THE NEXT ARC! Universal Conflict Outbreak of War Arc! Super Dragon Ball Heroes
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THE NEXT ARC! Universal Conflict Outbreak of War Arc! Super Dragon Ball Heroes

the entire multiverse is now being
targeted as the ultimate goal is to now destroy the Omni King as the worst
Menace appears spreading conflict throughout all of the universes in which
now requires all of our heroes to band together in order to battle against new
enemies that threaten all life in the multiverse and with all else being said
following the events of Dragon Ball heroes prison planet arc Edition the
universal conflict dawn of war arc is scheduled to be broadcasted on January
10th 2019 and leading the brigade into a brand new arc as the newly revives imasu
but merges imasu is not the only crusader joined in this mission to
destroy the Omni King but instead we have a new duo a boy and a girl wreaking
havoc all throughout universe 6 that go by the name of Oran which is the boy and
cabmen the girl and of course they resemble the features of once Dragon
Ball GT s baby they seem to be Fu’s experiments in some way shape or form
having to be neo machines infused with su for ian’s which could explain their
overall design and why they look so much like baby we can expect this duo to
wreak havoc and fighting off against its Kaba and Tesla within universe 6 before
having to be joined by merge samus ooh Mirza masu is in fact the exact same
Mirza masu that we’ve seen in universe 7 following the events of Zelos erasure in
the Future Trunks timeline now how exactly did this one singular merge
Hamas who survived he was revived and subsequently so he seems to be patched
up which can explain his purple mutation having to fade as merge demas who seems
to be reborn stronger than how he ever was before
but merges imasu and the machine do all aren’t the only individuals joining them
on this crusade but instead three more individuals follow a male and a female
that are unknown to nature right now and last but certainly not
least as we’ve all seen in super Dragon Ball Heroes anime episode 6 Humber seems
to be alive taken under the Massa’s wing as he seems to stand head and shoulders
above the rest as being the sixth member of this crusade and their attempts of
destroying the Omni King and although we don’t know we’re currently cumber stands
in power if in fact he will come back stronger than how he ever was before
what is known right now is that our heroes are forced to work with one
another which includes Goku Vegeta trunks Kaaba hit alongside Goku and
jiren which of course were promoted on the Dragon Ball super heroes universe
mission poster which doesn’t really come as a surprise considering the fact that
this arc seems to be an all-out battle now Goku’s we’re about to remain unknown
following the events of super Dragon Ball heroes anime episode 6 so it’s
unknown at this current point in time if in fact Goku has survived which
assumingly enough he has either by using instant transmission or being saved by
an outside entity what we do know right now is that both of the Zeno characters
Goku and Vegeta are also still alive which could ultimately mean that their
introduction is also evident in this battle against Tomaso and his army being
that Zeno Goku and Zeno Vegeta are also after few which again we don’t even know
where fuse whereabouts are but we can only hope that few alongside golden
cooler are also going to be added in this Universal conflict now on top of
this we have a new enemy appearing by the name of shiatsu who ends up fighting
Future Trunks within the Toki Toki Time nest and it’s because of this this new
enemy is wielded as a martial arts expert as the mysterious warrior appears
for the first time against the time patrollers bud his true purpose and
nature and the meaning of the Galactic patrol symbol engraved onto his chest
are still very much unknown now it’s not certain on whether or not this
individual will be appearing in super Dragon Ball Heroes against his Amazo or
set characters with Goku but what is known right now is that there is a unit
so conflict coming and Zuma su and his minions are leading the charge against
our heroes in the brand-new arc for super Dragon Ball Heroes in 2019 so post
your comments down below what are your overall thoughts as to how strong these
individuals are how strong has the MAS who become how powerful is cumber going
to be when he returns into battle against our heroes and do you guys
believe that Goku had perished and if not then how was Goku pulled away from
the prison planet before it being destroyed all of that and so much more
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