• 88beauzeau88

    The usual Trump schtick.
    "I didn't do it!"

    "I didn't do it!"

    "I didn't do it!"

    "I didn't do it!"
    "Even if it did it, so what"!???

  • Rayyman

    He's defended trump over and over so stop. He's done bad things but never that bad. Tge worst example of the extreme is shooting someone? Really? That's the one? Jeez I don't need a law degree for that. You're a Republican just admit it

  • 88beauzeau88

    When it becomes clear you can no longer say "I didn't abuse my power", then you should then find a lawyer that says "Abusing power is NOT an impeachable offense"! lol

  • 88beauzeau88

    Seems a lawyer could make a pretty good living out of SPECIALIZING in 'things that are not impeachable'. They may only have to work a few weeks out of their lifetime!

  • charles stuart

    Dershowitz worried about the grounds of impeachment? Trump could have been also impeached for obstructing justice in the Coney matter and his blatant violation of the Emoluments Clause. If the Framers were confronted with a President who said that he did not believe the US military but believed inthe Czar of Russia instead he would be impeached in an 18th century second.

  • emeryjamess

    omg omg are you fucking serious!!!!!!!! really fuck off the only one who had the most time to shoot his bullshit is fucking Dershowitz!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Juan Diaz

    Dershowitz IS partisan. I for one minute do not believe he is still a liberal Democrat. Why he cannot admit that he supports Trump and wants to defend him is beyond me. He would be more credible if he stopped arguing that he is not partisan. Everyone is partisan. He is a criminal law attorney and scholar–and one of the best at that–and has always defended criminals, which is the case here. But criminals have a right to a defense attorney, so he should own up to it and defend Trump.

  • Trev Gabel

    “Since 1973 I have changed not at all”

    Obviously. He’s clinging to antiquated technicalities and claiming that removing Trump would hurt future presidents.

    What it MIGHT do is stop them committing crimes if they knew they couldn’t get away with it.

  • Kevin Montegomery

    Alan Dershowitz should be under indictment relating to the allegations made against him by Virginia Roberts.This is currently in Court all relating to his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein. He’s a criminal trying to defend a criminal Donald Trump.

  • therascalking

    Good question Toobin. Don't forget to ask Allen the "Diddler" Dershowitz how many children did he molest on Epstein Island.

  • Dave Gebo

    He's a defense lawyer…he would defend anybody regardless of whether his client shot someone on 5th Avenue or abused his presidential powers. He is who he is & will be a non-viable participant in the Senate trial because his defense is, as Prof. Lawrence Tribe would say, "Alternative Law".

  • natalie harless

    Oh you'll keep the money, Dersh. Rainy day funds to pay for little girls feeling you up. But WILL you be paid? Buddy if you screw up then expect to be thrown under the bus along with the rest of you clowns defending this idiot that claims to be president. You're a desperate fool.

  • Jeffrey Hagelin

    Dershowitz defeats his own argument, the Constitution defines bribery and treasonous intent as impeachable offenses.
    1. Bribery was presented by the witholding of aid to Ukraine.
    2. Treasonous intent was drumpf placing his personal ambitions above national security interests above national security.
    Cooper and Jeffrey were not aggressive enough and led douch dershowitz talk over them like a couple of dweeds.

  • Cent20buck

    Harvard Constitutional Law Professor, Lawrence Tribe has explained why "kept my undies on" Dershbag is full of it with this b.s.

  • wattsup1004

    Toobin the twobit overpaid CNN idiot just came back from licking Hillary' three week dirty pussy. Actually most of CNN assholes where there waiting in line to take turns. Like babies sucking their mother' tit. The only impeachment these CNN dirtbags and Democrat dipshits will ever see is when they are all lined up and bend over so Trump can shove a nice big fat raw peach up each of their miserable asses. Yes sir, even Hillary will get in line for that one.

  • Brian

    Wow CNN I can't believe you lost that case to the Covington kid more trials to come keep jumping the gun fake news is better than no news right

  • J P

    So seeking foreign interference in an election is not ‘high crime…treason’?! Alan, you’re no law scholar, you just play one on TV.

