Trump approves legislation backing Hong Kong protesters
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Trump approves legislation backing Hong Kong protesters

amid ongoing fro democracy protests over
in Hong Kong the US has stepped in as president Donald Trump on Wednesday
signed into law legislation aimed at protecting the rights of people in Hong
Kong all right Kim dummy tells us more about
the law despite objections from Beijing President Trump has decided to back Hong
Kong Trump said in a statement that his a decision comes out of respect for
President Xi Jinping China and the people of Hong Kong in hopes of leaders
of China and Hong Kong is settling their differences for a peace and prosperity
for all trumps approval comes just a week after the US Senate and the House
of Representatives passed a legislation last week under the new law Washington
will need to certify at least once a year the Hong Kong retains enough
autonomy to qualify for special us trading considerations the US could also
play sanctions on officials responsible for human rights violations in the
Chinese world city the new law also bans experts of certain military supplies
which could be used against the people of Hong Kong looking to strike a trade
deal with China ahead of the twenty20 reelection bid Trump F in a vague about
whether he would sign or veto the legislation however analysts evaluate
that it’s highly possible that trumps a later support for Hong Kong will make it
more difficult for the world’s two largest economies to reach an agreement
hinting a possible retaliation against the US China has a denounced a
legislation as a gross interference in its affairs and a violation of
international law apart from the two countries prolonged a fight the Chinese
currency may weaken even further which could also affect the Korean Won US
dollar exchange rate Kim dami arirang news


  • Alla Uddin

    Its not about protecting the rights of hong kong losers. Chinese central govt gave them democracy. But they were not intrested in democracy.
    As democracy was kicked out by us uk etc.
    So there protesting was not for democracy but cancering asia economy for doller marketing against russia china intrest.
    Did you get it.
    We must pinpoint target the bad of colonialism or us israel in asia.russia china must support the de dollerization in asia afroca meddle east central asia to south America. And if they want war.we give them ww3 beyond.people here are ready to sacrifice for russia china its a natural process. Not a radical gangsterism.
    Stick togather. No vs vs gaming in asia.only way .no choice.

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