They admit the truth, Our 1901 Constitution Stands + they are Liars, Wayne Glew
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They admit the truth, Our 1901 Constitution Stands + they are Liars, Wayne Glew

Good afternoon, this letter was sent to us from a friend and it is an answer to a letter he wrote to John Quigley the purported Attorney General of Western Australia, he couldn’t answer it I understand that he’s he used to be a very good attorney in, in criminal law and everything else and I don’t knock that fact but I doubt if he knows a great deal about the Constitution so put it on to Dr Adam Thomason director general of the Department of Justice, the third paragraph on this says the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act in brackets, the Constitution came into effect in 1901 in fact January the 1st it’s a fundamental law of Australia binding everybody including the Commonwealth Parliament and the Parliament of the States, and that passed by a parliament is invalid if it conflicted with the Constitution. We know that why? 107, 108 and 109 of our Constitution now our Constitution when we accepted it by referendum what about this thick, or a little thinner, it consisted on section 1 to 128, and that’s in this book along with the Australia Act and a heap of other garbage that was put together by the federal government, this is the Commonwealth Constitution Act 1900 UK the Commonwealth Constitution and then it goes back to number one and starts and explains exactly how the framers intend it to be interpreted, now they started ten years before Federation, putting our Constitution together they had numerous Constitutional conventions in numerous states and in numerous parts of Australia and they came to a consensus that this is how the Constitution would be put together, and this is very much how the Constitution will be interpreted a lot of people says we didn’t vote for Quick and Garren, no we didn’t, and that’s the fact, we did’nt, we voted for section 1 to 128, Quick and Garren is the handsard of how they came to each section and what it meant to them the framers and how they thought we should view it and we should interpret it now if you can’t see that then just bend down and go hide somewhere in the corner because you’re not very bright, now I’m not saying I know everything about the Constitution I don’t, I have read it several times, dozens in fact and I interpret it according to that and I add to that interpretations by our Court the High Court of Australia, except for the last few years because it’s no longer is our Court, it is a joke, if they haven’t sworn oath of allegiance as required by section 72 of our Constitution, and none of the Politicians have in accordance with section 42 of our Constitution, so we don’t have any lawful Judges, Magistrates, Politicians or anything else, we have lying thieves traitors from the Political parties, who put forward their will not ours, their ideals not ours, they’ve established every single part of this country, all of our public utilities, they put them overseas into companies. Dunn & Bradstreet and a couple of others have listed all these companies I’ve actually shown you before in the next couple of weeks I’ll show you the rest of them where you find out the Supreme Court of Western Australia is a registered company in America, how does that one work? we had some gentlemen on Facebook in relation to my wife putting this letter up earlier saying that the Commonwealth can set up a company a trading company because it says so in the Constitution, well in the fairy book somewhere way, way, away probably, but certainly not in our Constitution it doesn’t say that, in fact there is no such thing as “The Australian Government”, it is a company, there is no such thing as the “Government of Western Australia” the “Government of New South Wales” “Victoria” or whatever, they’re not Government’s their Parliament’s, what makes them the governing body is the three tiers, and that does not include local garbage called “Local Government” it is in the State area it is the Governor, he select ten from the lower house eight from the upper house, he puts the legislation together along with the Attorney General who isn’t a member of Parliament, that’s a nonsense, Sir John Quigley you shouldn’t be where you are so nothing you do has any value, now, then they put it to the lower house, in the State Parliament we have a Legislative Assembly Legislative Council and the Queen, there’s no Queen anymore because they’ve changed the name, and of course that’s a felony of TREASON under all the laws of England vol 2, and that’s, the penalty is transport to the colonies for life, or death by hanging, I like the last one, if they want someone the pull the lever, pick me, now what the Parliament’s supposed to do is debate the Legislation put together by the Executive Government, which is the Governor in Council, NOT THE PARLIAMENT, and its a cabinet, there’s no such thing in our Constitution, so this letter actually says all that’s UNLAWFUL, not directly it doesn’t have to, just says this is Lawful or in our Constitution whichever one you choose to use, then it refers to the Federal Parliament set up the same, we have a Governor-General who select ten from the lower house, 8 from the upper and that puts the Legislation together, there’s no Federal Cabinet, that’s some nonsense, Scomo is ten chops short of a barbecue, you couldn’t say he is anything else, he hasn’t sworn the Lawful oath, he knew it, I emailed him so he knew it, so did a lot of other people, he just ignored it, there is no such person as a “Queen of Australia”, we have an oath in our Constitution, YOU MUST USE THAT OATH, nothing else, you cannot use anything else, you you’ve breached the oath, you owe us the people, us the people, people ask me why did you cease the three tiers of Government file them into the House of Lords? simple they weren’t being used, because you’ve got the Executive the Legislature and the Judicature, now what’s the Legislature what’s it’s Authority? none, none, it’s whole being is to debate and pass Legislation ACCORDING TO OUR CONSTITUTION, both at the State and Federal level, IT HAS NO POWER TO MAKE IT’S OWN LAWS, HAS NO POWER TO PROPOSE LAWS, THAT’S ALL DONE BY THE EXECUTIVE NOT BY, THE, POLITICAL PARTIES, WHO HAVE DECIDED THAT THEY ARE THE GOVERNMENT,now you can take what I say and just ignore it, but if you