  • Tom Hogan

    Those two dimwits can't understand supporting the Constitution regardless of who benefits from that. And, apparently, many commenters here can't either.

  • Ross Johnson

    I think it would be very interesting to see Dershowitz debate with Stanford's Prof. Karlan– she very definitely and articulately disagreed with Dershowitz's perspective.

  • bob roberts

    judicial xegesis ? that's dershowitz's strategy ? jesus f'n christ, listening to lawyers debate 'intent' and 'meaning' about a string o' historically preserved words amounts to nothing more than verbal masturbation – hell, not even their own wives get horny anymore listening to such bloviating bullshite. what a f'n circus o' clowns to defend the orange clown car o' a president…

  • Gord Campbell

    With holding Congressional funds assigned to Ukraine, and you'll get it if you cook up an investigation of the most powerful Democratic presidential candidate, sure does sound like bribery. FU Al.

  • Elaine G

    This was a really fascinating (and frustrating) discussion. It's really difficult to put your feelings aside in a situation like this, and I don't know the right answer. I'm not a legal or constitutional scholar. I do however, appreciate the points of view of people who know more about this than we do.

  • Bill Reichold

    Tool bar and the other lame stream fake news vile evil empire democrap ass licking shill Crapper screaming like little bitches to all the pea brain feeble mind libtard retard loon loser assholes love it.

  • Mike Harrington

    Dershovitz is a slave to the money of the highest bidder. And who is picking up the legal tab for Trump's mega-expensive legal representation in the Senate impeachment trial ? Taxpayers ?

  • D.L. Sosnik

    nice try, Prof. Dershowitz. The fact is YOU WILL be legally representing the orange dump, who is sadly the current US president, and HE IS a republican. So, there is no need to go on and on about your lack of bias toward one party affiliation, or another. And if your position on "abuse of power" were any different, you WOULD NOT be representing the most corrupt president in our American history. And it will be for this that you are remembered, not your years spent learning, and teaching American law, and writing about American political history. But you will be remembered for representing a man who should have never been put into his current position. Sad, isn't it ?

  • Rip Toff

    It's a good thing guys like Alan exist to remind everyone that the Constitution is real, and should be upheld at all costs.
    Feelings and emotions have no place in Law.

  • George Thompson

    It's amazing that Mr Dershowitz who is a renound expert of the law is so shallow and lacking in the integrity of life.

  • shannon Bremner

    Derschowits has some kind of under handed deal going on with trump he’s certainly sure that he is still a liberal democrat while he’s defending the biggest liar in our history.

  • Steve Frankes

    Well we know what side the Counterfeit News Network is on…the side of lies, deceit, propaganda and misinformation and are just mouthpiece puppets of the democrats people who believe anything from this channel are gullible idiots.

  • Sonia Monahan

    It's great to have the sewage of Pedos, hit men, mobsters all fermenting in same place. "Hire only the best/beast ppl" Frump.

  • Vortex Scale

    Hypocrisy, to see how the United States advocates in the whole world about corruption in other countries, when its legal system is broken to the bone … Standing for a immoral, corrupt, incapable, criminal, as Trump is, is simply an aberration against the moral values of humanity

  • Gina R


  • kfowler511

    All you libtards are hypocrite aholes. Again you call an excellent attorney and Professor at Harvard a dirtbag just because you don't agree with him. If he was for impeachment you would be calling him a hero. Grow you morons.

  • Tonydfixer D

    What ? How did he decide the case and write a book and have it published before the articles were even decided ? High crimes is any crime of a public office holder. Allen thinks it would be terrible to impeach a psyco criminal .

  • Max Plank

    Please no dershowitz underwear at Lolita Island jokes dershowitz kept his underwear on the whole time…. the loophole is his underwear had a fly like most underwear dershowitz is a Judiciary genius!

  • Tracy Davison

    tRumps abuse of power
    Has caused wars and the intelligence community to be vilified!! Get the fuck out here! He’s violated the Worlds Trust!!!!

