The Right to Print Arms
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The Right to Print Arms

Technology moves forward. Things like 3D printers are great. [3D printer sound] So are you ready for: 3-d printed guns? Anyone can print it, no background checks, mental illness not a factor, virtually undetectable. The media are alarmed! This changes the safety of Americans forever You shouldn’t be able to make a gun in your own basement. Massachusetts legislator David Linsky is one of many officials who want 3D printed guns banned. No one should be allowed to make these guns ever on their own? That is absolutely correct. Look, we have enough guns in this country already. [gunshot] But there’s a bigger issue at stake, says Defense Distributed, the company that owns the blueprints for 3D printed guns. I think it’s incredibly important for companies like ours to stand up for the rights that are being obviously infringed upon. Not just gun rights, they say, but free speech. The law can treat firearms like firearms. They can’t treat the speech used to make them like firearms. We’re fighting for the constitutional right to share these files with the world. Why do you want to? There’s enough weapons out there. We believe in free speech. You can’t ban lawful U.S. citizens from sharing information with other lawful U.S. citizens. You can’t ban the sharing of the information. This isn’t about guns. This is about free speech on the internet. The federal government has a responsibility to keep people from spreading this around the country. Keep people spreading sounds like censorship. It’s not censorship when the national security and public safety are at stake. You can argue that is justified, but it is censorship. [Anchor] “The side of the federal building has been blown up…holy cow.” After the Oklahoma City bombing, the U.S. Congress asked the Department of Justice “Can we make a law that bans putting bomb making instructions on the internet?” and the DOJ said “No, you can’t do that. You can’t ban putting files on the internet.” [bomb sound] Nuclear bomb’s a little bit different ’cause
it’s classified information. What’s not classified is all over the web. Plenty of websites and books teach people how to make deadly things. Should The Anarchist Cookbook be banned? No, there’s no reason to ban books. There are some deadly recipes in there. The genie is out of the bottle a long, long time ago on The Anarchist Cookbook. But this is a very different thing whereby all you have to do is download a file, press a button, and a printer gives you a gun. I don’t think that’s an accurate description of the technology. There’s not just point, click, shoot. Bad people can go to Instagram and get an insta-gun People think that with a 3D printed gun you press one button, click, and a gun pops out. It’s actually a very complicated process. It might take a full day of printing. You have to treat the plastic with chemicals so that they’re strong enough, then odds are the gun’s pretty crappy. America does have a long tradition of people making their own guns. If we had a ban on home manufacture of weapons during the time of the American Revolution, we would probably still be under the king’s rule. Well, it was a very different society. Now we have AR-15s and semi-automatic weapons Rights were enshrined in the constitution for permanence. They’re not put there for transitory fleeting references. They’re there for the long haul. But the Constitution also says “provide for the common defense.” Politicians call printable guns a “windfall for terrorists.” A direct threat to our national security Terrorists have access to far more dangerous weapons than 3D printed guns. The notion that ISIS is having a factory of 3D printers, and making these stupid little plastic guns that can fire one shot at a time, it really strains credulity. But couldn’t 3D printed plastic guns
sneak through airport security? Bullets are made out of metal. They’ll just use plastic bullets. You can buy plastic bullets, or rubber bullets, today in a store. They’re not very effective. 6 years ago, when Blackman’s Client first posted the blueprints, the state department forced them to pull the files. We took our files down, but thousands of other place in the internet hosting them. It’s true. [gunshots] The legislator hadn’t realized that. Is that an active website right now? Download now, anybody can do it. I understand that some people might think that the genie is out of the bottle, but let’s put as much of that genie back into the bottle as we possibly can. You can’t put the genie back in the bottle. One of the reasons why these efforts to regulate the internet are kinda silly is you can’t shut down information. If anything, banning the information creates interest. Right, when you ban some people say “Oh, I want to get that,” and it makes people want to download even more. For now, the information is out there and politicians and TV anchors will try to scare you to death. Tomorrow morning, the sun will be shining, the birds will be singing, and anyone will be able to legally download instructions to 3-d print their own fully functional plastic gun. That happened. The world’s the same. The birds are still singing, the sun’s still rising, and people are just fear mongering. There will be a new wave of gun violence. We believe in free speech. This is an important principle and the state can’t take us down.


  • glenn brunck

    So how many criminals have used this type of weapon in the commishin of a crime? Has anyone in the USA been killed with this weapon?

