• Anne Marie

    Out, out brief Trump!
    You are but a walking shadow,
    A poor player who struts and frets
    His hour upon the stage

    And then is heard no more.
    Your presidency is a tale told by an idiot,
    Full of sound and fury,
    Signifying nothing.

  • Anne Marie

    Out, out brief Trump!
    You are but a walking shadow,
    A poor player who struts and frets
    His hour upon the stage

    And then is heard no more.
    Your presidency is a tale told by an idiot,
    Full of sound and fury,
    Signifying nothing.

  • tom lynagh sr

    Nancy please let me know what it is you been getting high on for the past????? Few be years, I too am looking to forget who I am, what I am doing how to speak my native tongue what Im doing in this place… Oh it looks like alot of???? MUM, dumb, wum???

  • Bob White

    Nancy Pelosi is a national disgrace, … she is killing the democrats positions in 2020 and subverting our democratic process, she and her sycophants have gone too far this time.

  • syndrome1965

    I think it would be safe to call the "whistle blower" a "SPY" while they were embedded in the WH reporting back to the Effa Bee Eye, on the Prez…

  • Born free

    I am so ashamed of the Democrats they will never have my support ever again. They have truly lost their minds what a disgrace they are. They have shown their true colours hypocritical double standard insane people.

  • themetal

    You f**king trumptards. You don't have to be a doctor to know Don the Con is mentally ill. There are hundreds of hours of footage of Dumb Donny. Just watch and come to your own conclusion. Look at the footage of Donny Dumb Nuts in Florida when he's talking to first responders after hurricane Irma. He says "Melania would have loved to be here". Problem is she's standing RIGHT next to him. How about when he gets off Air Force One and walks right past his limo and wanders down the tarmac? It's called loss of spatial awareness. It's all there for anyone with even half a functioning brain to see, so even trumpies should be able to do it. Stop drinking the fox flavored Kool-Aid. Do your own fact checking. Read. Educate yourself

  • Mathew Cooper

    I love this segment. It was funny and also shows how Trump has shifted the culture in such a way that the left is so desperate they are becoming annoying to everyone except the wokest neo-Marxist Fascists. Know what I mean?

  • crazyhorse

    The kid knows something !!!! He knows who's his daddy !!! Can you imagine what the 2 billion Biden's boy took could have done for U.s. cities ????

  • Tony truth

    rob lee truther . something you need to see you're already aware of it I know ! An Unholy Alliance: the UN, Soros, and the Francis Papacy – Elizabeth Yore @

  • Linda Pierce

    Nancy, get out, cut your losses. Is Biden corrupt, did he know his sons activities? How can one get kicked out of the military, then get a salary of $50k per month working for a foreign company ? Are these facts true?

  • Charles Henley

    "Hello my name is Nancy and I'm an alcoholic" Nancy, wrong meeting!!! Hmmmmm Nancy against Trump?? Wonder whose going to win?? Nancy will have to drink about that for awhile😂😂😂.

  • Bonnie Valls

    Nancy Pelosi is a fake speaker , a power corrupt speaker, your finished ex Playboy 🐇bunny! Your an embarrassment to the office and to yourself.Go back to California and live with your fellow Commies ,you don't Belong in Washington representing Law and Order . You have been
    Corrupt ed

  • Calvin Johnstone

    Was koshogi (yes I spelt it incorrectly I'm going phonetically) a close personal friend? If so, fine, if not that's Greta climate activist acting.

  • Khataroo

    Fox News acts just like Trump with their badmouthing and muckraking of people. Shame on Fox They are a major part of the problem. Get them off the air. A bunch of infintile anchors that have no business reporting the news

  • Elizabeth Peterson

    Pelosi and the Democrats should stop bringing up Kashoggi. The average American person DOES NOT CARE! He was a shady person characterized as a "journalist". Why don't they ever talk about Seth Rich? Poor Nancy's new facelift is so tight she can no longer make expressions! She just looks constantly startled. Hope she is impeached! (Can Speakers be impeached or fired?)

  • Silent Majority

    I hope by the time this is over in 2024, The True American People, President Trump, Rudy Giuliani, A.G. William Barr and quite-a-few more Republicans will hold these lying Democrats accountable for their actions.

  • kenneth boss

    Nancy "the stench" Pelosi and Adam "bug eyes shifty" Schiff need to find a new line of work! Nancy belongs in an Old Folks Home for Drunks and Shifty belongs in Jail !

  • James Bell

    I have never seen an old woman with a more arrogant and fake look on their face than Nancy Pelosi. Her behavior matches the look on her face. She is the enemy. I'm asking my God; "Appoint someone evil to oppose my enemy." (Psalm 106:9)

  • grandma27or8

    What a circus! Poopolosi needs to retire. Dems are like rats running from a sinking ship. I read today NH has Trump signs all over the place. The writer made the comment you don't see Dems signs until you get to the Massachusetts border. People are waking up to the swamp and I love it!

  • kjv _bandit

    Can you imagine what pelosi would look like without being pumped up with Botox and facelifts and fake hair pretty gruesome my question is why do they keep voting women in to politics I would never vote for a woman EVER!!! ANDim a women 🙃

  • kjv _bandit

    I don't know I trust President Trump because he speaks his mind maybe doesn't always say everything with eloquence like the other phoneys do I always understand what he's saying and where he's coming from and I feel that.

