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i don’t usually think about these things
but it was after my talk last night and so all these people line up
the individuals an unbelievably powerful force and every single person who gets
their act together a little bit has the capacity to spread that around it’s
a chain reaction and so it’s a lovely thing to see! It’s unbelievable! Not even third world country 30 years ago look like California right now, like downtown. You know you go down to
the like the library. It’s like Sodom and Gomorrah I mean it’s like sex, sex drugs
and rock and roll. In a library? In the library. I mean you
should do a total segment on the library a public library downtown Los Angeles
and I’m telling you it’s unbelievable it’s like Sodom and Gomorrah! In Sweden
the government is forcing preschools to be gender neutral. Yes! It’s just as crazy
as it sounds! A school ignoring basic biology. Children in Sweden can go to
preschool as young as one year old. In these government mandated gender-neutral
classrooms for tots teachers hold training events to indoctrinate toddlers
and radical progressive anti-science gender theory. “Training Events”.
Can you say communist social engineering? Can you say creepy?! When you look at who is the power base behind gender ideology these groups are the ones with the power
they are the ones with the money whether it comes from the government or whether
it comes from George Soros who has spent hundreds of millions of dollars to
promote this this this idea…ideology is to destroy
man and woman marriage destroy the family and once you destroy gender, you can, you have no basis for man woman family so this is a definite political
attempt to completely eradicate the basis for man-woman marriage and gender
because once that’s destroyed you have no foundation. It’s social
engineering but it’s worse the students aren’t allowed to say boys and girls
they’re only allowed to say friends does that ring a familiar bell comrade? They
aren’t allowed to use gender specific pronouns like he or she. They’re
indoctrinated only to use gender-neutral pronouns like hen if the little girls
are too girly and the little boys too boyish, teachers reprimand the parents
for quote “gender mistreatment”. The school is not the place to indoctrinate kids
into changing genders or giving them books to show them that they need to
change genders or that there’s all these things going on. see this is part of the
progressive agenda replacing God with government. Tear the family apart by
sabotaging marriage. Tear marriage apart by redefining institutions that have
existed in our world for thousands of years. Perhaps that’s why the left is so
determined in this country to get Christianity out of the classroom, but,
tell us something of the chilling there’s no doubt that’s why they
determined! I mean people like Derrida I mean he called the west phallogocentric
right? Male-dominated logos-centric it’s like that is the West
it’s a logo-centric. If you want to take the West down you remove the idea of the
Divine Word from the sub structure of the society so you have to do that
it’s like and this is the level at which this war is being fought it’s
fundamentally a theological war. interesting way to think that the freedom of speech
you say well speech is the the right to freedom of speech is central because
it’s the right by which you defend all the other rights well that’s why the
idea of logos in the west is the most sacred concept. Right. So
Christ is think about this psychologically is Christ is though is
the ideal of perfection; now this is the independent of any religious discussion
or any historical accuracy doesn’t matter what Christ represents is the
perfect individual whatever that is now you discuss endlessly what that is
but one of the things the west has settled on is the idea well that is
that the perfect individual utters the truthful speech that makes potential
into habitable order: does that through truth that’s embedded in the first few
sentences in Genesis for example when when when God brings the world into
being so and the idea that that truthful speech that brings the world into being
from formless potential also characterizes each person that’s our
form our fabrication in the image of God that’s the idea of the West it’s a
unbelievably remarkable idea that perfection individual perfection is to
be found in a relationship with spoken truth. God! that’s that’s the great idea!
well it’s out of that arises the observation that there’s no there’s
nothing more central to the hierarchy of of rights and obligations as well let’s
say then freedom of speech yes it’s absolutely central that’s why (Christ is
the “Word made Flesh”) the idea is that the perfect individual is the person who’s
well who speaks truth but also acts out the truth of those words it’s a very
it’s a it’s a proposition whose merit is virtually self-evident when you
understand it in that manner so yeah people to see assaults on
freedom of speech especially compelled speech well that’s where I drew with
alignment and I would I realize now in looking
back because now I have 73 years of history of real life experience of
dealing with transgender issues on some level whether it’s the experience of
being a child who felt like he should have been a different gender or going
through the teen years and adult years and eventually undergoing surgery what I
realize is that the worst thing that happened to me was being affirmed by my
grandmother in that the idea was that there was something wrong with being a