  • Brandy B

    It looks like a flare gun….smh. You can buy a nice gun cheaper than you can buy that frickin printer. Just scare people into believing that we need the govt to make all of out decisions.

  • woody ahh

    You don't need a 3D printer to make a gun
    A drill.
    A file
    A spring or not a spring
    A piece of plastic
    A piece of wood
    A piece of metal
    Ban all of these to

  • Military History HQ

    I love this channel, you have no stance and you interview two people on both sides. This is real journalism.

  • how much did the holla cost ?

    Lol someone 3D print a 4 foot dildo and beat the shit out of someone with it. #banassaultdildos

  • J Platinum

    You're absolutely right but remember "this is a v e r y different thing"…so consider censorship and banning.

  • Dalton Watson

    There has been a new wave of gun violence.

    Which is a direct result of too many people not having the ability to defend themselves.

    We need citizens protecting themselves and others, not mindlessly waiting to be a victim.

    Gun control results in more weak citizens as it is considered criminal to protect one's self with legislated gun control in effect. This is not an attack on guns, as police have been militarized in the wake of 9/11, while the average person's rights are further stripped. Civil Rights violations are on the rise, and the police are the ones in violation.

    The rights of the people cannot be regulated, as that is infringement. Government only has authority to regulate itself, not the rights of the people. That's why the USA stands for freedom. The one thing that set us aside from the king's rule is the protection of individual rights. Under a kingship, the king can decide whatever whenever.

    American Democracy promotes freedom because the rights of the people cannot be voted away. Any other Democracy strips the rights of the people, through majority rule, whereas American Democracy limits what government can regulate.

    Government has two obligations: regulating the privileges and protecting the rights. A privilege and right are easily distinguished from one another by determining business or pleasure.

    An act of commerce is considered under the government's rule, whereas an act void of commerce is considered a right that cannot be regulated. And commerce is defined as the act of supplying a good or services in exchange for profit.

    Government doesn't have the authority to regulate whether or not we can print guns. This isn't Britain, England, or France. In America we have rights. That's why police incure lawsuits when the act afool, because they're wrong!

  • Sebastian m

    Who in Massachusetts elected this deceitful, fear mongering socialist?
    Oh, that's right. People who preach "climate change" because their million dollar beach side home is naturally falling into the ocean, with or without the help of man.🤦‍♂️

  • Proteus Augustus

    If what that scum sack was true; the country would be in turmoil. Everyone is a threat to people like him. Also; it isn't against the law for a citizen to manufacture a gun. It just has to meet specifications.

  • Scott Aberle

    Tomorrow there will be a new wave of gun violence. It is called the gun banned city of Chicago. Thanks Democrats :o) P.S. It will happen the day after also.

  • Janie Lee

    Anything almost? is possible why are we sending guns and money to other countries to come back and use against us? Isn't that a more important question? I know part of the answer petrol. Then we have some investments in them. However isn't it better to send them food and clothes help them with water, education, and homes, maybe transportation. Help them with finishing projects that would lead them on with their economic development like bridges getting completed. I've read that we tried to help them build buildings that they destroyed. Part of that is investing and finding the best people to carry it out after some peaceful negotiations. The issue really isn't the guns it's the attitudes people learn about what to do with them or not. There are various situations in the news that could have been prevented, but because it was such trustworthy people no one thought a thing until it was to late. That's the stereotype that excuses them. If they were really that great they wouldn't mind being given advice, they would want to be treated like they treat other people when they correct them or hold them accountable. Because it would be in their own best interest and good for the public at large.

  • James Masters

    This fear is just ignorance. Who really owns 3D printers. They are still pretty expensive. And the average American can not afford the expense, and don't want it. Most people would not have a use for it. There would need to be way more uses for the printer, before people start buying them.

  • David Wood

    Public safety has to do with jobs community the left makes your money on dope dealing dope programs small time court cases allowing the lower courts to be subject over good people while they let all the dope deal in fuckings low lifes back out

  • Michael Vechnak

    We have an out-of-control tyrannical government and police force we need to be able to protect ourselves from tyranny!

  • Ryan Newman

    It's tragic when people who don't know about guns talk about 3D printing guns as being a danger to society. Does anybody realize that plastic does not hold up well to small explosions? This is about as much of a crisis as letting your kids play in a street….GTFOH!!!

