Trump Lies About Iran Crisis, Blames Obama: A Closer Look
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Trump Lies About Iran Crisis, Blames Obama: A Closer Look

-The president brought us
to the brink of a disastrous war with Iran and then today claimed credit
for stopping it. For more on this,
it’s time for “A Closer Look.” [ Suspenseful theme plays ]
[ Cheers and applause ] Last night,
Iran launched missiles at two bases in Iraq
housing US troops in retaliation
for the assassination of a top Iranian general,
Qasem Soleimani. It was obviously
a harrowing moment with the lives of US and Iraqi
troops at risk, and everyone had
that sickening feeling that we maybe had just lurched into an immoral and catastrophic
war with Iran. It was one of those moments
where you’re watching footage of missiles streaking through
the night on CNN and you think, “God, I hope we have smart
and steady leadership.” And then you say, “Oh, no.” [ Laughter ] Now, thankfully,
there were no casualties, which was fantastic news
and a huge relief. But Trump delivered that news
last night with a very bizarre tweet. This was all we heard last night from our commander-in-chief. -All is well. Missiles launched from Iran at two military bases
located in Iraq. Assessment of casualties
and damages taking place now. So far, so good. -“All is well”? That’s not how you address
the nation on matters of war. That’s how a sophomore
addresses his parents on a postcard
from a trip abroad. [ Laughter ]
“Hello from Reykjavik! It’s cold here, and super
expensive for some reason. Otherwise, all is well!” [ Laughter ] Then, today, Trump followed up
on that tweet and addressed the nation
in a rambling speech in which he claimed credit
for ending a crisis he started, bragged about US military might, announced crushing
new sanctions on Iran, lied about the intelligence
that led to the assassination of Soleimani,
and then urged the world to strike a new peace deal
with Iran. The speech itself was
as dizzying as Trump’s entrance, when the doors opened
and he emerged from… a spaceship? [ Laughter ] [ Fresh laughter and applause ] I mean, look at him. He looks like Mr. Burns
with radiation poisoning. [ Applause ] And, much like
the alien Mr. Burns, Trump claimed to want peace, but the whole thing was
incoherent and bizarre. For example, after he descended
from his blue tractor beam, he launched into the speech before he addressed
the audience. -As long as I’m president
of the United States, Iran will never be allowed
to have a nuclear weapon. Good morning. [ Laughter ] -And…good morning to you? [ Laughter ] It’d be fun if Trump started
every conversation like that. [as Trump]
As long as I’m president, Iran will never have
a nuclear weapon. I’ll have a Filet-O-Fish
and six Big Macs. And if you were thrown
off-balance by Trump’s wild swings from starting a conflict
to claiming he stopped one, you are not alone because,
as usual, Trump himself seemed off-kilter and had trouble reading
from the teleprompter. -The civilized world must send
a clear and unified message to the Iranian regime. Your campaign of terror,
murder, mayhem, will not be toleri– any longer. [ Laughter and applause ] -Yes.
[as Trump] Tolera-deh-deh. I love when he gets in trouble
halfway through a word and then rather than just
stop and reboot, reaches in his mind for what he
thinks the rest of the word is. [as Trump]
Tolerate. Toler-ah-deh. Toblerone. [ Laughter and applause ] Trump must have been blinded
[laughing] by that blue light. And it probably only got worse
when the speech ended and Trump went back
through the doors [ Laughter ]
and into the light again. God, it’s like
that episode of “Seinfeld” where a Kenny Rogers Roasters
opens right next
to Kramer’s apartment. [ Electricity humming ] [ Laughter and applause ] This speech swung wildly
from bluster to threats to offerings of peace,
to flat-out lies. In fact, you’ll never guess
who Trump blamed for the military conflict
he provoked by assassinating
a top Iranian general. Trump repeated
an insane talking point his GOP allies and Fox pundits have trotted out
since last night. They all tried to place
the blame for what happened not on President Trump,
