberto so he knows that we are going to take away from the
break that just in an NDP and others have put on our resource economy and
it’s suffocating us and killing us we can be the greatest economy in this
country okay so that that is number one as Maximus said we will build a pipeline
and we will get the economy going on resource economy we will be alongside
the United States the premier natural gas and oil producing country in the
world you know that is going to end the story the number two things we’re going
to do Maximus talked about taxation we’ll ask our people to look at the rate
what we’re talking about but the critical thing to understand is we
cannot have a taxation policy over here and I’ll greatest partner have a
taxation policy over here money flows downstream money doesn’t flow upstream
Justin Trudeau and his people Bill Morneau they don’t understand they think
money flows upstream water flows upstream so we are going to balance it
off we are going to create symmetry we are going to harmonize and finally I
just wanted to get more to grasp the importance of this the media hasn’t
spoken about this and the media doesn’t speak about this and too many academics
are on the left wing and so the cheered maxim during the last g7 conference in
Quebec in Charlevoix Mac sorry Justin Maxine was the only one who stood up on
this issue in 1992 the free trade agreement of 1998 was turned into north
american free trade but bringing mexico in in 1980
eight you will not remember but many other people in this room will remember
the liberal on the John Turner and the new Democrat on the Ed Broadbent made
the 1988 election into a referendum against free trade agreements the free
trade agreement opened us and our economy to the biggest economy in the
world in 1992 it became NAFTA in 1992 our GDP was less than five hundred
billion dollar in 2018 26 years after NAFTA came into being and Justin Trudeau
killed it because he was too busy talking about transgender and gender
values when the president of the United States wanted to discuss which dumping
of Chinese steel the backdoor dumping that was taking place in nineteen twenty
sixteen the Canadian economy in these twenty six years more than quadruple our
economy was is 1.7 trillion dollar do your simple arithmetic as a result of
NAFTA we prospered as no one else but the Liberals in nineteen eighty eight
was against free trade agreement in 2018 they killed it
that’s what liberalism is all about in North America it is about the state it
is about taxation it is about impoverishing of people so that they
elite can prosper my friends that’s what our young people have to understand
there is nothing holding us back but they elite establishment we the
People’s Party of Canada wanted basically eliminate that maybe maybe
I’ll take the last question but I’ll be with you so the last one yet I lost a
year after that yeah hi my name is Ted from London West and I’m really excited
by what I’m hearing tonight and by the party I hope we get scores and scores of
MPs elected I’m just concerned about the power of the caucus from Mike Harris um
Stephen Harper to Trudeau today the the the caucus seems to count for nothing
they’re their puppets they just vote the way they’re told to vote and they count
for nothing an inner circle controls everything yeah and I I think the only
way we can get real democracy functioning the way it’s supposed to is
if the caucus has some actual power and the power being to topple the leader if
the leaders going off the rails okay your question it’s about the caucus but
you know who’s gonna have the power it is not the caucus it would be the
members of parliament are members they will be free to table bills to vote and
so we won’t impose always with votes on our members yes we have a program we
have a platform we all believe in that our focus will be to achieve that but
after that if Salima as an important bill that you want to present you’ll be
able to table a private bill and that will be a free vote so that’s important
to give more power more responsibility to our members of parliament and yes
we’ll do that absolutely thank you one thing just before we flew up because
max does have to fly or drive to Toronto real quick and that is that this is a
democracy this is how we enact regime change it’s either this or war or
violence so think of this as a civilized war and act accordingly because values
are at stake the country’s at stake and I would direct you to go to sleep man
sir CA and fill our war chest Thank You Maxine Thank You Saleem thank you

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