  • Josh S

    How many times does he have to say he is not partisan? Before you understand it. He’s a leftist lawyer defending the president?
    Did the guy on the left Jeff? Just say that trump didn’t commit any crime? Right near the end there?!

  • Tracy Davison

    You’re not non partisan! You went after Clinton cause he had a sexual affair and yes he lied about it, but Clinton getting head didn’t cause him to go to war and dismantle the FBI, CIA, DOJ! Put In partisan judges and take food stamps from poor people, and talk negatively about our government to other Countries!! He’s a traitor!!

  • original Bantu

    Everyone also knows if you keep your underwear on whilst getting a massage from a trafficking victim….you're innocent! Right Alan? Best lawyer ever!Pathetic

  • Joe Cheshul

    Is Dershowitz implying that Impeachment itself is not Constitutional ? It sounds like he is ; and he’s just playing to one person … disgracefully.

  • Carmine Gazerro

    Hate or Love Trump Allen is correct. Could you imaging being charged to go to jail or convicted and the prosecutors made up a open ended “criminal activity” that didn’t have a statute or crime. This is bigger then POTUS. Not only will every next prez be impeached for whatever. This trickles down to me and you, we could be jailed for this new expanded concept. It scares the crap out of me and must be stopped from this two time Obama voter.

  • A. Murphy

    Dershowitz should worry about the weaponization of the GOP. It began with the despicable cretin Newt Gingrich, and has continued unabated, to the delight of racists and haters throughout the country. The GOP is willingly destroying our democracy for it's own gain. They are just stupid enough to believe that if the economy is good (spoiler alert: it's not, Trumps lying) the country's fine. The Constitution demands that Trump be both Impeached (Yeah! House) and convicted and removed from office by the Senate. Call your republican Senator(s) and demand NO SHAM TRIAL!

  • Thorny Turtle Ranch

    Is that the guy that kept his underwear on when he raped epsteins human trafficked girls? He should have taken off his underwear if he was going to engage with under age girls. When you're with epstein you've got get wild get free, let them hang all out.

  • Carmine Gazerro

    I get it he’s saying I’m not her for The President. I’m arguing the concept it’s wrong no matter what side was in office. I just thank this economy for tripling my net worth. Keep it going let’s build this country to a powerhouse.

  • Carmine Gazerro

    Tobin has to read notes to recite Federalist papers. Allen rattles off any reference off the top of his head. We need to understand all of us are witnessing one of the greatest constitutional minds of our lifetimes. Allen D is one smart professor.

  • fcas2y6

    Alan – the Schrodinger of lawyers, "leave the facts to others”.
    How many Alans does it take to change a lightbulb? 2 Alans, LOL.

  • Aristotle Stagirus

    This did rise to criminal like behavior by the President, the bribery and extortion of a foreign government in order to get that government to interfere with the next Presidential Election in favor of the President. That is criminal.

  • Socrates ExplainsEverything

    Too bad modern medicine keeps these horrible old people alive.
    When I was a kid in the 1970's old racists got old and died taking their outdated beliefs with them.
    Now they run for high office and make laws even though they are ancient fossils…

  • Dan Shearer

    Yeah, when his narrative doesn't fit what you want, he's trash – When it does, he's the best thing since sliced bread. Go Alan, tell them their charges are bogos!

  • Chrissyce

    Derschowitz is probably being blackmailed by Trump. Derschowitz admitted to and apologized for accepting a 'massage' from one of the young girls that Epstein was abusing. Two of the girls claim he raped them. Trump was such good friends with Epstein I'm sure he has some dirt. Just like that pastor and his wife used Trump's attorney to get rid of their play toy to suddenly back Trump's campaign.

    Derschowitz is going to do anything to keep the truth about his relationship with Epstein from coming out. Just like Barr's prison system doing away with Epstein to protect Trump.

  • Honkytonkified

    So, defense brings an expert witness cloaked as a member of the Trump legal team so prosecution cannot also call witnesses. Trickery.

  • rhode10

    Alan Dershowitz is pulling a James Comey who was pulling an Alexander Haig. Pride goeth before the fall…pride maketh for idiotry.


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