The Entire World Is Burning

>>There are fires ravaging the Amazon. However, a story that most people don’t know
about, there are fires all over the place, all over the world. In fact, I wanna show you a map that helps
to visualize the fires that have been detected worldwide. So the orange areas is where you can see the
fires happening throughout the year, and this is certainly tied to climate change. A lot of this has to do with higher temperatures
in areas that you would not expect high temperatures in, including the Arctic, so we’ll get to
that in just a second. But according to reporting from The New York
Times, and honestly this is an example of excellent reporting from The Times, it’s drawing
attention to something that isn’t talked about enough. Wildfires contribute to climate change because
not only do they release carbon dioxide, a major greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere,
but they can also kill trees and vegetation that remove climate-warming emissions from
the air. So the fires cause the release of more greenhouse
gases. They also help to accelerate climate change
because they damage vegetation that helps to keep our climate under control. The Arctic is also warming twice as fast as
the rest of the planet. Since July, fire has charred about about 6
million acres of Siberian forest, an area roughly the size of the state of Vermont. In Alaska, fires have consumed more than 2.5
million acres of tundra and snow forest. There’s more but Cenk, would you like to jump
in?>>Yeah, there’s a quadruple whammy here. The two that Anna mentioned, it emits more
carbon and then the vegetation can’t absorb the carbon like it used to. But there’s also the peat normally is not
as affected by the fires, cuz it’s, now we have to use an uncomfortable word, it’s more
moist. But now because the planet is drier, the meat,
no, the peat->>Jesus.>>Is also burning which actually emits more
carbon than the trees, that’s a third disaster. The fourth disaster is, in areas in the Arctic
where they’re not used to these type of fires, the ashes are landing on the ice and they’re
black. They’re attracting heat, melting the ice and
releasing more methane. So it’s a quadruple whammy, these fires. And guys, I wanna be clear about the context. There are some areas of the world where fires
happen frequently, including the western United States and Sub-Saharan Africa. Now, what’s happening with climate change
is two things. One is, those fires are getting worse, and
then you’re getting fires in places that don’t normally get them. So for example, in California, the amount
of fires is 500% of what it used to be. So it’s not like fires didn’t exist before,
but they’re now five x of what they used to be. That is massive, massive okay. Now the second part is the Siberia is burning,
Siberia is burning. The fire in Siberia is as large as the state
of Vermont. Imagine a fire the size of the state of Vermont. That’s what happening, not only somewhere
on the planet, in Siberia. In Alaska, the Snow Forest is on fire. I’m going to repeat that, the Snow Forest
is on fire.>>Uh-huh.>>The whole planet’s on fire. For as much as the left is so animated by
this issue, it’s still not enough. And the mainstream media, for as much as they
say most scientists, blah blah blah blah blah, but we have to force and push and plead with
them to cover it, right? And then you’ve got the Republicans who are
like, nope I don’t see the fires.>>Yeah, so-
>>I don’t see them.>>So I wanna talk a little bit about strategy. I have so many more details about what’s happening
around the world. I wanna get to that as well. But let’s do a quick intermission to discuss
strategy, cuz that is important. So this is a crisis, climate change is a crisis. We know how severe this crisis is, and we
know how difficult it is to get real action accomplished in fighting it to mitigate it. I think one of the biggest flaws on the left
is our inability to put our small differences aside and unite for the greater good. Unite in order to have a broad coalition to
fight and get something done on climate change. I think we’re far too concerned with the little
battles here, maybe we’re not using the exact perfect language, maybe we’re not supporting
the exact perfect candidate for one group’s liking, whatever it is. Look, climate change, they’re the White Walkers,
right? It’s the White Walkers, they’re coming, right?>>Yes, that’s a great analogy.>>It’s coming. So the Lannisters and the Targaryens and the
Starks need to like put their differences aside. They can feud later. They can fight later but the time is now to
come together and fight. Look when it comes to Republicans, when it
comes to the right wing, and getting something done on their end when they want something,
they unite. They put all of their differences aside. The Evangelicals will support Trump, knowing
that he doesn’t represent any of the values that they like. But he does represent one thing, which is
deregulation, tax cuts, and the brutalization of people who they deem bad for their religion,