but on President Obama. -The missiles fired last night
at us and our allies were paid for
with the funds made available by the last administration. -In a very real sense,
the missiles that we saw fired on US servicemen and -women
tonight were paid for by the billions that the Obama administration
flooded the ayatollah with. -A lot of these offensive
capabilities you’re seeing were paid for
by Obama-Biden foreign policy. -Listen — this instant,
this moment right now, is on Barack Obama,
not Donald Trump. -You’re blaming Obama for this? First of all, he pursued
diplomacy with Iran. Second, the guy’s been
out of office for three years. He’s been busy windsurfing, whitewater rafting,
[ Laughter ] and gradually unbuttoning
his shirt one button at a time. [ Laughter and applause ]
In fact, Obama’s shirt is basically our new
threat level meter. When he was the president
and wearing a suit, things were calm. When Trump took office
and Obama started undressing, things got crazy! You ever see Obama walkin’
around without a shirt on, get in a bomb shelter
immediately! [ Laughter and applause ] Now, needless to say,
this claim about Obama giving Iran billions of dollars
is a lie that has been
repeatedly debunked, but it doesn’t matter
to these guys, because they’re all obsessed
with Obama. Now, don’t get me wrong —
there’s a lot you can criticize about Obama’s expansion
of war powers and the national security state
and his use of drones, but it’s insane to blame Obama
for a military conflict with a country
he pursued peace with. What’s Trump gonna
blame him for next? Is Obama the one who told you to breathe in through your nose
before every word like a scuba diver
about to go underwater? [ Laughter ]
-[ Sniffing ] -Pssss!
[ Laughter and applause ] But maybe the most incoherent
part of Trump’s speech came at the end,
when he actually claimed he wanted a deal with Iran,
despite the fact that he ripped up the Obama deal that multiple allies
had agreed to and that everyone, even his own former
Defense Secretary James Mattis, said was working. -The United States
will immediately impose additional punishing economic
sanctions on the Iranian regime. Iran must abandon
its nuclear ambitions and end its support
for terrorism. [ Sniffs ] The time has come for the
United Kingdom, Germany, France, Russia, and China [sniff]
to recognize this reality. [ Sniffs ]
They must now break away from the remnants
of the Iran deal, and we must all work together
toward making a deal with Iran that makes the world
a safer and more peaceful place. -Oh, now you want a deal? You already ripped up one
and then attacked them. Why would they negotiate
a second deal with a guy who lies
about everything and always goes back
on his word? It’s like if you got
one of those spam calls offering you a free cruise, and then they called you again
and you were like, “Okay, I’ll give you my
Social Security number again, but this time, I’d better get
that trip to Hawaii. I want to go paddleboarding
with Obama. Oh, God, he’s shirtless!
Run!” [ Laughter ] This strategy of ripping up
the deal, attacking them, and then demanding a new deal
obviously makes no sense. Trump’s impulsive seesawing from
conflict to threats to restraint show us why Congress must
reclaim its constitutional power and stop any president, let alone a president
as deranged as Trump, from unilaterally waging a war or triggering a conflict
like this again. Congress has the power
to stop this. There’s a lot they can do. They can pass
a war powers resolution. They can block war funding. They can repeal both
Bush-era authorizations for the use of military force. They could even
keep Trump distracted by tying a chicken nugget
to a Roomba and letting it loose
in the White House. [ Laughter and applause ] [as Trump] I can’t talk
about Iran now. Where did you go? Where’d you go,
you little piece of chicken? Because Trump and his allies have been insisting,
in Orwellian fashion, that this act of war
was actually an attempt to de-escalate and stop a war, that Trump has the power
to do whatever he wants, and also, that none of this
is his fault. But make no mistake, this
