Trump And Republicans Have Secured Their Power For Decades To Come
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Trump And Republicans Have Secured Their Power For Decades To Come

With the 2020 presidential election coming
up and with more Republican senators being up for reelection, the democratic senators,
it is within the realm of possibility for Democrats to uh recapture essentially the
executive and legislative branches of the federal government. But one branch of government, thanks to democratic
inaction for eight years and Republican obstruction. Uh, one branch of the government is really
pretty much off limits to Democrats for a couple of generations. That branch obviously is the Judicial branch
of government and Donald Trump this week just celebrated his 150th appeals court appointee,
roughly one in four appeals court judges who are serving lifetime appointments in this
country. One in four came from Donald Trump himself. That man has appointed 25% of the federal
appeals court judges in this country. But of course he didn’t do this alone. Donald Trump doesn’t know who judges are,
who to pick, where to find them. So he went to Mitch McConnell, who’s got the
Federalist society whispering in his ear, telling him who to pick. McConnell takes those picks, brings them to
Donald Trump. Trump rubber stamps it. And then Mitch McConnell goes back to the
Senate, changes the rules so that we’re no longer dealing with the blue slip rule, which
is if the judge is from your state and either of the senators from your state say, no, not
this person. They just don’t even bring it to a vote. They say, okay, this person’s out. He changed that. He’s not paying attention to it. He’s not going with it. That wasn’t a formal rule, but it was tradition
from the beginning of the Senate. He also changed the rules to allow less debate
time over the nominees that Donald Trump is putting forward and several of the people
that the Senate has confirmed mostly along party line votes have been rated as not qualified
by judicial rating services. We have several people who are now serving
lifetime appointments as federal judges who have never tried or heard a court case in
their lives. Now, once I have more legal experience than
they do working behind the scenes on a couple of cases and being editor of trial lawyer
magazine, I’m more qualified than these people. And I wouldn’t trust myself to be a federal
judge for the rest of my life either. But that’s what’s happening in the judiciary. So even if the Democrats take back the house
or retain the house, take back the Senate and win back the white house, without the
judiciary, he’s lost folks. And not only is that obviously very bad for
social issues, cause a lot of these judges have been staunchly anti LGBTQ. This is also a disaster for consumers, right? This isn’t just an issue that, Oh well I’m
not LGBTQ, so maybe it’s not gonna affect me. No, this affects every single human being
on this whole planet who has to live, breathe, drink water. Yeah. Those things are now threatened because of
these pro corporate anti-consumer judges that Republicans have packed the courts with. Now, back to that number I mentioned, 25%
of the federal appeals court judges are Trump appointees. You how many cases each year are settled at
that federal appeals court level. Fifty thousand, fifty thousand at the federal
appeals level, you know how many of those are settled at the Supreme court? A little under a hundred, little under a hundred
and yet the democratic party always wants to make the Supreme court be the big deal
and it is a big deal. Don’t get me wrong, but you have a hundred
cases versus 50,000 cases. I’m going to say the 50,000 is actually a
little bit more important. That’s a much bigger number. Those are cases that are also done, settled,
not going anywhere. After that, we have to start paying attention
to these lower courts folks. That’s where our rights are being taken away. That’s where our safety is being taken away. That’s where our privacy is being taken away
and we act like those don’t matter. The Supreme court’s going to save us Democrats
by getting an appointment or two, maybe we’ll add more seats to the Supreme court. Now the only way to solve this problem is
with a constitutional amendment to put term limits on these judges. That’s what has to happen. That’s not what should happen. That’s not what could happen. That’s what has to happen. No human being in this country deserves a
lifetime appointment to any thing. Yeah. For some reason, that’s the way it is and
always has been with these federal judges who, again, Trump has put plenty on the bench
for the rest of their lives who have been deemed as not qualified. And our future is now in those very unqualified


  • Richard Costello

    Wonderful information, but I believe we are forgetting the horrifying truth that everybody seems to forget, know that money is considered free speech, you know, that disgusting 5 to 4 citizens united case, has basically changed the hole political electorate. Conservative have done more grimy s*** at the state level bye gerrymandering swing States, taking away liberal votes by compacting them together, and given the less fortunate and educated more dark money propaganda to turn them against each other while conservative prosper from less votes and more money to change the landscape as they see fit… Any Daughters of this

  • Liza Tanzawa

    Do we need any more proof that the corporate Democrats are corruot? When have they NOT rolled over for their bipartisan billionaire donors???