the gay community, and all that. They will turn a blind eye to the negative
parts of Trump to get what they want. When it comes to the left, though, it’s, but
is that group using the exact right language that we like? Who cares, who cares, we need to do something
about climate change right now.>>Yeah, well look, so I’ll add to the strategy. To build off your analogy, summer is coming. And since then, this is sounding scary, fire
is coming, and it’s here. And so who’s helping the White Walkers in
Ana’s analogy? The Republicans are. So I need people on the left to understand
and people in the middle and everyone else to understand that the Republicans are not
your allies and they’re never going to be your allies. If you think you’re going to convince them,
I’m sorry but you don’t know anything about politics, anything at all. The only thing to do with the Republicans
is to defeat them. You don’t understand. They get money from the fossil fuel industry. They are corrupt. You’re not going to convince them unless you
have a bigger check. The only thing they care about is checks. So this whole idea, and the mainstream media
hurts us the most here. They’re like, well, who’s winning the debate? There’s no goddamn debate. Three-quarters of the country already believes
that climate change is real and it’s man-made. We’ve already won the debate. That’s not the issue, the issue is corruption. So if you wanna save the planet, and people
think, this is partisan, then you’re stupid if you don’t understand the actual dynamics? No, you must fire every national Republican. If you don’t fire the Republicans, the world’s
gonna burn and you, that seems hyperbolic. No, it’s not. All of the Republicans, at the national level,
vote against taking any action on climate change. They all vote against it, why? Cuz they’re all corrupt. It’s not like they’re like, well, I happen
to agree with the 1% of scientists who don’t think climate change is real. Except that guy, he died in a fire. But still, I believe in the 1%, I don’t believe
in 90. Even though all the scientists, the 99% of
the scientists have been proven right year after year after year after year. You think the Republicans looked at that and
was like, no I’ve come to a different scientific conclusion, no they came to a different financial
conclusion.>>Right, so I also wanna extend that thought
to Democrats and while that corruption isn’t as severe on the democratic side let’s just
keep in mind there are members in Congress who have done nothing to help fight this crisis. And whenever they do something it’s the bare
minimum because many of them also take donations from the fossil fuel industry and so that
persuades their decision making more than anything.>>And we have to stop being polite. Here, name names. Democrats sell out and take fossil fuel industry
money all the time, okay? Here’s a name, John Hickenlooper takes a tremendous
amount of money from fossil fuel industry. His former chief of staff is now a top lobbyist
for the fossil fuel industry. And you know what the Senate Democrats said
Chuck Schumer did? They said we are now endorsing him. We don’t care about the 11 other people in
the primary in Colorado. We’re going to crush them on behalf of the
fossil fuel industry. Guess why? Turns out the fossil fuel industry has given
a lot to Senate Democrats. So hey they’re helping our re-election. Are they? So they give more money to the Republicans. But idiots like Chuck Schumer go, well, I
got little crumbs off the table of the fossil fuel industry! It’s Hickenlooper, everybody else stand down! Goddamn, no, no way we’re gonna stand down! Andrew Romanoff is an excellent candidate
there, you should look into him. And so look, we’re looking to do a town hall
that no one will have seen anything like this because main stream media they play pat-a-cakes. The main question that they’re gonna ask is
not how you’re gonna solve the problem. How are you gonna pay for it, right? You’re gonna have seven hours of how you’re
gonna pay for it. So I don’t know which Democrats will have the
courage to show up but those are the ones you should trust. If they run from real questions from real
moderators, and I’m not talking about Young Turks hosts, we’re going to get experts in
the field, okay? That is what our effort is about. If they come to this and they give the answers,
those are the ones you can trust. The ones who run, well, you’ll have your answer.>>I just wanna leave you with one final bit
of data that’s relevant to this discussion. And it has to do with Alaska, since you mentioned
Alaska earlier. So this summer, parts of Alaska broke records. Anchorage reached a high of 90 degrees on
July 4th, when the average temperatures for that day are 75 degrees. In Alaska fires have consumed more than 2.5
million acres of tundra, and snow forests, leading researchers to suggest that the combination
of climate change and wildfires could permanently alter the region’s forest. The planet is on fire. We do not have a second planet. We must act
right now.

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