Trump Declares Himself Above the Constitution: A Closer Look
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Trump Declares Himself Above the Constitution: A Closer Look

-The White House is now
threatening to obstruct the impeachment inquiry and refusing to cooperate
with subpoenas. For more on this,
it’s time for “A Closer Look.” ♪♪ As a candidate for president, Trump echoed years of
empty Republican rhetoric about the sanctity
of our Constitution and claimed that he wanted
to restore the values enshrined by the founding fathers,
although, as always, it was clear that he had no idea
what he was talking about. -It’s all about the Constitution
of — of — And — And so important. The Constitution
the way it was meant to be. The mainstream media wants to surrender
our Constitution. I feel very strongly
about our Constitution. I’m proud of it. I love it. And I want to go through
the Constitution — That’s what we want to do. I mean, we want to bring
the Constitution back. -What — What do you mean,
bring it back? It didn’t go anywhere. He talks about the Constitution like it’s a college student
who took a gap year and now wants to stay
in Barcelona because it met someone. “Come back, Constitution. Katarina is only
gonna break your heart.” Now, the impeachment inquiry
currently happening in the House isn’t just an investigation
of President Trump’s many corrupt abuses of power. It’s also a test of our system
in which Congress is supposed to be a co-equal
branch of the government. And yesterday,
the Trump administration did its best
to undermine that system by declaring itself
above the law. -President Trump continuing
to stonewall House Democrats in their investigation efforts. The White House
sending a scathing letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
and House committees refusing to cooperate,
calling the impeachment inquiry illegitimate and
unconstitutional. -That’s right. Trump is
literally calling impeachment, a process which is laid out
in the Constitution, unconstitutional. He’s going to be so shocked if he ever reads
the Constitution one day. “Let’s see here. Oh, no! Oh, no! Oh, boy! [ Cheers and applause ] High crimes AND misdemeanors? I did both of those
this morning. Oh, there better not be anything
in here about golf. Oh, no!” This idea that impeachment
is somehow unconstitutional is an insane theory
that has been percolating on the right
for a few weeks now. Over the weekend, for example,
a Fox News guest suggested that Senate Majority Leader
Mitch McConnell should actually change the rules to, in his words,
protect the Constitution. -If I were the Senate
majority leader, I’d tell the House,
“This is dead on arrival. We’re changing the rules,
and we’re not going to follow up with an impeachment trial here. We’re not required to
under the Constitution. -But good ol’ Mitch McConnell
is all, “Yeah, yeah, they do. We’re gonna have to listen
to it. We’ll have a trial.” I mean, what’s up with that?! -Well, that’s —
Those are the current rules. They could change the rules
to protect the Constitution. -They literally want
to change the rules because they’re losing. It’s like if the Jets
were down 45-0 at halftime and said,
“We want to change the rules to let running backs have SUVs.” Also, you really —
you really got to respect Jeanine Pirro’s
hard-hitting question there. -What’s up with that?! -She’s like — She’s like an angry Fox News
version of Jerry Seinfeld. [as Seinfeld] “You ever notice
how the Constitution allows Congress to remove
a corrupt president? What’s the deal with that?!” [ “Seinfeld” bumper music
plays ] [ Cheers and applause ] Now, not only is this argument a threat to the very foundations
of democracy, it’s also incredibly dumb,
which, of course, undercuts the image Trump and his aides
love to project, that he’s some sort of
political mastermind who’s a genius
at manipulating the press. For example, here’s what
one senior Trump official had to say last week
about the President testing out different arguments to defend
himself against impeachment. That, for real, sounds like
a sixth-grade prank designed to get Trump to say the words
“I’m a master baker.” [ Laughter ] “Who? Me?
Are you guys talking about me? Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.
I’m a big-time master baker. Sometimes twice in one day.” So, now Trump,
the monster baker, has settled on a strategy
of basically declaring himself above the Constitution,
and that’s because Trump is fundamentally
a thuggish authoritarian who thinks he can do
whatever he wants and even uses the language
of authoritarians whenever he talks about
his powers as president, whether it’s declaring
a national emergency
to build a border wall or asking foreign governments
to interfere in our elections. -He told “The New York Times”
tonight… “I have the absolute right
to do what I want to do with the Justice Department.” -I have the absolute right to
declare a national emergency. -I have an absolute right
to call national security. We need strong borders. -I do have an absolute right
to pardon myself. -No, you do not have
the absolute right to do whatever you want. Trump just likes
to say stuff like this because he loves stroking his
ego to make himself feel better. You know, he’s a master baker. So, where exactly
does Trump think he gets all these
magical powers from? Well, he keeps saying article II
of the Constitution, which outlines
