Trump Openly Taunts Constitution By Hosting G7 Summit At His Business
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Trump Openly Taunts Constitution By Hosting G7 Summit At His Business

So Trump’s chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney,
made a lot of, uh, announcements yesterday, some more illegal than others, but one of
the announcements he made that really kind of set everybody off, not just admitting to
the quid pro quo, was the fact that next year’s G seven summit is going to be held at Trump
national Doral in Miami. So Donald Trump made good on his threat earlier this summer to
hold the next G seven summit at one of his failing properties here in the United States.
This is a violation of the emoluments clause if we’ve ever seen one. And that’s exactly
what the president is doing here. And at this point, he is openly mocking the emoluments
clause of the United States constitution because he knows that he can likely get away with
it, but he doesn’t care. He wants to show everybody that he is bigger and better and
better than the law. Nobody should be okay with this. I don’t care if you’re a die hard
MAGA hat, Trump flag waving supporter. You should not be OK with this. Trump Dorau down
there in Miami has suffered a 69% operating loss since Donald Trump announced that he
was even going to run for president, and the company itself says that the reason they’re
losing so much is because of the stigma that comes along with Donald Trump. Him being out
there in the public being president has hurt that particular business. People don’t want
to come because they don’t like Donald Trump. So Trump is trying to boost this failing resort.
He’s going to bring in world leaders and they’re going to bring in all their staff and all
their security, and they’re going to rent rooms. They’re going to eat three meals a
day. They’re going to have some fun out there paying for recreational activities in all
of that money, including the U S secret service, Donald Trump’s stay, all of Trump’s staff,
all of that money is going to go back into Donald Trump’s pocket, and that’s a violation
of the emoluments clause. This is a very simple issue, folks. This is not okay. This is unconstitutional.
There are plenty of places here in the United States where this summit could be held that
are not owned by Donald Trump. He is doing this because he has no respect for the rule
of law. He has no respect for the American public and because he wants to make more money.
That is why this man ran for president. That is what he’s been doing since day one in office
and that’s what he’s doing with this G seven summit. The Democrats in Congress have to
do something about this. I know we’ve got a couple of emoluments clause lawsuits out
there. Most of them filed by outside organizations like citizens for responsibility and ethics
in Washington. They’re doing a bang up job on this, but the Democrats in Congress need
to roll this into the impeachment inquiry or at the very least, the impeachment articles
that will eventually be drafted. This is a clear cut violation of the United States constitution
and to act like it’s no big deal is to insult the constitution itself.


  • Renny1953

    And no one in America can stop him??? I thought he was just trying it on. But you are going to let him??? Fuck me. He can do whatever he wants then.

  • bargon2010

    I believe the people of the United states should put pressure on the other leaders to not come to the summit unless it is moved!!

  • Jack Hackman

    The Doral is a slum.  They had to pay thousands to a guest who caught bed bugs.  The USA is a big piggybank and Trump has no opposition.  OK Republicans  time to stop this Dictator.

  • Christopher Floyd

    The other 6 members of the G7 should stay away and get their doctors to send notes, saying they are allergic to golf balls.