read section, seven through two twenty three, that says how the Senate and the House of Representatives of the Federal Parliament MUST BE SET UP, there’s no other way to do it, it must be done there, the State Constitution state how the state Parliament’s must be set up, but when you look at Quick and Garren, that says on page 791 and this YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND, NEITHER THE FEDERAL, NOR THE STATE PARLIAMENT’S ARE SOVERIGN BODIES, THEY ARE ONLY LEGISLATURES WITH LIMITED AUTHORITY, the CONSTITION LIMITS THEIR AUTHORITY, it gives them a sphere where they can Legislate, but according to our Constitution, it must be subject to our Constitution, McGinty tried it on in 1996 so that he could just, the States existed before Federation, the Government had plenary powers could do whatever they like, of course that is absolute nonsense like Mr. McGinty was, and then the High Court says 106 says THE STATE CONSTITUTION CONTINUES SUBJECT TO THE COMMONWEALTH CONSTITUTION, and clearly explained, how the STATE CONSTITUION can only CONTINUE if it COMPLIES with a COMMONWEALTH CONSTITUTION, so they add a LOCAL GOVERNMENT in 1979 & KNOCKED IT OUT. Knocked out the State Parliament because they stepped out of the Authority they had, they had no Authority to propose that Legislation, they had no Authority to Legislate and look who did it, the Labor Party (Whitlam), what happened the Liberal Party (Fraser) got in next they kept it up, they’re just as guilty, they probably even voted for it when it went through the Parliament, but it doesn’t matter, WE DON’T HAVE ANY LAWFUL PARLIAMENTS IN THIS COUNTRY, they all propose LOCAL GOVERNMENT, and put it in WITHOUT PERMISSION OF THE PEOPLE, but they couldn’t do it anyway! Now the unreal thing is I’ve been ridiculed over the last few weeks I’ve been busying my son’s been sick, I’ve read some of the nonsense put on there by trolls all friends of VanStyne (dickhead loser) and another clown Jeff Elliot from Geraldton, he’s actually he, when my kids went to school he was headmaster of the Ona Quein primary school and then Geraldton primary school, you’d think Jeffrey Elliot would understand the English language given that he was a headmaster of primary school, but something seems to have escaped his brain, because he’s promoting Local Government, that would make you Jeffrey Elliot not very bright, and pretty silly given the fact you can’t even understand a two letter word NO, in 1974 they wanted to add Local Government we said NO, how come you don’t understand that Geoff? what part of that don’t you understand? then in 1977 they tried to trick us, by saying they wanted permission to pay direct from the Federal Government to Local Government, that was a trick because if we had said yes we would recognized Local Government existed, so they could pay them, so that was a second referendum, then they had a third in 1988, to add 119A to our Constitution, plus it had four questions, the first one was DO YOU APPROVE THE CONTINUANCE OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT? we said NO… you HEAR THAT GEOFF? NO…NO means YOU CAN’T DO IT… do you approve the continuance or the establishment? we said NO… there’s two NO’S. then we said NO to the empowerment, so THIER IS YOUR THIRD NO… and the fourth one, NO TO THE MAKING OF BYLAWS… so it’s NO, but even if they did have the power to make bylaws the end result would, IT WOULD HAVE TO COMPLY WITH OUR CONSTITUTION, otherwise you can’t make them, the State Parliament can’t delegate authority there’s nowhere in the Constitution says they can, so that statements a lie, now we have politicians from the Liberal Party and the Labor Party running around everywhere telling everybody you lease the top 2 foot of your property, you don’t own it… hang on you’ve paid massive amounts of money massive amounts of interest and you don’t own it, who does? the Crown, but not the Crown of England, the Crown being? well probably King Beazley when he’s in his too too, because it doesn’t make sense there’s no other Crown, and Land Gate has just done a submission to the (fake) State Parliament in relation to (fake) Local Government saying, Torrens Title, were, all our Titles were in Torrens Title from Federation, that’s a lie, out right lie, Torrens was a crooked criminal Governor of South Australia, governor Torrens, he created the title so that South Australians never ever got to own their land, had nothing to do with this country, I’ve got an original title there’s no Torrens title, in fact there’s no Torrens title written on your Title, even though anything written on there is an Estate in Fee Simple (Common Law ownership) but now you’re a Tenant in common on or in, whichever way they wanted to phrase it at the time, but the fact is, a TITLE IS A DOCUMENT OF OWNERSHIP, if it’s not a document ownership what are you paying all this money for? and then paying it off, so if you pay a huge big deposit and you got to pay that off, then you got to pay, according to this politician from down Margaret River you’ve got to pay it off, on the lease arrangement… How does this all work? and then good old LandGate, they explained it in their document, hang on it’s the Crown in right of the State and in brackets Government? No you dumb silly people, YOU ARE A COMPANY, YOU DON’T OWN THE TITLES, you have no control over them, WE DO, WE OWN THE PROPERTY, WE OWN THE TITLE,oh now you’re going to make them digital, how come? So you can change them around without out knowledge and without our ability to do anything about it, kind of like how Scomo wants to take all the money out (cash limit) so we can tell you what to do, tell you when you can take money out of the bank, you don’t think that’s reality? wake up, if they don’t want you to have your Title, all they have to do is wipe it off and say you don’t own it, belongs to them, what are you going to do about it? sit there swigging beer playing football say “oh them rotten mongrels”, and still do nothing? which is what you’re doing now, right under your nose these criminals, criminals like Van Stien and, what’s the other one? our little friend Mr. Brown, in Geralton, and Geoff Elias he sticks up for them, that filthy mouth dejenerate, who said suggested my wife was a prostitute and I paid money for her, and she’s a mail-order bride, and the other issue about, I went to Thailand to get her? and while in Thailand I was a pedo? I think you’re the