Trump May Have Screwed Himself With Retaliatory Investigations
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Trump May Have Screwed Himself With Retaliatory Investigations

Well, it’s been a pretty interesting ride
since Donald Trump was officially acquitted by the Senate and Trump and some of his allies
have suggested that there’s going to be retaliatory investigations into some, some of Donald Trump’s
political enemies. Maybe Adam Schiff, you know, maybe Jerry Nadler. Definitely Joe Biden, right? Joe and Hunter Biden are definitely going
to get investigated. I mean, Lindsay Graham told us that they’re
going to have their Senate committees start working on the Biden issue. Not all Republicans are on board, but they
really don’t have much choice, Lindsey Graham is going to force it. Donald Trump is working closely with Rudy
Giuliani to dig up dirt in Ukraine and bring it back to William Barr at the DOJ. Barr confirmed
that earlier this week, that is a thing that’s actually happening. So yeah, these investigations are going smoothly
for the Republican party until Trump’s own actions come back to bite him square in the
ass. And here’s what I mean. It’s not just, oh, the Democrats are probably
gonna investigate. No, no, no, no, no. Here’s the thing, folks. The Democrats have investigated lots of things
with Donald Trump, right? You know, his tax returns, his financial records,
the whole Ukraine thing, the obstruction of justice, Democrats in the House have done
a lot of investigations and each and every one of them, the Trump administration has
argued against in court, tried to stop them. And that includes the department of justice
itself going to court and saying that, no, you cannot conduct these investigations because
they have nothing to do with legislation. We’re waiting on the Supreme Court to make
a ruling on these. And if that US Supreme Court says that you
cannot carry out these investigations if they are not related to any legislation, then that
means all of these little investigations that Donald Trump and the Republicans in the Senate
are trying to launch, die immediately. If the Supreme Court says, no, you do have
the authority because it’s literally written in the constitution that you do, and you can
carry out these investigations, then great. The investigation into Joe and Hunter Biden
continues and so does the investigation into Donald Trump’s financial records and his obstruction
of justice and everything about his tax returns. Donald Trump has somehow managed to wedge
himself between a rock and a hard place. Because no matter what these court decisions
do, he’s going to lose. Either he’s not able to keep investigating
Biden or the Democrats are able to keep investigating his financial crimes, potential financial
crimes. He doesn’t win this, and I’m sorry, but I
kind of love that a little bit because he is the one who sent the actual department
of justice, instead of just his own personal lawyers, to court to make the case that you
can’t investigate people if it’s not related to legislation. And now those arguments by the federal government
itself could absolutely tank Donald Trump’s hopes and dreams of digging up a little bit
of dirt on Joe Biden. You want to dig up dirt on Joe Biden? Go look at the way he treats reporters. Look at the speech he gave by the pool. That’s good enough to tank Joe Biden’s candidacy
and that’s already been reflected in the polls. You don’t have to travel overseas to make
Joe Biden look like an idiot.


  • Ekkie101

    Trump could spend lots of time and tax payer money and get the Republicans in congress to help him find dirt on Joe Biden and it will be all for naught. Biden will not be the Democratic nominee.

    So go ahead Trump and Republicans. Waste your time while the actual nominee beats your fat asses.

  • 1111kalon

    Um isn’t the case made that the House can’t investigate unless it’s attached to legislation? Even if you extend that to the Senate, what’s to keep the highly compromised AG from carrying the ball?

  • Atmost11

    I work in computers, and employers totally quibble over your qualifications and experience.  They would ask you if it was $50,000 a year let alone A MONTH)  "I see here that you were a US Naval Officer, yet you were only in the US Navy for 30 days."  "I see here that you returned a damaged rental vehicle with a crack pipe and your ID, the name on the ID was Hunter Biden, we found the news article."  Democrats, when you tell us THERE WAS NOTHING IMPROPER, it's insulting.

  • Andrew Owens

    These attacks aren't about making sense nor being legal. They're about hurting those he perceives as his enemies. He could care less about the ramifications of those attacks, but those ramifications arent' going away. He's been losing in the courts consistently for a while now, even with McConnell shoving as many republicans judges into place as he can. That's because even a right-wing zealot knows that outright going against the law is a losing situation. They may bend it to fit their narrative, but Trump wants them to throw the law out altogether and say he's right for the sake of being right and these judges aren't going to be patsies for Trump's nonsense.

