• Paul McNabb

    Looks like the ups victim was shot by police. The police were taking cover and firing behind civilian vehicles for their protection. Surprised more civilians did not get killed.


    It's not the police fought
    they had assult rifle and they was wearing ups clothes officer had no choice to police it look like in side job officer was confused and took action after shots fire

  • Jakazu

    The police should next go after the father of Frank then his two daughters for defying the police and calling them out. Police Supremacy. Don't deny the police.

  • Julius Adams

    The police use civilians as their Shield for their very own protection they could care less all they cured was to kill the two robbers and take out whoever is in the way it didn't even matter to them

  • Julius Adams

    The police did not care about the UPS driver he was in there way he was a casualty all means necessary fire to kill no matter who's in the way that's how these police think they just don't care they are trained natural killers with no conscious or remorse they are the worst of the worst of criminals these corrupt police that run around loose in this country with guns and badges

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