Time to do Away with the Second Amendment?
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Time to do Away with the Second Amendment?

yesterday we started we kicked up this
hour with %uh a debate with up near Mackay berserk all about gun control in the second I asked
the question might it not be time to say the you know is slavery was part in this
country its founding it was determined to be you know and
evil and now it’s considered an anachronism
might not the second amendment also be an anachronism and then night suggested that the second
moment actually was put in place to protect slavery and here’s how this is Patrick Henry’s speech in
1788 to the Virginia ratifying convention Patrick Henry was the largest slave
holder in the state of Virginia ironically the guys that look give me
liberty or give me death and they were deciding whether or not to
ratify the Constitution and the two big problems that they had
with the Constitution where lawn article 1 section 8 of the
Constitution gives Congress the power to raise an
army now they just been through a war 30 Revolutionary War and there had been
a couple generals in the Revolutionary War and this was a a practice that was actually widespread
among the British who were saying that any any slaves would run away they would take the men and free them
after the war they fought on their side and so a patrick henry was worried that if the federal government and keep in
mind half the states were hostile to slavery if the federal government was to raise
an army and shut down the militias in the States
that that might and the institution of slavery because the the southern states all had what were
called well-regulated militias they were also known as slave patrols
they were called Snow Patrol’s I was the overt name their been books written on this and I you know so so Patrick Henry in his
speech June 1788 he says among tenth it based on what the
Constitution and how we shouldn’t ratify this in Las the
second members attached to it cuz it’ll protect us our states at a lower states to continue
to have slave patrols to have these delicious is among 10,000 implied
powers which they may assume baby in the federal government which include included northerners they may if
we be engaged in war liberate everyone love your slaves if
they please this is Patrick Henry talking to his
buddies the other slave holders Virginia and he said and this must and
will be done by Matt a majority of whom have not a common interest with you another was the northerners and he said
they will therefore have no feeling for your interests it has been repeatedly said here that
the great object to the national government’s National offense that power
which is said to be in 10 for security and safety may be real render detestable
an oppressive no other words raising an army at the federal level
could be used to end slavery in Virginia and Patrick and his speaking out against
that this is why the second member starts out with in
order to protect the security I’ll you bid %uh in order to protect I i don’t have it from me said but the
words are to the effective in order to protect this the security of a free
State not a free nation he was worried about
the state of Virginia he said in this state there are two
hundred and thirty-six thousand blacks in there are many in several other states may
congress not say that every black man must fight did you not see a little personal as
we’re starting with the British did axle assembly passed that every slave
would go into the army should be free and then he talks about how if this Constitution passes people in
the north will use it to end slavery in south east as he says they will search that paper be
the Constitution and and been article 1 section 8 gives
the federal government power to raise an army article to be as the president commander chief status in the army right
he says they will search their paper the Constitution see if they have the power
of manumission freeing slaves and have they not sir had they not power to provide for the
general defense in welfare may they not think that these call for
the abolition of slavery maybe not pronounce all slaves free and
will they not be warranted by that power this is no ambiguous implication or
logical deduction the paper speaks to the point they have that power in clear
unequivocal terms and will certainly and clearly exercise
it this is Patrick Henry say same the state of virginia has to keep its on
militia and the constitution says the only the federal government can have
an army he says the situation I see a great deal
the property the people %uh Virginia jeopardy property course been a
euphemism for slaves he says is it practical by any humane
means to liberate them without producing the most dreadful and ruinous
consequences well would be dreadful in runners for
Patrick can reuse them largest slave holder in the in the entire state urging so the
compromise that madison worked out was we will amend the Constitution to say that states can have quote route
well-regulated militias which is in the south is what they called the slave
patrols that that preserve the institution slavery we will have well-regulated militias in exchange you put this amendment to
the Constitution in in change for that Virginia will sign
on to the Constitution and I just read your Patrick Henry
speech George bass made a similar speech I James Madison said you know i i really
don’t see this as a conflict I i don’t think that the
north is going to use the power to raise an army to end slavery but I’ll go along with it and you know this is %uh played out so is the time for us to say the Second
Amendment is there to preserve the slave patrols
to preserve the institution slavery so it’s time for us to say yet the
second man is an anachronism in fact arguably the second member was
nullified by the 13th amendment it’s like people don’t know their
history people don’t know American history and the NRA has been so good preventing people from knowing American
history that the Second Amendment was was surely put in place at the at the at the nash’s request a Patrick Henry
Patrick Henry was sane you know the Virginia delegation will
not sign this Constitution which were blown the whole thing up his it was the
biggest state in between the North and the South it
was the swing state is if britbrat Virginia didn’t go along
there would be no constitution and Patrick Henry is saying if you if we
don’t get an amendment that will allow us to preserve our slave patrols in the
south are well-regulated militias been
necessary for the security of a free State not a free nation three state state virgin state militias if we don’t get there we’re not gonna
sinus is a time for us to say hey you know
this thing the second member this not only does it
not applied that the day but arguably 13 a man nullified will be


  • Michael Gibb

    The Second Amendment could be scrapped, and Americans would still have a right to own guns. The Fourth and Fifth Amendments protect the right to private property, which obviously includes guns.