  • Russell Stephan

    Desktop CNC does the same thing for metal-based guns.

    I suggest getting used to the notion of guns — legal and illegal. The notion one could ban a device which has remained nothing but a glorified peashooter for a thousand years certainly determines whether or not common sense exists.

  • Vanguard

    Can 3-D printed guns get through airport security? Yes and so can a shocking amount of stuff cuz TSA is a joke. But they’re on top of your water tho!

  • Master Chief 00117

    3D printing… I can turn on a lathe and make anything. I don't need no stinking 3D printer for that….

  • Boo

    Someone publishes a book and the genie is out of the bottle, but somehow uploading a file to the internet is controllable? Does he even know what the internet is?

  • Stephen Huntley

    So liberals think guns are bad, hmm, let's look at the statistics:

    2017 data released on (which was the most recent data available to date), 403 homicides occured with a rifle. That's 403/329,000,000 or roughly 0.00012% of the US population.

    This is a study performed by an PhD professor who researches this stuff for a living. His findings:
    "Given that 79% of perpetrators are connected

    to firearms for which they are not the legal

    owner, it is highly likely that a significant

    amount of theft or trafficking is the source of

    perpetrators’ firearms."
    Also shown in the data is that 18% are legal gun owners and 3% info is missing.

    With regard school shootings, again, using the most reputable and unbiased source I can find, 8.8% of mass shootings are school shootings (workplace mass shootings make up the majority of mass shootings at 31%). An average of 6.47 people die and 4.89 people are wounded in a mass shooting. Also, 95.6% are single offenders. Roughly 60% were suffering from schizophrenia. This means that performing a background check on someone for priors is not likely to make a dent in the situation. In other words, most likely, background checks currently performed are catching the majority of would be mass shooters.

    Here is a Boston University report and study performed by a professor who took a look at the correlation of certain types of gun laws and firearm homicide rates. It's the most objective thing I can seem to find that seems credible. In summary, his findings are the type of gun doesn't matter. What does matter is who has access to the gun, so people with priors and state's with universal background checks are helpful in reducing homicide rates by a little under 20%.

    Lastly, regarding defensive gun uses. This one is harder to find accurate information on. The CDC started research on it during the Clinton administration but stopped three years later and never published the results. Consequently, this guy reports on that and provides the data for a lot of data gathering sources such as Gallup, Cambridge, and so forth. Since it's a rough estimate, don't use it as the exact number, but it provides a good starting place to get an idea of roughly how many defensive gun uses occur each year in the U.S. The numbers are roughly 1 million.

    So, 403 rifle homicides/329,000,000 us population * 18% for legal gun owners commiting a crime with a gun = 72.54 people killed per year by rifles by legal gun owners. That being said, this may not be directly comparable because the study more likely focused on handguns. However, it's the best statistical data I can piece together. Use that approx. 73 people as a rough estimate for controllable rifle homicides in a year.

    I think it would be inaccurate to compare school shootings to the legal gun owners rates I just calculated given pistols don't really have enough ammunition to reach the 4 people threshold that defines a mass shooting. However, evidence from a source I provide down below shows the majority of mass school shooters are actually students. So, for argument sake, let's assume 100% of school mass shootings with a rifle are by legal gun owners since it may be reasonable to assume that these students used their parents' guns. That means, 8.8%*403=35.464 people as the target numbers we should expect.

    Now if you look at this information from the Center for Defense and Security and FEMA, again, the most reputable and objective source I can find for this subject, then you will see this information.

    With an average of 15.62222 students being killed or injured per year, this cross checks pretty closely with the statistics from the other source indicating about 6.5 people die and about 4.9 people are injured in mass shootings. It's also lower than the rifle estimate, so things are calculating within a reasonable range of accuracy.

  • TheLoneRideR

    "Anyone can print it, no background checks, mental illness not a factor, virtually undetectable," a CNN anchor warns. I would counter, under the gun control agenda, "anyone can ban your stuff, they don't need any background or understanding of firearms or the constitution, mental illness (such as phobia of guns) is not a factor, and the bias favoring such bans is so ingrained to most people it is undetectable in news coverage"…

  • TheLoneRideR

    Be afraid they tell us!  "Fear. It's the oldest tool of power. If you're distracted by the fear of those around you, it keeps you from seeing the actions of those above" – character of Mulder, old X-Files episode, life is imitating art..,.

