Too Far? NAACP Magazine Shows Scalia With Confederate Bandana
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Too Far? NAACP Magazine Shows Scalia With Confederate Bandana

the calmer all of the n_ double a_c_p_’s
official magazine features justice antonin scalia with the confederate
bandana so the question is did they go too far why or why not so let me give you got some of the
backstory here real fast why did they make this cover well it was in direct response to a
comment that scalia made about the voting rights act he called it they
perpetuation of racial entitlement i cringe just when i repeat it so those of you who know the history of
the voting rights act know how profoundly ridiculous that comment is
the voting rights act of nineteen sixty five ended opened and legal discriminatory
practices against african-americans things like poll taxes and literacy tests which were just to
get into minorities so if you’re a minority will you need to
prove that you’re able about you here take this test here pay this poll tax
where white people alright at you’re here are good white male you can go and
vote no problem also it solidified brown versus board of
education desegregating schools indeed the state’s
that had openly racist histories they now needed to get clearance from
the federal government before making any changes to their electoral systems why did they
do that because they know paid there’s been a history of the state governments openly discriminating its legal racism
that they had on the books of the fed stepped in and said i’m not on our watch
not going all out what was the voting rights act it was a
solution too low horrible problem but that’s not how it is clear sees it to him just into knowledge ink that
there was a race issue in the south which is undeniable is reverse racist and it means that black people are racially
entitled because they get a special place in the law books that protects
them sikhism thing about the way school you
think seven of the way a lot of uh… for right wing kooks think the not jobs well if everything is equal then therefore any law that even
mentions race is racist or reverse racist in their mouths but that’s a very childish way of
viewing reality because we know that the race is just flat out have been
treated equally throughout history there was slavery and then there was separate but equal
and there was anti-discrimination and then finally the government setting
off when i can allow that so to school here you look something
like affirmative action which is a tent uh… make an inherently racist system a sub consciously racist system more
fair by saying hey look uh… affirmative action worked well for a
white americans for hundreds of years so let’s just try to reverse a little bit
and and make it sold black people get uh… in equal opportunity right no still a lot of and says oh my god how unbearable is that that means that black
people are the racist ones they have racial entitlement so with all that being said is did they go too far by putting the
band out on him i don’t think so at all men entertaining in the right wing is
screaming crying playdate domino my god you go to the top industry florida
getting out early on nonsense nonsense nonsense if somebody with actually believes and
goes as far as to say that the voting rights act is well perpetuation of racial entitlement and that black people have had their blue on the neck of the
downtrodden white men throughout history that person is either immediate or
they’re using hyperbole right which is wiping possibly decays wistfully a so why not why can’t we use hyperbole to say
welcome to saying you’ll agree with the people who would wave the confederate
flag you know they said they never use the
argument we are racist in we admit it now in the south leaves the state’s
rights argument they use the argument that story is
making that were not the races there the races
because they’re the ones i want to special place in the law books they say it’s got nothing to do we want
freedom they think their favor freedom into the southern states in the sixties
they define freedom as the freedom for me too keep like people there so then you as we are violating the
freedom of them and their rights they viewed it as don’t take away my
right to push them down and violate their rights the evidence s cooley agrees with them
so if he agrees with them ya’ll call him the fuck out for what he


  • rajhetti6

    man so glad i found your channel. i found it when i saw a video from your channel posted as a video response to a tyt video. respect man! progressive ftw

  • rwglassify

    If it smells like a pig, well put a bandana on it and put on your cover and call it out for what it is. A racist pig.

  • ErinofColumbus

    The voter rights act should be in every state. Read about it . It protects every citizen of voter's age. Jerrymandering, long voter lines, ex-felon purge would be crushed!

  • theabomation

    Nope America is even starting to oppress whites when a white man cant get a fair trail in America we should all be scared lol

  • Christopher Barksdale

    NO ITS PERFECT and why do we Americans assume the US Supreme Court has Absolute Power when it in fact was not created by the US Constitution, but an Act of Congress READ YOUR UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION

  • Lexi Burris

    The only reverse racism is non racism. People complain about reverse racism. Well whats racism? Prejudice based on race. Whats reverse? The opposite. The opposite of prejudice is going case by case.

  • Mark Snow

    LOL this set is so funny. You have books sitting there for no other reason than you hope they will give you a certain academic or intellectual mystique. Instead, the set makes you look absolutely ridiculous.

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