Third amendment explained: learn about what the third amendment is!
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Third amendment explained: learn about what the third amendment is!

third amendment allows the government to
put soldiers in your home can this and will this affect you stay
tuned because in this video I’m going to explain to you if you have
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videos were doing you know what Alex had a question about the third
amendment and how it affects US citizens do hi I’m Jr Fisher with survival paper dot
com and this video we’re going to discuss
how the US government could 4shared to house soldiers in your own
home let’s start at the beginning that third
amendment was passed in response to the British cornering at which was
passed during the Revolutionary War in 1765 the British Parliament past the quartering act which forced the
college to pay the cost to the soldiers or serving the
colonies under the direction to britain it also required that if there with
insufficient space in the barracks that the colonists had to house the
soldiers in their hands livery stables again even their own homes the third amendment it was introduced by
James Madison in 1789 and it was part of the bill
rights by 1791 three-quarters of the united
states had ratified the amendment and by 1792 thomas jefferson who was then Secretary of State
announced the adoption and the third amendment so what does that very moment
say basically it says the government can
force you to house soldiers in your home during wartime so
they have to worry well not really that wartime has to be
war declared war on US soil thanks Alex for your question and your
interest in the third amendment hey if you’ve got a question about
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