pedo mate, you’re the one who said it, you are the pedophile, my wife isn’t Thai, nothing against the Thai people, she’s not from Thailand, she was in Taipei working where she’s been since he’s 18, working the guts out supporting her own family, how dare you denigrate her you degenerate, that’s all you are degenerates, foul mouth stupid degenerates, and I’m not a pedophile, you may be and probably are you’re the one who keeps bringing up the subject, I didn’t buy her, I met her on Facebook, I went over to Taipei, we met, we decided to come back together we decided to get married, there was no money exchanged, there was no mail, it was all on Facebook, all 42 or 24,000 times we spoke, all documented, if you had the intellect and had the ability to perceive there’s two sides to every story I’d actually show you but you don’t your just a foul mouth idiot, now in the issue of Heather Glendenning, I never ever met her personally never went to a house and don’t even still know where the house is, I did know her from the point of view I could talk to her, on the phone and by email, one night I overheard the conversation which remains with the police because of the issues raised at the time, where I told her to ring the police immediately which she did, I don’t know what took place on that night, I’ve been told by certain people and I’m not disclosing any of it, but being responsible for her death? you’re a nutcase, try Wayne Martin he was the one who threw her case out, I can’t even tell you what that case is, it was in relation to two juveniles, so I can’t bring that up, but if I did you would get the shock of your life, what filthy degenerates you two are, and what Wayne Martin was to deal with it the way he did, but then Wayne Martin never was a Judge, it was a Coram and he had admitted on the 29th, no the 21st of June 2011, he hadn’t sworn the oath of allegiance to the Queen, he said he didn’t have to? trouble is in Section 72 of the Constitution says he does, Section 106, 107, 108, nine, forces him to abide by this Constitution, whether he likes it or not, but Wayne Martin thinks he’s above the Law, but Wayne Martin is a FRAUD and a LIAR, I told him he’s a fraud and a liar and that’s exactly what he is, he is a liar when he calls himself a Judge, he sits in fraud when he sits in the court, 14 years he sat there and hadn’t sworn the Lawful Oath, he wasn’t a Judge, he was just a fraudulent LIAR, and he remains that way, you hear that Wayne Martin? that’s all you were, when you sat on the Justices case I don’t care what your rule is, their was no two and a half million dollars I allegedly stole mislead or deceived, anybody while we were in court they were applying for a Patent, my Patent, I’ve got copys of them, so that’s why I filed a writ on them and that’s as far as I go with that, because it’s none of your business, they haven’t got their money they’re not getting any money, it was never theirs anyway, so let’s stop the lies… let’s go back to our Constitution let’s look at this letter for what it is, an admittance by someone in the Government with a brain, that the Constitution stands, and while that Constitution stands, you can’t have all of our public utilities sitting in companies owned by the Cabal in America, and it owns all these foreign agencies including “ASIC” & the “Australian Taxation Office”, and the “Australian Government” ALL FOREIGN AGENTS REQUIRED TO BE REGISTERED IN AMERICA but aren’t, required to be registered here and file a form, form 418 under ASIC law, but they can’t because ASIC are in the same boat, THEY ARE A FOREIGN AGENT as well, that is why I seized the three tiers of Government, that wasn’t being used, we have all companies all the assets of this Country, were held in those companies until I seize them, is it Lawful? oh yeah this letter says, the Commonwealth Constitution Act UK well Act, and our Constitution is Lawful, what that means is to comply with our Constitution you have to swear the oath of allegiance to Her Majesty, embedded in that Oath of Allegiance is Magna Carta, 1688 Bill of Rights, Act of Settlement, Habeas Corpus, Challis real property which relates to the ownership of our property, not you, we own it, no matter what you say you’re Liars, and the King James Bible and all the laws of England, all cemented in, Magna Carta is part of the Coronation Oath of the Queen, because King James the first in 1297 cemented it into the Coronation Oath, so it couldn’t be removed, so all the Lies about King John did this, someone else did this, gave it to the Pope, nonsense, absolute Lies, Magna Carta stands as the Common Law of this country along with all the other Acts, you don’t like it, tough, does the Parliament have the right to, or the authority to change Common Law? NO that’s another Lie, can they override the High Court? NO, another Lie, can they Legislate against the High Court or Common Law? NO, another Lie, Against our Constitution? NO just another Lie, the reason we’ve got so many Liars sitting in Parliament is they’re not there that they are deliberate Liars, all the hierarchy in the political parties is, the others have advisers and those Liars, advisers teach absolute nonsensical Lies, to all our current politicians, so what have we got? Nothing, so I’m gonna stop this video here because over the next couple of weeks I’m going to do some videos, on each individual thing I’ve spoken about, including Justice case including Heather Glendenning’s case, although I can’t expand on that very much, but on our Constitution, THE AUSTRALIA ACT, DOESN’T EXIST IN LAW, and THIS CONSTITUTION SAYS SO, and this DOCUMENT SAYS this is CORRECT…. So you got a problem, statute of Westminster reduction Act, crap, it gives the States the Authority, purported authority, to change Western Australia’s Constitution, it’s a LETTERS PATENT, STATUTE OF MONOPOLIES says you CAN’T CHANGE A LETTERS PATENT, Queen Victoria didn’t die and give everything to the Government, that’s all nonsense, ALL LIES, it’s time to WAKE UP PEOPLE, I’ll get back to you with the next video, and start to explain all the things I’ve just said, because it will take too many hours to explain in one video like now, so I’ll have to do them individually, and I’ll TEACH YOU JUST HOW CROOKED, BENT and TREASONOUS THIS THING CALLED THE PARLIAMENT IS, sitting in Canberra and in YOUR STATES, and you’ll KNOW WHAT A PACK OF LYING THEIVES they really are, Thank you… Bye.