completely unnecessary crisis was entirely Trump’s doing. He’s been on a march toward
conflict with Iran from day one, which is why Congress has to
stop this from happening again. Last year, for example,
he was asked if he had an exit strategy
in mind for what would have
undoubtedly been a catastrophic war with Iran,
and he admitted that he did not. -Do you have an exit strategy
for Iran, if war does break out? -Uh, you’re not gonna need
an exit strategy. -[Laughing] -I don’t need exit strategies. -And, of course, Trump doesn’t
have an exit strategy for war. He didn’t even have
a literal exit strategy when he and Ben Carson missed
their cues at a debate, got stuck in a hallway,
and just froze. [ Laughter ] [as Trump]
Well, this is our life now. We live in this hallway. I mean, look at them. They look like extras in a movie who accidentally wandered
onto the wrong set. [ Laughter ] [as Trump] What’s with
all these hamster people? They’re cats?! [ Groans ] This movie’s not gonna work. [ Laughter ] And even when Trump does exit, he doesn’t do it
with a strategy. He just wanders
aimlessly offstage while other people are talking, like a grandpa who’s lost
at Disney World. “Disneyland?! But I wanted
to go to Fantasy Land! That’s the strip club
I went to in ‘Nam.” [ Laughter ] Presidents of both parties
have been accumulating unconstitutional war powers
for themselves going back decades,
and of course it was a Republican president,
George W. Bush, who orchestrated an illegal
invasion of Iraq based on lies, established a secret network
of CIA black sites to carry out illegal torture,
choked on a pretzel, got stuck in a room when he
tried to open a locked door, and then retired to become
the Republican Bob Ross. [ Laughter ] And, like Bush,
Trump sees himself as above the law
and popular opinion. For example, you might
remember that, in 2006, amid calls for the firing of Defense Secretary
Donald Rumsfeld during the disastrous Iraq war,
Bush said this… -I have strong confidence
in Don Rumsfeld. I hear the voices
and I read the front page and I know the speculation. But I’m the decider
and I decide what is best and what’s best is
for Don Rumsfeld to remain as the
secretary of defense. -That’s right —
he’s the decider. He could’ve just said
“decision maker,” but why mangle two words when you can combine them
into one even dumber word? [ Laughter ] “I’m the decider,
and whatever I decide, you’re just gonna have
to tolera-deh-deh!” [ Laughter ] So, after orchestrating
an illegal and disastrous war in Iraq, Bush said he alone
gets to make the decisions and now Trump and his allies are
taking that logic even further. Last night on Fox News,
Senator Lindsey Graham said Article II of the Constitution, which outlines the powers
of the presidency, give Trump the ability
to unilaterally attack Iran, which it does not, and Trump
himself has repeatedly insisted that Article II lets him do
literally whatever he wants. -The president has
all the authority he needs under Article II to respond and how he responds
has yet to be determined, but he has that authority
to respond. -Article II allows me to do
whatever I want. Nobody ever mentions Article II. It gives me all of these rights at a level that nobody
has ever seen before. We don’t even talk
about Article II. [ Applause ]
Then I have an Article II, where I have the right to do
whatever I want as president, but, I don’t even talk
about that. [ Laughter ]
-First of all, you’re wrong. Second, saying,
“I have an Article II” sounds like how a cabbie
from Queens would say it while fighting
with a traffic cop. “Oh, you want to see my papers?
They’re right here. I got a Article I
and an Article II!” [ Laughter ] “There you go. I’m gonna
make ’em kiss for you. There you go.”
[ Laughter and applause ] Trump’s strategy toward Iran
is incoherent and dangerous. No president,
especially Donald Trump, should have the war powers
they currently have and Congress should
immediately take them back and stop a crisis like this
from happening again, because another disastrous
military conflict in the Middle East is definitely
something that can’t be… -Toleri– [ Laughter ]
-This has been “A Closer Look.” ♪♪
[ Cheers and applause ]