  • djay Roscoe Lewis

    Trumpet, is Putin's
    Lil Bitch and the Republicans are his dirty bitches. I am a independent and voted with the Republicans but not any longer. These people have lost their dam minds…. Vote Demonstrate 2020 I will.
    Never a trumpet .

  • Socrates ExplainsEverything

    Good thing Trump installed two of the nine justices…
    Plus the corrupt republicans have 5 of the 9 – so there is no justice or legal system in the US anymore – if there ever was…

  • Glenys Thomson

    The only way the Repugs will ever win back some respect is to tape Trumps mouth shut ,hot glue his fingers together and stick him in a cement block room. Then, and only then will they even start to climb out of the sewer.

  • Hector Rivera

    This egocentric maniac has ALWAYS screwed himself, all through his life. It's just that the republicans are just as bad, enabling a jerk to Keep power. VOTE BLUE MI RAZA! VOTE BLUE!! VOTE BLUE!! VOTE BLUE MI RAZA!!! LADIES you all voted for the GROPPER in chief a whopping 7 out of 10! Wake up! VOTE BLUE!!!

  • Debbie unknown

    What will look even better on Trump is spending all this time on Biden, getting impeached over it and Biden doesn't end up the Democratic candidate. The irony.

  • Lindsey Stein

    Nothing comes of his little retaliatory investigations. They went over Hillary’s emails yet again- the DOJ couldn’t find anything and they cleared those again. They looked into Hillary’s charity- that was cleared by the DOJ. He tried to investigate the “oranges” of the mueller report- that one didn’t work either. Tried to bring up charges on McCabe, that didn’t work either. He can try all he wants, nothing comes of these investigations and everyone knows it. He’s just a few poisonings away from fully transforming into Putin. And trump isn’t affecting Biden’s campaign, Biden is doing that himself.

  • Cat VanSancina

    People can also check out Biden's 5 draft deferments. His asthma prevented military service, yet he was very athletic at the time. That sounds familiar.

  • JM M

    The only way trump losses is if the Feds, or NY state cops are there right outside the white house to arrest him in Jan 2021 as he is kicked out.

  • A C


  • Jay D

    Lock him Up and those Republicans and yes #45 children.

    Damn shame we as American people are going downhill if this continues.💯✌🏽

  • Elaine Shepherd

    To the millions of people who were and still are being kicked off the voting rolls in republican states I urge you to go back and get your voter registration STRAIGHT NOW so that you will be eligible in the upcoming 2020 November election. More importantly, go back and check it closer to the election as they are going to continue to try to kick us off.

  • Gabriela 111

    How ugly of you to go after Biden, instead of the real problem, Trump. That's why the Republicans laugh at us. Because people like you have to bite another Democrat's arse because you don't want him to win. Focus on the problem.

  • Tajai Calip

    It is surprising that when we raise our Kids other People want us to minimize our efforts based on how we were raised. There is not any connection. Trump knows that the Police retaliate like the Courts and the Politicians trying to connect past generations with present upbringing. That keeps setting Everyone back because they cannot do what is best now in this moment for what needs to be done for their Families in this moment. These People need to get out of our lives. The Federal Legal Counsel when my settlement check for working at the Oakland Unified School District was being withheld unlawfully that the Courts was trying to screw me over. The Courts was trying to screw me over for who. I do not know the Courts Staff like that. There should not be Anyone in this World that can interrupt my life and Court proceedings. Someone must be really feeling their arrogance and ignorance. They have not been forced to deal with what takes place when retaliatory actions are used. We retaliate back. The Federal Legal Counsel was supposed to report this truth to the Bar Of Association. The Attorney who was helping me was being prevented from being able to help me to collect my Union job settlement for me not being at work. No excuses.

