The Great Unchecked Legislative F*ckfest of 2017 | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS
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The Great Unchecked Legislative F*ckfest of 2017 | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS

Hi, everyone. I’m Samantha Bee. Welcome to “Full Frontal.” We are only one menstrual
cycle into this presidency, and there is blood in the water. A White House in crisis. A bombshell report
overnight with new questions about President
Trump’s ties to Russia. What did the president
know, and when did he know it? And he is digging
himself as quickly as– he’s digging himself
into the same bunker and the same little
hole that Richard Nixon did in 1973 and 1974. Holy shit. That is how serious this is. Joe Scarborough
mentioned a past event in Washington without making
it a story about himself. Today, all of us,
Democrats and Republicans, woke up with this sick
feeling that our president could be a Russian puppet. No puppet. No puppet. And it’s pretty clear– You’re the puppet. Well, that’s a relief. If he’s yelling that
angrily, it must be true. I’ll just accept
POTUS’s tweet-splanation that any report of his
senior staff yakking on the phone with the Kremlin
like a pair of teenage girls is both illegally leaked
and completely made up. Let’s move on, because
in the past few weeks, while we were all
staring directly at the eclipse of national
security and democratic norms, we’ve been blind to
something else, namely, our Republican
Congress going hog wild like Amish twins on Rumspringa. Today, the Senate
gave final approval to another bill that would
let coal companies dump debris into nearby streams. Who the fuck asked for that? I have never seen
citizens driving around with pro-coal juice
bumper stickers. Senate Republicans won’t get
60 votes for a Make America Mercury Again bill that doesn’t
save jobs, but hey, lucky us, they don’t have to. Republicans are steamrolling
Democrats, slashing regulations left and right. And they’re doing it using
an obscure law called the Congressional Review Act. Oh, god, sorry. I get a mini panic attack
these days when I hear the words “an obscure law.” Also happens when I
hear “a routine phone call,” “a norm, not
a law,” and “Friday afternoon announcement.” OK, hit me. What is the
Congressional Review Act? The Congressional Review Act
allows for a quick rollback on regulations passed
in the last six months of the Obama presidency
with a simple majority vote. Once the president signs off,
the agency cannot re-enact a similar rule, an
unprecedented tactic to overturn multiple laws from
a previous administration. Or, as the actual text of the
act puts it, yoinked your regs. No backsies. Sucks to be you. [LAUGHTER] The act has been used
successfully only once, in 2001, to roll back Bill
Clinton’s OSHA requirements, because if anyone cared about
creating a safe and harm-free workplace, it was Bill Clinton. But when the current Congress
discovered this fun toy, they were as excited as a puppy
discovering a dildo, and just as destructive. When Congress uses it
five times in just one week, that truly is unprecedented. More than 50 regulations
are vulnerable, from the Healthy Hunger-Free
Kids Act that sets nutrition standards for school
lunches to a regulation intended to increase access
to treatment for opioid use. Joke’s on you, Republicans. If school kids are hungry
and hooked on opioids, they’ll never have the
stamina to learn that Jesus wrote the constitution. [LAUGHTER] Now, if you’re wondering,
won’t coal-flavored rivers also be bad for the wild
animals, don’t worry, there won’t be any. Republicans plan to roll
back parts of the landmark Endangered Species Act. It comes after
decades of complaints that it hinders drilling
and logging projects. Changes proposed would be
limiting the amount of lawsuits used in the law’s
name, and limiting the number of species that can
be protected at any one time. That is not how
extinction works. The endangered species
list isn’t a nightclub. You don’t wait for one breeding
pair to leave before you can let another one in. Hearings began today on
modernizing the Endangered Species Act the same
way an elderly volunteer modernized that fresco of Jesus. [LAUGHTER] HR 717 would delay the
already slow approval process, give industrial interests
greater influence, and give government officials
power to prioritize which species get protection,
which will be particularly tough on the Muslim animals. [LAUGHTER] Meanwhile, Wyoming’s
newest Congress Cheney is co-sponsoring a bill
to de-list the gray wolf so their burgeoning Wyoming
population of less than 400 can be culled down to
more reasonable none. Leave it to Dick
Cheney’s daughter to make it legal to
shoot things in the face. Here’s the thing. The vast majority of Americans
support wildlife protection. The Endangered Species Act
unites conservative warriors and unemployed liberal farmers. [LAUGHTER] For God’s sake,
“animals are awesome” is the only safe
topic of conversation most American
families have left. Left, right, old, young,
black, white, Americans agree, four legs good. Unfortunately,
the guy who spends his life sealed in
a no-pets Isengard in the middle of Manhattan and
never wears anything but a suit isn’t what you’d
call a nature lover. He re-authorized the Keystone
Pipeline, his sons slaughter elephants for recreation,
and he’s got personal beef with the bald eagles
the Endangered Species Act was written to protect.
Dammit, eagle. Don’t muss Trump’s hair. You’re just normalizing him. Trump will sign any animal death
warrant the Republican Congress puts in front of him,
as long as it doesn’t threaten the tufted titmouse. He doesn’t know what it is. Don’t tell him. [LAUGHTER] Oh, hey, you know that
would be really impressive? If the congressional
Once-lers could combine the Congressional Review
Act with pointless slaughter of animals. Like, imagine if they
repealed an Obama rule so as to let Alaskan hunters shoot
wolves and bears from airplanes inside wildlife refuges,
including mothers with cubs, and set out bait and steel-jawed
trap to snare bears, or maybe your dog. And what if congressmen
whose constituents are horrified by this
bill voted for it anyway? Because maybe the
congressman from Alaska will do them a favor
in return someday. And anyway, who’s paying
attention to the vote that’s actually
happening tomorrow? Certainly not a bunch
of woke Americans with their congressman’s
phone number on speed dial and
four minutes to kill during a commercial break. We’ll be right back after
this commercial break. [LAUGHTER] [CHEERING] [MUSIC PLAYING]


