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The Fight to Turn Lake Erie Into a Person | The Daily Show

Right now I’m standing
on top of Lake Erie. Well, I’m actually on
a boat that’s on La- you know how that works. Recently the residents
of Toledo, Ohio voted to make Lake Erie a person. What does that even mean? All right, can we go back?
I think I’m gonna puke. Local activist Markie Miller is one of the human people
responsible for getting the Lake Erie
personhood initiative passed. Our premise was
to change the notion that nature is merely property, and that if you own the permit, that you get to destroy it,
to harm it. So by giving Lake Erie
its own set of rights, we have a better way
of enforcing protections. How far can this go? A lake is a person? What’s next,
is a swimming pool a person? Is a dog a person? Is a child a person? Do you see how slippery
this slope is? Well, much like,
you know, a child, we often have someone else speak
on their behalf. And I think that tends to be our relationship
with Lake Erie, that we become trusties
of this lake. You can be honest here,
I’m from Michigan. Anyone that’s been down here
knows the people here, they kind of march
to their own drummer. -Sure.
-Is this a sex thing? Definitely not at all. KOSTA:
So making a lake into a person is clearly a weird sex thing. But Markie and her fellow
conservationists have even more
selfish motivations. The toxic water situation
in Ohio that prompted the governor to
declare a state of emergency. TV REPORTER: Lake Erie, a major
source of drinking water, serves 400,000 people. We lost access to our drinking
water for three days. -It impacted 500,000 people.
-Mm-hmm. They couldn’t bathe, they
couldn’t touch the water. -Mmm. -You couldn’t do your
laundry, wash your dishes. -Uh, water became
-Keep going. Uh-huh. a really scarce commodity. -It wasn’t available.
-Ah! Oh, goddam, that’s good. We realized
how vulnerable we were. -And how precious
the resource was, -(grunts) that it could be taken away
just like that. -It is something that we enjoy,
isn’t it, as humans? -Yes. -Yeah.
-Do you mind if I just…? KOSTA: But is turning your lake
into a person really the best way
to protect it? Apparently so, according to the Community Environmental
Legal Defense Fund, which has successfully turned
nature into persons in places as exotic as Ecuador, New Zealand and Pennsylvania. Well, we describe it more
as the right to live, to flourish, exist,
be healthy. But, yeah, in our legal world
we use personhood rights. I mean what,
what is a person, Tish? Is this lake a person? It’s living. -It’s living, okay.
-Yes. Let’s go back. What about that river? Yeah, it’s living and there’s
life all around it, and in it and it’s living. Is this a person? -Oh, my God, Jesus, sorry.
That was– -(laughing) Why was that there?
Why was that in there? What do you say
to your critics that say this is absolutely
batshit (bleep) crazy? I don’t find this crazy at all, because corporations
have had personhood rights, so they’re not even
a living entity, and yet nature
that we depend on is not considered
having the same rights that we do
or that corporations do. KOSTA:
And there’s tons of opposition to giving Lake Erie the rights
of a person, from farms,
the state government, fishermen with IBS… basically, anyone else trying to get rid
of their toxic dumps. Found out that BP was basically
the sole funder of the campaign against
the Lake Erie Bill of Rights. -They spent– BP, yep.
-BP? Black people.
You know, I always knew. -Is that…?
-British Petroleum. British Petroleum–
can we cut that? Can we cut that part out? British Petroleum. They do have a refinery
not far out from Toledo, but I think that it was more
about, you know, not wanting this idea of rights
of nature to-to take off. -But, you know, we do live here.
-Mm-hmm. And we’re not going to sit back
and be poisoned. You know, Markie, I have
to admit, when I came here, I thought, I thought
it was bullshit, Markie. I kind of thought you were
this crazy woman who decided to make Lake Erie
a person. But here you are on the
battlegrounds, every day, fighting against
big agriculture, fighting against
the State of Ohio, fighting for this
beautiful body of water. The real hero here–
yeah, you a little bit– but even more so than that, I’m the one
who’s showcasing you. So if anything, I’m the hero. And that’s why
I love this story. So maybe a person
can make a difference. And maybe a lake
can become a person. And maybe it can even get
married to the handsome, sensitive correspondent
who saved it. I do. Because true love is pure, it is deep, it is clear, it’s perfect
and it tastes sweet. (gagging, groaning) Blech. Why didn’t you tell me there’s something wrong
with this water? (cheers and applause)


  • Terry Byte

    Awww 🥺 at first I thought it was ridiculous based on the title alone but her explanation makes sense…I hope it works out for her!

  • Iron Fan

    Did Michael just drink his new wife?
    That's taking 'swallowing' to a whole new level…
    The Daily Show – Breaking ground, EVERYWHERE!

  • Alexander Dean

    the satire is funny but not all people are smart enough to get it, we are at a point where the comedy has to stop and action needs take place and in the famous words of Michale Jackson I m starting with the man in the mirror, you to Trevor and the staff of the daily show I challenge you, an all solar powered broadcast is the change. lead by example. lead by example. I understand impartiality in telling jokes but lead by example.

  • Face Octopus

    A white person landing a race joke requires a couple things.
    # 1 it takes skill to make (and perhaps also deliver) to make such a joke. Probably more than just a random non-race joke.
    #2 the audacity to even try. In most settings, telling such a joke is rather taboo, so if the joke doesn't land, the backlash will probably be intense.

    I think you nailed that "BP" joke!

  • Donovan Roberts

    SOoo, let me get this right. You can protect a lake from being destroyed or abused by it's owners by considering it as being alive, having life and being a person?!
    But a fetus, which has a heartbeat and developed organs can still be murdered inside the womb because …….. it's not alive? hence not a person, not privileged to the protection of person-hood.