  • Linda Volp

    There are many things that can happen before the G7 summit happens. There is a possibility that Trump will no longer be president and if that happens the location of the G7 will most likely be changed. That particular resort may be on a list for seizure as part of the investigation into Trump's business dealings. Also since Trump has shown the world leaders and dignitaries that he is truly a pig rear, I doubt very much that they will beat a path to one of his resorts. When he did his advertisement, trying to "sell" his resort to be the next location for the meeting, he all but came out and said this business is tanking and I need to make money from it. I don't think many people will accept the invitation, and will no doubt use the excuse of scheduling conflicts and postpone the meeting. Besides, the world would know that Trump is not interested in the meeting, he just wants to make money and play golf. I can not see world leaders flocking to that resort to see this buffoon prance around like he is something special. Of course there is the question of who would willingly go to a place that is infested with bed bugs, really, they can't afford to hire pest control. Trump will also invite Putin, since he wanted him to attend the last meeting, but it was turned down. This time it will be his property and he will feel he can invite anyone he wishes, and to that end, it would not be a surprise to see the prince from Saudi Arabia and the Dictator from North Korea on the guest list. The government could easily solve this problem by informing Trump of the Constitutions Emoluments clause and tell him if he wishes to donate the use of that location and services provided, then it could be done, but no payment will be given for holding the meeting at one of his properties. Trump knowing that not only would he not make money, but would wind up paying money to feed and entertain all these people, I think he would rethink using the resort only to have it cost him money. Though, I would enjoy seeing photos of all these world leaders lined up to enter the resort, only to see a Seized Property notice nailed to the door. Poor Donny, his face will go from orange, to red, then Purple with steam coming out his ears.

  • Poal Hardner

    LAWLESS Trump wages a WAR against American people!!
    ALL STATES have to support MASS PROTEST by people of NYC to IMPEACH a CROOK Trump and Put him in PRISON!!!

  • Lodewijck

    Melania said in one of her (very few) appearances on national TV, that when you go against Trump and attack him, he doubles down. This is living proof of what she meant.

  • Youdontneedto Seemyidentification

    The Trumpanzee's are truly a brainwashed cult. They STILL justify their fake orange messiah OPENLY AND FLAGRANTLY violating the Constitution and emoluments rules several times over, yup THAT'S HOW a CULT works, they PROVED IT BEYOND ANY DOUBT! This criminal can evidently do no wrong, according to cult 45. Even Moscow McTurtle wasn't too thrilled about Trumputin's huge blunder between Syria and Turkey. Watch Dumpster pathetically TRY to pass blame to Obama & Pelosi WHEN ISIS COMES ROARING BACK TO FULL STRENGTH! If this G-7 summit is held at Trumpski's failing 'resort' the attendees better be sure to bring some bed bug killer and fresh sheets w 'em lol!

  • cu jimmy

    Is anyone actually shocked by this, he even announced he was gonna break the law a month ago,, the guy was a crook before he became president and he's a bigger crook now, and like any big gangsta, gotti, capone, etc, he thinks he's untouchable, time to prove him wrong America, tax evasion worked before. Here's hoping it'll be good again.

  • J Smith

    Not to mention disrupt the lives of all those citizens/businesses who reside and operate in that areas. All roads blocked and traffic will have to be diverted and excess noise of helicopters, drones and security etc. Then there is the beginning of Hurricane season, why one earth would the USA subject World Foreign Leaders to such a severe possibility. Greed!!

  • Mark Doldon

    Yes this plan violates the emoluments clause, plainly and obviously. But the average American is not a Constitutional lawyer. Prior to Trump few people even knew of the existence of the emoluments clause, fewer still understand the details.
    But EVERYONE understands the very simple point that this is the DEFINITION of corruption. That a government official awards himself a massive contract CORRUPTION. we know this intrinsically. If the local mayor awards a garbage contract to his own company, we know that is wrong. Illegal, unethical and corrupt.The general principal is known as self dealing.
    There is already legislation proposed to stop this based on this simple ethics principle. It's not necessary, but let's make it 100% explicit: no Federal government funds may be spent at any company owned in whole or part by any serving elected or appointed official. That doesnt directly address emoluments, but does address the illegal use of government funds, including that charade in Turnberry.

  • Asher Tye

    Keep in mind, Trump is the same idiot who tried to use the Presidential Seal as a decoration on the merchandise he sells and had to be explicitly told that was illegal. This man would do anything for money.

  • Eric Pratt

    I'm going to go on different travel sites and write nasty reviews on that Trump resort and post pictures of bugs crawling on people 😄😅😂

  • Merel Vallo

    Hi ROF friends, greetings from Europe. That G-7 summit in Miami next year in the Doral? I bet it's not going to happen. The European leaders may have their own issues, but they are not exactly daft.

