• Iz mark

    Trump is Statue Worthy all right, as Putin's Bigliest Tool or at least KKK's Centerfold of him grabbing Pu**ys and tearing up the Constitution.

  • Wendell 717

    White right wingers and conservatives are their own worst enemy. I sleep well at night knowing some of them have anxiety, knowing they're gonna take a back seat in mainstream society later this century.


    Nathan Bedford Forrest murderer, war criminal and raider. REMEMBER FORT PILLOW!!!! You won't see many statues to Nat Turner.

  • Hexx Bombastus

    21:22 I hear you, but the problem is that this feeling isn't reciprocal. Outspoken racists are convinced they're right with a religious level of conviction. It literally wouldn't matter if the current grand wizard took his hood off, said he was wrong and spent the rest of his life working for civil rights, every single one of his followers would simply spit on him and select a replacement and carry on as usual.

    We're dealing with a terrorist ideology, and there's no good way to combat it, that I have seen…

  • Courtney Durham

    I don't know what the percentage is, but I know a good chunk of these assholes are old people. Baby Boomers are in their 60's. Twenty years from now they'll all be dead/dying off. Things will get better. Trump is the last gasp of a waning generation.

  • Natalie Chavez

    If i saw an African american or a white man in an alley way, I would be deathly afraid of both equally… because they are men!

  • gondiamond

    Eric Byler is definitely one of my favorite journalists/ reporters. Fantastic explanations of his views and how he arrived to them. I feel like the reporting he did for TYT and his film making really helped me open my mind more. I definitely implore people to give him some more listening.

  • Audrey Muzingo

    And a Confederate monument is the ultimate participation trophy. The side that LOST clings to its' symbols with white knuckles.

  • sydandtaytum

    the problem with having a dialogue with these old racists is that some of them talk like trump does- as in, one sentence contradicts the next. it is impossible to argue with them because the goal post is always moving. not to mention the deep frustration KNOWING all the negative effects these peoples' opinions have on innocent people. i hate them. i will never not hate them. the world would be a better place without them and i am still waiting for them to die off…trouble is they keep passing their dumb ideology to their kids and grandkids

  • James Watson

    That was interesting. Your projection theory would make sense of a lot. I never understand how otherwise decent people like my pastor could say things like "Muslims in Congress are the greatest threat to America." That misunderstanding is our whole problem…we have half a little less than half the country who REALLY care about morality, but they've been convinced that the truly moral politicians, who want to support the poor and reject corporate money, are their #1 enemy, because the progressive culture rejects religion, while the Republicans still claim to be Christian even though there's nothing Christian about their policies. It's an infuriating misunderstanding to witness. Progressives would win without question throughout the country if we could just get religious elders to recognize the truth that progressive policies are the more Christian option.

  • Jane Lane

    TYT, this is why I appreciated you, shedding light on things, calling people out. but, I really lost faith when you said some absurd stuff. I cant un hear ana saying they don't have to protect those kids whats the point. or cenk saying LGBT arming themselves is a bad idea. for along time I appreciated you, I defended you. while I appreciate a lot of things you have said, the few bad things you said, make it hard for me to continue seeing you any other way. cenk and ana, can no longer be the face. let kyle and Hannah take over. by saying you are left, and liberal, and then saying this kind of stuff. is making left wing liberals everywhere look like shit. so, yeah just let someone else tell the news, don't put your own spin or views into it. you cant represent us, or be our voice anymore, without making us look bad. please, just stop and let someone else tell the news. I unsubbed from tyt awhile ago. unsubbing from rebel hq now.

    unlike cenk, I do believe in LGBT arming themselves, and unlike ana I do see the point of protecting students in schools.
    run an tell that homeboy youre the weakest link

  • Karina Cabrera

    I remember as a child I have dislikes mix with hate of Africa America people because of my dad.
    He told me a story that he got mug by group of Africa America. After that horrible incident my father have to get surgery to fix his knee and as a result he didn't walk good as he use to. Now you can't tell that happen to him. Insult to injury the police never found them.
    I'm Latina girl but my skin tone was white because of my parents. I thought I was white because of that reason.

