Trump impeached after historic vote | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)
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Trump impeached after historic vote | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)


  • Flee Tyrrany

    Msnbc dont you know that in order to impeach it must be ratified by a 2/3 vote in the Senate lol. You are reporting fake news.. Pelosi is too chicken💩 to send it to the Senate. She is going to say next week thet she retracts the accusations then she and Schiff aka Lucy and Ethel.. will launch some lamebrain new scheme next month . Hopefully Civil war doesnt break out before she announces her intentions. Selfish evil instigator. She definately is playing on Satans team. Lie cheat steal attacking babies taking bribes.. Satans spawn herself…

  • Claudio Saltara

    I am sick and tired of this all. Three impeachment during the length of my life is too much. If we had a king we wouldn’t have had this much drama. It is time to rethink the type of government the US needs. Or New Presidents should take a course on American governmental ethics to avoid presidential misbehavior to avoid misunderstandings.

  • Cal

    Bring it to the Senate now baby!
    Mitch McConnelly is waiting for y’all!!🤣
    Trump will take it again for 2020!
    I love that Motherf*****!!!

  • Linda Diaz

    Our supposed representatives aren't worthy of the seats, they can impeach a sitting president but they fail to acknowledge the backlash that awaits them, I can hardly wait to see their downfall.

  • Sam Wright

    The Russian trolls are out in force today. The House did what we voted them in for. Impeach the worst president in history. Too bad the Democrats got cheated out of Senate Majority or this would have been a clean sweep.

  • Kay White

    Why don't you impeach those rich lawyers in Congress or Senate? They most likely were in bad conduct as well! Get those Congress and Senate thieves out of office! We could use a much better class of crooks than them! Ken

  • Sister Fister 69

    You know whats funny? All the Internet Trolls that went out in mass groups to vote for Trump in 2016 to have some laughs are going out in 2020 again because these idiots made his impeachment such a big deal. Donald Trump winning the 2016 election when so many thought he would lose and the crying that came as a result was the best thing ever. What could be better than that? Donald Trump getting acquitted by the Senate and then getting reelected after getting Impeached. Omg the Crying on the Internet would be glorious. Please give us 4 more years of Trump, I'm not ready for politics to go back to boring Old people doing nothing but arguing, at least with Trump its funny to watch.

  • Rob Van Gessel

    Concerning for future Presidents who want to breach the Constitution, pocket our tax money for personal use, and compromise national security. As well it should be.

  • sail1999

    President Lincoln said, "A house divided against itself cannot stand." Back then the issue was slavery. Lincoln believed a house divided cannot endure permanently half slave and half free. He was right and to prove the point cost 620,000 lives. He did predict that the house would no longer be divided ergo, no slavery. This time it's a lot riskier. No matter which side wins, we may all lose.

  • Casey Stallings watch this video people. Nancy Pelosi is for agenda 21 and you can pull up Nancy herself speak confirms this to be a fact.

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