boy and so when you begin to affirm someone in the opposite gender it’s a
bigger picture than that because what you’re really saying is there’s
something wrong with who you are so how do you fix that and once that seed was
planted in me I called today the seed of gender dysphoria as it grew it began to
take over my thinking and it began to play in my head every moment of the day
it was like having a radio on that would never stop playing that just continued
to tell me that I was born in the wrong body or that there was something wrong
with me as a boy wouldn’t it have been wonderful if grandma would have just sat
me down and said Walt you’re a very handsome young man
you don’t need to change genders let me affirm you as a young boy let me help
you realize who you are but that did not happen and it’s not happening today and
I read his book The Gulag Archipelago here is this man who describes the
horrors of being a political prisoner because he disagrees he converted he was
originally a supporter of communism he came to see how evil it was and how
oppressive it was he was imprisoned for having a different view to the state
ordained insistence that everything was terrific and he writes unbelievably that
lying on his prison bunk one day listening to the guards beat up a fellow
prisoner the screams and the yields he found freedom when he realized the
dividing line between good and evil in fact did fly between captor and captive
in fact the jailers were captive to to a system to a blind ideology to an
inability to most of the trustees so they were perpetrating the very system
that imprisoned them not between Catholic and Baptist he wrote an
opportune woman and man not between black and white but the dividing line
between evil actually lies somewhere across every human heart plainly you
believe it’s incredibly important that we understand that comes back to what
you said I think when it’s framed we understand it everyone knows that
everyone knows if they think because all they have to do is think about their own
transgressions I mean if you ask someone to sit for five minutes and think okay
well what mistakes have you made in your life it’s like that’ll come up pretty
quickly and you can even ask people what terrible unforgivable mistakes have you
made in your life – link yeah yeah well you know about those two it’s like it’s
no one’s no one’s so naive you know unless unless they’ve really wrestled
intensely against themselves there’s virtually no one so naive to not be able
to answer those questions but we’re doing their children a massive
disservice by trying to imply that there’s nothing wrong with them no need
for guilt no need for shame no need to come always for evil this is because the
problems the environment funny about what’s happened the problem is they’ve
just got a fixed society fixing institutions well and then they’ll be
all this will disappear psychologists have been not all psychologists
obviously but the psychological profession is there’s neck deep in this
in this pathology has been beating these self-esteem drum for 50 years
oh no you’re okay you should feel good about yourself like you’re you’re fine
the way you are it’s like you think well that’s a calming message for people it’s
like no it’s not it’s not at all and I watched my audience this is like it’s
full of people in the audience who think I’m suffering a lot more than I think is
tenable a whole bunch of it’s my fault my life is not in the order it should be
I know I’m doing 50 things wrong it’s like what the hell is wrong with me
what’s wrong with the people around me this is really serious and some you know
well-meaning person comes up and says oh you’re okay just the way you are it’s
like no one wants that message it’s like no I’m not okay the way I am as you’re a
mess you know it obviously you’re suffering away like like so much you
could barely tolerate it it’s like that’s okay you can do something about
it so yeah that’s the thing that that turns the lights on it’s like you could
do something about it oh so they’re in a freezing prison cell
and the most appalling circumstances half starved to death he finds freedom
in himself he finds something positive and something to live for
by first coming to grips with evil and understanding what it is
well the conundrum in and he said to like and he underwent the Christian
process of Metanoia which is to go over your it’s it’s it’s
confession essentially unrepentant I reverted back after eight years of
realizing that it’s totally foolish that it’s categorically impossible to change
your biological gender sex you can make yourself look different you can fool
people into thinking you look different but you’re not and so today as I’ve been
studying and writing I’ve written five books and I do a lot of research work
and what I when I begin to go back and see what’s what was been going on with
this and I first looked early on at the three people who kind of started it in
the u.s. Kinsey Benjamin and dr. money and guess what all three of them were
paedophile activists this is the kind of people that were leading the charge in
the US on advocating for cutting body parts off and filling people with
hormones how barbaric it’s like Frankenstein when you think about how
gross it is to cut people up like their piece of meat that’s a supermarket and
then try to identify them in a different gender its total insanity
but we sort of walk around well we don’t want to offend anybody people say that
I’m too harsh well how harshest is it for them to cut
body parts off that didn’t need to be cut off how harsh was it for them to