  • Hector Gonzalez


  • swish1onu

    Hey Dumbass.. i mean Seth. When you send Iran HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS in UNMARKED bills… do you think they put that money in a savings account or spent that money to build new public housing ? hospitals and schools perhaps? Have you SEEN iran? That money was UNMARKED so that its USE would remain UKNOWN you f'cking moron.. geezus

  • Danny Mckenzie

    You wear the shadow of others quite well. Too bad all that time with SNL made you a creative slave. Deliver your lines bro, "and dont you dare go out of line or else, do you understand?"

  • Mister Independent

    How does Seth have a career? You haven't made me even crack a smile since I first saw you on SNL. Seth is proof that any douchebag can get into comedy. Might I recommend staying out of politics. SNL had to bring back Eddie Murphy they were so desperate for ratings.

  • Dave Roberts

    Hannity needs to be fired for lying. Better still waterboarded to see who pays him to lie. He needs to retract his lies and pay damages to Obama.

  • swish1onu

    Hey dumbass… i mean Seth… how do YOU know that the 1.4 billion dollars in unmarked bills that Obama began paying out to Iran didnt pay for the very missiles that shot down the Ukranian passenger plane? How the f'ck do you know anything about truth? Youre not privy to information gathered by our intelligence sources. If youre going to say the intelligence community are LIARS.. why promote the lies of Russian Collision? Youre a piece of $#IT talking head that has some network execs hand up your @ss making that network exec look like the greatest ventriloquist that ever lived. You're nothing more then a teleprompter reader…

  • Luther Henry

    Trump is the causes of 167 person dead on a citizen airline..war crime in another country..he said obama paid for the
    missiles but he didnot kill anybody..explain that to the families
    in sorrow.

  • Andre Jimenez

    I love how talk show hosts try commenting on foreign policy like they know everything. Here’s some advice for you: stick to your job that hardly requires you to have a high school education.

  • felix mendez

    There is a big hole in this official story both by Iran and Washington. When Trump launched more than 50 Tomahawks to Syria in 2017 Russia and Syria claimed to have shot down most of them. which is logical after all, enemy missiles are incoming so you immediately activate your air defense. So…Where is the air defense of those US bases during this attack…?. Neither the U.S. claimed to have shot down any of those 22 Iranian missiles nor we see ANY Patriot or else US missile taking off to intercept them in those videos. Something is amiss here.

  • PungiFungi

    May 2019 – Iran attacks oil tankers in the Gulf.

    June 2019 – Iran shoots down U.S. drone.

    July 2019 – Iran seizes British oil tanker.

    Sept. 2019 – Iran attacks Saudi state run Oil Company.

    Dec. 2019 – Iran attacks U.S. military bases in Iraq.

    Dec. 2019 – Iran storms U.S. embassy in Iraq.

    Jan. 2020 – U.S. airstrikes Baghdad Airport, killing Iran General.

    Jan. 2020 – People and the News Media say Pres. Trump started this war.

  • Tyler Mathieson

    Trump was looking bad so he had the military hack into the Iranian missile control and shot down the plane to make themselves look better without American lives being lost.

  • D J

    This guy is far from funny he is a fucking lame. Like for real people actually think this guy is funny? Guess I dont understand white people comedy.

  • Ben Miller

    trump didn't lie about the motives. the iranian foreign minister is lying to gain sympathy. wanna know how I know this? the foreign minister actually said soleimani has contributed to stability, when he actually has killed some iranians. Also, soleimani has an easily researchable history of aggression. Either zarif is lying, or trump is. I don't believe anyone touting soleimani.

  • F P

    They thought the same about Pakistan ,India ,NK,Israel the Iranians have never wanted WMD's but if they did all this bullshit would stop.

  • big dave

    actually all is well its not ww3 is pretty good. and hes pretty succinct under him they wont have another obama and they will have multiples thats what hes saying its pretty clear hes also talking to the world live so its understandable some words will get mixed up how many takes and scripts do you get to run? he also took out solemani from a position of strength iran is physically surrounded so theres no way they could retaliate they way they want unless they want to be annihalated. theres nothing stupid or kn jerk reactionist about trump hes clearly got a plan no matter how much people try to make him look stupid. instead it just makes the people doing so look stupid and weak.

  • Jhht Yuuy

    1.He did not lie and you did not give any proof as to how he lied
    2. He did not blame obama. It is a fact that obama give him 3Billion just not directly allowing him to attack US/UK citicens and now Ukrainian and canadian, this forced trump to act regardless of wherever you agree or disagree with his decision.
    3.You are too easy to debunk seth. Try again.

  • Peace 2 Mateo

    Lol!!!! Wow……so we destroy a major terrorist, and possibly avoid an attack and were here cracking jokes lmao clowns

  • Joaquin Delgado

    Trump doesn't want to be less of an idiot than George W. Bush. Using someone else's money to make a BEAUTIFUL war is a worthy presidential objective.