    There are Hispanics that have different kind of skin tone and eye color.

    My school did have ANY Africa America or in my neighborhood. It was hard to know what real or fake during that time.

  • Quis custodiet ipsos custodes

    That’s why it hits home with the symbol minded fantasy land hysterical race realism Neo Nazi Alt Right nationalists and white supremecists like Richard Spencer and David Duke.

    It’s not a mystery.

  • Sa C

    Conservative Americans/Evangelicals are the biggest/most reliable supporters of the Republican Party and Trump. They have done so much to prevent urgently needed action on Climate Change (reducing green house gas emissions, etc). Vote only for Democrats because the future of life on earth depends on the voting choices, we make in the next couple of elections!!!!!!!

  • Martiveon Walker

    Cenk you hit it out the park. They fear retribution. And honestly, we don't want that. We just want a level playing field. But America will never, restore us. America owes every black man, woman, and child reparations.

  • William Zeier

    Really appreciate you having Eric Byler on the show. His insight and articulation about progress for people of color and white backlash was spot on. We need more of him in our world. 🙌

  • Simon 's

    You're absolutely right, I've researched and read all about this and you have nailed this open racism to maintain power, perfectly. We were brainwashed as a nation, from the beginning about people of color and it has come back to bite the nation in the butt, because the racism has reached a new level, it has taken a national face, like never before and there's no hiding, not only does it target minorities, but any white that disagrees with it. If racism wasn't a problem, we wouldn't have Rump and many right wing people trying to changed the narrative about race. I had a conversation with a Rump supporter on race once and I'll just say, the twilight zone got nothing on him, I ended the conversation with, if you don't want to continue feeling guilty, stop continuing committing the crime.

  • mister_love

    To be sure, homicides in which the offender and victim were of the same race have vastly outnumbered interracial homicides for the past ten years. FBI data show that while 500 black-on-white killings and 229 white-on-black killings were reported in 2015,  2,574 homicides were committed by whites against other whites, and 2,380 by blacks against blacks.

  • mister_love

    100 days …. faster than Nazis  ……The Rwandan genocide, also known as the genocide against the Tutsi,[2] was a mass slaughter of Tutsi in Rwanda during the Rwandan Civil War, which had started in 1990. It was directed by members of the Hutu majority government during the 100-day period from 7 April to mid-July 1994.[1] An estimated 500,000 to 1,000,000 Rwandans were killed, constituting an estimated 70% of the Tutsi population.[1] Additionally, 30% of the Pygmy Batwa were killed

  • Delling Conley

    3:37 neoprogressive race-baiting and shaming. Best thing you can do is shame constituents. That's what galvanizes people to support a worthy cause…? For all the good tyt has done, I find them to be a large source of inspiration for the "alt right" movement. They may as well have funded it. They certainly helped engender the new wave of "white pride" via demonizing. That's why so many of those idiots were lined up and ready to go when trump stepped in. I'm not even saying Cenk is wrong in the statement. It's just tactically idiotic.

  • mister_love

    Ottoman wars in Europe…..Wikipedia………ottoman empire…also historically known in Western Europe as the Turkish Empire…..The Ottoman wars in Europe were a series of military conflicts between the Ottoman Empire and various European states dating from the Late Middle Ages up through the early 20th century. The earliest conflicts began during the Byzantine–Ottoman wars, waged in Anatolia in the late 13th century before entering Europe in the mid 14th century, followed by the Bulgarian–Ottoman wars and the Serbian–Ottoman wars waged beginning in the mid 14th century. Much of this period was characterized by Ottoman expansion into the Balkans. The Ottoman Empire made further inroads into Central Europe in the 15th and 16th centuries, culminating in the peak of Ottoman territorial claims in Europe

  • mister_love

    six weeks………….Nanjing Massacre………….The Nanjing Massacre, or Rape of Nanjing, was an episode of mass murder and mass rape committed by Japanese troops against the residents of Nanjing (Nanking), then the capital of the Republic of China……….The massacre occurred over a period of six weeks starting on December 13, 1937, the day that the Japanese captured Nanjing. During this period, soldiers of the Imperial Japanese Army murdered Chinese civilians and disarmed combatants who numbered an estimated 40,000 to over 300,000,[7][8] and perpetrated widespread rape and looting.

