Time to Bring Back FDR’s Second Bill of Rights…
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Time to Bring Back FDR’s Second Bill of Rights…

its sole worth revisiting I just I wanna
share this with you know back to your phone calls you on anything
goes Friday in and it being anything as writing pick up
any topic you what and so as you moderators privilege I’m
gonna pick the topic that I want which is the FDR second Bella rights this is what we need to do to reboot
this country it was proposed in 1944 by Franklin Delano Roosevelt in his
State of the Union address and he said in our day these economic truths have become
accepted as self-evident we have accepted so to speak a second bill of
rights under which a new base is a security and
prosperity could be established for all regardless if station race or creed 1944 he’s sane america is with us on this we have
figured this out and he was largely right me died shortly after the switch and harry truman was not able to bring
any the stuff into fruition because in the election a 46 the democrats took
the senate project the house and just Anderson and action in the Republicans took the
house in Santa and past you know taft-hartley which got
head the the the right to work produced the
so-called right to work for less States arm you know on anime images really
started rolling back the new deal but but FDR communities as these these these
should be the rights that we have among these rights are the
right to a useful and renew morachov job as a
well-paid job in the industries are shops or farms reminds the nation the right to earn a nub to provide adequate food
and clothing and recreation the right every farmer res and sells
products at a return which will give him and his family decent living keep in
mind back when in 44 when FDR was saying this maybe
twenty percent of America was farmers it’s now down to about 1
percent but it’s back then it was a lot the right every businessman large and
small to trade in an atmosphere freedom from
unfair competition and domination by monopolies at home or abroad is this more apropos to today than in the past even the right have every family to a decent
home the right to adequate medical care and
the opportunity to achieve enjoy good health really healthcare a right been proposed in 1944
the state in the Union address by the president up the United States and we still have republicans screaming
about Obamacare home what a right to health care are you kidding yea welcome to a bowl
and the right to adequate protection from
the economic fears uphold age sickness accident and unemployment’s think about that for a min most
americans live most of their lives in fear I do not believe this is an exaggeration the vast majority of Americans spend
much of their life very seriously worried about the fact
that a serious illness in their family or an accident that bans up you know
paralyzing them or bar injuring them in a way that keeps them
out in the workplace are getting old and not being able to
work or unemployment just a serious recession
we’ve got millions and millions americans long-term unemployed excuse me that we live in fear of these things because
they’re gonna wipe us out and FDR same the role of government is
to make sure that you are not afraid of any of these things that if you get sick we’ve got your back
if you get old we’re gonna take a review if you have a horrible accident no problem and he did this by the way we
social security disability and if you are unemployed the government
will provide you with the job the government will be the employer of
last resort as we did throughout the Roosevelt
presidency to the right to adequate protection from
the economic fears old age sickness accident unemployment the right to a good
education good Asian Germany just abolished to wish in
they just ended tuition in a German university
system ended it no buddy in germany no student whose who’s
going to college this year is ever going to owe up penny
in student loans wiping germans understand if you invest ten
thousand dollars are a hundred thousand dollars in somebody’s education that
person is going to pay far more than ten or a hundred thousand dollars in taxes
in the course their life in extra taxes because their income is
going to be higher they’re going to be productive members
of society they’re going to build the country the germans get this the right to a good
education FDR said all love these rights spell security and after this war is 1 keep in mind in in thus the early winter of 1944 when he gave his
State of the Union address we were still a war with Germany Japan all of these rights spell security and
after this war is one we must be prepared to move forward imp ni implementation %uh these rights to new goals up human happiness and well-being member United States is
the only country in the world or at least it was in 1776 I think probably maybe still be to list in its founding
document the Declaration of Independence that one of the fundamental rights of
its citizens was the right to happiness life liberty the pursuit of happiness in
so FDR says all these rights bill security and after
this war is one we must be prepared to move forward the information implementation is right to new goals of
human happiness and well-being america’s own rightful place in the
world depends in large part about how fully these and similar rights in
carried into practice for all our citizens unless there is security
here at home but cannot be lasting peace in the you’re listening to but Tom Hartman
program call 866 nine eight seven th 0


  • treewolf37

    I did not know that FDR is the reason I get a disability check. Had to really pay attention and keep trying to get treated like a real person. Great bill of rights!!!