  • Jane Doe

    Why doesn't he just go loot the Treasury, heck the building is right next door to the Whitehouse. Just back up a dump truck and take it all, chump!

  • Oscar Montalvo

    This Failed Businessman/President is cashing out and making up for all his failed murky deals at the expense of a gullible People of this Nation. He is just holding us up blind.☻

  • Matt Alibozek

    This is what you call BLATANT CORRUPTION… People say America is a country of laws… Those laws are meaningless when no one has the backbone to ENFORCE them… Trump is never held accountable and for some reason I think he’s going to get away with this too… On top of the corruption they claim Trump won’t PROFIT from it…. That’s INSANE… A week of full occupancy during the slow season.. Thousands of meals sold and a week of free advertising on every news channel in a ton of different countries…. How stupid can you be…?

  • Snake Man

    He is getting away with it, because democrats have no back bone nor do they have the power to do anything but fight amongst them selves. The republicans are afraid of Trump for some reason. The US AG, is in Trump's pocket and so are the US Federal Judges and the Supreme Court.

  • KonaMark

    These ass-puppets could care less. They know nothing will happen. Sickens me. Someone think he cares about the Constitution? Moscow Mitch? Graham? No.

  • W Little

    So why dont the other 6 members of the G7 just boycott the summit as a protest in Trump's violation of the emoluments clause.Thatll piss off Trump so much so he'll go from orange to red.


    Donald Trump's decision has allowed Turkish soldiers to kill American Soldiers.
    Your Neighbors, your Friends, Brothers, Sisters, Fathers and Sons. Patriots, HEROES!
    The United States of America WILL be great again…

    when every headline in the Nation reads YOU'RE FIRED!



  • Michael Schuldheisz

    This is the reason why the Democrats need to run as it is THEY, not the Republicans, are the law and order party.

  • Chris Williams

    I don’t understand how Trump can do all this stuff in relation too breaking the law and nothing happens. How can
    U assault women steal money lie day in and day out and nothing happens. I don’t understand i got throw in
    Jail for a gram off weed

  • Michael Rosario

    Trump is off the chains and his meds, he needs to be dealt
    with soon.

    When this man finally leaves office, the country will be beyond

    You folks may not believe this now but you wait and see and
    you do not have to wait to long to see these results.

    Russia is now the head and the USA is now the tail.

    Nations look to Russia and have the privilege to invite Putin on
    delicate talks to assist them with their internal economic and
    military problems.

    Nations never invite the USA, the USA crashes the party with

    Israel, the USA is all used up thanks to you Zionist and Neocons
    running this Republic on the down load.

    Your days of stirring up your shit with these Middle Eastern Nations
    and the American men and women dying on these proxy false flag wars
    are over with.

    Russia has not forgotten about the Czar and his murdered family and the
    plot thickens.

  • Wado Waleli

    Did anyone ask Mulvaney when the rigorous winnowing out of potential G-7 summit meeting places was made? Was it before or after Trump made the absurd suggestion at this year's G-7 that the Doral be the meeting place in 2020? It sounds to me like there was no real consideration of alternate meeting places at all and that Mulvaney is just the latest fool to lie on Trump's behalf. What a friggin' pack of spineless fools this pathetic group is!!!

  • Kasigi03

    You know who else is violating the emoluments clause? Every member of the G7 group who goes to this meeting. This is a useless meeting as it is, forget the fact that Drumpf is a part of it now, but these meetings don't serve anyone but themselves anyways. The fact that this directly emboldens Drumpf is just icing on a shit cake the G7 already serves up to the public.

  • Hefeydd _

    What I find irksome more than anything about this Farron, is the fact that any other Federal employee would be arrested for awarding themselves a contract. … But because Donald Trump is POTUS nothing whatsoever can be done about this. If he wasn’t the President he would be arrested for this.