  • J Mark de Haan

    This is perhaps the only issue that do not agree with you.  Think about this, this government of ours is so thoroughly co-opted by the banksters, the international corporations, the neo-cons, and the military industrial security complex.  You want to disarm us so that we cannot fix this.  It's NOT going to get fixed on its own.  Do you really want us to be armed only with rocks, like the poor Palestinians against the terrorist state of Israel?  This is too far Thom.  Would you have disarmed the Revolutionaries of the American Revolution because of your hatred of guns?

  • nicholasliacone

    So I assume you will all go out and join militias? Or are you gonna sit in your house alone with your gun and hope that starts the revolution?

  • optionsupdate

    this is a new argument, gun rights = pro slavery.  this kgb agent hartmanovich has gone too far, is he an enemy of the constitution?

  • Dean Counts

    Oh my God you are insane, if the democrats would try such insanity you would be handing the republican loonies victories non stop for the next twenty years not to mention you would not have a chance to get it through the required number  of state legislatures let alone congress, so in effect you would destroy the democratic party over something you have zero chance of winning! I myself am only alive because my mother had a gun and saved us from a drugged up lunatic who broke into our home. I once thought you were the sanest of the democratic talking heads but you apparently have lost it.

  • J Mark de Haan

    Do you really want us to be armed only with rocks, like the poor Palestinians against the full-force of a terrorist state?  This is too far Thom.  Would you have disarmed the Revolutionaries of the American Revolution because of your hatred of guns?

  • rollofnickles

    The gun manufactures, many of whom produce weapons for the military, are arms dealing Multinational Corporations without a societal conscience. 
    The NRA is their sales team(period) Sale, sale, sale by hook or by crook.
    The militias/hero mentality is asinine. David Koresh and his followers had that very attitude, sure they shot a couple people but when the military equipment moved in it was over. People are being brainwashed by the NRA, fed a holy line of shit. You think yourself a hero, patriot, individualist, sovereign entity, well your not. You live in a community of people who want to live without the threat you could go Rambo at any moment and kill them all. 
    Thom isn't saying anything out of the ordinary. He is giving a reasoned, rational, conclusion based on the history and the facts. Debate him on these facts and cease with the bravado and ridicules threats.

  • Deez Nuts

    Is Thom seriously trying to argue that the reason for ratifying the 2nd amendment was "slave patrols"? Wow…What an imaginative view of history 🙂 In the real world, Militia was defined in the Militia Acts of 1790 as EVERY ABLE BODIED MALE CITZIZEN…And the right to bear arms was needed to have a trained and armed populace that the government could draw from in times of war or rebellion…And anyways, when the 1st amendment was written it only applied to White, land owning men…But we have a living constitution and this changed with the 14th amendment.

  • Derik Schneider

    You somehow eliminate the Second Amendment and by the way good luck with that considering. That the Second Amendment is popular in Liberal Democratic states. I live one of them in Maryland. Next would be from big government far-leftists would be to outlaw guns all together. And the only armed institution in the United States would be government. A government at all three levels that doesn't have and would never have the resources to protect everyone. That also has a history of using violent force against it's own people. Just look at the civil rights movement to use as a perfect example. Or go back to the era of slavery when unarmed Africans after being kidnapped. And brought to America and then held against their will by their Anglo slaveowners with the force of guns. 

  • Keith L.

    Not buying it. There's overwhelming abolitionist literature supporting the right to bear arms specifically in instances such as Bleeding Kansas. The NRA was founded by antislavery Mid-westerners and Northerners and generally supported far more gun-regulation than it does today, but appears to have always supported the general idea that people have a right to form a militia, a non-government military, to defend against either coup de tats or foreign attacks.

  • S. Thomas Lewis

    We have a God-given right to protect ourselves with guns, particularly against a tyrannical government.  Federalist Paper #46 states that the citizenry has the right to protect itself from the government.  If we repeal the Second Amendment, we open ourselves to being overrun by tyranny.  The blacks needed the Second Amendment to protect themselves from the Ku Klux Klan.

  • Edwin Combs

    Simply stupid and anyone who agrees with this moron's logic is willfully being ignorant and selective about history and the purpose of the 2nd Amendment. Just another absent minded liberal thinking he's right in his narrow minded view and everyone else is wrong.

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