The Dragon from Kremlin Den
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The Dragon from Kremlin Den

Hello, dear friends. I welcome everyone presently watching Sotnik TV. It’s Wednesday, March 11th, 2020. You’re watching Wednesday news show. We’re streaming live. It’s 8 PM sharp Moscow time. See the main episode of today’s show coming up next. How come? He said that we simply needed a new Constitution, but turned out to trick the entire country. It happened once again. He had promised once to keep the retirement age as it was. And then mumbled suddenly: ” I am rising that age, please take that with understanding.” What’s gonna happen now? Is it Putin forever? Yes, Russians. You are getting what you deserve in full. I don’t feel sorry for you at all. You were sure that nothing would trouble you. And nothing depended on you. Such a calming mantra. Such a good reason to keep from doing anything. 86 percent of the population have been using that for the past twenty years. And those opposing and protesting either left the country, realizing how useless and even dangerous their struggle was, or passed away, or went to prison on trumped-up charges. There are few of those ready to go on the streets with mousy protest actions in modern Russia. Such amount of people won’t be able to overthrow the dictator. While he is almost done building his entire system. The dragon is coming from the Kremlin egg amid resource prices dropping low, as well as Russian assets and bonds on the global stocks. The coronavirus is spreading, being the curse for the global economy, that may now slide into recession. And while the world economy is running a fever, Putin’s economy in Russia may simply die. That makes Putin hurry, jumping through hoops. At least some of the peasants need to attend the polling stations on April 22nd. So that the new-born dictator could show the world some videos of them attending, saying: ” Don’t BS me, now. They came, voted, and supported me. People like me and those who don’t are the enemies, the renegades, and Western agents. We will fight them mercilessly and blood will gush from their faces. Russia inner law will now prevail over the international one. That is some bloody Pandora’s box. That will allow to ban the moratorium on death penalty, and to multiply the human rights in Russia by zero, including the right to life. Thus on April 23d the mankind will see the unconstitutional territorial entity declared by Putin and a group of people that have usurped the power in Russia. Their Constitution will turn into some strange mutant beast with its hands growing from its ass, its head torn out and stuck into its ass, and its legs attached to its back. The heart will be pulled out from the state, and replaced with a piece of a gravestone. The people will be ordered to survive with all that from that moment. International institutions may now consider that construction failed and vanishing state. But who will take such a risk? Putin’s trump card is quite impressive. It’s the nuclear launch button. And the words by Dmitry Rogozin about underground nuclear explosions are not an empty extortion. The mankind has a hundred percent chance to get killed. The twenty years of flirting with the KGB goat resulted logically. Kremlin gives checks worldwide. It’s ready to oppose Erdogan defiantly despite own weak economy. It’s even ready to advance on Ukraine. And to make a push for the Baltic states. Europe is almost begging at Putin’s feet. It’s political elite tries to line own pockets, while a song by propaganda plays in the heads of the European politicians: “Putin is not as scary as he seems. If we take a closer look, we’ll see him defending the empire tradition of Russia.” What a comfortable childish position! Just like of those average Russians, claiming that their destiny. Even Hague Tribunal can not suppress those immature gasps. The trial over MH17 case began there. Once Europe grows a pair, Putin’s name may even sound during that trial. Though military experts are saying openly, that no one would dare to down that plane without his direct order. So open your eyes and remember that moment. The dragon is being born. First it will breathe flame inside own cave, but when the wings grow, it will come outside to put the planet on fire. Today I had a talk with Dmitry Demushkin, a civil activist. I now invite you to watch our dialogue. – Dmitry, in a normal country, such economical default we see now in Russia would result in government resignation, people rising, some huge political rally, or even impeachment. While in Russia they are suggesting a law to let Putin start his presidency over. Why is that so? Do they have an extra chromosome, or what? – You know, I have no answer to this question. I felt confused after Russian representatives visited OPEC session to declare the country won’t limit its oil production. It is clear for any economist and even a student, who knows how an equilibrium price is formed at the market. There is a demand curve, and a supply curve that cross. Those are called Marshallian Cross and the intersection point shows the equilibrium price. Amid the crisis China cuts own oil consumption, that means, they need to lower production that would lower supply and keep the price high. Yet those outstanding economists have decideв to play war games using prices against the US and their shale oil. Let me tell you about oil