  • COWBOYS fan1980

    That's fucking crazy!!! Democrats are so freaking weak ,weak leadership no direction no balls Nancy Pelosi!! This is 100% a violation of the Emoluments clause black and white no gray. Just another reason why Nancy Pelosi and the establishment Democrats need to be removed from office.

  • Event Horizon

    I love the thought of Trump losing all his money at some point, stinking like shit and urine, and yelling conspiracy theories somewhere on the streets with a cardboard sign.

  • Dawn Donivan

    The more he makes his lawbreaking normal the more people look away. I think he's hoping we get tired of it all and just re-elect him.

  • Chris Murray

    People from G7 countries should start getting in touch with their representatives. I don’t pay taxes for tRump to fill his pockets !!!

  • john frank

    Think about it, this country or rather the wealthy hired a grifter self profiteering idiot to lead an entire nation. Then he was given the power to do basically whatever he wants. Trust those around him ensures him everyday that he is a god and subject to no rules or laws that govern normal people. No one has the balls to oppose him so therefore his impression of himself is actually valid.

  • john frank

    Donald Trump is a piece of shit, he is a lousy businessman and a fool. This did not stop simply by dropping his dumb ass in the white house. Moreover it increased his perception of himself that has never been validated not even by his own father. He is a weak male, perhaps the least of them all.

  • Richard

    This will never happen. The constitution will win out in the end. Trump will be impeached and removed from office. Trump’s worries will really begin when that happens. Let’s put it this way, his complexion will finally match his clothes.

  • Christoph Luger

    No one should show up. For real. Send a signal that America won't be a part of it when it's in a situation like that .

  • adonisduque

    The genius business .and business model is dsf. Is like Budweiser selling only 3 beers for thousands. Instead of 100s of millions of cans for under$1 each

  • Joe Strummer

    The US is under siege by the "so-called" president..Those that voted for the Thief In Chief got the dictator they wanted..Let Trumpski's inbreds unite !

  • Leeanne Bishop

    Question is will anyone go ?? If they were smart they do tell trump to 🖕him lololol have fun with the roaches and bedbugs mmm

  • Lelynn Miller

    😲 TOE STOMPER❗ TOE STOMPER❗ TOE STOMPER❗ (here's somethin ppl usually don't even think about…) Trump is basically stepping all over every1s toes!! (cuz he's really justa real-estate hustler 😳) by him taking over, WHERE all their summits & what-not are being held, all those OTHER hotels & companies are NO LONGER making that $. (& it's ALOT of it too) it's all going right into the pocket of Trump himself. 👎🤑 (talk about "corruption".. 🤷‍♀️ how are ppl ok with this❓) i bet Trump even has EVERY SINGLE ROOM BUGGED!! probably from MULTIPLE angles too. (infested with both, bed bugs AND recording devices) i wouldn't put it passed him, to try digging up his so called "dirt" THAT WAY either. 🙄 Trump thinks that the candidacy is a game of some sort… Congress NEEDS TO show him that it's NOT!! …. …. still waiting…

  • Jeano Gato

    Whether Donald Trump violated the US Constitution or not. Well, guess what?! The sad part is Donald Trump will get away with it and not a damn thing will be done about it either.

  • Jode G

    I think Trump knows he is not going to get re-elected so he probably thinks he might as well take advantage of the presidency now and boost his Mar a lago hotel’s value.

  • Lisa Marie

    Go Trump anything to piss off the left gloves are off ! You’re damn right you can have it at your property, ask Biden about selling the USA to China for a measly 1.5 billion.

  • Chris Bading

    Do Trump supporters understand that by letting Trump get away with doing things like this they are also saying that it is acceptable for future presidents to act in a similar way???

  • CB Lee

    When the truth comes out, you will all be amazed at the great work our president has done on behalf of all Americans. Some of you may want to watch the Great Awakening videos.

  • tom patterson

    The only reason Donald Trump and barr want the documents from the CIA so Donald Trump can tell Putin who all our people are in Europe

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