Trump Doesn’t Know How Cars Work
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Trump Doesn’t Know How Cars Work



  • Thomas Fletcher

    How do news commentators do it ? They must have 20-25 degrees and professions . Scientist , environmentalist , lawyer , psychiatrist , etc . They're soooooo smart .

  • Francis Johnson

    A comment on the coming election ; the country needs a younger president. I'm the same age group as Trump , Sanders and Biden, I absolutely know people our age have no business being president. I really like Biden , wish he was 20 years younger. Trump is an idiot .

  • Glitters go

    I hope Putin shoves a radioactive probe up his ass, and let him die slowly and painfully, while he says Putin is a great and strong man!!!

  • Domingo Nunez

    When Donald Trump is in jail the only thing that he's going to have a glimpse of his past history it's a Donald Trump toilet paper that he's going to be using to wipe his dirty f**** ass

  • Amanda Long

    Let's hope and pray the man capable of writing the damn bill and the woman who has a plan are on the same ticket.

    But we can't trust the DNC most are moderate and nearly as bad as most Republicans. Feels like population control is their biggest concern.

    God please help us

  • Norma Woods

    Profit over HUMAN life.
    We the PEOPLE paying our taxes EVERY year, working 2 and 3 jobs.
    While the cooperation and administration charging over the price.
    45 has no ethics or education.
    So let get ALL the old boys and girl's out of: Congress, WH and etc. NEW DAY!!!

  • Jack Givens

    The only thing Trump knows about cars…is where the door locks are in the back of limos…where your think your going sweetheart..!

  • feodoric

    I like your news coverage so thorough, clear and extremely well researched. All I can say is: you're the best! BTW, even as a Canadian, I am enthused so much by your Bernie. If only we had substantial political men like him here… Can we clone him?

  • Terry Vogelaar

    As much as I dislike Trump, he is kind of right, relatively speaking: cars are less bad for the environment than flying. The USA needs better public transportation. Personally, I don't have a car and I don't need one because here in Holland, biking and using public transportation suffices. Not having a car is unimaginable for Americans; they only leave their cars at home when they can pollute even more by flying. There's your problem. Kick the car habit and invest in decent alternative infrastructure.

  • Chris Prevost

    Good People of the US – Are you listening? Lets not just stop at cars. Lets look at everything else, including cars. You see – We the world are collectively looking at ways to basically "survive", and I use that term loosely. Can we agree that the world will move on with/without the United States, and in turn the United States, under 45's leadership very likely will NOT have any say if conferences on climate are not attended by US. What does that mean? It means that measures will likely be adopted by a majority of other countries, and US will no doubt have to follow in what is being adopted or face penalties. People will complain. People will be upset. What I'm saying now is hypothetical. What I am saying is also plausible for the future. It might actually happen.

    I've called it out, I've said what might be. What is your next move? This is an open-ended question you can ask yourselves.

  • Leigh Hewit

    The problem is that the sexual performance and penis size in America is very poor. That is why American men want BIG gas guzzling cars and BIG powerful guns because they are VERY lacking in other areas, except African Americans. They have massive penises which the white women love, especially if their husband or boyfriend votes conservative.

  • R Cote

    trump dosnt know how a car works.. Its ok. no one in the country knows how his brain works.. *cough*.. assuming he has one of course.

  • Whyte Papricka

    The ONLY color skin I'll have to admit, I am totally racist against and wish did not exist——-is,…….(wait for it)——-🎃RANGE !!

  • Lagertha’s Pumpkin Apprentice

    I saw, “Trump Doesn’t Know,” and thought, ‘Okay what is it this time…’ 🤦‍♀️

  • Jos Tow

    The piedice fires were cause by laser like strikes of directed energy weapons there is a lot of hokis pokis go to

  • lina nicolia

    He knows nothing about everything. He is a total waste of our carbon footprint. Hot air, methane farts and solid gold toilet seats. What the Hell ?

  • Doug Garet

    Where are the new jobs coming from and who will fill them? If they are people who have transferred over from other industries and jobs, then there is not an increase in tax revenues, just the same level of tax revenues from different jobs.

  • Doug Garet

    If your collecting fees for environmental damage and using it for his spending plan, where does the money come from to pay for correction of the environmental damage?

  • Doug Garet

    If you know ANYTHING about charging EV’s, then you know there are different methods of DC charging. The infrastructure Sanders wants to build assumes the industry coalesces around one standard. What is his estimate as to the date at which this will happen? Until that date, the DC infrastructure is useless.

  • Doug Garet

    As for the $15 billion in subsidies, I couldn’t agree more. However, that $15 billion doesn’t come close to paying for his projects.

  • Doug Garet

    The host says these revenues will satisfy him and Sanders’ supporters. I have no doubt about that because Sanders’ supporters have never looked closely at his proposals and always accepted them at face value.

  • Robert E Lee

    Yeah, let’s live a world of the lefty losers where climate change is the fault of the US which only accounts for 8% carbon output of the world . Us peasants can walk or ride molested goats around while our dear leaders float around in their yachts and private jets.. taketh a knee Boi, and sucketh thy rod

  • dan crouse

    Stupid the people who told us we have 12 years give us a plan for 2050 they say trump doesn't know how cars work they dont know how manufacturing works tell me how you gonna get these resources with out a negative environmental outcome

  • martin wilk

    Electric vehicles are going to create their own emissions problem.
    Electric motors create ozone.
    Ozone in the lower atmosphere is toxic.
    Hydrogen burning engines are the way to go

  • Clifford Roebuck

    I think more people would buy electric cars but car companies tell you that you will save by not be paying gas and maintenance so they add what you save over ten years to the price of the car. So who saves?

