Trump: 2nd Amendment ‘will never be repealed’
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Trump: 2nd Amendment ‘will never be repealed’

President Donald Trump says the Second Amendment
isn’t going anywhere. Trump said in a tweet Wednesday that the amendment
“WILL NEVER BE REPEALED.” He added: Trump’s heated message was in response to
an op-ed retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens wrote for The New York Times. In the piece, Stevens said he wants to get
rid of the Second Amendment. He wrote that a repeal:


  • Dragon Girl

    I, too ,go with the 2nd amendment with my Main man ,Donald Trump !
    FUCK YOU,TRUMPHATERS!!!🇺🇸🐉🔥💀🔫🗡🛡🏹⚰🔩

  • jkbugout

    I've been telling everyone these folks are anti-Constitution. Sworn to uphold it… Plotting to overthrow it. It must be a nice feeling to have one's head up so far one's own ass to feel such a blind trust for government … Ignorance is bliss… but not for long. History shows what happens after power is consolidated into the hands of government. Power to the people.

  • DefiantOne

    Well……duh? He is just blowing smoke so he can claim there is fire. I love how there is one article showcasing one persons opinion, and suddenly gun nuts around the country point to it as proof that they were right all along.

    Let's just ignore all the other people who are realistic and aren't calling for the repeal of the 2nd

  • M18 Hellcat

    NEVER!!!!!! If you don't agree with the constitution and bill of rights move to another country, you wont be missed. Please feel free to pack your plunder and LEAVE!! Whatever country you move too the word ""free"" wont mean quite the same, ENJOY!!

  • mrbubetube

    This MUST be the issue that unites the Democrats and defines the campaign for the next round of elections at federal and state levels! THIS is the issue that will energize the Democratic party and bring all the Democrat voters out of their living rooms and into the voting booths!

  • Anti Law

    Don't give a shit about a piece of paper. A document doesn't give me rights. My rights come from my own good damn will to do as I please! So, you all can go piss and moan about your silly Constitution.

  • Uptight Nonchalant

    Any politician that votes to restrict freedom of any bill of right should be arrested and put on trial for treason for violating their oath to defend the constitution. . Period!

  • Melissa Dawn Mitchell

    While where talking about amendments , what and out the 25 amendment and emoluments ? I don't see anyone in the comments talking about that , I only see people talking about the 2 amendment and how it effects them . SO LET ME GET THIS STRIGHT , YPU ONLY CARE ABOUT AMENDMENTS THST BENIFIT YOU PERSONALLY ? IF YPUR GOING TO DEFEND ONE PART OF THE CONSTITUTION , DEFEND ALL OF IT , HELL HALF OF YOU THAT STATE " can't take my Constitutional rghts" are the same people's who litterally don't know the whole Constitution , be sure to check out 25th amendment and Emoluments … Then come talk to me about "your guns" last I checked a PRESIDENT can't BENIFIT from being presedent .

  • Iamlordofthe Internet

    You know, if Dotard said something pro gun control, you would find liberals defending the 2nd amendment.

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