tell me that you could change genders when it’s a total lie it is famous
Waterloo lectures implies path the inaugural Blaise Pascal lecturer in 1978
Malcolm Muggeridge said the West was in danger of eating itself out from within
and he spoke at great length about this attempt to about how the the West was
abandoned in Christianity and it had become a very empty and soulless and
financially bankrupt place as a result but it wouldn’t be the end he said
despite the attempts to kill it in places like Communist China and Russia
there will always be people who will fight through to the truth of course we
could see now three decades on whatever that he was absolutely right closer to
four decades on he was right well you know that Christianity is spreading
faster in communist China than it did in Rome during its most rapid period of
expansion in terms of proportion of people transform it so Christianity is
spreading incredibly quickly in China just who would have guessed that right I
mean that’s that’s that just makes you makes you shake your head but I started
to study psychology at UC Santa Cruz in California and I began to crack open
books I’d never looked at on psychology and it became clear to me I wasn’t a
doctor but it became clear to me that this is a psychological issue that’s not
going to be treated with medical therapies while no one else could seem
to figure that out it seemed clear to me in that funny that was you know early in
the 80s and today still was treating this as though it’s a medical condition
no one yet today can actually show a medical report somebody can come in and
say I have gender dysphoria there isn’t one doctor they can pass or
give a test to this person and put it up on a screen and say oh yeah you have
gender dysphoria we take it at their word it’s a self diagnosed disorder and
what we know today is as I stand here is this the procedure failed I reverted
back after eight years of realizing that it’s totally foolish if you think this
gender-neutral mandate the social engineering this indoctrination this
abuse won’t come here to the United States think again political power
political power guess who’s in charge guess who’s getting the money this is
the political power and the people who are in power are
these people who believe in this ideology even though there is absolutely
no proof that it is successful in fact everything points to the fact that it
does more harm than it does good we have a political group of people who are
promoting changing genders that’s causing people to attempt suicide and
yet they’re totally blind to it we’ve known this for over 40 years
diversity actually I mean there’s no other way to put it in this country it’s
rapidly coming to mean a stifling conformity you dare not deviate from the
line and you see it with a whole lot of other words that are bandied around
equality being one of them yeah because it’s confused equality of opportunity is
confused with equality of outcomes well the initial wedge was equality of
opportunity and that flew and and so well no no it’s equality and that’s
equity and that’s I cannot believe how rapidly that idea which is the ultimate
and terrible ideas I can’t believe how rapidly that’s spread and how little
people criticize it well that’s for a because it too uninformed analysis it
sounds good if you’re feeling carelessly compassionate you can’t play the
identity politics game so what do you do instead you you live the mythologically
heroic life as an individual that’s the right place to work and that’s the
message of the West what’s the metric by which people should
be measured and the answer is they should be measured as individuals as if
they have a divine soul they should be measured in that manner but it can’t be
a selfish thing that is to say if I recognize I have Worth and dignity I’m
obliged to recognize it so you know I think you can’t recognize that you have
intrinsic worth and dignity without also doing without also recognizing in others
and vice versa I don’t get that I can recognize the worth of another person
without without stumbling on to the idea that I also have to recognize that for
myself when did you think well everyone want that but what people don’t because
you’re also charged with the responsibility of your own care as if
you matter that’s a big responsibility like it’s a
lot easier to assume that everything is pointless I mean that’s painful in all
of that but well you don’t bear any responsibility and no one lives that way
no no well not for long not for long well left not long exactly
from 1979 when Ellen Feld talked about too much unhappiness and too many
suicides the one key thing in 2018 is today there’s still too much unhappiness
and too many suicides because it’s not working but then you can look at 2004
the UK Guardian published a report that was done for the University of
Birmingham the University of Birmingham looked at 100 Studies on the
consequences or results or effects of doing gender reassignment surgery and
hormone therapy you know what the headline was after they had reviewed
these they said gender reassignment surgery is not effective that people
after undergoing reassignment surgery are traumatized to the point of suicide
after undergoing the surgery okay we got Ilyn Feld saying too many suicides he
said they need psychiatric care we got a study of a hundred studies done
in the UK that said it’s not effective and we’re still doing it today of a
miracle of Western freedom the idea that every individual has Worth and dignity
and standing it’s the idea that killed slavery it changed the way the world