  • Ed Wasil

    Greetings from Great Tartaria Wayne, some of us do know what is going on, the others are asleep or just don't give a dam Cheers

  • roger perner

    Thankyou for your valuable work Wayne.
    Very very interesting and informative video.
    I am sharing this to FB and friends.
    We know our government is corrupt and treasonous. We know the parliamentarians are just puppets and follow orders.
    Somehow we must eradicate this government and begin afresh.
    You're a great man, thanks again for fighting for us.

  • Michael Thomas

    Top stuff Wayne…
    Keep up the good work mate…
    I messaged GAP the other day asking whether we could chat with GAP Queensland reps…
    We're looking to put a delegation together here for Cairns and the top end…
    I'll keep an eye out for their response…
    Thanks again mate…
    Take care and be safe.

  • Stacy Stableton

    Wayne people are waking up everywhere I cannot see the powers that shouldn’t be getting away with this scam for much longer. Thank you.

  • Peter Friswell

    Since Wayne seized the lawful tiers of parliament, I’ve wondered, does that make him now able to go ahead and set up a lawful parliament of the Commonwealth therefore bypassing the corporate entities in Canberra?

  • Mars Upial

    It's hard to believe that Morrison revealed his ancestors were first-fleeters, "brought to Australia undet the most dire of circumstances", as in the case of other pollies. My mind boggles over them herding humans around in the same way their ancestors were. Talk about the abused becoming the abusers

  • 69fangs69

    no need to explain yourself or your wife mate….these maggots have no spine & cant stand on their own, but we can & will….always here to help, good job

  • 69fangs69

    what is the big brown book wayne? looks like a dictionary….trying to find our which dictionary is good (been told blacks law dictionary 4th edition is the one to go for, just dont know why) great work as always mate

  • Megan F

    Wayne you don't need to defend your honour against the dishonourable, you stand leaps and bounds apart from the parasites. If they looked up integrity in the dictionary they would find a picture of you Wayne.

  • Sojourner onmhyway

    I'm looking to buy a house in NSW(sic) or Queensland. Is there any way to avoid the computerized Titles. It sounds a nasty future surprise for the unprepared.

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