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Madison we need to talk to you about your
addiction. What do you mean? Don’t get me wrong babe I like Ryan Gosling just as much as the next person with a Vagina But, I mean he is. Amazing But I think you have maybe just gone way too far. But he’s my soulmate. we can be together forever. He’s having a baby with Eva Mendez Shut your whore mouth Maybe it’s wrong, maybe that’s wrong. You know those trashy magazines are wrong all the time. I was reading this thing about Hannah Montana
doing drugs how’d that happen? So not true. Uhhhh, what is that? What did that cost you? Well I wanted one of those real Ryan dolls but they are so expensive. What is that noise? Is that Ryon Gosling? It’s not Ryan Gosling (muffled screams) I’ve been in here for three weeks now. and she’s been feeding me nothing but catfood. I have a family to get home to I would really appreciate it if you
could call someone. He’s not ike Ryan Gosling when he does that. Be good. Why is his tan all streaky? She spray tanned me, he’s not even that tan. Should have used St. Tropez. but look what else he can do Now, say the line. Say it. Hey girl. non not that one the other one It wasn’t over, you just didn’t– No, with the accent. Then you’ll get a lolly What is wrong with you? It wasn’t over. It still isn’t over. Again It wasn’t over. It wasn’t over. It still isn’t over. Come on. What is wrong with you? Woop! Good boy! Okay, back you go We should probably let him go. At least this one looks a bit like him. yeah but not enough. That’s better


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