  • Nick F

    2:15 Really weird that a rep from Mass the state that had homemade bombs killing people running a marathon is like no, "this bomb making book is ok 🤗"

  • Nick F

    3:11 now we have semi autos? Dude the most popular semi auto to date, the (1911) was over 100 years ago 😂.

  • Plaga Jug

    The canadian government would strongly disagree even the municipal governments around here have Google whiping their asses. On tar rio's Sunshine's blinding.

  • Cauy Warner

    A single shot 3D printed gun…. Doesn't sound much different from a muzzleloader that literally anyone can buy with no background check….. Both Single shot, both not requiring a background check. Only difference is that it is a little harder to make in your basement but you can go to almost any store that sells guns and pick one up off the shelf.

  • Chakat Nightsparkle

    I have Mixed Feelings about this topic. Yes I think it should be allowed. But, I do think some Regulations should be implied to it. IE background checks at least. To at least make sure the Person is Legal to even own a gun.

  • 10000 Subscribers With No Videos

    Make it a law that you have to download the file from a government website after receiving a background check. And if you make a gun at home you need to register it and have a background check. (Obviously no one would follow these laws but it’s better than what we have now)

  • Martin Gosvig

    Ha i dont think these people – download and click print – ever had tryed a 3d printer. It takes alot of time and if you want to ban 3d printers, would you also ban lathes, angle grinders and metal pipes etc etc. If they are so nervous about 3d printed guns try giving half the squad of marines one and see how happy they are on their next assignement.

  • Grey Hat

    These fuckers hate the bill of rights and constitution. Need a revolution against these tyrants. The founding fathers exactly wanted us to build our own guns. Fuck the government

  • adam forbes

    Ha…meanwhile in reality a knee mill or "Bridgeport" milling machine has been available for a century, add cnc to it and you can make a metal, untraceable gun repeatedly with just a few button presses.
    A 3d printer isn't as pricey, but good luck shooting a 3d printed plastic gun lol.



  • Logan Bagley

    "Now we have AR-15s and semiautomatic weapons…"
    And Democrats wonder why we don't listen to them when they lecture us on firearms.

  • Sila Narodnaya

    So why exactly are plans to make high-enrichment centrifuges basically banned from public knowledge? Thats censorship!!!!

  • ? ?

    Good to see a lot of Americans are waking up finally better late than never for being ruled by a tyrant but powers that shouldn't be why don't we ever get the truth we didn't even get the truth about Oklahoma City Bombing we all know it was an inside job if you actually do the research you will see that….. why do we let tyrannical rulers continue to Lord over us why do we let them continue to force the propaganda and brainwashing upon us and those we care about ….we are not free we are just slaves that take care of our self… anytime they want they can literally execute you with no proof trial or verdict in this country does that sound free to you….

  • ? ?

    It's a complete and blatant lie to say that a terrorist would actually use this they just want to limit us on what we can do and that's the truth again tyrants thinking they have the right to own us and control us…. I pray I live to see the day when people completely wake up to this and rid themselves of this corrupt tyrannical powers that shouldn't be government I look forward to seeing that…
    The only thing the government was ever intended to do was to punish evil-doers and that is all we need them for nothing more they don't even do that right… our prison system is one of the many great examples of how they fail miserably at punishing evildoers….

  • ? ?

    Put the genie back in the bottle sounds like a bunch more tyrannical control they're doing such a great job controlling everything else they have their beak in .. for example they've done such a wonderful job on the War on Drugs haven't they…it hasn't moved 1% in winning yet not 1% have they beat the War on Drugs it's actually gotten worse if the truth be told …there's no War on Drugs they just want to control us scare us and keep their boot on our neck…. so they're rich corrupt buddies can continue to get rich and sell us crap we don't need that's why they introduced personal peace and affluence into this country many years ago and they wonderful idiotic Baby Boomers and their fathers and grandfathers accepted it without much of a fight….we have a lot to thank them dipsticks for a lot of this happened on their watch and now we're having to undo the mess and we're paying for it…..

  • ? ?