  • Roy Andress

    It wasn't till I was 19 that I figured out my Mom/Dad & sister were racists.Grew up in Ohio & looking back there were NO blacks in any of my schools nor our town of Sidney.Sad very very sad.

  • Scott Tenn

    In America today, there should not be any rich or poor people. We can restructure government so this can happen only if we can gain the political will.

  • mister_love

    Slavery in the Ottoman Empire….(ottoman  = turkey) …..Slavery in the Ottoman Empire was a legal and significant part of the Ottoman Empire's economy and society.[1] The main sources of slaves were war captives and organized enslavement expeditions in North and East Africa, Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and the Caucasus……

  • mister_love

    Circassians, Syrians, and Nubians were the three primary races of females who were sold as sex slaves in the Ottoman Empire. Throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, sexual slavery was not only central to Ottoman practice but a critical component of imperial governance and elite social reproduction.[7] Dhimmi boys taken in the devşirme could also become sexual slaves, though usually they worked in places like bathhouses (hammam) and coffeehouses. They became tellaks (masseurs), köçeks (cross-dressing dancers) or sāqīs (wine pourers) for as long as they were young and beardless

  • mister_love

    Responding the influence and pressure of European countries in the 19th century, the Turkish Empire began taking steps to curtail the slave trade, which had been legally valid under Ottoman (ottoman = turkey) law since the beginning of the empire. One of the important campaigns against Ottoman slavery and slave trade was conducted in the Caucasus by the Russian authorities.[

  • Yvette Lee

    I know one thing every devil has his day. And you can't buy God and you can't silence him with your laws he's not scared you devils who are racist Childers and will have your day with god Jehovah I can't wait until every last one of you is destroyed all of you grown ones and the ones you raised to be like that. Dust to dust ashes to ashes and never come back Jehovah and his son Jesus going to come back and destroy all evil.🤔😈👿👹👺💀☠👻

  • mister_love

    Protesters attack Trump supporters outside San Jose rally………Trump Rally San Jose, CA Mexican flag waved from car from protestors………..Anti-Trump protesters burn American flag. … a destructive turn Thursday night as the presumptive Republican presidential nominee held a rally in San Jose, … other people waved Mexican flags …

  • Edward Wood

    While a monument to General Lee is just fine for a historic Civil War battle site, rip down those 'monuments' found in front of a city hall or random park without any historic context.

  • sh0 pwayne

    Guarantee they never heard of Nathan Bedford Forrest until '94 when the film 'Forrest Gump' debut. Only 6 years prior.🤔

  • mister_love

    Even Jesse Jackson said a few years ago, "There is nothing more painful to me … than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery, then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved."

  • Gevian Dargan

    Can I blame them for being racist??

    Hell yeah, I can. So if I believe all whites are racist or raving hypocrites because of what I watched on tv or read in a book, I get a pass?!

    … … … Good to know.

  • mister_love

    video…..Watch as this Bay Area student is attacked at school for the crime of “supporting Trump.” Pay special to the onlookers who have been conditioned to accept this level of violence from their black classmates.

  • Tomasina Covell

    Fuck'n BS! I know for a fact it's more dangerous to be confronted in a dark ally by a black! Some of these thing like the KKK groups are true but African Americans are the worst thing outside of Muslims and right-wing Christians and the wealthy that's ever happened to us!

  • Harry Hightower

    ID be afraid in any case , Ive meet some white People id be Scared of in a dark ally, I would trust the colored person more.
    I'm white .I dislike using the word black or white to describe a person, Including my self we all bleed red and are the same in side,were all Humans.
    at one time in my life i was Racist till I became friends with some colored folk ,I would welcome Obama in my home an tell trump to get lost .
    O yea one of my sister married a black man that didn't set well at first that changed me as well he takes care of her and there three kids .
    it's just a skin color that's all i never really understood the saying "it only skin deep" till my eyes opened up and my ways changed .
    SHE hates trump after the shutdown she works for NSA , and got hit hard with the shutdown right after they bought a new house sigh .