  • afc 1911

    It's ok to be critical of a administration , but Samantha B's jokes are all based on the corrupt liberal left media's speculation and lies, not fact or truth. Prove me wrong let's hear Samantha B joke on how corrupt Hillary is and how corrupt the Obama administration was . Yes most comedians are liberal but they are also truthful this one is not . Sorry if I am someone who thinks for himself and don't agree with you.

  • jon rocha

    wow we have elected a stupider , faker, president than the one from Idiocracy, … republicans that is not a how to video…. no cryosoldier will wake up and save you …..

  • James Bennett

    Finally – someone in the media gets it – when Trump or Kelleyanne Conway does something crazy, it's intentional! They are trying to divert attention from something serious they are doing behind the scenes.

    Trot out the crazies to stir up controversy – while the real work goes on behind the scenes. Enough about Conway, Spicer, Trump attacking the press – look behind the scenes.

    You don't see Tillerson or Wilbur Ross out front making fools of themselves – they are behind the scenes carrying out the real agenda.

  • Phil Higgins

    Great that you are flagging this. But all you do is make it a laugh for a day. Then, everybody moves on and forgets. So this is just comedy? Not a protest or, a channel to make a difference.

  • Rose Macaskie

    I much prefer the new painting than the old one in it the work has become a colourists work with the orange of the beard and the yellow of the face contrasting with the red of the cloak, while before all parts of the painting that weren't the cloak were merely tinted black and white areas. Being a colourist is unusual in a beginner. The old painting is so conventional and we have seen the type so often that it is terribly boring while the new one is absolutely electrifying and reminds one of Kokoshka and Bacon. much as she lacks as a draftswoman she makes up for everything with the strength of her painting. Maybe she was anti church.

  • Rose Macaskie

    With trump overstepping all the conventions of how a president should behave they are going to have to ban presidents. He is behaving as kings used to and going over every ones head, the presidency is another job that will become obsolete.

  • 662chillin

    I'm so glad we kept Hillary out because of those emails. We sure dodged a bullet with that one

  • HUMANE ACTION Pittsburgh

    Thanks Samantha Bee! Keep animal protection stories like this coming. The animals need ALL of us to raise our voice in support! Brian Bonsteel

  • Mark chevy

    The funniest thing on Your channel is That people think You are funny ? You are a Sad little woman but your liberal tears fuel the machine. Keep up the good work snowflake!!

  • JonathanNeilRhodes

    They keep suggesting his supporters are deserting him but I don't think he is short of supporters.

    The Florida rally was full of his bigoted supporters and it is mistake for the media to suggest that he does not enjoy support. The worrying thing is that the media keeps doing this over and over. I mean before the primaries they said he had no chance and then repeated this during the election campaign, but they were proven wrong again and again. This is the wrong approach!

    The media really needs to be very careful with what they say because every time they are wrong, they take a credibility hit. The people need to realize this as well – we cannot take this guy lightly anymore!

  • ndmushroom1

    Wait, so what you're saying is that all these laws of crucial importance were passed during the last 6 months of the Obama presidency? What did the US do before that? Oh god, it's even worse than I thought!

  • BizWiz

    Samantha Bee, Seth Meyers, Stephen Colbert and the Daily Show – All part of my complete breakfast! These great American satirists are poised to keep smart people from going crazy the next four years.

  • Christian Becker

    Dear Team from Full frontal. thx for restoring my believe that there are still decent peaple in the US of A! Thanks a lot!!! Greetings from southern germany – you know the part of the world that you´re "greatest generation ever" helped us to get rid of a crazy dictator ……..christian becker!