    Truth be known the gun violence we have if they were counting it right wouldn't even be where it is… they put suicide in there as gun violence oh yes that makes sense that is not gun violence it's a control mechanism otherwise nobody would say oh my gosh because the numbers wouldn't even be half they have to stick things in there that make the numbers higher again we're trusting our powers that shouldn't be to put the numbers in there too …..also most of the supposed mass shootings we all know they're false Flags they don't even report on them properly let alone anyone else is allowed to report on them properly we are controlled at every which turn their pissed off because people are waking up or maybe they want people to wake up so they can trick them into thinking they want a revolt and then beat that down and take even more of our freedoms…. either way these corrupt tyrannical powers that shouldn't be they're thinking ten steps ahead at all times…. most people don't even realize what politics are politics are a way to control people it keeps them divided and fighting are you telling me that all the people in each one of them parties are thinking exactly the way that party thinks they all have the same exact thoughts as the party they're apart of I think not we're all perfectly capable of taking care of ourselves they just want you to think you're not and they need fear to do that…. if most people knew the truth I believe it will make a big difference but they're too busy with their nose to the Grind working everyday for nothing they keep you busy on purpose birth to death they're controlling you it's insanity….. I pray I live today to see when the majority wakes up just to get a taste of what could be without these corrupt powers that shouldn't be…..

  • azzir325

    If it is censorship, reasons be damned, it is still censorship. I stand for the Constitution, and I don't want my RIGHTS, any of them, infringed.

  • Yoshidude64

    Seriously though, what's the difference between my step grandfather making guns in his workshop and him printing guns in his home?

  • oicub2

    Fired off more than twice and you'd be lucky if you don't blow your own hand off. It won't be the gun that blew up, it'll be the bullet. The gun never had the capacity to support the bullet. FYI, one small piece of two-by-four, one piece of brake line, and a 22 shell. Trace that.

  • oicub2

    They don't give a rat's ass about the guns. They want access to your files just in case you come up with anything interesting. The gun would blow up in your hand plus you still need to buy bullets. Trust me when I say, they don't care about the gun.

  • R Schmidt

    I want to see these people saying “press a button and make a gun” actually try and 3D print one, and if they happen to actually get it produced, go out and shoot it and see if they’re hand is still in one piece.

  • awyld85

    "we got AR-15s and semi automatic weapons" this turd brain is following the same story he seen on news, and has totally forgot about fully automatic weapons.

  • Qu Baker

    No different then underground gunsmiths making guns with metal they have and selling them like they did back in the day. If there is a will there is a way. Druggies still get drugs; criminal can steal and get get guns on the black market so pointless; that is why there's the 2nd amendment to defend yourself against them they don't care if you live or not.

    Also 3d guns is like a one shot thing and could blow up in hand are isn't accurate so… I bet they try to ban the 3d printers cause of them. People vote for dumb people for office I swear…

  • MyTruckinLife ACE

    Making a gun isn’t that hard. It just takes some basic machining skills that are not that hard to learn. I’m talking about traditional gunsmithing.

  • Tomas Gomez

    As a 3D artist… I guess I can model and 3D print all guns I fucking want. Who is going to stop me if the Government doesn’t know I’m doing it? Government trying to control everything makes them look so lame.

    Like the Joker in the movie “The Dark Knight” says to Harvey Dent: “Introduce a little anarchy. Upset the established order and everything becomes chaos.”

    That’s the US Gov nowadays.

  • blueboyblue

    Do you know what a Zip Gun is? That is a small caliber pistol that is made from a car antenna. Do you know what Slam Fire is? That is a shotgun made from plumbing pipe. 3-D Printed guns are not adding anything to the game that wasn't already there. You can go to Walmart and buy ingredients to make either a bomb or poison gas.

  • 57ashdot

    @3:08 backpedaling so hard. Cognitive dissonance is a real bitch isn't it lol. "BUT THAT WAS DIFFERENT" No, its not. It's actually so similar its kind of scary. Our taxes are so high and the amount of overreach is so awful, we may as well be wage slaves under the kings rule again. Except the monarchy was just replaced with a group of tyrants instead.

  • goombakiwi

    It's always been legal for the public to manufacture their own firearms. Public safety has obviously not been at stake. There is no genie, there is no bottle.

  • elweasel2010

    Doesn't the Anarchist Cook Book also contain instructions on building a home made firearm? Also don't use the Anarchist Cook Book, many instructions are wrong and people have been injured.

  • HiveTyrant36

    If you pay attention to the morons who want to ban things, they always have no explaination as to why this topic should be banned and not another. This is because they are morons. Timbuck tooth mcgee is an idiot.

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