Tribunals Powers and Procedures Legislation Bill – Committee Stage – Part 1 – Video 1

members we come now to the tribunals powers and procedures legislation bill and the question is that part one stand packed man cheer I call the Honourable Peter William searing man chair I appreciate their houses indulgence and want to spend a bit of time introducing part one of the tribunals powers and procedures legislation there is an omnibus bill in two parts that makes relatively small but important amendments of the acts governing 21 tribunals administered by the Ministry of Justice for this bill in the courts matters bill form an integrated package of reforms of the courts and tribunals system tribunals our expert forums for hearing and resolving disputes dealing with occupational discipline and regulation and reviewing decisions of government agencies the 21 tribunals affected by this bill provide low cost timely and specialist forms who are very broad range of matters the tribunals powers and procedures legislation bill were improved users experience of these 21 tribunals by simplifying and standardizing statutory powers and procedures to improve the efficiency and firmness and providing better consumer protection and redress and greater access to justice I want to highlight the principle amendments as we examine each part of the bill before turning to part 1 I note that the government supplementary order papers adds a new supplier which transfers the amendments to the 1964 Social Security Act to the recently enacted Social Security Act without making any policy changes it deletes the amendments to the current Social Security Act because it is to be repealed soon it also deletes the amendments to the Customs and Excise Act 1996 which was repealed recently these amendments have also been transferred to the new customs and exercise they the supplementary auto paper makes for amendments to better implement the policies in the bill as well as correcting errors in a mission but one of the tribunals powers and procedures legislation bill comprises 24 sub parts and makes up almost all of the bill part 1 contains the amendment this government has added to the bill to address the backlog of cases that has developed in the Human Rights real tribunal since 2016 these amendments include authorizing the appointment of one or more Deputy Chairperson since stead of a second chairperson and authorizing the chairperson or Deputy Chairperson alone to consider appropriate matters on the papers this will help to reduce the backlog because much of the strabismus work has to be undertaken by the T persons in future the deputy chair persons will be able to perform the same functions as the chairpersons part one also provides 21 tribunals and ministered by the ministry of justice with the powers have procedures they need to resolve matters sooner members will have noticed that the same amendments are repeated across several sub parts tribunal users will benefit from the standard provisions that authorize tribunals to consider more matters on the paper and to use audio-visual ink technology more often many tribunals have been given contempt powers to enable disruptive people to be removed during hearings these tribunals will also have broader powers to strike out meritless proceedings and to decide matters in the party’s absence in appropriate circumstances part one clarifies that retiring tribunal members can complete any cases that have commenced this will ensure proceedings are not unnecessarily prolonged or delayed when changes are made to a tribunals membership part one will also enable tribunals to provide greater access to justice by providing a simpler quicker and cheaper alternative to a court case the Disputes Tribunal monetary threshold will be increased from 15,000 or 20,000 before parties agree to 30,000 the dispute tribunal provides a quicker simple and cheaper form than a court for resolving lower valued disputes the real estate agents disciplinary tribunal will be able to award monetary compensation of up to a hundred thousand for financial losses arising from a real estate agents unsatisfactory conduct the tribunal sanctions poor behavior by real estate agents the private security personnel Licensing Authority will be able to discipline unsatisfactory conduct as well as misconduct this will allow the authority to appropriately address concerning behavior such as bullying by private security personnel and private investigators that might not meet the higher threshold or miss of misconduct part one is also address civil anomalies in the legislation madam chair I call the Honourable Peter Williams Ian part one is also addressed several anomalies in the legislation of these 21 tribunals for example part 1 clarifies that monetary orders such as fines fee refunds and compensation ordered by the legal complaints Review officer can be enforced in the district court if they are not voluntarily paid the legal complaints review officer sanctions poor behavior by lawyers and conveyances part 1 also authorizes insurance companies to be represented at disputes tribunal hearings by agents as well as by employees or officers insurance companies and parties to have run one-third of disputes tribunal cases this change will align better with the way the insurance companies operate finally part 1 will disestablish – rarely used tribunals the health boards of Appeal and the Maritime Appeal Authority these tribunals have not received any new cases for several years and any future cases will be heard in the district court instead I hope that helps members in the debate of the tribunals powers of the seizures legislation bill I call the Honourable Maggie Barry thank you madam chair

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