The Kissing Brontosaurus: Highlights (longer) of PLAY Autism Intervention Session
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The Kissing Brontosaurus: Highlights (longer) of PLAY Autism Intervention Session

this is a kid who’s high level 5 early
level six which is means that he knows what you mean he’s able to put two and
two together put two ideas together. This guy is really moving into what a Stanley Greenspan calls emotional thinking. Mom: “If doesn’t get what he wants or he can’t express what he wants, he will get real physical as far as smacking his head or his hitting himself…” Mom: “I don’t know if that’s normal child behavior or…” Dr Rick: “That’s pretty normal child behavior for where he’s at developmentally speaking he’s now
starting to feel his oats and when he doesn’t get what he wants or when he
gets man or you stopped him because he’s doing something they having fun with
he’s so angry that he takes it out on himself.” (Dr. Rick): “So what you want to do there is to make sure that you’re labeling his feelings.” “and I mean to really join him, and so to say something
like (Dr. Rick angry voice) ‘I’m really mad at you mommy, I don’t like it! I wanted that and you…’ ‘wouldn’t let me have it!’ Ok, if you join him with those words he’s going to look at you and go “YEAH!” (laughs) He’s just gonna go, “You got that right!” Mom: “So something like ‘I’m mad!’ or ‘I don’t like it!’ Dr Rick: See he gets over excited and he gets silly, so he gets a little out of control. and the same thing happens with his
feeling life so that’s what you’re seeing. (Dr. Rick to Jacob): Ok ready to sword fight (Jacob) yeah (Dr. Rick) Ok get your sword ready! Wait, wait, wait… You’ve got to use the other side, hold this side. (Dr. Rick to parents) And see that’s the other piece for me that’s important here is that his motor planning system,
that’s where occupational therapy can really be helpful because if he doesn’t
motor plan very well and it’s very hard for him to sequence then he’s going to
get frustrated very easily (Dr. Rick to Jacob): Wait wait wait hold the sword here like that Ok now hit it! Ouch! (Jacob laughs) (Dr Rick playfully) Ouch! Ouch! Ok hit me on the back! OWWW! (Dr. Rick) Go ahead it doesn’t really hurt. Hit me (Jacob) No, nooo ok all done (Dr. Rick) Hit the floor, hit the floor! (Jacob laughs) (Dr Rick) Hit the floor! (Jacob repeats) Hit the floor! (Dr. Rick) Ok, here let’s hit the clown, you ready? Get back in there clown!! Bye Bye (Jacob) Bye Bye (Dr. Rick) Alright turn it, turn it! (Jacob laughing) (Dr. Rick) Here it comes! Here it comes! AHHHHHHH! I’ll get you clown! Don’t you scare me! (Dr. Rick) Get him! (Dr. Rick as the clown) “Hey, Hi Dragon!” (Jacob makes dragon growl at clown) (Dr. Rick in deep dragon voice) “Oh, Dragon” Get the dragon! We got him! (Jacob and Dr. Rick) Ahhhhh! (Dr. Rick) George! Don’t you scare me George! Hey! Get back down in there! George! George! George! Get back down in there! (Jacob and Rick) AHHHH! (Dr. Rick) Don’t you scare me monkey! (Dr Rick to parents) See he loves this because it this is working on his feeling life So you can see how emotionally sensitive he is and how emotionally delicate he is too, and you can see how playing a game like this helps him work on those feelings. Because it’s scary and
then you get mad at the monkey and then the monkeys doing bad things and so this
is actually almost like a perfect play therapy toy. Now he’s getting to the
point where you can make demands on him to do what you want, and to show him what you
want and he’ll understand it and follow (Dr. Rick to Jacob) Do you want to build a train track? (Jacob) Yeah! (Dr. Rick) Nice train tracks huh? Look at those train tracks. (Dr. Rick to parents) See when he visually stims, I’m noticing that he’s visually stimming. (Mom) He does a lot of the scripting… (Dr. Rick) Yeah, some scripting, although that’s gotten a lot better over time. The real problem with scripting is that he gets stuck. (Mom) Yeah with his videos (Dr. Rick) Yeah that’s what I’m talking about , he should be very limited with how much he does that stuff All that’s going to do is pull him out of our world and it’s going to promote his scripting. A kid his age his
development level shouldn’t have much of that at all at the most an hour a day (Dr. Rick to Jacob) Brontosaurus! Brontosaurus! Can I give you a kiss? (Jacob) Again! (Dr. Rick as the Dinosaur) I want to give you a kiss on the nose. I’m going to give you a kiss on the chin. I’m going to give you a kiss on the knee. I’m going to give you a kiss on the ankle. Where’s the ankle? (Dr. Rick as the Dinosaur) Gimme the ankle! (Jacob) Again! (Dr. Rick) Gimme the ankle, I want the ankle! (Jacob as the Dinosaur) I want the ankle! (Dr. Rick repeats as the Dinosaur) I want the ankle! Kiss on the ankle! (Jacob) He wants to chase me! (Dr. Rick) He’s going to chase you too! (Jacob) Yeah! (Dr. Rick) Where’s Jacob? I’m going to get Jacob! Here I come! Here I come! Ok, you ready, here we go. (Dr. Rick and Jacob repeat) 1……2……3. (Dr. Rick) Ready, let’s do it again! (Dr. Rick and Jacob Repeat) 1….2….ready go! Ohhh! (Dr. Rick to parents) Gesturally he’s amazing. He’s just got faces and he’s got a sense of humor. I mean he’s really quite a funny guy! (Dr. Rick to parents) Ok, so here I think he’s stimming a little bit. So I’m going to try to change it into some pretend (Dr. Rick to Jacob) Can I have a ride!? Hey Bus, can I have a ride? (Jacob) Yeah! Ok, thank you! Hey what about me I wanna ride (Jacob) Yeah! (Dr. Rick) Ok! Hey me, what about me, I want a ride (Jacob) Yeah! (Dr. Rick to Jacob) What about me? No you’re a horse! Ok get in horse. (Jacob) Giddy up horsey! (Dr. Rick) Giddy up horsey! (Dr. Rick to parents) So now he’s becoming symbolic, this level five, and we’re playing one theme See now I don’t know how long he can stay on a
symbolic level of play. He definitely can’t play a thematic play, but I think that it’s just at the very edge of his joy Of what he likes. (Dr. Rick) Hey Jacob, we have to go bye-bye You ready to go bye-bye?

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