  • kjv _bandit

    You know what I'm back I think the narrows looking to make some money off of this rampage that he's on spanky's bar can't do any more movies so why not let's get some attention here maybe I'll write a book yeah write a book stupid jerk

  • Advancer Films Commercial

    The democrats all wrong. Republicans and Trump have never done anything illegal and they have never committed even a single sin.

  • liquid79

    He secretly invites other countries to get involved in our democracy, gets caught, becomes unhinged and then blames another party. GENIUS!!! Mister Collusion Delusion impeached himself. Bravo to you sir! 👏👏👏

  • Marcus Smith

    De fund the Democrats leftists there to dangers to be funded. Size assets on the Democratic party. Just get rid of the Democrats. Replace them with a civilized party like the independent party. Impeach the Democrats and throw them in Jail. Democrats are scared that the investigation on them is getting to close so there using projection to try to win.

  • majorgeeek

    Pelosi – "………president's admission that he did what he did ??? " geeze Pelosi you trying to indict the president with that nonsense? – time to retire

  • SoulfulJim1

    But speaking with reporters at the White House on Friday, Trump was asked whether he had asked any foreign leaders for corruption investigations of people who were not seeking to challenge him in the 2020 presidential election.

    “You know, we would have to look,” Trump responded.

    -Kinda says it all folks. Time to wake up Fox followers.

  • micro hard

    democrats and piglosi are wasting american tax money for investigating our president.If democrats want president trump out, they can wait until 2020.

  • Frances Cerrone

    How dare you Pelosi stay home and use a good dentures paste ,you pause because your afraid you will loose your teeth

  • Molly minx

    Pelosi sounds like your drunken aunt at a wedding..How is she keeping her job, speaker of the house cannot even speak good lord…

  • Jack Fallat

    Is S.N.L. still on tv? & de niro is in desperate need of mental help …..If you took the "F" bomb out of his vocabulary…………he'd be speechless ! Nutty Nancy, please get those dentures glued in and please stop mixing your meds with the alcohol !

  • Ashley Pabey

    This Witch "just because he played a gangster, dosnt meAn he knows what a gangster is" 5:34. Are you serious???? making fun of people and their bodies too… Have you seen your giraffe neck mami? Raymond you look like a kid that got picked on in elementary school who now uses his platform to do the same. Hiding behind the cameras tho lol… alot of the thinggs you two say on air would never come out that mouth in front of those ppl or person. must be nice…

  • Jamie Godman

    Pelosi is the threat to this countries checks and balances. Not trump. President Trump is only a threat to the corrupt swamp which Pelosi feels so entitled to protect. The democrats in this country need to go!

  • Field Lily

    SQueal Nancy squeal stuck pigs always squeal the loudest. Impeach him and impeach him now and stop squealing like a stuck hog

  • Me Crazy La La

    Parody by Me Crazy La La Quid Pro Quo definition simply means: this for that i.e. Adam Shiffty Pantiez says to Whistle Blower "I will give you a BJ if you tell a bunch of batshit crazy lies against President Donald J. Trump?!!"

    Whistle Blower responds to Adam Shiffty Pantiez, "Well now rumor has it your the best in Washington D.C. at BJ's. So seriously Adam Shiffty Pantiez who, where, how, when, & what time?!!"

    Smooch smooch, kiss kiss, hiss hiss, oh what relief it is meow & muaw!!! Same time, same place, & same Adam Shiffty Pantiez Bat Channel.


  • american psycho

    Saturday night live isn`t funny anymore since it got so political. back in the 80`s there was so much talent on the show and they didn`t need to make the show about politics. they have no talent as part od the show and bring in even worse talent  such ball lick Baldwin.

  • William De Lancy


  • Lala Lyons

    I think it's about time and people wake up it's this drunken Nancy Pelosi and delusional Adam Shifty shift with applied dollar to their nonsense they are not above the law they are acting as if though they are they criticized President Trump up that these people need to be stopped absolutely disgusting disgraceful they're ruining this country and I don't understand what is wrong with people standing by to see this Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff they need to lose their positions that need to be stripped of the title and their benefits and let them loose out in the woods Adam schiff's lights worse than anything I've ever heard Adam Schiff lies worse then a man and a bad date that is trying to convince the woman he is with to convince her to go to bed with him

  • TheoCraftLP TheoCraftLP

    De Niro is 100% crazy, mentally unbalanced; deranged and his place is in a hospice for the severely mentally ill, schizophrenic, paranoid, alone in a room, and dressed in a force shirt. And instead of food and water, be injected 20 times daily with plegomazine.Maybe that way he'll be back a little bit, to normal, though I don't think so! His illness, dementia, I think is irreversible.

  • Helen Marler

    Pelosi & Schiff how ironic your words about our forefathers and the constitution do not lineup with what you are doing. People, if you are fooled by this ruse, then you will deserve what comes around the pike. They are showing the American people how foolish they are. If they would get their eyes on the ball, maybe they could go down in history like President Trump by keeping America great. And they too would be part of this legacy.

  • N. Swen

    You know what Nancy, your're too old to be a puppet! Take some advice and retire and enjoy the rest of your life. I'm 71yrs and been done for 7 years and love it!

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