  • scifiknut

    Unqualified people appointed as judges? Sigh. Why is there no kind of qualification assessment program they must go through? Talk about a systemic failure. Filling a job with someone who has no previous work experience in that field should not be allowed.

  • Rex Pimplemyer

    Well, sounds to me like this. If a company starts selling inferior or deceptive food products, like say rancid beef or maybe horse or dog and labels it 100% grade A beef, there's nothing Anyone is going to do about it. Thom Hardy of TCA is gonna be out of a job. So chow down, Republicans. You bought it, you eat it. Enjoy.

  • George Hays

    …….check out POTUS Shield , starring Kenneth Copland , Paula White , and Trump / Pence ! Leo Leonard picks the judges ! Maranatha !

  • gerald finn

    Once Democrats gain the White House, the Senate and the house of representatives, can they not just increase the number of judges on each court and then appoint the most liberal judges to these new positions.
    Subject to the limits of the constitution, can they not also pass a law relating to the appointment and conduct of federal judges and then impeach the arse off those judged that dont measure up?
    After all Farron, we both know that this is precisely what the Republicans would do if the shoe was on the other foot.

  • Susan Galea

    This is the best exposition and vid I've seen on youtube for ages. Well done. It is truly frightening how the liberal democracy and values that have been espoused by the majority of Americans ( even " deplorables" – who may not even know it) is being hollowed out by the appointment of verifiable, certifiable and shockingly liberty -denying proto-fascist and unqualified ( so often, it's risible) appointments to the judiciary. Trump is a tool of the Moscow Mitch/ Evangelical and Authoritarian cabal. It is appalling.

  • David Harris

    Yes but most judges are conservative by nature and it doesn’t matter in most cases because they follow the law. And most cases just involve contractual and matrimonial disputes. So who cares.

  • tilintolon1029

    Well it's about time amerikkkans got what they wanted a dictatorship put in place by the "people that know the law" better than the lawmakers…

  • Randall Anderson

    Can you imagine what a federal judgeship sells for. Its the only thing in our government that Trump stays on top of and I know he couldn't tell you ten names of the people he has appointed

  • James Firmiss

    The Republican takeover was done even before that on the state and local level. You had some school board seat.. pretty safe election.. nothing special.. suddenly you had these guys coming in backed by big money donations pushing for voucher schools and overhauling the public school systems to cut costs absolutely crushing Democratic incumbents and candidates caught off guard.

  • nidurnevets

    There should be a new version of a book called At Dawn We Slept, which was about Pearl Harbor. The new version should be about how the Democrats fought among themselves, and wasted time, while the Republicans have been working relentlessly to get to where they are now. Control of the Courts.

  • SuperBurgerLord

    Trump has shown that you can basically ignore one of the other branches and there would be no consequences. If you don't like the federal plants, I mean, judges, just ignore them. What can they actually do?

  • Jim Miller

    Like Nixon, Trump tried to covered up illegal acts.  The Ukrainians are fighting in mud trenches,
    eating carrots and onions from wooden crates with little fire power while
    Russia sends in tanks.  So Republicans
    and Democrats in Congress determine that it is in America's best interest to
    give them money to stop Russian aggression. Trump  withholds the money unless the Ukraine
    Presidents agrees to dig up dirt on Trumps' opponent Joe Biden in the 2020
    election.  Our allies may be dying
    because of Trump's anti American, lawless behavior but Trump says he can shoot
    someone and Americans won't convict him. 
    I believe most Americans want a law abiding  president and society.

