Tom Petty on the Confederate flag used for the song “Rebels”
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Tom Petty on the Confederate flag used for the song “Rebels”

then we played it and performed it live
much better than we ever recorded it I think that was the one I actually
smashed my hand bits was so angry about the mix I didn’t want it to be an anthem
to wave Confederate flags I see kids come to the shows of these Confederate
flags and I think they think all the time is really gonna dig this you know
but I don’t dig it at all you know it’s not it wasn’t meant to be my trademark
or logo it’s the most natural thing we do is
just perform live that’s really what we’re best at that Matt



    Really sucks that the footage shown in the background is from a show in the mid 80s and The interview is mid 90s I guess the political correctness police got too him. I love Tom Petty but come on dude you wore a Confederate style jacket with the Confederate flag lined in the inside of Jacket. I have no problem with the Confederate Flag


    I do have a problem with the fact if you sport a Confederate flag your racist? Fuck that. That flag is part of my heritage. I'm damn proud too.

  • Daniel Castillo

    Amen Tom … That's for their personal beliefs and ideology. It doesn't belong at Government buildings either… I understand it's a southern tradition. And it should stay as such. PRIVATE !!

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