fall even though they’re evil evil people who still keep sighs and and
here’s a rub it was plainly led by people of profound Christian faith
there’s no other way of putting it anyone honestly on cern and it’s
truthfully looks at the history of that period can’t get away from it yeah but
because it doesn’t suit the modern lifts narrative it’s airbrushed out doesn’t
matter itself say something profound about our willingness to try and distort
truth it’s a certain object how you say what what what what it speaks of you
know it’s it’s it’s hard it’s like the the whitewashing of what happened in in
the Soviet states in the communist States in the 20th century I mean
anybody who goes through that literature with any degree of care comes away
traumatized right shell-shocked it’s just it’s it’s it’s everything the Nazis
did on a larger scale politicians in California already want to throw nurses
in jail who accidentally misgender their patients in the UK a teacher was fired
for referring to his class in an all-girls school as okay girls let’s get
started there was a student who identified as transgender in his class
the teacher didn’t even know it he was fired anyway if we are not brave enough
to speak up and say biology is biology it’s not bigotry girls or girls and boys
are boys and they are equal but they are scientifically different and this is
gonna happen here in America next you know a great job of taking courage in
the face of farm well there’s something I’d like to say maybe in closing about
courage people say that to me and you know I don’t think it’s exactly right
doesn’t there’s a line in the Old Testament the fear of God is the
beginning of wisdom and I think it’s more like that it’s not that I’m
courageous it’s that I’m afraid of the right things so when I made my videos it
wasn’t like that didn’t make me nervous but I was less nervous about going back
to bed and not saying what I had to say that I was about making the videos
because I know where this is going I don’t want to go there add something
beautiful that your wife said to you in reality we are we are all broken somehow
right he said we’re all broken and we all need the redemption of Christ and
we’ve grown together in our faith and we’ve been married now for 20 years
thank you so we don’t wonder you know it’s Pascal called about the call talked
of the glory and the scum to reach our full humanity it seems to me we need to
understand both intention now Carl Jung the unbelievable scum that lies in terms
of our potential at the bottom of every heart the extraordinary nobility you
call it the spark of divinity I would say made in the image of an of a mighty
creator you’ve got to hold those things in suspension if you if you defined your
real humanity and in fact you way through the other good places surely
through the valley of darkness in the first place that’s you think well if
it’s possible to be enlightened why isn’t everyone enlightened it’s like
well you don’t get to paradise you don’t get to heaven without harrowing hell
first right and who’s gonna do that like that’s a terrible thing to do it isn’t
even clear that you can survive it no I mean it’s it’s it’s brutally damaging to
come to terms with your own proclivity for malevolence and so people don’t do
it and it’s no wonder but but the funny thing is and this is also something that
I think that people have been watching my lectures have been attracted by
especially the young men it’s like until you know your until you understand that
you’re a monster until perhaps you even develop that as a
capacity you don’t have the moral force to do good and so
not only is that dissent to begin with this is necessary to scare you straight
right to make you understand what exactly it is that you’re dealing with
but you don’t even have the strength of character to be good until you
understand just exactly what sort of monster you can be like that doesn’t
work and so you watch the people around you who thrive regardless of what they
say they act out the proposition that everyone matters and then you have a
functional society and I think okay well if if if when you act out the
proposition that everyone matters you have a functional society maybe that’s
evidence that that proposition is true it’s like I think it’s I think it’s true
I think the idea that the individual has a spark of divinity within him or her I
think there isn’t a more true way of saying that and if you act that out well
this is goes back to the idea that you brought up about potential which is also
something I’ve discussed with my audience is a lot it’s like we don’t act
like we live in a material reality we act like we face a landscape of
potential an external landscape of potential with an internal reservoir of
potential that’s how we act and then we call each other out on it we say things
like well you’re not living up to your potential and persons go so yeah well I
know it’s like well what do you mean by that what do you mean by that
what do you mean there’s more to you than meets the eye even though it’s not
measurable right it’s not tangible it’s just possibility but everyone acts
as though as though that’s a reality and we all act as if we all act as if we
make choices about what reality to bring into being we punish ourselves for our
moral errors and other people as well we act out this this ethic that puts us
each at the center of being as active participants in the world that we want
to bring forward everyone acts that way and if we don’t then things go to hell
instantly so it’s like well what do we believe this is the argument I’ve had