  • elijah mikle

    The life time appointments needs to end. I agree with the Congress appointing them, but that needs to go back 2/3 vote at least. Then fixed time limit. 8 years sounds fair. I give ya 15. Each generation gets it's own judges.

  • Everything Except Shoes

    We can write new laws to set term limits on the Supreme Court. This doesn't concern me as much as just getting that sociopath out of office as quickly as possible.

  • Jax

    Thanks for shitting all over an already shitty day. Facts are facts though. No judge should have a lifetime appointment. Once he's impeached all of the shit he did should be undone! He's a fuckimg criminal committing crimes as he holds office all of what he did should be wiped out! Period! I'm so fucking tired….I'm tired.

  • David Coker

    How "TWISTED UP" in the head do you have to be to believe that the LGBT Queer agenda is a good idea? All one need do is see the mental instability of the Left to know that what they want is wickedness to prevail. Who is this freak talking trash? I bet he hates Christians. I bet he is also pro infanticide. Most likely a SJW Marxist leaning naive useful idiot. And I don't like what I see and you with your destructive ideology will one day for sure see a "ring of fire". Do "you people" ever think it through? NO YOU DON'T. The Democrats want power just for the sake of exercising more control over our lives. They aren't about liberty. They aren't about individual rights. They want ALL of us to be subservient to those that wind up in positions of power. Power which they will exercise in such a way that YOU will LOSE your rights. MY RIGHTS COME FROM GOD AND NOT MAN. When you try to change that there will be war.

  • Mike Murphy

    Money is the ultimate power globally. When enough Democrats refuse to stay in the US and take their money and leave America the US economy will collapse to such a degree that there for the military. You let these bastards that they face animation I submit that reason will magically reappear.

  • David Coker

    I am now subscribed and promise to give an alternative opinion on most likely everything this liberal has to say. I am amazed at how easily the uneducated, under educated, miseducated, ignorant and reprobate sign on to ideas that will ultimately result in their having a less than promising future. Miscreant has now become the life of choice and will eternally be manipulated by both the well intentioned and those that worship Satan. See what real life looks like. Try Kip Simpson and Reality Reader. Day after day after day more and more Democrats being indicted, tried and sentenced for everything from stealing money from underprivileged children to taking bribes in a sundry of official duties. Ever hear of Jason Bermas and The Bermas Brigade. He is famous for producing Fabled Enemies and 911 Truth Loose Change. You people need to get with the program because after reading the comments it is easy to see just how incredibly STUPID many of you are.

  • Mexiball Nation

    I'm not surprised that a country founded by slave owning business men would sellout this way. The constitution is becoming a joke every day that passes by.


    Lower court judges, state legislatures, we now have a different abortion law and marijuana law in every state. Labor laws, pollution laws, consumer protection laws are silently disappearing. Vote these SOB's out before they do any more harm.

  • Arathon Bow

    Or You make new rules arrest those that are dirty fire the rest if Repugnantkkkins can lie cheat steal change rules ignore the constitution then changing this would be easy peazy

  • Diabetic Honeybee

    Memo to next democrat president: remove all trump judges as they were illegally appointed or nominated by an illegitimate and incompetent president…

  • robert walton

    Once the Dems take back the Congress and the White House they can start changing the law regarding the judiciary… impeachments, term limits, new rules for qualification etc…it will take time but it can all be undone if they have the willpower.

  • Dai Lee

    And America will continue it's extreme racist behavior especially against blacks for more than several lifetimes! And racial injustices will continue in this country until Jesus Chist returns to correct things make things right!

  • Jean Harris

    To go after constitutional amendment limiting terms for judges needs to be among the demands we make of 2020 candidates who want our votes!!!

  • Debate Me!