  • Angie Hille

    It's been 3 years and still trump kicks ass.He has been found innocent on every investigations.In Nov he will be voted in again

  • Bohem

    Sorry but that's a false assumption. And frankly irrelative. Trump's distraction and avoid techniques have nothing to do with reality. Sure he would be happy if a Dem was convicted but his goal of just making accusations (real or not) are to incite hatred and fuel his base, and to create uncertainty and give plausible deniability for his own actions.
    There is no concern about actual truth or facts except in relation to image and presentation. To sell himself. It is basically aggressive Sales and Marketing. Which works well on the non-thinking consumer culture in this country.

  • Juhad Lioness57

    The supreme courts works for chump to, racist America has finally fk herself and now will self destruct. The LORD don’t like ugly, evil 😈 ppl and now the hateful nation gets her reward. Repent and turn from your wickedness and maybe, just maybe? NO, I think not, reaping season has arrived.

  • bueno22283

    Haven’t watched a second of this but… he hasn’t. We are in a battle of wits with an unarmed man. The only reason why we are losing this battle, is because he a has aligned himself with those that are most desperate to hold power. George Washington WALKED AWAY from the opportunity to be king. Once upon a time it was a sacred duty to serve in the government known as democracy. The meaning of “Created by the people for the people” has been twisted in a way that I never thought possible.

  • Jimusmc0311

    Trump did a double tap to Uncle Sam's head and the GOP continues to gang rape Lady Luberty in public as the EVANGELICALS and Trump supporters cheer and applaud

  • koala koalason

    Trump for jail…Trump for jail…Trump for jail…Mike Bloomberg kick trumps ass to the curb…and all his crooked cronies

  • J. M. C.

    You see America this is what I said in past comments Trump is impulsive and doesn't think on the outcome of the situations consequences , most people with common sense knows if you tell only part of a story and try and tuck the other part away to keep from omitting something always fall out from the hidden part and you got to tell more. So I say investigate let the chips fall where they may!!!! TRUMP SAYS HE A VERY SMART MAN , problem is he forgot to asked God Almighty what kinda Brian he were to get during his conception .

  • ronald rusin

    A dictator mob madman totally out of control!!!! Goodbye America as we know it!!!! Putin is laughing his ass off!!! He's destroyed America without doing anything!!!! We did it to ourselves!!!!!

  • KM Stevens

    🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 ❤❤❤❤ He screwed himself! Repubs change rules when they are in office not thinking that sooner or later those changes bite their own butts! With truth you don't have to worry about it coming back! Republicons will NEVER learn!

  • wing Man

    Donnie knows his ass is grass. Donnie boy get ready when you get dragged out of the wh to big house. Your actions will come bite you. Your goons are worthless. Hope your taxes get you before election day

  • S Q

    Trump is his own worst enemy, His mouth is going to send him to prison. As well as his twitter page it's the official presidential correspondence. Trump said so himself.

  • BJ

    It’s cute that you think he’s screwed himself. I call him Teflon Trump now. He’s practically untouchable and that drives me mental. Why I care so much is beyond me since I’m Canadian. If I was an American there’s no doubt in my mind that I’d be a Republican but there’s no way in hell that I could vote for that man

  • Deb L-S

    Thank you!😁 'Rock & a Hard Place' will bring a smile to my face whenever I think if it. I may even have the 1st pleasant night's sleep in over 3 years! 😊…>🐑🐑🐑…>😴

  • Quantum X RisK

    It takes about 5 seconds to give a DNA sample. This rapist Donald Trump is currently blocking a court for DNA evidence because he doesn't have time. Our president is a criminal in every way. The Republican party should be ashamed.

  • TheMercilessEye

    I'm waiting for an update putting Rudy in Brooklyn, trying to dig up dirt on Bernie… Should be a lot of laughs in that one…

  • Keith Perdue

    Question: WHAT, if anything, will you all do when Drumpf loses re-election, but he refuses to leave office? He'll go to courts, who support him, to tie things up for months OR YEARS of legal wrangling. It is a given! Until folks take to the streets like in the 60's I see no remedy for the corruption, chicanery & criminality being taken seriously by the powers-that-be. Pissing & moaning on-line does nothing but provide a way to vent anger, frustration & outrage. It changes the minds of nobody. It doesn't convince our reps to DO anything. When folks are marching in the streets is when the powers take notice & maybe change, but until this happens all the free on-line complaining is only worth every penny.

