• NutNbutSpeed

    I'm glad they're getting rid of them, keeping them is like Germany having Hitler statues. Trump is an idiot and a closet racist (although he doesn't and won't admit to it)!

  • Kip McEwen

    There were hundreds of Confederate statues that were erected when taking the Jim Crow Laws area and the civil rights marches in the mid twentieth century for black rights together. Those statues were hardly erected as giving homage to Confederate history but were clearly meant to remind black people of what many thought should be "their place." Does Trump support these Confederate statues erected during the Jim Crow Laws era & during the civil rights marches for black equality?

  • Blade BlazerLazer

    Can you believe Germany still has Auschwitz standing AND is letting in tons of Muslims? So being scared of and taking down meager statues makes perfect sense, right liberals?

  • Darrin Ward

    Why have they stopped teaching American history in all public schools? Why are they removing statues of our founding fathers? Is it race thing? NO… It is simple….If you take away a countries history…you control the present ….and then alter the future . It is that simple !

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