the powers of the presidency, gives him license
to do whatever he wants. -Article II allows me
to do whatever I want. Then I have an Article II where I have the right to do
whatever I want as president, but I don’t even talk
about that. -Nobody ever mentions
Article II. It gives me all of these rights at a level that nobody
has ever seen before. We don’t even talk
about Article II. -Okay.
First of all, that’s wrong. Second, what do you mean,
no one ever talks about it? It’s the Constitution. He talks about
our nation’s founding document like it’s an underrated TV show. “Nobody ever talks
about Schitt’s Creek. You guys got to see it. It’s got some of
Catherine O’Hara’s best work.” Of course, we know that Trump
has never had even a hint of intellectual curiosity
about what the Constitution actually says when it comes to the powers of the president
or Congress. In fact, one of his former
aides, Sam Nunberg, once told a journalist
that it was his job during the campaign to educate
Trump on the Constitution but that he didn’t get very far before Trump stopped
paying attention. And I believe this story
because Trump always makes it very obvious when he’s bored. Just watch him
whenever he’s in a meeting and someone else is speaking.
He looks straight down and literally hugs himself
for comfort. “It’s okay. It’s okay. Soon the bad man who’s not you
will stop talking.” In fact, you can see the result of Trump’s nonexistent
attention span when he tries to repeat
details of stories that got dumped into
the polluted river of his brain and warped by all
that toxic sludge that’s just sloshing around
in there — like when he told a story on
Monday about a military briefing that made absolutely
no sense whatsoever. -When I took over our military,
we didn’t have ammunition. I was told by a top general,
maybe the top of them all. “Sir, I’m sorry, sir.
We don’t have ammunition.” I said I’ll never let
another president have that happen to him or her. We didn’t have ammunition. -Now, that was vaguely based
on something real. In early 2017, the military reportedly was worried
about a shortage of bombs, so sort of in the neighborhood
but not really close. The story got warped so badly
in Trump’s rotting brain that it turned into
an incoherent rant about a top general,
maybe the top of them all, coming to him and saying,
“We have no ammunition.” Like, first of all,
what do you mean he was a top general,
maybe the top of them all? He was either a top general
or he wasn’t. In the military,
there’s no gray area about who’s at the top. You don’t have to google it. “Well, according to TripAdvisor,
he’s number one, but Yelp says
he’s only three stars.” Second, can we hear — [ Cheers and applause ] Can we hear what this top
general supposedly said again? -“Sir, I’m sorry, sir.
We don’t have ammunition.” -That is not how generals talk.
He might have said, “Sir, we are currently experiencing
a shortage of ordinance.” But this dummy over here heard, “Sir, we don’t have
bullets, sir. We’ve been throwing kitchen
supplies at the enemy, sir. We got one guy out there running
around with a food processor. Sir, he hasn’t killed anyone, but he’s becoming
a real master baker.” [ Laughter ] So it’s not a surprise — It’s not a surprise that this is
the same self-obsessed idiot who thinks impeachment
is unconstitutional and insists he has the absolute
right to do whatever he wants. And now he’s
actively obstructing the impeachment inquiry. For example, yesterday, the White House blocked a key
player in the Ukraine scandal, an ambassador named Gordon
Sondland, from testifying. Now, Sondland came
to prominence last week after a series of damning new
text messages was released in which State Department
officials expressed concern to Sondland
about the quid pro quo Trump was dangling with Ukraine. Sondland was one of
the key players involved in that quid pro quo, and at one point
during the text exchanges, he realized
he should not be texting about this scandal at all. -On September 1st, the top
U.S. diplomat in Ukraine, Bill Taylor, texted the
U.S. ambassador to E.U., Gordon Sondland,
and writes this. -Oh, man.
Any time you text someone and they write back, “Call me,”
it is not good. It’s like if you texted
your fiancée, “Can’t wait
to get married tonight,” and they just wrote back,
“Call me,” you’d better find out if that
honeymoon sweet is refundable. So, naturally, the Democrats
want to interview Sondland as part of
the impeachment inquiry, but Trump is simultaneously
blocking Sondland from testifying
while also claiming that he would love
to let Sondland testify. -On Twitter,
the President insisted he would love to send
Ambassador Sondland to testify, but, unfortunately,
he would be testifying before a totally compromised
kangaroo court. -I’m sorry. You’re calling them
a kangaroo court? You’re the one who literally
puffs out your chest like you’re defending
your territory. Fundamentally, what Trump’s
behavior proves once again is that all those years
of empty Republican rhetoric about respecting the
Constitution were a fraud. Republicans are falling in line
behind a guy who’s declaring himself
above the Constitution and claiming absolute powers
to do whatever he wants. We’ve had corrupt, lawless
presidents before, but Trump is the top. -Maybe the top of them all. -This has been “A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ]