    How dumb do you have to be to become a democrat?

  • eeechannel1

    In my hometown, rivers are more than persons. They are Gods with name, likes and dislikes. Their rights are respected and enforced by the community elders (chiefs, linguist, etc). Respected nature for thousands of years. And here we are after years of "civilization", we are back to where we started – respecting nature

  • Micheal Thatcher

    You know we are fucked when we have to make laws turning the environments we live in to have the rights like us in order to protect it.

  • cheeseonyomama

    The whole "drink water copiously while someone genuinely complains about a water crisis" bit has been done to death by better people than this Colbert-wannabe.

    Write better bits, Daily Show.

  • Boono

    So nature and lakes weren't protected before and it needs to be given rights of a person to be protected?!
    What about the rest of lakes and rivers?

  • Miah Ro

    Black people, that's not funny. What about broke people, bad people, British people? We're not a joke. So stop saying it.

  • Douglas Gilmore

    I live 40 ish min from Erie pa and lake erie…. oh man Erie is sparkling clean compared to the pymatuning and shenango reservoirs we get our water from here…can someone clean up our water….my third arm is starting to break out with more arms

  • Tedarion Johnson

    So what about when Lake Erie kill someone, what happens? Since he/she is a person. So technically water is a race of people, Lake Erie being the founding mother/fatter. Go see if the government would let yall change race. Technically the human bout is about 70% water or so. sound like you rightfully could (both are bodies of water).

  • Cheryl Carlson

    Agree with passing laws to protect nature but really don't like the white right stupid guy attitude and failure to take responsibility crap. I know you can write better stuff so show me.

  • boB Petersen

    It’s about time to legally recognizing we are in a domestic abuse situation with Mother Nature. BP paid less than $5 billion to permanently damage huge parts of the Gulf as well as the estuary and damage continues even today. If She were recognized as a person BP Executives would be in jail or at the very least they would pay ALL THE COSTS of their spills and emissions and a punitive fine-the original $11 Billion fines was too low and allowing them to deduct most of it from their taxes is sinful.

  • Maxime Prometheas

    Just designate the Lakes as a fetus; the GOP and their zombies would kill you before they'd allow you to so much as dip a toe in it…

  • American Freedom World Peace

    Conservatives don't care, all they care about is MONEY. They could care less about the planet, deny climate change, and favors big corporation and profit.

  • Catch N Release

    Markie wants to grind on Michael Kosta till his junk turns to dust. Clearly humor is the way to her heart.

  • Mason Sanchez

    Trevor Noah and The Daily Show know how to make the ending after the video. Make it very short, so people actually watch THE WHOLE VIDEO. I'm tired of 30 second ish endings; showing the host and some videos you can click. Making people like myself go to another video before the current one ends. I ain't got time for that.

  • Sandesh Motwani

    Who will be responsible if some one drowns, will lake do the compensations. If it floods, who will compensate. I am sure there are better ways to protect the lake.

  • mantan h

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  • Hayley Moritz

    Just want to point out that rivers and lakes are not living entities. They have living entities in and around them, but they are not themselves alive.

  • Shawn&Inna Barrett

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  • 314Jennifer

    My first thought is , perhaps they could find a way to make that lake into a corporation, since corporations are legally considered to be people. Of course the lake would then need shareholders and a board of directors.

  • clumsiii

    hey Acosta: drop the shtick with the self aggrandizing. It's beneath you. Step up homes – Acosta Kosta whatever

  • FlamingAtheist

    as much as i like the daily show… im getting kind of tired of these "lets report on a thing" *Obnoxious behavior ensues over the person talking*

    Maybe him drinking a ton of water just triggered me…

  • Jules C

    Will he ever tone down the nonsense that he’s the hero or the most important person. I love everything else but fucking hate this tired bit that’s not remotely funny or fresh. Thx

  • pop5678eye

    Corporation is a 'person' only to deflect individual responsibility from its executives, and in a way that there is no responsibility at all. If an actual individual person causes the death of a dozen people or loss of millions of dollars of damage to citizens they will go to prison! No corporation goes to prison under the same culpability laws! They just pay a laughable fine that they then pass onto their consumers.

  • luis whatshisname

    America and its shithole beaches: Feces & flesh-eating bacteria: Study reveals shocking levels of contamination at America's beaches

  • Danielle 'Smith'

    Okay, normally I like The Daily Show, but this time the comedy got in the way of the story. I don't need Michael Kosta asking 6 different people "is this a person." or loudly slurping down water while someone's trying to speak. The joke wasn't that funny the first time, and the latter is just obnoxious and rude.

  • susan orrell

    So sad that we are so arrogant that the only way to make people see the value of nature is to make it “human”.

    We have got to start taking care of the land, water and soil that supports us.

  • Yuniel Gonzalez

    I thought it was stupid. Watch it, and it makes so much sense. Too bad you have to do this in order to save lakes, body of waters, etc

  • Wayne Liang

    Given the fact that thousands of people depends on water from the lake, does making it a person still allow people to take water from it?

  • Ryan Anderson

    All I know is it better be a female, I am going to get up in that wet wet Erie. Doesn't work if it's a male….

  • Seetiyan

    Making it legally a "person" is supposed to help protect it. Cool idea.
    Except we do have a history of harming persons in this country since before it was a country, and blatantly ignoring human rights still to this day. . . . okay I'll stop with the cynicism. But yeah.

  • Chris Butler

    It's kinda dumb that we have to do this. This is happening because the fucken greedy CEO fucks wanted to take no responsibility for their corporations.

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