  • Leo Tuzzo

    it's ok with being brainwashed, but it comes a point where you need to be open to change that programming. If you don't, you are as guilty as the one that propagate the brainwashing

  • pR1mal

    "Pain and terror: America remembers its past", https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zg1HvexuNKM /I ain't gonna like, I teared up watching this.

  • Teresa Weaver

    Cenk almost ruined this interesting interview with Eric. He kept gong off on his own thoughts, pretty bad at about min 10. I wanted Eric to be able to answer his question and elaborate. I want to see the movie, and I hope I get to hear Eric talk about it with someone else. Cenk does very good pieces when he is the only one, or on his usual panel with other strong personalities, but not with somebody like Eric. I would rather have Iadorola, Jayar, Ben, even Ana, but Aida would have been great.

    To give Cenk credit, he did admit he didn't know that level of racism existed. I live right in the thick of it, and even I didn't realize it was that bad still.

  • American Patriot

    Drop the narrative Trump is racist no proof. This is very fake news. History of this country should not be forgotten those lessons don't need to be learned again. Dems started the kkk wanted to keep the slaves.

  • Kyle Murphy

    I remember listening to Eric back when he was Jordan’s cameraman wondering how he didn’t have his own show. Very intelligent and articulate guy…I’m glad to see he is doing some big stuff 👏

  • Game Breakdown

    I have watched TYT since the Bush days. They get things right the vast majority of the time, but calling the "white race" the most violent is not helpful. It is the reverse of the "blacks are violent" meme.
    TYT please reconsider these statements. I'm not white but I would understand why someone who was would be offended by this.

  • Rhythmicons

    I think there needs to be a real discussion about the WASP as one of the most oppressive demographics in history up to the present.

  • berto0069

    Mahalo a nui loa my bruddah. 🤙🏾🤙🏾

    🌈Ua Mau Ka Ea O Ka Aina I Ka Pono 🌈

    Hawaii’78. ✊🏾✊🏾🤘🏾✌🏾

  • doggy5

    Good points, but I disagree on the part about white people being the most violent in history. It may be true for recent history, but there is a long history blacks killing other blacks in Africa, Native Americans killing other Native Americans, and Asians killing other Asians. And in all those instances, slavery was involved too. And with regards to Africa, there was the Arab Slave Trade that went on for much longer and enslaved far more Africans than the Atlantic Slave Trade. And not to mention, many of the African men taken by the Arabs were castrated so they could guard the harems of various kings throughout the Middle East and even as far as India. And even in recent times, you had the blacks expelling the Indians from Uganda, and you have numerous instances of the ethnic Chinese being discriminated against by the native ethnic groups in Southeast Asia.

    So at the end of the day, we're all just as human as each other, and people of every skin colour have done terrible things, and are capable to oppressing others when given the opportunity. What we all need to do is recognise our common humanity, and also admit that we are just as capable of doing the same horrible things as anybody else, so we can all work actively to fight the ugly side of human nature that lurks within us.

  • Bundle of Perceptions

    When you say they are "otherwise good," what you are saying is they are not good, and they are usually good at hiding their true nature behind a facade of nice appearances and phony politeness.

  • David Beaulieu

    Hey if your white flip rules for a second and picture your kid in that position seeing that. Just saying maybe they aren't the problem just act like a fair person. If they looked like you treat them like they were you. Somebody famous believed that wasn't it.. oh ya your so called lord and savior jesus. Wasn't he…. oh ya from Jerusalem in the middle east. Funny how that works huh?

  • Trustme77

    I'd agree with Cenk that white people have been the most violent, but not that white people are inherently more violent (if that's what he's implying, which it may not be). I think white people's history of violence can be chalked up to, perhaps, Europe being a hospitable continent that allowed for the birth and growth of empires in a way that Africa and Asia were not. And those empires went on to do all the sorts of evil that empires typically do. If Europe had been inhabitated by black people instead of white people, then it likely would have been black people creating these empires.

  • ChucksterOLove

    Trump is more like a Benedict Arnold statue… 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

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