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The Kids Need To Know! | Kid President

Kid President: Hey everybody!
Thanks for sharing Brad and I’s video, “A Letter to a Person on their First Day Here”
This baby liked it! [baby giggling] Aw! She’s got those little cheeks! If everybody can help people who are younger
than them, the world would be pretty okay! That’s my cool voice! So I’m launching “The
Kids Need to Know!” I’m making a list of all the stuff, you know
like important stuff like apostrophes! You’re, that means you are. Your means your, that
means you own it! Own it, you owned it! Yarr! That means you’re a pirate and you can’t spell.
Some people go around talking like pirates! They go like “‘Merica, right there! Yarr”
You got to learn to spell people! You can’t spend your life relying on autocarrot. I mean
autocarrot. Autocarrot. I mean autocorrect! Just learn to spell, you see that I need help.
You’re smart people! You pushed play on this video right? That means your brain is awesome!
There’s important life things that need to be passed on! What are those things?
Just take a moment and ask yourself. What do I think the kids need to know?
That makes me more focused! You can film a little video and it doesn’t
have to be fancy. Is this thing on? Uh, these are my things that kids need to know. Number
one, the kids need to know the most important thing. Number two, they need to know the next
important thing. Number three, I forgot! Yours will be way better than that, I hope.
You can write something, draw a picture Anybody can do it!
Parents, kids, schools, people with blogs! [Brad]: Is that how you say blogs?
Kid President: Yeah that’s how I say blogs. Anything, just post it and let me know about it.
Because here’s what’s up, there’s nearly 3 billion people on the planet under 20. And
we got some work to do. Are you in? Who’s with me? Me, m-e, m-e, m-e, m-e! I don’t know
who you are. We can do better! With your help we’ll create a really cool list! I got one
more thing, I want to see if I can get some celebrities involved so they will tell what
the kids need to know! And we’re going to start with my pal Rainn Williams!
The only problem, the dude doesn’t follow me on Twitter! What’s that about Rainn Williams!
A while back I asked you guys to bug Josh Groban and you did it! Now it’s time to bug
Rainn! I want Rainn Williams to come to my show and I want him to share what the kids
need to know! Hop on Twitter and bug Rainn! I would stick around and talk but I had something
to do. Oh yeah, dance! [music] There’s lots of stuff the kids need to know,
get to it! SoulPancake,
Subscribe! That means you’re a pirate and you can’t spell!


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