with people like Sam Harris the Atheist types it’s like yeah you think you’re
atheist man it’s like you’re Christian Judeo Christian let’s say to the core
you just don’t understand it you just don’t realize it and it’s understandable
but it’s not helpful a relationship with Jesus I know you have a Christian faith
but I would like to know what what what’s the role that the Christian faith
play when you were in there in the hole and they rescue the rescue well I think
you know the Lord never left me I left the Lord and so when I began to start
working my way back to dealing with these issues i sat down with and this is
the last question right i sat down with a Christian therapist and we began to
talk about my life just as we are today and all the painful things that had
happened and so as we went through these things I had written them down on the
yellow line piece of paper and we went outside his office and put a match to
them and torched him and let him go away in the air and he said let’s go back in
and pray and so we went back into his office and I was not he was it got one
of these people who would pray for hours at a time I was a person who would pray
for a minute at a time and be done with it yes but he wanted to pray and so I
went back in and began to pray with him and during that time of Prayer which I
had already confessed to the Lord that I was living I had lived my life wrong and
I wanted to be redeemed and restored and I had been working toward that in during
that prayer with my eyes closed the Lord came to me in white he was reaching out
to me and I looked during this prayer and I could see myself as a little baby
wrapped in cloth and the Lord picked me up I could see that it was me and he
held me in his arms and the Lord spoke to me and said you are now safe with me
forever and at that point I was redeemed and restored and
been ever since thank you if I lay out the rationale for the Christian ethic
which is something like pick up your damn cross and struggle uphill which is
a really good message they think oh yeah well that makes a lot of sense it’s like
well I don’t need the metaphysical baggage it’s like well maybe you do and
maybe you don’t but even to pick up the the the practical utility of that idea
which is overwhelming that’s that’s an excellent start I was thinking the other
day some journalists asked me why the audience why people are responding so
positively to what I’m saying the young men for example and I thought oh yeah
that’s a good question since well I’m actually on their side I’m pretty happy
that I’m really happy that they’re not wasting their lives I’m really sad to
see that people are disenchanted and nihilistic and depressed and anxious and
aimless and and perverse and vengeful and and all of those things it’s
terrible and then to see people question whether that’s necessary and then to
start to rise out of it it’s like it’s so fun like last night I was at after my
talk it’s overwhelming I don’t usually think about these things but I was it
was after my talk last night and so all these people line up you know they have
their 15 15 seconds with me and they’re kind of tentative they’re excited and a
tentative when they come up to talk to me and then they have you know 15
seconds of time to tell me something I’m really listening to them and they’re
hesitant about whether or not to share the good news about their life you know
and I think it’s often because when people share good news about their
life people don’t necessarily respond positively you know they don’t get
encouragement and people leave so little encouragement it’s just unbelievable and
so there comes something good and I think ah that’s so good you know
somebody says oh I’m getting a long way better with my father I haven’t seen him
for 10 years and now we get along great and then the power of that you can’t
overstate the power of that for individuals to get their life together
the individuals an unbelievably powerful force and every single person who gets
their act together a little bit has the capacity to spread that around it’s it’s
a chain reaction and so it’s a lovely thing to see and this fantastic


  • Wint James

    Very informative Brother! It is getting more like sodom and gomorrah each day. Liked and shared! God bless Lloyd!

  • K9Koulla

    Here are the links for Walt Heyer testimony:

    I'm aware the consequences we faced is horrified before we ask Jesus to save us. Yet I sympathy and horrible the way Walt was treated. He was an infant when the seeds was planted in him with no fault of his own.

    God bless you all!

  • zup zuke

    What a great video!
    We live in a mad, filthy world ruled by EVIL.
    God will judge all of us soon. Thank you for this video.
    God Bless.

  • Trans Free

    George Soros eh? I'm happy to no longer be trans…it seems more like a way to kill people and make money off them than anything else if you ask me.

  • Joe Clooney

    I'm not religious but it certainly creeps me out that the mainstream is pushing these ideologies, so much evil in the world now, decadence leads to decay, every empire has collapsed the same way.

  • Hidden Hand

    I am a victim of this worlds war on drugs/the family

    I think that the trans agenda is more attack on the family definitely

    I also think they worship the devil and are trying to make everything inverse

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    Christ confronted Satan on earth. He asked . where have you been. ? Satan replied . roaming the plane in search of souls.all across the world.

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