  • jon reich

    Bottom line, if a Democratic president said "I can do whatever I want," Republicans would raise hell; kinda funny you don't hear any Trump supporters condemning Trump when he says it.

  • June Walker

    I am so grateful that this mental ignoramous is not the leader of my country. He is laughed at around the world and takes America down with him. All those who follow him should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this nincompoop to believe he has a functioning brain. He is fast becoming a dictator in thinking he is above the law and should be booted out as soon as possible.

  • michael glisson

    ive never seen something so misleading in my life.. its unbelievable.. what makes this unconstitutional.. is the fact that the house has NOT taken a Vote.. – Until a VOTE is taken in the house.. at which apparently isnt going to happen.. Than The Republican side Including the Defendant.. (Trump) Can NOT Question, Propose Evidence. cross-examining
    witnesses, Aka Defend themselves.. – The Fact that due process Is being Denied.. While these idiots.. continue selling fucking bullshit is amazing.

  • Jonatan

    Trump is a psychotic narcissist, he will not let go of the White house easy, and if he does he will bring as many people with him as possible

  • ZAM zam

    Republicans swear they are all pro-Americans but voted and support a leader that has nothing to do and violates the constitution in a daily basis. Think about how stupid that is.

  • stephen wedderburn

    trump hasn't read any part of article II of the constitution, he's not read any of the constitution, he'd lose concentration after the first sentence! He's a terrible human being and his followers are terrible human beings and if him and the republicans are not removed in 2020 America will be finished as a world power and democracy!

  • Andrew K

    America you're FKKD.  U don't stand a chance. Those containers of goods that have slowed used to be filled with your rubbish. PET plastics cardboard. Soya beans new deals with different countries. Wallow in ur Debt, rubbish, plastic, guns, drugs. nuclear waste infrastructure fossil fuels antiquated missile silos.. I'm sure u can add more. Meddling & WARRING with so many countries for so many years. Every problem u face is Your Creation. #condon is the epitome of this America.

  • Seb Brosig

    Looks to me like he's set to muddle through this mess like all the rest: spread some lies that cause enough doubt so as to appease his supporters along the way, then use whatever executive powers the administration has to quell any obstacles.

  • Hoops Kevinski

    The Constitution did go somewhere. Slavery, Jim Crow, borders of broken treaties/"discovery doctrine" and Trump's hero – the brutal dictator who told SCOTUS "Let's see you enFORCE the law & stop me", then committed the deadliest US terror event.

    And the dictator was right: SCOTUS couldn't enFORCE law, Congress (save Davey Crockett) didn't even try, and the US military was… #JustFollowingOrders.

  • Kathryn

    OMG! 5th grade social studies…3 branches of government were put in place so that there are checks and balances to ensure that no one person has absolute power. Yes, I wrote it in a simple way so that maybe the the Orange Asshat might understand it

  • davis davis

    Keep barking
    You really sound so good in your barking
    Your problem, you leftists, is that you never look in the mirror!
    If you looked in the mirror you would know the truth …
    And the truth is –
    1. Hitler was a leftist like you – a socialist like all the members of the General Socialist Party (that's why it was written nationally) of Germany also called Nazis!
    2. Stalin and all the dictators of the Soviet Union were all leftist – that is, socialists
    3. All the dictators of Africa, Asia and South America were all leftists like you – socialists!
    Who leads to dictatorship = the leftist socialist who is tolerant of his own opinions …
    Who is leading democracy? Only the right who does not tolerate single government intervention in the life of the individual is therefore much more tolerant than the left
    That is why friends from the delusional left will keep barking maybe some idiot who doesn't think for himself
    Because I no longer believe you …
    For me your big lie has already been revealed!

  • azae00 Vids

    Simple logic

    before you support a document.. understand it first
    before you support a president … understand their morals first
    before you support a law … understand it first
    before you say you religious … understand the religion first
    before you offer yourself to a woman … ask them first (don't just grab because you are rich)

    (Feel free to add more)

  • Sam

    how come the Americans vote for this pathetic person to become a president????!!!!!!!! although he has still a lot of supporters as republicans…..oh my God

  • John Layman II

    Idiot clown. Little Donnie liar draft dodger. We need a child to read it to him. And change the rules because I’m losing. Not how it works snowflake!!!!!!!

  • Todd Crispin

    Have your ever seen "The Walking Dead"? I would rather be dealing with the situations going on in the show the walking dead instead of what is going on now… Why you ask?? Because nobody would vote for a second term of what happened to the United States of America in the walking dead tv show… But there are still some people in this country that think voting for a second round of whatever the faulk Trump is doing to this nation…………………………… a good idea………………………………………………………………………………..?

  • jorno haha

    The problem with the constitution is it was written by fallible men and is open to interpretation…much like the bible and you see how many atrocities have been committed in the name of these articles of "truth".

  • Heimrich Gundesalf

    I insist… Trump is Count Olaf, personality flaws and minions included. Think about it. Even his followers act like Mr. Poe "Common, children. He sais impeachment is unconstitutional. Leave him alone."

