“The Real Bubba J” | Arguing with Myself  | JEFF DUNHAM
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“The Real Bubba J” | Arguing with Myself | JEFF DUNHAM

– So uh, Bubba J, what
does the J stand for? – Uh, my last name is Junior. (crowd laughs)
– Oh. Well it’s a good thing they
didn’t name you Junior. – Yeah, that’d be dumb,
Junior Junior. (laughs) That’s my brother’s name. – Oh
(crowd laughs) So Bubba J, what have
you been doing today? – I’ve been watching
NASCAR and drinking beer. (crowd laughs) – That’s your favorite sport. – Yeah, NASCAR is too. (crowd laughs) – You know, NASCAR is very hot right now. – Oh I know, everybody loves NASCAR. – Well, Sweet Daddy said it’s just a bunch of guys driving in a circle. – Oh I know, that’s my favorite part, they’re making a left turn. (crowd laughs) It’s a sport that’s easy to
follow when you’re hammered. (crowd laughs) – I understand you’ve got a new tattoo. – Yeah, I got another one
somewhere else that’ll grow. (crowd laughs) Did you get it? – [Jeff] They got it. – I’m tired of hearing that
most NASCAR fans drink too much. – Oh, ’cause it’s not true? – Oh no it’s true, I’m
just tired of hearing it. (crowd laughs) Makes me thirsty for another beer. (crowd laughs and cheers) – Besides beer, do you ever
have wine at the track? – Yeah, they have boxed wine. – [Jeff] Boxed wine. – Yeah, it’s wine that comes in a box. – [Jeff] Yeah. – It’s great ’cause if
you had too much to drink, then you got something to throw up in. (crowd laughs) – Bubba J, don’t you
worry about your health? – Huh? – Your health. – Uh, like what? – Your liver. – Ah, no, my last abduction,
the alien’s took it. (crowd laughs) – You think you got abducted by aliens. – I don’t think, I know. They took me, and they
stuck something in my butt. (crowd laughs) And not in the good way.
(crowd laughs) (Bubba J laughs) – Look Bubba J, when
you go to a NASCAR race and you party a lot, who
is your designated driver? – What the (beep) is that? (crowd laughs) – Do you drive drunk? – No officer. (laughs) (crowd laughs) I’m practicing. (crowd laughs)
– Yeah, alright. Bubba J, have you ever
had an intervention? – Yeah, and penicillin
cleared it right up. (crowd laughs)
– No. – Stupid cousin.
(crowd laughs) It was a second cousin,
that’s a gray area. – Alright.
(crowd laughs) Bubba J, do you play any sports yourself? – Does quarters count? – No.
(crowd laughs) Do you have a drinking problem? – No, I’ve pretty much got it figured out. (crowd laughs) – What’s your favorite beer? – An open one. (crowd laughs and applauds) – And how do you know
when you’ve had too much? – I run out. – Yeah, alright.
(crowd laughs) Have you ever been to an AA meeting? – AA is for quitters. (crowd laughs and cheers) Hey, and Mr. Dunham I was wondering, what is it that you do for a living? – I’m a comedian. – (gasps) You are?
– Yeah. – You got one of them catchphrases? – Well you know, I’m a ventriloquist. – Oh, you don’t eat meat? (crowd laughs) What? – Bubba J, are you married? – Oh yeah. – Yeah, is your wife pretty? – Yeah, no. (crowd laughs) – What’s the difference? – The light. (crowd laughs) – Where’d you meet your wife? – At the family reunion. (crowd laughs) What? – So Bubba J, where was
this family reunion? – At the state fair. – State fair?
– Uh huh. – Well why don’t you tell us about the first time you saw your wife. – Alright. There she was. (crowd laughs) More?
– Yeah, more. Where was she? – Oh, she was leaning up
against the Ferris wheel. – Yeah? – Making it tilt. (crowd laughs) Sunlight glistening off her curlers. Corn dog in one hand, a
Budweiser in the other. (crowd laughs and cheers) Uh, my tattoo’s growing. (crowd laughs and applauds)

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