  • Spencer Reynolds

    Why so many breaks in this show? You are on for a few weeks then gone for another? Vacation? No one wants to see a rerun.

  • TryPeace

    Samantha- You rock. I honestly believe the news should have given us this information. I just found out about it right now. Shameful that comedians have to act as the media so we can be informed. Carry on Queen Bee.

  • Jeremy James

    Since when did Americans start caring what a "comedian" thought about politics? The only thing people like this does is keep the phony left VS right arguments going. When will people realize the two party system doesn't work and never has. It's obvious this not so funny comedian is a shill

  • Apogee Perigee

    THE GOP – The GOP (TRUMP) created diversions (to Increase TAXES on the working class) – Yet the GOP PLANS to reduce the following: Education (schools in your state) spending, EPA (NO Clean AIR or WATER), Deregulation of BANKS (More Foreclosure of Homes and Failing Banks with your Money), The Farm Bill (AKA food stamps), Social Security, Medicare, Disability Insurance, Pell Grants (for College), Obamacare (ACA – Death Panels and Previous Conditions, Women pay more for insurance), Less JOBS, HUD (Affordable Housing), ANY Retirement Pensions GONE – Companies messing with your 401K, IRA, retirement plans), they will not increase minimum wages, AND are NATIONAL SECURITY (Russia).. So the GOP billionaires RICH (pay nothing in TAXES) GET RICHER… WAKE UP AMERICAN…. These are NOT a LEFT nor a RIGHT ISSUES, if you live long enough in the USA someday you WILL NEED A GOVERNMENT Subsidy (for example = Social Security and/or Medicare).

  • Apogee Perigee

    The GOP in a NUT shell 1.) Take away everything from the working class, have a WAR and rise their TAXES…. 2.) Give everything to Billionaires so they pay NO TAXES 3.)Take away ROE v WADE, Including Birth Control 4.) The working class GOP do care about #1 or #2 as long as #3 happens

  • Kate D'arc

    has she accomplished anything. read her wiki, school, divorced parents, she goes College??) babies, make money off kids. any good genes from the fathers?

  • Fred Curry

    Sam B needs to take some responsibility for Trump.

    She did nothing but blast Sanders during the primary—the person who was 12 points ahead of Trump in the polls. She worked to sink the guy who was who could beat him and defended those who cheated during the primary and the corporate dems who are STILL attacking the progressives in their party (Schultz. Brazile. Perez). No change in corruption there.

    She implied his supporters were sexist (the most progressive wing of the party!). Meanwhile where is she on DAPL? Where is she on any economic political issue except for the most milk-toast positions such as Obamacare (basically Romney care and originally put forward by the Heritage foundation). Any call for single payer?

    But, of course, she PREFERS Trump to Sanders. Sanders would raise her taxes and insist that the wealthy pay their fair share—and a comedian with her own show definitely qualifies. She is fine with social freedoms but she doesn't want any significant movement on actual economic justice.

    Unfortunately social justice really depends upon economic justice.

  • Leonard Henderson

    you know your show is getting rather monotonous with degrading the president try something new and I might watch your show again.

  • rosset4music

    The republican administration is a short term thinker organization. The republican administration is greedy. The republican administration is dangerous. It is important, as human beings, to take responsibility for the future in terms of future generations–beyond our own lifetime.

  • I Barny

    Oh, did Samantha take a break from making fun of stage 4 cancer patients and calling them nazis because of their loss of hair to make a video? Typical liberal. What a bunch of hypocrites.

  • e-Mo Tion

    Friends of Coal, is a pro-coal family organization. I've seen their signage in the Apps. Samantha, you would have seen those bumper stickers if you lived around there.

  • Common Sense

    America you need new political parties. You need to throw all those in there out of the congress. You need real people who have had normal jobs, who has lived in reality. The elite we are talking about is both Parties. Kick them out and take back your future

  • Sean Patrick

    I find the way she stands disgusting. Standing with bent knees and Pointing her toes WAY in to the centre to try to create a fake thigh gap.

  • Temmie

    The proposed H.J 69 bill passed the Senate and went to Orange-Tiny Hands and was signed into a law.
    I honestly don't know why the government thinks it's doing the right thing…

    Can't wait to see them massacre more things, maybe even people next.

  • Ruth Fannin

    Do you think you could post the air date in the title? It's annoying to have to search through each one to get the latest.

  • YamiAlex224

    what does the president know
    1. how to ruin the county
    2. how to be above the law
    3. how to fail
    4. how to have a bad tan
    5. how to bring WW3


    If you have an opinion about the f–fest, CALL Congress today and leave them a voice mail: (202) 225-3121 🇺🇸❤️💙 FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE – KEEP CALLING

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