    This is what the AMERICAN people and MEDIA are ALLOWING to happen!! This is the fault of nobody else but the APATHETIC PEOPLE of this country who bend over and LET this happen. All other countries are STANDING up while USA cries. SMH

    While you folks cry on social media, the USA will BLEED for DECADES! The future will look back upon you in SHAME for ALLOWING this.

  • Debate Me!

    read all these comments below. 98% talking PASSIVELY like it's a TV SHOW. Almost NOBODY talking about taking ACTION. Nobody creas enough about our freedom to ACT. Shameful!!

    Trump is a retard, but what is the excuse of the American people who enable him by doing NOTHING to stop him!?

  • A T

    we can re-write the judiciary branch as well, life-time appointment cannot mean forever, if the system is wrong, it is wrong, just like abrupt climate change, if we don't change the way we live, think, plan, and love, then homo sapiens are out the door, soon, doesn't matter if these judges are stamped with life-time appointment, they are going to die too with the rest of us.

  • A T

    I agree, life-time appointment should be out, technologies evolve and don't have life-time appointment in the marketplace, let's lower the voting age and let the younger generations lead the humanities.

  • Cassandra Roper

    The Father of Heaven and Earth Had Made This World His!!!!! Who gave Life , And Can Take It Away!!! Whom Do You Fear??????

  • Jay D

    Mitch, the bitch kiss #45, ass all up in it. Him and his ugly wife making money 💰 with these foreign countries. All Republicans need 2GO. Old Bitches 🤘🏽

  • Just Human

    On the contrary, if you have QUIT the trump administration,  you would be hired faster now. For one single reason.  You quit the trump brothel with your character and dignity intact. The reason you quit was because you refused to compromise on your morals.

  • gradostax

    This is a screwed up system, the only lifetime terms in government should be SCOTUS only. All other judges should be either voted in by the citizens or appointed. And ALL judges must be qualified as candidates by a judicial review board.

  • Gaye O'Hagan

    Not everyone in the world is affected by the madness of American judiciary decisions thankfully! Just Americans. Please stop buying into the notion that the whole world is affected by your country!

  • CHASE hanns

    When your job is making videos on talking shit about the president you’ll get 4 more years of content next year😂😂😂

  • StrawberryFields4Ever

    I just watched an ep of The Good Fight where they show fed judges being completely inept at their job. I thought it was funny, sad, scary, and pissed me off because of the truth behind it. But, it was brought forth so the general public who watches it can see that what point they were/are making.

  • James Wagoner

    This crop of Republicans, and this POTUS, have completely and utterly destroyed the Republican party for decades to come.
    It should be obvious to anyone watching that the duopoly, of the Democrats and Republicans must be broken.

  • Lonnie Dobbins

    The one thing we have that may save those positions is the fact that most are not qualified to hold the office.
    But, I watched everyone responsible allow the most Criminal Of laws to be broken by these people and nothing was done.
    Allowed a known criminal to be seated as President.
    *Allowed A Planned Genocide Against The Hueman Population Calling It Freedom*.
    Allowed Media To Lie Over And Over Of The Crime Rates Of The Hueman Population.
    No way the numbers was there allowing this man to be seated.
    No Way The Laws Of Qualifications Was Applied In His Case. One tax audit disqualifies his running.
    Accused Criminal Felon Now And HE'S STILL ALLOWED TO RUN AGAIN? what fucking intelligence?

  • tired of the problems

    It is time to get rid of lifelong appointments. tRump and Moscow Mitch will be remembered as the most corrupt team of politicians in the histiry of this country

  • Michel F

    Political life time appointees seems a bit too much like the Soviet Union, North Korea and China. Maybe it's time for US to introduce real Democracy?

  • E. G.

    Boy do I strongly agree with you.they should only serve 4 years. And no more after that. 4 years only. If they don't like it too freaking bad

  • Lisa Velasquez

    Hahaha. That impeachment defense petition/ad is such a slurry joke, I wonder how many actual adult US citizens actually fall for it every time they want to watch ROF, or Rachel or something… hahahahaha ♤Lv

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