  • Apfelkind4000

    Greetings from the EU:
    We're happy to see, that your dumbass president has no problem whatsoever with islamists escaping from kurdish prisons and entering the EU because of his stupidity.
    We won't forget…

  • mildred gomez

    Yeah right, pathetic lier, dispicable n still lying until he drops dead, not enough bad words to describe this disgusting beast!!!

  • Tzisorey Tigerwuf

    "The whitehouse is threatening to obstruct…"
    Hey… Hey…. HEY – You know what'll get us out of this trouble that crime got us into? More crime!

  • TerminalCarrion

    Jeanine mocking voice kind of sums up this whole situation. Republicans fly the flag of false patriotism to pander to voters and their base, but when it domes down to the actual laws they hold them in great disdain

  • Lorenzo Teague

    Donald Trump – America's Master Baker
    He's burning shitcakes and shooting blanks!! 😆😆😆
    God, please somebody stop the insanity!!!

  • Lost Alpha

    So usa can interfere in other contrys like Syria iraq yeman Venezuela etc and it's ok . But this with Trump make you all go crazy . American hypocrisy 😥

  • Adam Nelson

    Me I believe the us needs a good trump presidency it’s like a forest fire it’s horrible destructive, oh god why did no one stop this but hey the forest is clear of debris and the people will say “you’re not voting?, Do you want a trump presidency?, cause that’s how you get trump presidencies

  • LaMb sAuCE

    lmaoooo seth could turn his show into a cnn segment 💀💀💀💀💀 just stfu, just stop it, no one cares about your political views seth. no one. not a single person.

  • breakshot74

    when i see this pathetic old white guys standing behind the orange moron and bow their heads i wanna punch them in the face

  • G K

    American running out of ammo? No chance, when the largest military superpower has enough ammo to exceed multiple G7 nations combined.

  • Jonna Lundberg

    Acting more and more like a dictator, in my eyes.. making his own 'rules', try to buy his way to the power and doesn't care at all what the consequences will be for everyone around the world – or in the us for that matter. On the outside looking in .. this seems like USA is taking massive steps in all the wrong directions.. so sad.

  • Hawi Jack

    Look at the idiot president we have!
    Thanks idiot right wing nuts!
    🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸IMPEACH 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • gripen6969 gripen

    Of course!!!!!!
    In his mind he's a dictator already!!!!!!
    It's not funny however that's where we're at right now……😈👿😈👿

  • Shane Giglietti

    This asshole don’t have a right to be in the position he’s in and this orange ass should actually read the constitution but we know that he can’t read .

  • Roland Farmer

    Well, like any good criminal he has managed to corrupt the DOJ, State Department and who knows what else. A bit scary. The damage done to the institutions probably is irreparable. Perhaps you think these comments are a bit fantastic. However, if you speak with justice pioneers in third world countries they will tell you once corruption has found its way into a govrement agency is virtually impossible to do away with it.


    Most Americans do not understand the constitution they loved so much almost vanished 9/11. Still dreaming not to make a change.

  • S Miller

    2:29 Stable genius the least racist with the big uh brain loves and respects women, is popular among the blacks and the Hispanics is the healthiest president ever which is evident by his… neck fat.

    Fat and muscle in the neck area

    Fat on the neck will be softer to the touch, and the skin will be looser. … Neck fat can be caused by being overweight or obese. This is usually due to not getting enough physical activity and having poor eating habits. Certain health conditions can cause obesity, but they're rare.Oct 27, 2017 › health

  • Ric Chapin

    The GOP is dead. They're not going to cooperate, even after we abandoned the Kurds; there is no low these monsters won't sink to and we shouldn't wait for them to find their morality because they lost it long before that shaved geriatric fuckboy mongrel was ever elected.

  • olu Ave

    Sigh…. The GOP is dead after this. Cant wait for the montage of these idiots talking about how stupid Trump was, then freeze when the documentary guy ask them why they still kept protecting him

  • Tyrenter Highfury

    All I’m getting out of this is that trump will only be impeached when the secret service itself arrests him since no one else seems able to do anything about it.

  • Brad M

    Trump knows what he's doing, stop letting him do it. If a witness scheduled to testify before congress gets told by the white house not to testify, find that witness in contempt and throw their ass in jail!

  • Tjerda van Eijkel-van het Schip

    So when is Congress finally going to say enough is enough. This cannot be good for the Republicans and especially not good for America?!

  • TZoningHard

    The people in this comment section are deranged AF. Dems are not following impeachment procedures outlined in article two, thats what Trump is complaining about.
    If they want to impeach go ahead and do it properly instead of trying to rush through it or delay it.
    Impeachment only hurts dems in moderate districts whom know its BS. Impeachment dies in the senate and will allow Trump to run for three terms as soon as it hits the senate floor.

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