The One Man Crazier Than Ted Cruz Is His Father
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The One Man Crazier Than Ted Cruz Is His Father

so if you thought Ted Cruz is crazy let
me introduce you to take who’s the father who the father is by Barack BL crews even crazier morning to him the bible tells you exactly who should
vote for any you know mumbles through a couple of
scriptures one of those being and able man such as such at speeders got a man ugg a man of true arm hating cabbages
net and he goes on to talk about you should never left the village idiot
then he goes on and he says somebody who obeys God laws in here to a
moral code for example you defend the sanctity of
life but be on a moral code mean that light
bulb alive integrity honesty hard work in a big responsibility rule of law and yes free enterprise limited
government the Bible has a lot to say about this I have never
seen the about limited government I think that I
was very clear about a government that render to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to
God because God and that is pretty much the only reference a clear reference to
distinguish between the Bible and religion you very clear what do with these is doing is within
you doing I would you do in your turn to you doing in your church but the Bible also talked about now let’s be very clear and let’s think
about who Bowl though the main character Jesus do
you spend most over the Bible criticizing who the Bears these the religious sect the most foods that the mall from any
criticized them because their walking papers these just like
Rafael Cruz who walked around a professor yeah you gotta have a moral code and a moral
integrity and you gotta follow the Bible but get a
good shot by some concern on the government for 70 days to make people go
without work I without food and I’m not money to be
their family and that America it is what we call equity but you know
don’t talk about that at all Ryan he says also arm you know he’d talked about jesus said he
shall know them by their fruits yeah that is true you should know them
by their fruits and you we all know the Republican Party the walking
contradiction by its roots I any goes on and off on on on to talk
about always from reasons as to why the Bible
should tell you who to vote for and I gotta tell you folks this one those play like you will first
what I don’t know who died in Iraq PO crews you know god’s you know disciple you know anybody the 13th
disciple clear is walking around you know prophet Isaiah you in the Bible
also talk about of profits it’s time to bring that up you take that
would you take that what you will either way the bible tells you to love
your neighbor as yourself in america your neighbor as way home now


  • Erik S

    You're exactly right about your scripture of Christ and the Cruz family are a bunch of nuts so is most of the Right finally when it comes to thy neighbor I don't go out of my way constantly to  publicly humiliate and talk negatively about them even when we disagree.

  • belews

    Great example of saying nothing.

    If crazy is following the bible and understanding our sinning ways and upholding moral ethics instead then your definition of crazy is incorrect. Try the truth.

    Senator Ted Cruz is a great man, leader and example.

    Politics is about expanding government or controlling and right sizing government.

    Ted Cruz/Dr. Ben Carson 2016

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