  • Henry Peck

    Something needs changed we cant go on paying our money on all this fucking shit 🇺🇸 is going broke and we are hungery. Back us in a corner and war on.

  • Paul Marohn

    The fat Orange Buffoon likes to talk about himself because He Has Always Bee INSECURE .Still a bum and a Criminal. ALWAYS VOTE BLUE !

  • aaron johnson

    I just want to know when the Republicans are going to start saying hey guess what Trump played ten times more golf than Obama and Obama never owned a golf course but Trump is playing on golf courses that he owns so he's just getting the government to give him money for free on top of the giant tax cuts he gave himself and his family I really don't know if we're at a point where every American will wake up or whether they will go comatose and fall asleep forever and never wake up and just let the corrupt Rich jackasses that are currently in charge continue to ruin this country where is Delano Roosevelt we need a leader I hope that leader is Sanders that he can win and take us out of this nightmare because there's no reason that a hundred years ago $100 now in today's money equals like 10 grand something is not right something wrong is going on and there it should not be such a concentration of wealththat all of us that have pennies think that we can never get out but those that have hundreds of thousands of dollars in millions think that they can never get out the rich need to wake up and up are also need to wake up to realize that the rich are f**** this country up bad money is not everything and the military is not everything we can save this country and save the world I believe we can do that Americans are smart we know what's going on why will be not just admit it to ourselves and try to fix the problems that we all see no matter what party wear in Republicans should be able to vote with Democrats and democrats should be able to vote with Republicans and independents should be able to vote with Republicans and Democrats and socialist should be able to go over them there is common ground that we are all not realizing exists and I can't believe we can't find it anymore

  • King Midas

    "I cannot tell a lie." -George Washington
    "I cannot tell the truth." -dOnald tRumP
    "I cannot tell the difference." -republicans
    RIP gopP✌

  • Paul Burns

    Drumpf owes Americans $130,000 because he has royally screwed America and he wants his deplorable base to keep quiet about it !

  • Dave Rivers

    You're thinking that the law becomes one thing. It's maleable. Depends on the judges. Officially it's solid. But, there's one set of rules for people of colour and or poor people, and another for rich white folks. Adding Republican vs Democrat into this mix isn't a big stretch.

  • Azem Cancarevic

    Wtf Trumpf got away with the biden thing. And that motherfucker are still going to go after biden again. Such a fucking idiot

  • Bruce Hanson

    How can you call it "officially acquitted" when the senate did not look at or consider any evidence…that's just called sweeping it under the rug.

  • Nathalie Desrosiers

    Wow, Farron, I never saw you so happy… But I still don't understand why Trump keeps on focusing on Biden. Maybe to put media lights out from himself? That would be hard to believe, Trump is like the Donkey in Shrek "pick me, pick me, I want all the attention!"

  • Patricia Busch

    He was aquitted!! Crap! Just fk'g move on idiot and leave that shit alone. Noooooo you gotta get back the people who opposed you? What a weak ass bitchass pathetic loser.

  • jp

    I honestly don't understand my fellow Americans who support this nut-case of a president. He has so tarnished the office of president in the US, it's SHAMEFUL. It's time his base looks seriously at how corrupt this man is! This cancer needs to be voted out in 2020!

  • jp

    Joe Biden is not fit for the POTUS. He often misspoke when he was the VP. He just isn't capable of being a good president. We need a stronger individual to go against the maniac Trump.

  • Marco Quesada

    Nope ,trump is safe ,Republican Senate just legalize corruption and trump has his tiny hands free to commit any crime ,violate constitution ,LAW , destroy institutions. Trump now control white house ,DOJ and Senate absolute power = dictatorship.

  • Mouse 79

    The problem is that orange bastard could screw a dog on stage and then shoot it in the head and his fans would still cheer for him. It's what cult believers do.

  • Steel Fox

    I think the real thing Trump screwed himself on is on claiming credit for the economy. He's going to be forced to tell his low wage followers that everything is great while their lives are not any better.

  • Martin Smith

    16 ongoing investigations
    by the FEC, the IRS , the
    SDNY into his corrupt
    business dealings, his campaign finances,. his
    taxes, his family enterprises,
    I'd say he's screwed everyone
    he's ever dealt with ‼️‼️

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