The DIRECTV Universal Remote | AT&T
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The DIRECTV Universal Remote | AT&T

Every DIRECTV system comes
with the amazing DIRECTV remote. Because it’s universal, it will even control
many other devices. First we have the
equipment controls. At the very top
is the Mode switch. When you select
the DIRECTV icon, you control the
DIRECTV receiver; with AV1 and AV2
you can control other devices like DVD players
and audio receivers. Use the TV mode
to control your television set. With the DIRECTV mode selected, these DIRECTV and
TV power buttons turn both your TV and receiver
on and off together. This other Power button
switches on or off whatever single
device is selected by the Mode switch. If you have a DIRECTV DVR, these buttons pause live TV, record a program, and rewind or
fast-forward recorded shows. You can learn all about
your DVR and these controls at Next, the Navigation buttons
access various onscreen menus and the Program Guide. Navigate your way through
any menu with the arrow keys and press “Select” to choose
your program or option. Back returns you to the
previous menu screen. Pressing “Exit” takes you
out of the Playlist, Menu, or Program Guide
and back to live TV. Pressing “Info”
brings up the name and a description of the
program you’re watching. And finally, here at the
bottom is the keypad; use the numbers to type in a
channel number directly.


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