  • Baedy D

    I really start to fear for Bernie Sanders life. In no way will the powers that be allow him to share a stage with Trump and lecture, the audience and the world o topics like this. Anyone who ever listened to one of his speeches know how he can lay down facts, identify problems, articulate them and present solutions

  • breakshot74

    trump doesn t know this , trump doesn t know that, W E K N O W IT , the only thing he knows is how to wank i front of a mirror and thinking what a perfectly , biggly mushroom he has

  • Juha Piironen

    do you guys know that the amazon is on fire? been for awhile now. 20% of our lungs are going up in flames and nobody is really talking about it…hmmm makes you think

  • Christopher Cory

    Maybe Trump should go under the hood… See how car works..
    Me and my dad did.
    A car is like human body
    Sometimes 😎 too.
    Hot rod from 50's
    Self driving cars *(still a work in progress).

  • BdR76

    6:45 Just want to mention that a direct current network could help increase energy efficiency, because batteries, solar panels, datacenters, electronics etc. all work with DC not AC. That's why most laptops require this big AC to DC power adapter block.

  • Pamela loves JESUS

    When power is out. How do you charge you're car ? Yeah hey burn coal , it is clean !

  • juan carlos rodriguez

    He doesn't know how a car Works!!!!!… Forget the car… The TRAITOR in Chief doesn't even have clue HOW AN UMBRELLA WORKS!!!!

  • Evelyne Bourassa

    He doesn't care about the climate for 3 reasons: 1) he's a narcissist, 2) he doesn't understand nor care about science and 3) he'll be dead in 11 years.

  • Beverly Rhame

    Has he ever driven one?
    Am sure he played with them as a brat but even with his news paper delivery route he was chauffeured around to do it if it rained papa must have thought at that time that he was special but too much later he found out that he was bigly wrong😜

  • Michael Byrnee

    NOBODY knows more about cars than jesus chris….I mean trump. In fact, nobody knows more about god than trump….I was taught about the Holy Trinity but my teachers were SO wrong. Now, thanks to our beloved and most brilliant leader, we all now know that it is actually the Holy Quartet. trump truly IS the second coming, so why do we need to protect the environment if the rapture is so close at hand?

  • Lisa B

    How many jobs will be eliminated in oil and its subsidiaries? Jobs lost will equalize jobs gained so that money will not be an increase in income tax paid. Otherwise, sounds like a pretty good plan.

  • J Andrews

    Of course he knows how cars work! He’s a stable genius, duh!
    The chauffeur gets behind the wheel and the car goes. Simple

  • Refuso Againo

    All well and good but the reality of deploying all that renewable tech is that we've never done it on that scale, and really don't know how. It will be a massive learning experience with many mistakes. Fundamentally wrong urban architecture is America's legacy. Will we apply more technology to fix that or re-design our residences, with some common sense in mind?
    The answer is that it shouldn't be a question, there is no choice because the weather events always get more forceful, choosing any designs with built-in limits is a mistake. All the houses in the southwest just about, cannot access the ground as a heat sink. They use AC units rather than Heat Pumps, which contribute to Global Warming. (Heat pumps are minimal or net zero) AC was cheap, Heat pumps would have cost the builders lots, so now we pay the price of that shortcut.
    All houses in warm climates must couple and integrate with the ground, meaning drainage (almost ignored now) is even more critical. Sites for urban developments will become hard to find once lots are oriented, and sized properly to support good design.
    They should park a few cruise ships near cities like Miami and Houston, to handle the refugee overloads and emergency requirements when the hurricanes start again. Run them into the beach and make a hostel. They have all the facilities needed for a top notch emergency shelter.
    And Solar PV should be deployed at every viable opportunity, large and small scale. If you have an outhouse with a roof, put a kw up there.
    Flying has to be restricted to necessary use only. All the people in that industry will have to find new careers, but a plethora of options awaits from electricians to community scale farm managers, to construction crews and designers and of course, emergency services.
    Government money will be spent fast a furiously on 'great ideas' that do nothing, it will all come down to communities, families and individuals helping themselves.

  • kathy Turner

    Trump is just spinning his wheels. You have to realize that anything that Obama did Trump wants to change. He is like a little a child that is very bad with as his tax returns show. Oh wait how is that wall coming? Haven’t heard much about it lately

  • BuffaloSpirit

    Why would he want to go; Trump would never be able to understand the language around him considering he is as stupid as a pigeon.

  • Rob Roland

    tell trump that his golf courses would be effected by climate change, and I'll bet stupid would react a whole lot differently. tell him that his businesses, which he'd not supposed to have, will go under H2O and moved by strong winds from his arch enemy, windmills. his dumb founded facial reaction is priceless.

  • Larry Scott

    Improve fuel mileage by 30%, then sell 50% more cars. No net gain. And to sell ever more cars, make more cars. To make more cars relax environmental laws on making cars. And to fuel more cars, relax oil and gas drilling environmental laws.

    And electric cars can be charged with coal fired power plants, because solar is bad for the environment. Wind turbines cause cancer.

    Tipping point is in rear view mirror.

  • IT'S ME FROM 713

    I don't understand why the Republicans are allowing Trump to continue in office when he's clearly mentally unstable and intellectually deficient. Why are they willing to endure all if the humiliation and embarrassment and chaos that Trump causes? I don't fucking get it.

  • Blonde Kandi Kane

    If the 2nd coming of Christ says so, it must be true. It's not like the Chosen One lied 12,000 times since being inaugurated.

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