The Legacy of the Federalist Papers
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The Legacy of the Federalist Papers

What is their legacy what were some
final thoughts you have on these papers in their achievement
and what they mean to america the the the federalist is Justin
unmatched explanation what the intentions are the
founders were when they designed our Constitution it’s one thing to have the
Constitution but it’s another thing entirely to have
at a a rationale a coherent well elaborated
argument really a book from the people who help to design that
document a to to yeah a book explaining what it’s
for giving the reasonings up the up the up the delegates at the
convention and thats that there’s nothing else like it
there’s no it’s never been superseded in it and
probably just can’t be because here you have people like
Hamilton Madison men like of that caliber explaining what
the intentions at the framers were I am in one place where you can go and
read it and and study it it’s just not this there’s nothing else
like it

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  • Scuba Steve

    Dumbass didn’t even mention that it was a publication in an ongoing debate extremely contentious in its substance… They were desperately grasping at whatever semblance of reasonable justification they could find to appease the critical onslaught of dissenting opinions being published by the Jeffersonian Republicans.

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