prices in the modern world. There are the Saudis who produce the highest quality oil at a cost of 10 bucks per barrel. If we don’t take into count the corruption, numerous mediators, and chief’s friends who want their piece of that, oil needs to cost at least 40 bucks for Russia to benefit from its production. It’s actually science showing you that once you sell at 35 bucks, it’s a loss-making deal. Yet by such means they were hoping to push American shale oil off the market. The US oil is extracted deep underwater so the cost is high. In Russia the cost is increased by logistics, corruption, and the system of numerous mediators. Each of them requires a share, so the actual price is much higher than 40 bucks, but let’s suppose that number. So they are willing to act at a loss, just to push the US out of the market. Yet the market will not belong to them, as the Saudis will come. Their state budget is high, but they can afford selling oil even at 15 bucks. They can increase oil production, and keep selling it without a limit. They have already declared own capability to produce 10 to 12 million barrels a day, so even a slight production increase lowered the prices by 30 percent. I’m afraid, that once the Saudi wish, they can capture the whole market. They are capable for supplying the volume required. The price is low, yet increasing the volume brings good profit. – That is understood. But what do you think about people’s reaction? Instead of demanding from all of them to reside, the people demand Putin to rule forever. Isn’t that a suicide? Who do you mean by the people? Do you mean Valentina Tereshkova from the Parliament? She came out with a speech memorized off paper. Who are those people? Only 35 members out of the entire Parliament voted against that amendment. What happened to the opposition parties? For 20 years Putin has been yelling that we were getting off that oil needle. Our economy was turning non-commodity, and what do we see as the result? Oil prices drop, and the ruble rate turns out to really depend on that. Check yearly graphs. Russians simply appear savages that produce nothing, but oil, gas lumber, and local metal. That’s it. Have you seen any washing machines, or cameras, or cars, or microwaves, or TV Sets made in Russia? Do they sell such products anywhere in the world? Patriots will sure reply with the space and military sectors. Yet if you check Russian budget structure, you will see no space or military there. For all those deals they provide loans, so there’s no actual money involved. – Have you heard them no longer launching Proton to space? Yesterday they announced the launch postponed due to a problem with screws. – What can they launch now? They produce no electronics, and used to buy that from the US through resellers. There’s nothing to talk about, as the heavy and the electronics industries have been ruined. So now they can only sell gas and oil, spending some of the funds raised to buy some technologies. – Here’s my last question. The majority of the legal experts I’ve spoken to, reached an unpleasant verdict, calling that entire story over the Constitution something unconstitutional. – Sure, and I agree with them. – My question is regarding that matter. Do you think Russia is turning into a failed state? – We could discuss such topics for ages. Of whether that state is failed or not. We see that a certain group of people has actually usurped the power in Russia from top down. To tell the truth they have never obeyed the Constitution. Our Constitution was quite liberal and clear. It banned censorship, and now people go to jail for insulting the government. That granted freedom of speech, as well as freedom of association and assembly. And now those are abolished. That granted election freedom and we saw that no opposition candidates were allowed for the last Summer elections. So even the previous Constitution was never obeyed in reality. And I keep getting surprised by those supporting the amendments. What’s the point of supporting that, when they have already decided to obey only a part of the new Constitution? Now they have declared the time to change the Constitution due to the coming of a new age. What are they talking about? – A year and a half ago I said that Putin would definitely change the Constitution. But they said, I was exaggerating. A year ago I said that Putin would stay forever. The talks about him transferring power were rubbish, so no one should listen to that. As that was a trick. But they said, I was exaggerating. So let me exaggerate once again. All that will result in a major war. Putin means war, and he will sure end up with some major war. Am I exaggerating now? What would you say to that? No, you are not. God forbid hard times are coming for all of us. Let me put it the soft way, so that no one comes after me tomorrow confiscating my last device I can use for the interviews. Saying, Mr. Demushkin, you talk too much. Nevertheless, we realize that perfectly now and always did. They are not leaving the power. As I always say the power equals own lives for those people. I am now unsure if it’s still possible to stay safe in Russia. And if staying safe matters now. Though remaining human in the dehumanized zone is something worse trying. Stay humane. I see you on Saturday, 7 PM Moscow time. Take care of yourselves no matter what.


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