  • Mark Mulakush

    I am retired now. Thom, you are right! I spent ALL my working life in desperate fear of destitution that may visit my family on account of unemployment, sickness, stealing of my pension, jacking up of educations costs for my children, losing my home, etc. Almost all of these fears have been visited upon me with devastating consequences. I am an engineer with a Ph.D. and at this stage in my life, a large chunk of my pension was stolen by Wall Street types, much of my pension benefit could not be accrued on account of employment and consequent switching of employers. I went into mental depression, suffered a heart attack as a result of this fearful life. It makes me mad that Republicans have thwarted efforts to establish sanity in this country even before my birth. To learn that President Roosevelt enunciated the conditions for happy and healthy life back in 1944 and his platforms destroyed by the Republicans makes me very sad and mad.

  • Charles Stewart

    These ideals can be achieved.
    But "Obama-Care", & other leftist social-engineering schemes are way to intellectually retarded & morally compromized to achieve this utopian ideal.

  • Jose Diaz

    The only way that anything will change for good is if we start by Getting money out of politics ,that is the root of all our problems

  • thelineman43

    A 30 thousand lb government truck hit me going over 50 mph14 years ago and a foreign judge in tallahassee is saying my injuries have nothing to do with disability. 14 year battle. And my foreign neighbors been in this country 3 months and they get full disability and other checks several times a month. And the judge had my foodstamps cut off. today is my 3rd day with no food.  The problem with my case is I'm an American.Because they told me that several times. And my fellow Americans say I deserve what I got. Can't walk 9 months out of the year if I'm lucky.

  • dan thrash

    No Thom, you don't have a right to 'happiness', you have a right to the pursuit of happiness. Happiness is subjective and can't be given to someone by the government. The right to the pursuit of happiness means the government stops stealing from our paychecks and regulating our bodies, economic activities, and lives.

  • ChooseChoice

    All of the items listed in the second bill of human rights as rights are not rights. A right is not a positive entitlement to which you can simply claim wealth from other people.  A true right is to propose that government or any other entity must NOT infringe on your right to do something.  

    The government of the United States already has unlimited power and the constitution is often ignored.  This bill of rights is nothing more than a manifesto for liberal/socialist ideals of what entitlements should exist.

    1) Employment, with a living wage

    Entitlements are positive 'rights' provided by government.  Let's start with the first 'right'.  How exactly is government going to guarantee that you have employment with enough income for all of the necessities plus recreation and what exactly does that even mean?  What is enough recreation?  To fulfil just this first 'right' you would need total government to complete. 

    2) Freedom for unfair competition and monopolies.

    Monopolies are created by government.  The only way to stop monopolization or oligopolization of industry is to reduce government regulation.  The first 'right' contradicts this second one. 

    Government jobs produce nothing directly and only create indirect benefits to the economy.  If you were a state employed doctor and you medicated and improved a condition that made a labourer unable to work and you put that person back to work you would indirectly be creating wealth HOWEVER so would a private doctor that did the same thing.

    When you spend money given to you by a government salary you aren't creating any wealth you're just spending other people's money.

    A person making minimum wage flipping burgers is more productive in society than a government bureaucrat making $100k a year.

    People are dependant on government enough, stop advocating for more.

  • Tom Reynolds

    70 years later…WTF, this would have been ground changing-wow imagine the difference in our society-more egalitarian and better care for our families.  let's do this now before it is too late!! Please publicize more-add in maternity leave too,  FDR a great man way ahead of his time.

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