  • Vonn Miller

    Seths jokes and impersonations are so cringy…kinda reminds me of Jimmy Fallon, whos been faking laughs since his career started.

  • David Fockler

    Obama gave billions to Iran. And they used that money to fund terrorism and buy the missiles that they use against us and others. It's not that hard to understand!! Trump has us in a much better place now because Iran knows there is a red line they cannot cross or bad things will happen to them. They understand strength not weakness. A first grader can understand these things but Dems hate trump so much they have lose all common sense. It's too bad they are blinded by hate and it's terrible for this country. We will kick you guys out of the house this fall and Trump will have a second term. And the only ones to blame will be the Dems because of their hate filled derangement. We will see if common sense wins or far left socialist hate wins!!!!

  • Peggy Brown

    In that video of trump's speech, it's hilarious to watch the eyes of the general on the right as they go back n forth with what trump says…..

  • Jim Linkowskl

    Never did like Seth Meyers, he's not even funny didn't like him on SNL either. Why is that so make it up s*** about bush , the Democrats were with him too when he invaded Iraq so don't b***** people a******.

  • Linda McIntosh

    The old deal was just about to end. Didn't you already know that??
    Better have someone explain Article 2 to you so you will know. Jokes are not funny when you don't know what your talking about. Come on, you can do better than this. I've heard you.

  • Lady Tijuri

    his entrance was "BOSS" lol ☺️
    like a hip hop artist frm the 90s lol
    Obama is his answer for every horrible action happening now lol

  • Richard

    Mock all you want lefties its over, no impeachment its a fucking joke, your useless Obummer fucked up the ass, Pelosi useless hag, its all fucking over, Trump has out foxed you all, you worthless commie cunts.

    Seth Meyers should put into an orange jump suit and waterboarded to death

  • Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen he was #1

    He killed a terrible person yet averted war from it and yet the Democrats are still not happy. Not sure what he could have done better. Not kill the guy and let him attack us?

  • Mxdern Lizxy


  • N R

    I haven't even known about this story long enough to have read the Trump supporters' take on this mess,
    and I'm racking my brain trying to imagine what the excuse for starting WWIII could be.
    Oh I'm sure they'll have a great one, like “He's an alpha male, soyboy” or something enlightened like that.

  • Pink Lady

    And in the meantime, on Thursday the Russian ship got close to our Navy ship on purpose. Putin wants war with America. PUTIN is pals with Iran, China, North Korea, Syria, Turkey…..please pray for America. It's important. 🙏󾓦🙏󾓦🙏󾓦🙏󾓦🙏󾓦🙏󾓦🌎

  • Fred Peterson

    Seth is a communist liar and a shill for the globalists and their New World Order under communism. Democrats are communists now, that much is clear-

  • Dylan Cardwell

    Trump stared our conflict with Iran? We have been in back and forth conflict with them since 79. This time instead of trying to pay the Iranians for security we decided to provide our own security.

  • A Warrior of Christ

    Look at that General's eyes – the one just to the right – he keeps looking at him at each outrageous remark that he makes!

  • Veritas Gravy

    Every Late Night Show is now just versions of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Even Trevor Noah is a weak knock off.
    How about make ONE ☝️ show not political propaganda?

  • Dankin Donuts

    Good video, but I don’t appreciate the partisan digs, as if Republicans were the only warmongers. Are we forgetting that Lyndon B. Johnson started the Vietnam war, and that Obama expanded drone strikes across the globe, etc.? Stop pretending this is only one side’s fault. Republicans and Democrats are two sides of the same coin.

  • Assozial Nətwork

    When will you finally get that there will never be a war with Iran since it's impossible to win. I know it's the third time I have to remind you because you simple refuse to understand but I don't give up on your remaining couple of working brain cells.

    Iran is a huge country packed with mountains. It's allied with Russia like Syria is and it's directly connected to Russia via the Caspian Sea. It's no Irak nor Afghanistan 2. It's more lika a Syria and everybody knows why you didn't intervene there even after Assad crossed one red line after another. It's impossible to win. A never ending Vietnam 2.

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